Discover the Latest Attractions in New York City in 2024! – Video

Discover the Latest Attractions in New York City in 2024! – Video

Get ready because New York City has a lot in store for 2024! From new attractions and food destinations to exciting Broadway shows, this year is going to be one for the books.

The Beam at Rockefeller Center is one of the most talked-about new attractions. It’s a 90-second experience that takes you high up in the air and spins you around for an unforgettable view of the city. If you’re brave enough, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Another must-see attraction is the Field of Light, a free exhibit on Manhattan’s East Side. It features 19,000 low light fiber optic stem spheres that illuminate with a slow change of hue after dusk. It’s a mesmerizing experience that you’ll want to catch while it’s running for the next 12 months.

On the food front, some beloved spots from the outer boroughs are expanding into Manhattan. Utopia Bagels, Datz Deli, and Lucia Pizza are all opening new locations, giving Manhattanites the chance to try some of the best cheap eats in the city.

And for Broadway enthusiasts, 2024 will see the opening of about 16 shows, with a focus on revivals. From “Prayer for the French Republic” to “The Outsiders,” there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

So whether you’re a local or planning a trip to the Big Apple, there’s no shortage of exciting new things to explore and experience in New York City in 2024. Be sure to check out the video for all the details and start planning your next adventure in the city that never sleeps!

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What’s new in New York for 2024 in this video we’re filling you in on some exciting new attractions food destinations and even Broadway shows so you don’t miss out this coming year the beam at Rockefeller Center this is the most controversial new attraction in New York for 2024 because if you’re afraid

Of heights this could terrify you the beam opened in December and it pays tribute to the iconic 1932 photo lunch a top of skyscraper depicting 11 iron workers lunching precariously on a steel beam now the good news is you’ll at least be wearing a harness for this it’s

A 90 second experience as the beam lifts you into the air and Spins you around for what is likely to be a view you won’t soon forget I’m not the biggest fan of heights and I’m even interested in trying this tickets start at $40 to

Get access to Top of the Rock and this is an add-on for $25 extra dollars would you try this tell me in the comments I’m curious field of light I predict this will be the most popular new attraction of 2024 because it’s free spanning more than 6 Acres on Manhattan’s East Side

From 38th to 41st Street East to First AV at Freedom Plaza British Artist Bruce Monro has displayed this all over the UK and Us New York got its version on December 15th 2023 and it will run for 12 months it’s pretty self-explanatory you’ll walk winding paths around 19,000

Low light fiber optic stem spheres that will illuminate with a slow subtle change of hue of course this starts after dusk every night as you’ll be surrounded by the UN the Manhattan skyline and even the East River I think it’s really open to interpretation but Monroe is trying to create an emotional

Response to anyone who walks through it now the bad news is tickets are sold out through February but on February 1st they will release tickets for March and that could be the play the first of the month to get tickets tickets for the next month the good news is if it’s sold

Out when you come you can still see it from above the best views are near 38th Street and First AV through the fence the installation will be lit for the winter season Thursday through Saturday evenings 5: to 900 p.m. this may be the most exciting update for the video some

Of my all-time favorite cheap eat spots from the outer Burrows are expanding into Manhattan so if location was holding you back you’ve got no excuses Now Utopia Bagels opening a Manhattan location this summer and I am so picky about Bagels growing up in North Jersey and Utopia bagels and Whit Stone Queens

Absolutely blew my mind when we filmed there it’s As Good As It Gets In The City not to mention they’re amazing sandwiches if you want to get fancy and now you can walk from Midtown Manhattan because they’re opening a new outpost on 34th and Lex at some point in the summer

Of 2024 Manhattan just got really lucky D Deli and Hollis Queens was my favorite sandwich of 2023 their oxtail Mac Patty went viral internationally because it’s absolutely mouthwatering and now they have a location in the Lower East Side of Manhattan so you’ve got D’s Deli not

Too far from C’s Deli two Sandwich icons back to back luchas of Avenue X now has a luchas of Soho on Canal Street and this is seriously one of the most underrated Pizza spots in Brooklyn with a spot on Canal in lower Manhattan now everybody is going to find out how good

That vodka slice is they’ve even got a perfect 5.0 on Google so far after being open only a month in Manhattan and New Yorkers are picky reviewers speaking of eating New York is looking to make outdoor dining permanent which was one of the few bright spots during the

Pandemic but there are some restrictions here the biggest being they can’t be set up from November 30th to March 31st to allow for snow plowing the rules aren’t officially set but according to the New York Times restaurants can offer outdoor dining from 10:00 a.m. until midnight

And will for the first time be required to pay fees based on their location and square footage with higher fees in Manhattan south of 125th restaurant owners will have a phase in Period stretching to as late as November 2024 to comply where are my Broadway fans at

There’re about 16 shows that are slated to open in 2024 and the theme this year seems to be Revival here are some of the ones I find most interesting prayer for the French Republic this won multiple Off Broadway Awards following its 2021 World premiere and it opens on Broadway

