Don Toliver to Stream ‘Fortnite’ Collab ‘Hardstone’ on Twitch

Don Toliver to Stream ‘Fortnite’ Collab ‘Hardstone’ on Twitch

Don Toliver is rolling out his new album Hardstone Psycho with the help of Fortnite.

On Monday (June 10), the artist out of Houston is dropping his collab Hardstone with Epic Games — the company behind Fortnite. The special event has been described as an “8v8 turf war between two rival biker gangs (Hardstone & Wolves M.C.)… featuring music from Don Toliver’s new album, a fully custom map, immersive gameplay, & more.”

Last Thursday, Toliver posted the trailer to Fortnite‘s Hardstone gameplay that clearly matches up with the biker themes found in the three singles he’s dropped while promoting the album.

And he also announced “Don Toliver’s Hardstone Psycho Steam” on Twitch via his Instagram page, which is happening later Monday at 5:30 p.m. ET:

Toliver recently scored a Billboard Hot 100 hit with the third single to Hardstone Psycho “Attitude” featuring Cash Cobain and Charlie Wilson. So far the song has peaked at No. 96 and is his ninth chart entry as a lead artist. The first two singles “Bandit” and “Deep in the Water” also charted, with the former earning the artist his first top 10 hit as a lead artist.

If you remember, his Cactus Jack label boss Travis Scott also had an exclusive collab with the gaming giant. In 2020, Scott had a live performance within the game as a giant avatar entitled Astronomical. The 10-minute performance set a record for Fortnite‘s largest-ever in-game gathering. The event drew 27.7 million unique players over the course of five airings in three days.

Let the battle for Psycho Valley begin.

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