Diablo Cody Shows Empowered Teen Sex

Diablo Cody Shows Empowered Teen Sex

[Editor’s note: The following article contains spoilers for “Lisa Frankenstein,” “Jennifer’s Body,” and “Young Adult.”]

Sometimes rage is the only way for a woman to get what she wants — especially if she’s a teenage girl with nothing else on her side. And no one channels that rage into movies better than screenwriter Diablo Cody.

The latest Cody film has all the signature requirements behind the Oscar-winning screenwriter’s scripts: Billed by Focus Features as “a coming of RAGE love story,” the teen-centric, not quite rom-com hinges on the sexual awakening and empowerment of a high school senior (Kathryn Newton) who seeks solace from a centuries-old corpse (Cole Sprouse) after grieving death and coping with an assault.

“Lisa Frankenstein” is just the most recent female-fronted original horror-dark comedy from Cody, who penned the iconic “Jennifer’s Body” and recently told Deadline that “Lisa Frankenstein” exists in the same universe as the Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried two-hander.

The declaration comes on the heels of Cody voicing her hopes for a “Jennifer’s Body” sequel, adding that it’s “hard to get things made these days.” Prior to “Lisa Frankenstein,” Cody hadn’t written a script since 2018’s “Tully,” which was produced by lead star Charlize Theron, whom Cody had previously collaborated with on “Young Adult.” (To note, Cody’s “Juno” helmer Jason Reitman also directed…

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