Discovering the Lesser-Known Hawaiian Island of MOLOKAI – Video

Discovering the Lesser-Known Hawaiian Island of MOLOKAI – Video

Join Gabriel as he explores the little-known Hawaiian island of Molokai in this video. Starting with a drive through the main town of Kaunakakai, he gives a glimpse of the sleepy, laid-back atmosphere of the island. He highlights the diverse landscapes, from green lush forests to the ocean, and shares his first impressions of Molokai. Gabriel also stops at a local store to pick up some supplies and gives a taste of the local prices, including the higher gas prices on the island. From discovering the main town to fishing boats at the wharf and driving through the island, this video provides a first-hand look at exploring Molokai. Join Gabriel on his journey as he takes you through this hidden gem of Hawaii.

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Yeah hi there good afternoon I just arrived for the first time on the Lesser visited island of molakai flew over from Honolulu flight before that from Kawaii I made another video already about the uh flight and showing the uh prices of rooms and the flights and the rental car here 294

For 48 hours so 147 bucks a day I just left the airport my Airbnb is uh other side of the island that way but we got daylight so I wanted to do a little bit of exploring before uh getting checked in and so I’m driving over to a

Viewpoint take the next left onto State Highway 47 Kai Highway although kaak kakai is 4 mil ahead let’s go there first I think that that is the main town on the island take the next TR you can see the Pacific Ocean out there and I believe

That is the island of lenai out there another lesser known less visited Hawaii island of Hawaii Let’s uh turn the maps off for now get down to that town do a little tour so there are eight Hawaiian Islands kwaii aahu malakay here the N cool La way you can’t visit it as a

Tourist I forgot to mention next to kwaii is nio a private island so you also can’t visit there as a tourist and then Maui and the big island so you can visit six of the eight Islands as a tourist but four kwaii aahu Maui Big Island are the

Ones that you know 90 something per of the tourists go to so Malachi here is a uh little visited Island the flight was a N9 cater whereas my flight from kwaii to Honolulu was a jet it had you know two rows three seats on one side two seats

On the other side so a smaller jet but still a full-on h jet so uh Malachi is quite a different experience looking forward to seeing another side of Hawaii stepping back in time so it feels many decades looks beautiful not as dramatic of Landscapes as kwaii or

Aahu or Maui or the big island with the mountains and cliffs and on Maui and Big Island volcanoes and then Kawaii has the yame canyon spectacular Canyon so it’s uh flatter here but a bit of a mountain up there but uh very green Lush looks uh quite clean and varied Landscapes different types

Of trees here so far first impressions are very very good and if you’re wondering about the price of gas there you go 6 to 7even Bucks a gallon So here we are in the main Town Bank of Hawaii Malachai Public Library since 1937 Amazing USA flag Hawaiian flag Definitely mellow for the main town on the Island Bono fish and shrimp for real shakes Malachi fish and Dive kind of a classic uh old style down town here whale watching street food over there plate lunch breakfast smoothies C po a taste of Malai and they got the roosters and chickens TR Market Center how pascoa store I guess this is probably a good place for me to get a few supplies to take over to uh my Airbnb looks like the end of uh downtown post office All right well uh I think that that is going to do it for now that gives you the idea sleepy little town Here all right going to go to one of these stores here buy a few things and uh get rolling out of town go try to find some spectacular views of whatever we see mountains Cliffs ocean beaches palm trees everything Hawaiian So I did some shopping got a six-pack of aahi and then a milk coconut water granola and yogurt so basically a breakfast there all of that was 43 bucks let’s get out of here so the water is just a minute drive away from town there thought that I

Would just pop down here take a look the warf I guess uh fishing boats leaving from here as far as I know there are no fairies between the islands in Hawaii anymore there used to be I know that they tried to start one going from aahu to kwaii and Surfers

Blocked the ferry as it tried to come in as a protest and then they just canceled the ferry as a result of that and I knew somebody who had driven her car onto the ferry and gotten it over to aahu and then that ferry that was going back or else

Another one that would have gone later got stopped and her car got you know stuck on a wahoo and so I don’t know how she eventually got her car back over to Kawaii nice old truck there Malachai ocean tours so whale watching sunset cruises so there are boat

Tours but however she got her car back it must have cost a heck of a lot more than it would have cost just to uh put it on the ferry now let’s drive all the way to the other side of the island straight over there and then where I’m staying is out that

End turning right here towards Highway 47 State Highway 470 it is a fairly small island continue on State Highway 470 for 6 miles certainly not tiny but it seems like distances are shorter than kawaii for example not only because it’s smaller but because of the terrain being less mountainous Kawaii

You can’t go through the island you can only go around the island along the coast and uh there are larger towns that get traffic here it seems like it’s prettyy quick to get around wherever you might want to go and then some nice trees here very unique looking kind of forested another

Little town of sorts or just a neighborhood Deer crossing sign interesting are there deer on this island so my ears have been popping so we’ve definitely gone up in elevation a little bit speed limit 25 so I guess we’re coming into something what are we coming into palao State Park so I have done no research so far

But I will do a little bit more for tomorrow and uh have some more specific destinations in mind but for today was just uh get out drive see what it looks like and I guess we’ll get to a spectacular Viewpoint of some sort I think we’re almost there amazing forests

All right I guess this is it and State Highway you have arrived okay we have arrived interesting phallic Rock one person there a woman out on a run so this is kala Papa you are here Malachai Lighthouse kahoi Point site of kalaa settlement Cemetery original grave of Father Daman St foma

