Discover Taghazout: Morocco’s Trendiest Beach Town 🇲🇦 – Video

Discover Taghazout: Morocco’s Trendiest Beach Town 🇲🇦 – Video

Taghazout is a beach town in Morocco popular for its surf scene and beautiful coastline. In this video, the creators explore the town and show the stunning beach views, surf spots, and restaurants. They also give a tour of their beachfront apartment, giving viewers a glimpse into the affordable yet idyllic accommodations available in Taghazout.

The video provides an authentic look at daily life in Taghazout, from the bustling surfboard rental shops to the art-covered buildings and quaint fishing village. Viewers can also enjoy a taste of the local cuisine with a visit to a beachfront restaurant, where the hosts indulge in a delicious Moroccan salad, grilled fish, and refreshing beverages.

Throughout the video, the creators share valuable information on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat in Taghazout, making it an informative and entertaining watch for anyone planning a trip to Morocco.

If you’re looking for a taste of Morocco’s coolest beach town, filled with surf, sun, and delicious food, this video is a must-see. And if you’re feeling inspired to plan your own trip to Taghazout, the video also provides booking and discount information to help you make it happen.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone here from the beach Village of tagao in Morocco which is famous for its surf one of the main reasons that we came here and we got here by a shared van yesterday from Marakesh so that was $27 per person it’s quite a long ride I think it took around

3 and 1/2 hours really a beautiful scenery though going through like the deserts the mountains they’re all like multicolored lots of different colors oranges yellows also passed a few Villages so a really nice drive and you probably noticed that there’s a lot of noise in the background and that’s

Because Carol got us this awesome apartment right on the beach literally just a tiny little beach so this isn’t the main Beach of pagazo the main one is just around this corner that we’re going to explore but all the way on this coast of Morocco loads of different Beach surf

Features so when we arrived yesterday everyone was surfing the waves were really good even now they look okay for beginners but nobody is surfing right now and once again it was a great deal cuz it’s $43 a day is that like the kind of price you were seeing or is this

Genuinely a good deal I think this was cheaper than the other ones because there are many apartments here around this area that are renting but usually they were like around 60 USD per night but still a good price yeah but this one was cheaper and I really like it it’s PR

Good yeah there aren’t many places that we can go in the world where we can be right on the beach for that price and I’ll show you the inside quickly I really like the sitting area here I was even lying down here it’s almost like a bed tiny little TV coffee

Machine and then the bathroom’s here and this is the kitchen area we can do some cooking we bought some food last night the supermarket really close and that’s the bedroom also not so Bad cold it’s cold yeah not too not too bad not like the alar or anything but still cold yeah people will still do surfing in the wet suits not sure if there surf here in the summer maybe then you don’t need a wet suit but right now in the

Winter so this the first time we’re actually getting this view cuz we arrived here at night which one are we in uh this one oh the one with the stairs yeah so it’s pretty cool we just noticed that there’s like a restaurant there too didn’t even know that was so

Close and there’s also one up there so yesterday we had dinner in the main Center but we went by the road at the back cuz it was dark we didn’t come this way wow look how cool it is yeah nice restaurant yeah we saw that in the

Photos that there’s so many Coastal like restaurants and bars that you can eat at really nice layout don’t really see anyone surfing here so far either we’re hoping to Surf today Hash Point surf camp so there are a lot of people that do package holidays here that have like surf lessons included already don’t they yeah and yoga yoga yeah all sorts also when we saw pictures of this place it gave us grease Vibes cuz a lot of the buildings a white and

Blue like grease kind of similar and I’m glad that we are staying here because at first we were going to stay a few days in aadi and then last days is here but then I just saw the pictures and everyone’s like oh I think we’re going to love this place and then

I just booked for our entire stay here instead of staying in a yeah we’ll just do a day trip there yeah we were thinking of staying there and doing a day trip here but I think it’s going to be better stay around here I guess day is just around there somewhere the

Famous Beach Destination And this is also a fishing Village so you got the nice blue boats you can see the little stalls there so I think you can buy fresh fish we’ll probably do that one day should be tasty looks nice with all the buildings piled on top of each other

This is like the main shot that you see in the pictures if you search tagaz got camel here on the beach as well haven’t seen camel so far I think we ate at that restaurant yesterday yes and maybe we’ll try another one cuz we saw they had like

A manual off the day which was €9 so maybe we’ll have that yeah like three four course yeah with fish so maybe we’ll try That So the place that we come to is called Cafe snack elbia and this is why I wanted to come here get a headon view of the beach look at the artwork on the side of the building here so there’s loads of artwork around here which also makes it really nice

