“Friends Warn Me I’ll Ruin My Face With Surgery | HOOKED ON THE LOOK” – Video

“Friends Warn Me I’ll Ruin My Face With Surgery | HOOKED ON THE LOOK” – Video

In the video titled “Friends Say I’ll Ruin My Face With Surgery | HOOKED ON THE LOOK,” we meet ‘Fetisch Barbie,’ a woman who describes her aesthetic as hyper feminine with big hair, big lips, and long nails. She admits to being addicted to filler and Botox, getting her lips done every three months and spending between 30 and 50,000 on cosmetic procedures. Despite receiving negative comments online, she remains unbothered and confidently owns her extreme plastic surgery look, expressing her desire to go even bigger with her lips. The video features conversations with her friends who express concern about her potential to ruin her natural beauty with excessive procedures. ‘Fetisch Barbie’ dismisses their worries, asserting her right to make choices about her appearance. Ultimately, she sees her extreme plastic surgery as a form of self-expression and empowerment, and she is determined to maintain her plastic-dominant Barbie look for the rest of her life. The video offers an intriguing look into the world of extreme plastic surgery and the impact it has on personal relationships. It also delves into the complexities of body positivity and societal judgment.

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Video Transcript

You need something to talk about well I’m back I would describe my aesthetic everything big big hair big lips long nails I look like a lady but I can break your jaw like Mike Tyson I don’t give I am addicted to filler and Botox 100% I want to maybe go bigger with my

Lips some of the doctors they some people up you know with that if I want to go bigger I’m going to go bigger I’m really tired of having this conversation usually it takes me around 1 to 2 hours to get ready depends on the occasion since the last time I appeared on the

Show I finished my diploma and started studying psychology and I got some work done I got my lips bigger of course addicted what can I do about it and I got fillers in my chin my cheeks in this uh Wrinkle in my nose and both Botox in the whole

Face if I only go to the bakery around the corner I do go outside without makeup but other than that no never I would describe my aesthetic hyper feminine fom big hair big lips long nails that’s just my vibe my favorite facial feature on myself you would probably think my lips but it’s

Actually my eyes I get lip fillers I would say every 3 to four months I always want to have that fresh plumped up look in total I’ve spent something between 30 and 50,000 I know I’m very obsessed with fillers so I’m not going to sit here and

Say oh I’m never going to go bigger with my lips or with my breast so whatever happens happens I will would say I’m not addicted to plastic surgery because I don’t want to risk my life all the time going under anesthesia and having that much pain but I am addicted to filler

And Botox 100% my friends they have different opinions H some of my friends are worried that I may be like ruin the proportions I have now I know what you will think about it but I want to maybe go bigger with my lips and top up my Botox mhm what your

Opinion on that now I think your the lips are perfect I think the perfect shape stop kissing my if I want to go bigger I’m going to go bigger when I go and it’s swollen I all all the time I think oh it’s too extreme but then I get used to

It and then it the swelling goes down and then I’m like oh now it looks really thin so I may be going a little bit bigger MH yeah there’s a fine line always so if you do too much then it might be look a little bit weird one day

But what’s weird to you is maybe not weird to me yeah of course of course online I receive a lot of negative comments but I don’t read my comments anymore and when I just see weird emojis I just swipe delete and block you’re not getting any of my time I think that some

Of the doctors they they some people up you know with that if you like if you do too much then maybe it can be a problem in the future I’m really tired of having this conversation because we had this conversation a few times before yes the

The thing is I’m just a little bit scared that you just just to much are you for my health too yeah I want you to be like healthy and happy and you know but if it makes me happy if I go bigger then then it’s okay then it’s

Fine I do whatever I want to do yeah perfect period I would never go on the internet and tell somebody oh you’re you’re ugly as why would I do that a little bit got to me because I was younger but now since I’m on social media for a longer

Period of time I know it has nothing to do with me a lot of people are unhappy and want to take their stress out on somebody and I’m just an easy target because I stand out so I really don’t give a anymore I have some friends that

Are in the same industry as me they have more understanding because maybe they did somethings too you remember when I texted your first time on instag I remember I was like who is this girl what are your thoughts on classic surgery oh she hates it no I’m leaving

I’m leaving of course at some point there’s an end so I don’t want to have like I don’t know 5,000 CC but I love the look I love it when the people stare when yeah yeah I love it I love it sometimes I I wish I could make them

Bigger like you know really yes just for the people just for to see their faces you know when I go out in public it’s I would say 90% very negative people assume that I’m weak and that I’m not going to say anything when they talk to me in a disrespectful way

But I’m always going to talk back I look like a lady but I can break your jaw like Mike Tyson I don’t give a I think they may assume that I’m dumb for doing this I’m not intelligent because a intelligent person could never do content creating or do this much uh

Plastic surgery everybody knows I’m extreme but I think my friends are trying to like keep me from really ruining the natural beauty I was blessed with you have very big lips you know but still you look classy your cheekbones the shape of your face your eyebrows your hair everything you look classy you

Know that in a in a in a plastic way of course but I love it I love it thanks I love it what do you think about me maybe going bigger with my lips I knew the question will come really if you do it too much you know maybe it will look a

Bit not I don’t want to say cheap or something but maybe it’s maybe you lose the that what you got now you know when I see you it’s like wow and you know in my past I got botched so many times and had so many problems so as a friend I

Just don’t want you to uh to have some problems after mhm yeah anyway you will do it I know you you will do it anyway so yeah that’s true I will pray for you that that everything will be good my ultimate goal with this procedures is just to keep up my look

That I have now and just stay plastic dominant Barbie for the rest of my life feels like a therapy session it’s like a debate at at the moment a little bit plastic surgery and fillers are going to ruin you I’m all for the whole body positivity thing but

I want to be included to my haters that are jealous of me I would tell them to mind their own business not be so jealous of people that live their life uh as they want to what’s next for fetish Barbie a lot more fillers going International and making your daddy broke

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WE last met ‘Fetisch Barbie’ in May 2021 where we saw her get Botox injections. Since then, her life has changed in many ways from her dramatic appearance to her job. Previously, she said that she wasn’t addicted to lip enhancements, but now says: “I am addicted to filler and botox 100%”. She has also had filler in her chin, cheeks, nose and “botox in the whole face”. She describes her look as hyper feminine – big hair, big lips, long nails. Barbie tells us how she has her lips done every 3 months because “I always want to have that fresh plumped up look” and has spent between £30k – £50k on filler. Though she loves her look, some of her friends are worried she is going to ruin her appearance if she keeps getting more. “If you do too much then it can be a problem in the future”, and she also gets a lot of negative comments online with people calling her “weird”, but doesn’t let the haters get to her. Barbie still plans on going bigger with her lips in the future and wants to “keep up with the looks like I have now”. She says “I am all for the body positive thing but I want to be included”.

Videographer: Kyle Jaimes
Producers: Yasmin Walker, Emilia Jiang, Kate Moore
Editor: Reuben Yarwood

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