Church Sama Church Cemetery kaako crater wow there’s quite a bit to see here so what are the distances okay here you go one mile okay so that’s quite a bit so that’s a all day’s walk kind of not going to do that today but uh we’ll see

Maybe tomorrow few places in Hawaii are as rich in cultural historic and natural values as the kalop papa Peninsula people have lived here for centuries from the early Hawaiians who left behind thousand of stone structures to the patients of the present Community patients oh this is the place where

The leprosy settlement was or Hansen’s Disease beginning in 1866 the first leprosy settlement was established at kalaau where father Daman as mentioned there deer labored among the patients for 16 years until the disease and its complications claimed his life in 1889 during the late 1800s and early 1900s kalaa was abandoned in

Favor of the Kalo Papa settlement on the western shore where the climate is milder today the Hawaii State Department of Health administers the settlement and operates a hospital modern drugs have made isolation unnecessary but many patients have chosen to remain okay well let’s go on a little bit of a

Wander if we can wander anywhere without too much of a major hike petroglyphs whoa all right let’s uh Wander this way first and and see what we find kind of spooky Woods very Peaceful I have no idea how far this walk is going to be okay we have a sign literally please show respect definitely The trail is kind of Disappearing okay looks like we’re going to get a pretty sweet view from up Here listen to that wind Intense okay another show respect sign oh okay there’s the rock CIO Nahoa Interesting story here many years ago the man nahoa and his wife kauna lived on this Green Hill of puua one day a beautiful young girl appeared and began to admire herself in a pool of water nanah HOA watched admiringly and the girl returned a smile to his reflection in the pool growing

Jealous the wife grabbed the young girl by the hair nahoa hid his wife in quick-tempered anger and sent her tumbling down a nearby Cliff where she turned to stone nahoa also turned to stone but his power remains in this male rock it is said If a woman goes to cion

Nahoa with offerings and spends the night she will return home pregnant okay what about the petroglyphs that’s the end of the trail I was more interested in the petroglyphs but no more signs or anything that was a short walk to there so much for the uh spectacular

View forest in the way which isn’t a bad thing but uh you can see the ocean out there so I guess I’ll head back and go the other way back at the parking lot let’s try this path this way see if it opens up into a Viewpoint okay there is something here a

Rock wall and some people and lots of wind yes Viewpoint Lighthouse whoa things are getting a little crazy man that is a all right whoa look at those Cliffs life at the settlement cop Papa School 1904 in 1866 Hawaiians learned to dread the name kalop Papa once a place of

Confinement the settlement became a home for patients sent here decades ago modern drugs ended the practice of of remote isolation tennis court band old store baseball team gas station Hospital wow this is definitely a unique Island Historic marker long after most of the island of malikai was formed this peninsula was

Created by the volcano kaako Legend credits the forming of kaako crater to P who after striking water here moved on to Maui P the goddess in ancient times the peninsula was well inhabited and served as a Haven during stormy weather for those traveling this Northerly coast of Malachai by

Canoe so they now call it Hansen’s Disease instead of leprosy but for now I want to get uh to my room get checked in check out the area around there see what the uh dinner options are going to be I don’t know if there’s even a restaurant there hopefully there is at

Least a store where I could buy a can of chili or something for dinner tonight uh if there is in a restaurant but uh seems like there would probably be a restaurant there since there are some of the nicest beaches right uh in that area so as I explained in the last video

I did not have a car rental already reserved before arriving yesterday on the island of kwaii where I was before then I had tried to call the uh Alamo car rental place which was the only car rental company at the airport there and the call kept getting dropped

I tried like five or six times and then finally gave up so I figured well just get over here and in my usual spontaneous adventurous style if there wasn’t a car available I’d do something else which would probably mean hitchhiking because I assume there probably weren’t well I

Don’t actually know yet but uh I haven’t seen a bus yet there’s a bus on Kawai not sure about here but uh basically I was figuring well if there isn’t a car available I will just plan to hitchhike and maybe just make it a simple trip

Just get to my Airbnb and then stay there and uh you know just poke around or whatever in that area tomorrow but now that I’m here and driving around I’m realizing hitchhiking would have been really dang tough I haven’t seen a single taxi either I’m assuming the Uber

Doesn’t work here here when I got to the car rental place fortunately it looked like there were plenty of cars but if there hadn’t been I would have figured it out I would have done something but I could have been standing there a long time waiting for a ride there is not

Much traffic around here and look at that crazy fast Wi-Fi not so quick for uploading but it will definitely work so I am in it is really nice and I think it is a good deal for $170 per night that includes you know all charges cleaning fee or whatever

Taxes Etc 170 bucks considering that I paid almost twice as much as that for a very basic hotel room in kwaii then uh this is much nicer full kitchen and a a great view out there I will show you that in a second there is just one problem which is that there are

No restaurants and no stores around here that I can find on Guru Maps so uh I’m not sure what I’m going to do tonight I have to eat a half of a peanut butter cookie the granola and yogurt that I bought inside the cupboards there is peanut butter asparagus and

Corn that seems to be it I was really hoping for a random can of chili or soup or something the uh nearest market is 10 minutes drive away but it is already closed so uh I might be making do with peanut butter and granola here is the uh bathroom and the view not

Bad all right time to take a seat with a beer and chillax here for a while this will basically be the end of the video cuz it’s getting dark and dinner is not going to be too exciting so lots more coming from lovely [Applause] M

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