Elgato’s Streamer Starter Pack – Video

Elgato’s Streamer Starter Pack – Video

The Streamer Starter Pack from Elgato

Elgato has just released the ultimate plug-and-play tools for creators and professionals who work from home with their new Neo collection. The collection includes a microphone, key light, stream deck, game capture, and a webcam (not currently available), all designed to enhance your streaming and recording experience.

Starting with the Wave Neo microphone, priced at $80, it features a tap-to-mute function and different colored pop filters for optimal sound quality. The key light Neo is also priced at $80, offering different light settings and the ability to mount to your monitor for the perfect lighting setup.

The stream deck Neo, priced at $100, boasts eight LCD customizable keys to help automate tasks and manage apps with ease. It also includes an adjustable stand and a cool info bar for added convenience. Lastly, the game capture Neo, priced at $120, is a powerful device that allows you to record or stream your gaming screen by connecting your console to your laptop or iPad.

Whether you’re a streamer, gamer, or professional looking to level up your home setup, the Elgato Neo collection has something for everyone.

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