“Duck Receives Prosthetic Leg from Wizard of Paws” – Documentary

“Duck Receives Prosthetic Leg from Wizard of Paws” – Documentary

A Duck Gets a Prosthetic Leg | Wizard of Paws

The video “A Duck Gets a Prosthetic Leg | Wizard of Paws” follows the heartwarming journey of Waddles the duck as he receives a 3D printed prosthetic leg. The video begins with anticipation as the 3D print for Waddles’s prosthetic leg finally arrives. The prosthetic has been custom-designed to perfectly fit Waddles’s unique needs, and the team is eager to see the results.

As Waddles tries on the prosthetic for the first time, there is a moment of suspense as everyone hopes for a perfect fit. When Waddles takes his first steps on the prosthetic, the joy and emotion from the team is palpable. With the support and encouragement of the team, Waddles successfully walks on his new prosthetic leg, showcasing the incredible impact of the technology on his life.

The video captures the emotional journey of Waddles and the dedicated team’s commitment to improving the lives of animals. The innovative use of 3D printing technology for prosthetics sets a new standard for animal rehabilitation and inspires hope for other animals in need of similar assistance. Overall, “A Duck Gets a Prosthetic Leg | Wizard of Paws” is a heartwarming and uplifting story of resilience, innovation, and compassion for animals in need.

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– I can’t wait to help out Avery. But before I leave tomorrow, the 3D print I’d like for Waddles has finally come in. How are you doing, Waddles? So I want to show you, we took that mold last time and I sent it to my 3D guys, and they basically rendered

The foot ahead of time. And then we sent that to our printers, and we printed this guy out. [laughs] – That’s awesome! – So his little nub’s going to go right in there. – Safety patrol orange. – Yeah. Let’s test it and see. Oh man, it fits perfect. – Yeah!

– That is perfect. Awesome. – I mean, you can’t get a better fit than that. – That looks amazing. – It just slides right in there. – Holy moly. I’m excited, yeah. – I am, too. I’m really excited now. – (SINGING) If you’re happy and you know it, [inaudible] your foot.

– All right, I think I want to try this thing out. I’ve been waiting a while for this. – All right, let’s do it. – Yeah, let’s see. Perfect. – It’s OK, buddy. Uh-huh. Oh, man. – It’s aligned properly, he’s just got to put it down. – Come on, you can do it.

– Just put it down. – He sees, feeling it– he’s like, kind of like– – I know. But once he– – Come on. – –puts that leg forward. – Yeah. – Yeah! – Oh, buddy! – Look at him! Look at him! – How cool. That’s like the coolest one ever.

– Dude, he’s like walking on it. Like– – Whoa. Whoa. – I love you, Waddles. I didn’t think I would be, like, emotional about this. But when you take these animals, all you want to do is give them a good life and do right by them.

And you see them struggling, and you think there’s nothing you could do. It’s, it’s really heartbreaking. So yeah, Derek knocked it out of the park. [laughing] I’m just so excited. – And that’s, like, with limited strength, you know? Like, he’s going to get stronger and stronger.

– He’s just going to be a super hero. – Oh, I’m just so happy, man. This is not only cool for Waddles, but for all the birds to come that we’re going to use this technology with. This is– – He’s an innovator. He’s the pioneer. – He’s a pioneer.

– You’re doing down in the history books. – Yeah. – And here I thought you were just a quack. [laughing]

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