January 9th five generations apart members of One French Jewish Family face down the same fears of anti-Semitism and hopes for their safety in their longtime home The Notebook beginning February 10th the new musical adaption of Nicholas Spark’s novel and no ladies Ryan Gosling will not be reprising his

Movie role the who’s Tommy beginning March 8th the pinball Wizards making a return this one is on my personal list because I want to experience the who’s 1969 album Tommy in a theater and a cool bonus this is staged by the original Broadway Productions director Dez mcov The Outsiders opening March 16th much

Like the notebook this coming of age High School Story has moved from book to cinema and now on to Broadway I’m a big fan of the movie and The Outsiders focuses on a band of Tulsa greasers whose Brotherhood may be Rocky but it’s their only source of support as they

Come of age Stay Gold Pony Boy Hell’s Kitchen Alicia Keys fans where you at you’re going to love this Hell’s Kitchen a love letter to her home City and the title neighborhood where she grew up it sets the story of a teenage girl’s coming of age to all of Key’s biggest

Songs this opens April 1st Cabaret this is going to be the third Revival of Cabaret on Broadway this spring at at the August Wilson Theater which will be fully transformed into the Kit Kat Club this production won seven Olivier Awards in London and should be a hit in New

York Uncle Vana the check off classic back on Broadway in April for the first time in 24 years and who love the office of 40-Year-Old Virgin Steve Carell stars as Uncle Vana it’s about a family turned upside down as more relatives move in by pollitzer and Tony nominated writer

Heidi Shrek The Whiz the first bro Revival of this musical is planned for March 2024 which will star Wayne Brady in the title role the whz was groundbreaking in its 1975 premiere for putting a vibrant black cultural spin on The Wizard of oale our town There’s No

Exact date set yet but ourtown is coming back to Broadway for fall 2024 Tony Award winner Kenny Leon will direct this play about neighbors George Gibbs and Emily Webb it’s arguably one of the best American plays ever written and a no-brainer to see once it comes out from

Broadway to museums there’s some cool ones coming to the city in 2024 the universal hip-hop Museum will open at Hip Hop’s birthplace in the Bronx the $80 million exhibit space will feature items such as a giant oil painting of Kanye West and Snoop dogs bicycle from the shortlived MTV sketch show doggy

Fizzle Tel aisle it will also beam out live musical performances break dancing sessions and fashion shows that can be viewed online Mercer Labs at the Museum of art and Technology redefines the museum experience many of you may have already been here as it’s in the old building that housed Century 21 through

15 experimental exhibition spaces interactive experiences unique listening encounters and immersive installations the relationship between art and technology is redefined I’m really curious how this will play out it’s opening this month ticket start at $52 The Stonewall National Monument visitors center opening June 202 2 4 commemorating the spot that served as a

Turning point for the lgbtq plus Civil Rights Movement the mission is to preserve advance and celebrate the legacy of the Stonewall Rebellion you’ll meet The Advocates and Pioneers who came before and learn about the events that shape the lgbtq Civil Rights Movement this will be at 51 Christopher Street in

The village and will be part of the national park system undergoing a comprehensive renovation the frick collection is set to reopen in late 2024 and it’s original location on Fifth facing Central Park the Historic Museum is known for its exceptional collection of fine and decorative Arts you’ll have

Until March 3rd to see it at its temporary location on Madison a it seems like every year we get a new pier opening on Hudson River Park and Pier 97 is set to go in the spring of 2024 Pier 97 will include a playground with water spray features an activity field and a

Gently sloping lawn as well as an all ages Slide the New York Botanical Garden is bringing back their Orchard show from February 17th to April 21st called florals in fashion this was inspired by the connection between fashion and the Botanical World each designer will put their personal perspective on that

Connection using colorful florals and specimen from the gardens Collections and Beyond the Botanical Garden will invite visitors to walk the orchard Runway as they’re surrounded by thousands of beautiful orchids and immersive installations let’s take a look at a few things in development Beyond 2020 4 plus pool has been in the

Works for years and while it won’t open in 2024 it’s moving forward the 9,300 Square ft pool would be filled with water filtered from get this the East River they’ve been given a notice to proceed with due diligence on the project in the waters north of the Manhattan Bridge so someday soon you’ll

Be able to swim in the East River and not potentially grow another toe I’ve hinted at the transformation of one time Time Square in previous updates on what’s new in NYC now it seems 2025 is set as the grand unveiling year this ambitious $500 million makeover will for

The first time in many years allow public access to much of the building’s interior with the Time Square ball drops it’s not just a simple renovation it’s a complete reimagining the plan includes a state-of-the-art visitor center an on inspiring viewing deck an immersive Museum experience and 12 floors

Dedicated to intera of brand experiences that promise to engage and Fascinate visitors I’m hoping there’s some kind of an exhibit where you can lower the Time Square ball every 10 seconds if the museum folks are watching please add that whether you’re visiting New York for the first time or 10th time in this

Video I share my 10 favorite existing attractions in the city these are can’t miss and you need to watch this to make sure your next trip here is your best

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