Discover 7 Hidden Caribbean Islands Off the Beaten Path

Discover 7 Hidden Caribbean Islands Off the Beaten Path

The Caribbean is full of beautiful islands. However, as there are so many of them, not all get the fame they deserve.

On this list, we have compiled the 7 secret Caribbean islands you probably never heard of. But we think you should visit them at least once in your lifetime if you’re an avid traveler. Here they are.

Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker is another of Central America’s best-kept secrets. It’s set just a short ferry ride from Belize City at the entrance of the world’s second-largest barrier reef. That makes it a prime place for snorkeling and diving.

Another thing Caye Caulker is known for is its laid-back atmosphere. Laze around at the beach, explore the islands’ treasures at your own pace on a bike (there are no cars allowed on Caye Caulker), or hang out at the iconic Split sipping on a chilled drink. To get your heart pumping, you can engage in kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing, and sailing.

Utila Island, Honduras

Overshadowed by its much bigger neighbor Roatan, Utila is another hidden piece of paradise. However, it’s well-known among divers because it’s a fantastic place to encounter whale sharks. It’s also home to many diving schools where you can get a certification for a budget-friendly price.

On the other hand, non-divers can take a hike through Utila’s scenic trails, explore its mangrove forests, or enjoy some unique views of the landscape from a kayak. Local cuisine is also worth a try.

Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Even though Bequia is the second-largest island in the Grenadines, we’re not surprised you’ve never heard of it. It’s only about 7 square miles in size but has plenty to offer to its visitors.

First and foremost, it boasts many stunning beaches, such as Princess Margaret Beach, Lower Bay Beach, and Friendship Bay. It’s also a renowned sailing and yachting destination. Admiralty Bay is where most boats are anchored and some nice restaurants line the shore.

When in Bequia, don’t miss the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. It provides a rare opportunity to see Hawksbill turtles and learn about sustainable tourism and nature conservation in general.

Cayo Espanto, Belize

Cayo Espanto is a luxurious private island resort set just off the coast of Belize. It’s perfect for a romantic honeymoon full of pampering and indulgence or as a peaceful vacation somewhere away from the crowds with top-notch…

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