Dr. Pol Checks the Teeth of a Horse and Donkey – Documentary

Dr. Pol Checks the Teeth of a Horse and Donkey – Documentary

A Horse & Donkey Get Their Teeth Checked | The Incredible Dr. Pol

In the video titled “A Horse & Donkey Get Their Teeth Checked | The Incredible Dr. Pol,” viewers are introduced to Dandi, a horse, and Penny, a rescue donkey, who are best friends. The narrator explains that horses can chew up to 14 hours a day, and the constant chewing takes a toll on their teeth. In the video, the two animals are scheduled for a double date at the vet, where they are due for vaccinations and a dental check-up.

The vet examines Dandi’s teeth, gently filing and checking for any sharp points or issues, and praises the 22-year-old horse for her great dental health. However, Penny, the donkey, is told that she is overweight and needs to lose some pounds to avoid health issues. The vet recommends a change in diet and increased exercise to help Penny shed the extra weight. The video ends with the animals leaving the vet’s office, healthy and happy, with plans to return for their next check-up.

The video offers an educational and heartwarming look at the importance of dental care for horses and the impact of weight on the health of donkeys, while showcasing the special bond between these two beloved animals.

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Come here. I got Dandi when I was three years old. And she was three months. [inaudible] So we grew up together. Great with kids, great with other people. You don’t got to worry about nothing. Come on. I got Penny from my aunt. She was a rescue donkey.

Once I got her, her and Dandi clicked. They’re just basically best friends. NARRATOR: And today, they’re on a double date. Hello, how are you? ERIN COLE: Good, how are you? VET: So two to vaccinate. ERIN COLE: They need some vaccines. OK. And their teeth checked.

NARRATOR: Horses can chew up to 14 hours a day. Oh, what have you been eating, girl? Jeez. NARRATOR: All that chomping takes a toll. She’s 22 years old. If you kind of just hold her head up for me– ERIN COLE: So I just want to make sure

That there’s no sharp points, or any missing, or anything like that. NARRATOR: Gently filing the teeth helps keep everything in check. There’s [inaudible] at the bottom. Hold on. She looks like a pretty young horse, especially for being 22 years of age. We’re almost done. And her teeth look really good too.

They look really nice. She has really good teeth. ERIN COLE: Does she? Good. Penny, I’m sorry, but you’re very overweight, honey. Both are fat and happy. But the donkey’s especially fat. She could lose quite a few pounds. ERIN COLE: Yeah, yeah– VET: When they are overweight, that

Causes a whole bunch of extra sugars to be in the blood. And that can lead to her hoof rotating downward. What kind of food is she eating? To lose weight, I would recommend that Penny intake more hay, instead of grain, and just kind of getting as much exercise as she can.

OK, well, you have a good day. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

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