DNA: The Desired Data for Companies, Countries, and Law Enforcement | Full Episodes of

DNA: The Desired Data for Companies, Countries, and Law Enforcement | Full Episodes of

In a recent episode of “60 Minutes,” Jon Wertheim’s report shed light on China’s aggressive pursuit to collect Americans’ DNA for their own research and potentially controversial purposes. Meanwhile, Steve Kroft’s story from 2018 delved into the fascinating world of genetic genealogy and how it is revolutionizing crime solving.

With DNA becoming a valuable commodity in today’s data-driven world, companies, countries, and even law enforcement agencies are all vying for a piece of the genetic puzzle. The market for DNA data is booming, with big money at stake and ethical concerns looming large.

As technology advances, the implications of sharing our DNA become increasingly complex. From potential privacy breaches to unforeseen consequences, the risks and rewards of genetic testing are undeniable. What happens after you spit in the tube could have far-reaching implications for individuals, families, and society as a whole.

Stay informed and watch the full episode of “60 Minutes” to learn more about the data companies, countries, and cops all seeking access to our genetic information. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for more investigative reports and in-depth stories that matter.

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