Do You Always Return Your Shopping Cart? – Video

Do You Always Return Your Shopping Cart? – Video

The controversial topic of returning shopping carts is causing quite a stir online, thanks to Dr. Leslie Dobson, a psychologist from Long Beach, California. In a video that has sparked heated debates on social media, Dr. Dobson boldly declares that she refuses to return her shopping cart after using it, unapologetically stating, “I’m not returning my shopping cart and you can judge me all you want.”

The video has set the internet on fire, with people from all over the country sharing their thoughts on the matter. Some are in agreement with Dr. Dobson, arguing that returning shopping carts is unnecessary and inconvenient. Others are outraged by her actions, citing common courtesy and responsibility as reasons to return the cart.

Inside Edition’s Ann Mercogliano even took the debate to a shopping center in New Jersey, where she found numerous shoppers abandoning their carts. The footage captured just how divisive this issue has become, with some shoppers nonchalantly leaving their carts in the parking lot while others dutifully returned them to designated areas.

No matter where you stand on the issue, one thing is for certain – the debate over returning shopping carts is far from over. Whether you believe it’s a simple act of courtesy or an unnecessary hassle, Dr. Dobson’s video has certainly sparked a conversation that shows no signs of slowing down.

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