Driving Woman Encounters 5-Foot-Long Monster Lizard – Video

Driving Woman Encounters 5-Foot-Long Monster Lizard – Video

was a fallen tree branch on the road, but as they got closer, they realized it was a massive reptile sunning itself on the pavement. The video captures the moment as the lizard slowly crawls away into the bushes, leaving the mother and daughter in shock at the unexpected encounter.

The footage quickly went viral, with viewers amazed at the size of the lizard and the calm reaction of the women in the car. Some even speculated that it could be an escaped pet or a rare species of lizard native to the area.

Regardless of its origins, one thing is for sure – encountering a 5-foot-long monster lizard while driving is definitely a memorable experience. It serves as a reminder of the diverse wildlife that can be found in Florida and the importance of being aware of our surroundings while out on the road. Who knows what other surprises might be lurking just around the corner?

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Video “Woman Spots 5-Foot-Long Monster Lizard While Driving” was uploaded on 06/04/2024 to Youtube Channel Inside Edition