“Embarking on the Atlantic Crossing! Season 8 Premiere” – Video

“Embarking on the Atlantic Crossing! Season 8 Premiere” – Video

CROSSING THE ATLANTIC! 🌊 (Season 8 BEGINS) Ep 268 is the start of the new season of sailing adventures with Keith and BlueWater Cruising. After completing seven years of sailing around the world, they prepare to make the 3,000nm jump across the pond, embarking on their second Atlantic Ocean crossing. With a new crew member, they set off with brand new sails and preparations for a mentally and physically challenging journey. Join them as they document their preparations, new experiences, and the excitement of setting sail on this epic adventure. Be sure to check out the video to follow their journey and experience the thrill of ocean crossing! And don’t forget to mark your calendars for a free live online workshop to discover the secrets of embarking on your own bluewater adventure.

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Thank you for coming Out oh I’m going to miss you I’m going to miss you too okay byebye thank you for everything the last few weeks of our year we’re spent getting ready for our upcoming 3,000m Atlantic Ocean Crossing making repairs and waiting on a good weather window on a journey like this there’s

Not only physical preparations to be made but and maybe more importantly mental preparations as well mental preparation for me for a Crossing like this means that we’ve got all the safety gear out everybody knows where it is everybody knows how to use it because if it’s out chances are we’re

Not going to need it for me anxiety really starts to take a hold of me especially 24 hours before we set sail I really start to worry I worry about my kids I worry about what if what if this happens and so I have to intentionally choose

Peace and and to ignore all of those um horrible thoughts and release myself from the stress of it all because we’ve done everything we can we’ve prepared the ship we’re full of food and fuel and water and everything is repaired everything is in good shape so I know

That if anything happens uh we we can we can handle it we are going to be 3,000 Mi out in the middle of the ocean so that’s kind of scary as well but my team is good we have a great team we will have starlink on this passage we uh

Don’t have the marine version we’ve got the RV version so we can turn it on pay by the gig but we’ll probably turn it on once a day or twice a day or something so we will have communications but again we’re 3,000 Mi out at Sea so nobody’s

Going to be able to come save us it’s going to be up to us to resolve whatever problems we come across so that is kind of scary that’s what I struggle with uh mentally preparing for a Crossing like this um but I’m sure it’s going to be

Fine I’m sure it’s going to be completely uneventful it’s going to be terrible video cuz nothing bad is going to Happen just problematic working yep our new sales are here yay finally oh my gosh two Z one go zero comes let it down it’s getting dark they said we’re going to wait to put up the new sales until tomorrow morning they said psych we putting up the main sale no

Which one the main sale is the boom which one are we doing the Code Zero you have right now is you used the term we listen I’m filming okay so I’m a part of this team [Applause] HT I’m going to assume you’re so so ugly beautiful and so fun to hang around with

I like it I want you to stay here but you’re so Canadian I’m so Canadian he’s going up all right okay now let it lose a little bit more more more how do you feel about your new sale I like it look at that one sail up two more to go is it tight Jack tight is it yeah okay let’s roll it up K my baby

All right now we’re going to do the Main last one all right pull it back There all right I got it Luke oh my God welcome oh my gosh why do you look like that hello was bringing gifts so I had to dress up I wore this the whole 20 hours oh my God you were in the airplane yeah our newest guest is Luke Bosworth

From our Med crew back in June of this year he’s 21 years old from Florida and was excited at the opportunity to help us cross the Atlantic for the next few Weeks see you glory byebye it was a good 48 hours thank you so much See you in Florida I miss you miss you so much I love you I be I love you all you like a you be Safe I love you guys text us so good text us all the time [Applause] E [Applause] oh I tell you a story about meting you out on the water surrounded by the blue they scam it only I’ll be saved the TOs out the line that I just let it flow away yeah I let it flow away I’ll let it flow away I’ll let it flow away Flow Away

Moon shine in the yeah I’ll let itow I’ll let itow I’ll let Itow is that it yeah all right you like we are about to do the Atlantic Crossing and it’s going to be great can I use my hands anymore I don’t know hopefully mid Crossing we don’t run out of a water maker cuz you can run out of those you

Know when you use them too much or hopefully the one we have doesn’t break yeah hopefully our water maker does give out here people say that you’re really sad and depressed and tell me about that Finn are you sad and depressed and lonely I pledge allegiance to the flag

What you still have your humor no um to everyone asking if I’m sad or depressed I’m not I am just uh not overly chipper he’s not an overly chipper person I’m so depressed I’m so bad no you’re not send me money we’re going to get some fuel fill the

Tanks up completely and a couple Jerry jugs and then we’ll be off we’ll only be able to motor um I think we have 1,000 miles um Range to motor so we’re going to have to do a lot of sailing on this passage but it’s okay we have brand new almond sails