Then on this side you have the surfboard rentals there’s loads of surfboard rental places here so for the 90 dams you get a Coke or a Pepsi included the bread got this other kind of bread here we had four of these that’s with a tomato and cheese and we got the black

Olives Carol’s been addicted to those yeah we we we eat them too much maybe yeah I think I prefer the black ones to the green ones they’re really nice usually the green ones they put some kind of spices on them and we got the Moroccan salad here have we had a

Moroccan salad yet no first time but it’s very famous here looks cool mhm it’s like a flour so I think it’s a mix of cucumber tomato some onion on in there there some yellow thing too not sure what that is they really tasty there are some

Little herbs on there too and this is the grilled fish really good size I just took a bite really nice and juicy fish this guy is almost getting on the table no no no oh he just stole my food you going to give him food yeah but he

Couldn’t wait yeah so you don’t want to eat it do you no no no no hey get lost now he’s come from the other side yeah he keeps trying to eat things he doesn’t want he doesn’t want your Rin Salad So we’re now walking along to the next Beach once again another nice restaurant there so you definitely SP for Choice with places to eat with beautiful views around here and this beach looks like it’s absolutely massive it’s called Panorama Beach ah so here this surf cuz look look at the

Waves on this one can see a few people surfing maybe we’re going to have to come down here so they have surfboard rental places here right on the sand I just asked a guy how much it is and he said 100 and that’s with the wet suit and the

Board that’s for one person for the day so yeah pretty good price I think we saw there’s one place in town that’s 70 for both of those things but then you got to walk all the way here with it so probably it’ be easy just to rent it there from the Store So we’re back at our apartment we just rented the wet suit that we’ve got on now looking very cool went to a place called surf shop raster and it was 80 dham there a day and we got it for 3 Days even if you get it for one day

Though that’s the price that the charge I think we’re just going to surf in front of our place every now and again some good waves come for beginners and nobody’s here so yeah nice place for us to try to Lun surf a bit More 7 so that was a really nice surf session tired yes it’s a very good cardio yeah so Carol hasn’t surfed in like 2 years so you’re still practicing in like the the foam part yeah yeah that’s what I wanted I did I don’t want to go to the

Big waves not yet maybe by like by the end of this stream maybe I hope so you stood up a lot yeah not not perfect but uh I think that with practice I can get the better yeah this time I was trying to surf on the actual waves I did get

Quite a few um but I just go straight down I need to go like sidewards along the wave so yeah a bit more practicing I might go out later on though in the afternoon again if it’s good if my muscles allow me to so it’s around 6:00

P.m. now and we’re heading to what’s supposed to be one of the best Sunset spots in tagaz so the beach area is just over there and if you cross the main road there’s this hill that goes up to a skate park and I think a lot of people go there and yeah sun

Goes down there so it should be good I think you might also get a pretty good view of tagaz so we’ve been showing all the part on the beach side but there is all this area of the village or town too so it’s not super small how many calories do you

Think we burnt today I don’t know maybe 2,000 maybe more yeah cuz now we’re walking but before we surfed two times so like almost 2 hours each time so like 3 4 hours surfing a lot of cardio last exercise for today can see the skate park up there Now Oh It’s pretty cool how they had even a DJ there yeah yeah like almost like a partty but I’m not sure if the guy is there every day but it’s just really cool really cool Vibe yes so I think a lot of the people that are staying in

Tagu come here every day and you can see why so that’s our beach down there if we go around to the right corner there’s also another Beach here and over there is called Anchor Point it’s like a famous surf spot one of the best ones there apparently and then if you look behind

All like kind of desert Landscapes don’t think there’s anything much over that Way So we’re going for another surf session now we’re going to go at our beach again since there’s nobody here once again it’s almost like our private surf spot never many people around see if we’ve gotten any better see if we’ve improved waves look pretty good So that’s going to be it here from tagao we actually ended up extending spend in an extra day at this place and by paying in cash it was just around $35 so we already thought it was an awesome deal on Airbnb but obviously you have lots of

Like fees on there but only $35 for this still can’t believe we got such a good deal and there’s a really cool place over there that we enjoyed the sunset at they put like a little fire and you can get like beer and stuff I had some of

The local beers pretty good and the next video will be from agader which is about 30 minutes away from here that’s like the most famous Beach destination in Morocco I think so that’s what’s coming up if you like this video just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to

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