Center fueling up again seems like we’re always fueling up I know right we grocery shop and and fill up with fuel all the time I have to Concur so I have anxiety always before the big passage you know the boat’s been working great we’ve done a few upgrades I always wonder if those upgrades are going to work weather you know I visualize you know it’s that’s not physical preparation of getting the boat

Ready it’s the mental prep in my mind of visualizing the weather visualizing the weather reports visualizing the sea State getting that in my head being comfortable with that being ready for being ready for that and and uh getting emotionally ready for that that you know whatever comes our way knowing the first

3 or 4 days is going to be a non-sleep day for me cuz you know it depends on how the weather is we’ve got some really strong heavy winds coming off this high off of West Africa which is great it’s going to be great sailing um we’re going

To be selling in the reddish orange which is the higher wind category where we’re going to not category but just higher winds and that’s where this boat likes to move but it’s also can be rough and so um yeah just mentally preparing for all that and being ready okay Yeah we looks beautiful we’re ready for an adventure so my first meal on this first day of Crossing is going to be prepared in the crock pot so I don’t have to stand over a stove or anything because even just a little bit of roll kind of makes makes me nauseous makes most

Everybody nauseous so I’m going to throw some stuff in the crock pot let it cook for uh four or 6 hours and then we’ll have a hot meal this evening that I didn’t have to slave over the stove for a little cream of mushroom

Soup this is a lip and onion soup mix we found some stores recently with some American products that we love so I can make this recipe now so basically you can use any soda this is just to tenderize the meat um but a fan brought Keith a whole bunch of Dr Peppers

Recently thank you so much we’re trying to ration them because they do have lots of sugar and Keith is cutting down on sugar but I’m going to use this one to tenderize my meat for my beef stew this is just a typical oldfashioned American

Beef stew oh and I put a bunch of um bunch of beef in here too beef cubes forgot to show you that at the end of the day we’ve got um 409 hours left 2,875 miles and we’re sailing along nicely at 7 knots all right how’s the beef stew is it any

Good it’s ex really good really good great first meal awesome love it thank you it’s a big one right there huge it’s just a bu eye level sometimes like this High yeah and I have to look up a bit I’m like hoping it’s not white

Water you just got to wait for the big ones I mean they’re big you can’t tell on camera though that’s the problem there’s Luke I’m on watch are you yeah Kate gave me her watch so do the last hour that’s nice sorry I’m just trying to keep it

Out of the wind noise you’re good how was last night it was an experience never slept with waves that big so didn’t really get too much sleep I think it’ll get better every day we’ll see cool you did a watch with Jack right yep I did a 3 to six last night cool

With him what about pretty quick and uh learned how to what to keep track of yeah and so we don’t die that’s good excellent how did L do on night shift he did terrible he tried killing us did he go to the bow and do back flips mhm jump

Off and swim back to the boat exactly what he did I was it was great it was uh it was good I taught him the main things you want to be watching out for and yeah yeah was chill Co you think he’ll have his own shift at some point

Yeah I bet he can maybe a 2our shift or something yeah cool wouldn’t be a problem jeez those waves are big out there today whoa Kate’s doing her dishes dishes getting a little rougher out there a little bit yeah pretty good though we’ve seen worse we have been in worse

We back in UK the last years now got enough we know we get come back woo Sur down these waves Window Yeah they jump out of this wave they were jumping so high look never touch land really yeah Year little black bird okay so it’s day two tonight we’re just having some ravioli with pasta sauce on it some bread and salad I’m just boiling a little bit of

Ravioli I’m going to put jar sauce on it because I don’t want to make fresh because it is a little rough out there as you have seen going to make a Caesar salad I think we have one more big bag of fresh lettuce um but but lettuce only

Last probably the first 3 days of Passage 4 if I keep it dry and stored nicely in the fridge um but we still have lots of oranges and apples and carrots and tomatoes bread Peppers all sorts of other things so lettuce is the first to go and the second will be the fresh

Fruit bananas should have got more bananas anyway dinner will be ready soon so I’m just making a chicken Caesar salad but I’m going to keep everything separate cuz I don’t know who wants what and I have these cute little salad trays oh gloryia I said cute little you’ll

Have to go to Glory stories or Jack’s channel to understand what all that’s about but I have these little salad trays that I love and you just put different things in them so everybody can make their own salad put whatever they want on them simple Caesar salad is

Ready to go for whoever wants it and oh gosh almighty we it’s getting a little crazy here and the bread is nice and golden warm and we’re good to eat okay y’all can come eat Luke Jack whoever ready bur it I keep spilling sauce all over me

When I opened it it went all the way over me it’s okay all right I’m going to make me a plate cuz the sh always eats first is that right like Olive Garden come on looks just like Olive Garden basically and look there’s some uh’s that parmes oh

Here parmeson in a bag I would like a yes please all right guys so this is day December 15th this is day three of our passage and as you can see the sea state is about 1 M to 2 m occasionally we have a 2 and 1/2 M swell the current’s behind

Us now as you can see on the forecast right there it’s showing uh you know 20 knot winds 17 to 20 knot winds in this area it’s showing 1 to 2 m seas and this is what that looks like if you look at here it’s not very rough we’re in

Following seas and and everything’s going really well if you look up at the clouds here it’s just wispy clouds there’s no squalls and any of this but as we get closer to the Equator and there the water warms up we’re going to have more energy in the water we’re

Going to have more energy in the atmosphere which is going to create a Squall squally like conditions but these kind of clouds you don’t need to worry about there’s no squalls associated with them might be a little uptick and wind a little bit but uh once again nice steady

High pressure Trade Winds just blowing us across here we got following Seas if you were to turn the boat around and go back into this it would be really rough we’ve got the code zero out and uh once again our winds are ranging from 20 to

25 knots you know on the low end 15 to 20 but but most of the time they’re 20 to 25 following C’s 2 m seas and uh the other thing I wanted to show you is if we had a current against these Seas you’d see a lot of White Caps out here

You’d see a lot of what we call uh breaking waves or green water waves where the water turns green up to the top because the Sun’s shining through it and that current pushes Against the Wind the wind’s blowing this way the current pushes Against the Wind and it stands

Those waves up and they break and that makes for really rough conditions um if even if the current’s coming a beam of the wind it can make triangulated Seas but now we got following current following Seas following wind so it’s it’s a great time to be out here this

Should push us all the way to the Caribbean should be a nice time I’ll report back in tomorrow and uh we’ll see how it looks tomorrow okay so Keith has uh he has rigged our starlink to see the sky and I don’t know why but I feel like I’m living in a trailer

House he’s tied it on with zip ties Jack what are you doing getting my shot zip ties eh zip ties that’s not sketchy at all as long as the boom doesn’t go swinging over there knock our starlink off what you reading huh what you reading oh what are you

Doing oh listen to music you were reading a minute ago I was reading what were you reading I’m reading Red Rising oh yeah 48 miles every 24 hours a day 48 M time 10 days is 480 extra miles you’re so good at math it really that’s two extra days no that’s three

Days it’s three days of sailing just for two knots so how far have we gone so far I mean how many miles you said we gone 320 miles right now out of 2900 miles right now we are looking at a including today in the last two days

We’re looking at about a 16-day b 15 16 day passage jeez and Christmas is in 10 days y so once again we’ll have Christmas on the water but will be very close to the Caribbean there’s the tree and some of the gifts not all the gifts it’ll be a warm Christmas project

To do what what you done eating which project so we’re going to put the fuel from those two Jerry cans in the side of the boat we already used some fuel apparently this this when we we left we run that one engine till we got around

The Lee of uh the Lee of uh Grand Canaria it’s like 4 hours other than that we probably won’t turn the motors back on for the whole passage and you know we run the generators obviously yeah how come our solar isn’t taking care of the generators I think our solar

Panels are kind of dud duded out duded out they’re dead dead what are you going to do about that I’m going to get new solar panels are you going to uh mcgyver it no just run generators it’s pretty easy to run a generator when you think about the cost

Of solar panels High high-end solar panels yeah versus the cost of buying a gallon of diesel you can run a lot of diesel and you can buy a lot of generators what about lithium batteries yeah we got those coming got them coming they’ve been coming for like 5 years

They have but when we get to America they said they’d send them to us very cool how are you are you feeling sick or anything a little bit I feel good though yeah you feeling sick oh I just had it for the Past That I just have to trust in the crew and Trust in the machine and um find peace amen stupid weing you’re recording yeah I don’t care the product name I just want to know what you’re doing I’m wiring in the new alternators he’s Ted the Newlan we got the Sals let’s go

Party party party baby you can’t put that on the internet cuz it’s weird okay let’s try that again so what do you want me to say all right now we’re going to do the main you don’t want me to do it Keith you can do it

Yourself I can do it myself you can do it yourself I just was asking if it’s going to be usable or broken what are you going to do with all these old sails I don’t know we’re not going to carry them are we no sell them we’re going to flake again no

You just donate them somewhere I’m going to go get my bag yeah’s my bag I like my bag sorry I’m sorry under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all so this next clip is really bad but I put it together I couldn’t find anywhere to put it in the video I’m too

Embarrassed to put it anywhere else except deleted SC so here it is enjoy I tried to sing I am a terrible singer uh so just sing along sing [Applause] [Applause] Along

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