Embracing Fear: A Framework for Confronting and Overcoming Your Fears | Sarthak Ahuja | TEDxSurat – Video

Embracing Fear: A Framework for Confronting and Overcoming Your Fears | Sarthak Ahuja | TEDxSurat – Video

The video “Framework to Face Your Fears and Fight Them” by Sarthak Ahuja at TEDxSurat explores the concept of facing fears and overcoming challenges in life. Sarthak shares his personal experiences with fears, starting with the fear of writing and public speaking, and eventually addressing his fear of balding. He emphasizes the importance of confronting fears and pushing oneself out of the comfort zone in order to grow. Sarthak shares how he started a blog and challenged himself to write and publish essays monthly, despite initially facing criticism and skepticism from others. He also discusses his journey of embracing his baldness and finding confidence in his own skin. Through his experiences, he introduces the “ipg Framework” as a tool to confront fears and develop resilience. He highlights the power of perseverance, self-acceptance, and the willingness to face critique in overcoming fears. The video serves as an inspiring and motivating message for individuals who may be struggling with their own fears and challenges in life.

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Sarthak grew up facing many fears and fighting them. The I-C-P-G framework shared in this talk works accurately to shake off your fears. We hope this helps and you will be able to share it with someone who may need it. An Investment Banker with over a decade of experience in startup advisory, Sarthak is a Gold Medalist from the Indian School of Business and a bestselling author for his book, “Daily Coffee & Startup Fundraising”.

He practices in areas of corporate finance, valuations, and transaction advisory, as well as educates entrepreneurs in these areas through his social media channels with a combined following of over 800K.

He is a Faculty for Finance at various educational institutes and the face of CNBC TV18’s show, Behind the Billions. His new book, Founder’s Office, is a collection of 150 frameworks to help founders take better decisions. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Video Transcript

[Applause] what do you think when you look at a bald man it’s either a saint or a tug but ask a man who’s balding and he’ll tell you that he neither has the inner peace of a saint nor the aggression and the self confidence of a

Tug now among all the fears that men go through in their life it starts with the fear of math when they’re in school the fear of public speaking when they in college and the fear of women rejecting them because they’re balding immediately after fortunately I’ve gone through all

Those fears and more in my life and today when I look back and I stand here on this stage I’ve got a gift for all of you I’ve got you a gift of a tool which has helped me face all my fears in my life and I like to call it the ipg

Framework you know back in school I was uh selected to be the editor of the school magazine and all year round my job was Scouting For articles from my classmates which would be published in the magazine that year now when the year ended I was

Told that being the editor I also had to write a piece which would go as the editorial in the publication now that moment I realized my fear of writing and you know it’s not just the fear of writing it’s the fear of anything that you create and put it out

On public display why because you’re actually letting your flaws be seen by the world you know soon they’ll be able to say your lack of skill in English grammar in self-express expression in your articulation and most importantly a lot of times they’ll see the lack of depth in your understanding and what you

Have to share with the world and because I was so scared I actually went to a friend who used to love writing by the end of the conversation I convinced him to allow me to borrow one of his pieces that he had written and submit it into the magazine in my

Name well after the publication came out so many Praises just came towards me from the school you know from teachers from my classmates saying what a beautifully written piece now of course it’s only a heart which knows the guilt of unwarranted and undeserved credit and what you would do with such

Praise I held that secret inside of me for years for years to come thinking that you know you can bury fears down by unethical practices little did I I know that even 3 years later when I was about to complete my graduation the fear of writing only grew

With time it grew to the point where I realized enough was enough I had to face it I had to do something about it and the only way to face that fear is to write something and put it out on public display invite all the critique that you possibly can and let people

Judge you look at your flaws and judge you as much as they want so I remember 2011 I started this one blog which I like to call my life is a jalabi and I made a promise to myself every month I’m going to write two essays and publish it on the blog for

The world to see 2011 I shared the idea with a friend who sned me saying you know all this blogging business you’ll get over in about 6 months it’s a fad Everyone likes to do it but no one has the courage to keep going yeah and I took it as a

Challenge I said listen I’m going to stick to it so as luck would have it and luckily I stuck to writing for years after that in fact so much that uh unknown to me in 2015 it received the award for the best humor blog in the [Applause]

Country and I carried that Laurel with me to B school you know when I went to B school this one friend again unknown to me signed me up to perform at a stand-up comedy event and how do I get to know about it I see posters plastered all around campus with

My face on it and people looking forward to see me crack jokes on stage I’m like what I didn’t sign up for this but it was too late I couldn’t chicken out and it reminded me of the time back in school where I was forced

To be a part of the debating Society I remember writing my speech for days and learning it up by heart heart learning it up to the point where if I were narrating it today and someone walked into this Auditorium well I would immediately stop and would have had to start all over

Again and the standup comedy event Was Then Deja Wu my fingers were trembling my body shaking like you know like I’m a blender on a bed of marbles and the notes that I had of all the jokes in my hands it just flew off and I froze

Silence for a standup comedy event that was quite the joke and I held that embarrassment for weeks in my heart after that you know weeks along with of course a receding hairline and a bald patch that I would so desperately try to hide in the mirror

You know among my fears was also the fear of the wind blowing a little too hard through my hair because oh God you know I remember back during B school I would uh look at pictures of myself from all the events and then cry myself to sleep

Thinking who is ever going to like this guy so much that if you guys today could go back into history and check out my internet browsing history you would find that I was constantly searching for oils and serums which would reverse my hairfall when all my years were actually researching business case studies

However in my defense the business of hairfall reversal products is awesome your customers keep paying you again and again even though all evidence is to the contrary and I’m going to ask you to share it with someone who may need it but but back at that time it was

Consuming me to the point where one day before an exam I saw myself obsessing over my hair count much above the statistical probability of me passing the exam the following day and i’ had had enough I just picked up a tool and shaved my head and that day I remember I laughed

For hours and hours with my friends about it and that night howled on silent mode in the shower when I looked at myself in the mirror I just wouldn’t recognize this person it wasn’t me I could never relate to him I never had the confidence could

Never go and speak in public could never right and suddenly I looked like something I had never imagined what could one I’ve done and today I’m I’m standing here you know as I stand Here addressing a room of over a thousand people I just wonder to myself and I look

Back what has really helped me me get to this point if at all and I get messages a lot of you would probably know me from all the content I put around business and finance on social media and I get messages saying oh we love the way you

Articulate we love the way you talk it comes so naturally to you yeah and we love the insights on business and finance that you’re providing where here I’ve not even told you the story about my fear of numbers my fear of finance and how I would find myself in rooms

Where everyone would be discussing business and economics and politics and I would just stand silently because I had practically not even iota of value to contribute in that room nothing and if I’m standing here let me tell you what has helped me is facing my fear that for you I would put as

Icpg where I is indifference indifference to all the fears that we fear and it’s okay if it’s not a fear that impacts your life in a meaningful way I mean think of the fear of snakes right like how many of us are really encountering snakes on an everyday basis

So if you’re indifferent to that fear that’s possibly okay but there are fears that you know in your heart that if you were to face would really improve your life it could be personally professionally it could be your fear of lack of knowledge lack of skill lack of the best of health the

Fear of the fact that you can’t do 20 push-ups or in a lot of cases the fear that we can’t talk to our loved ones our family our friends who we’ve been wanting to say something but it’s been months probably years that we haven’t spoken a word and

We know that the moment we were to break that threshold it would remarkably improve our life remarkably and these are the fears that you think will change your life is where we need to take it from indifference to the Sea which is challenge taking it up as a challenge

And in my experience what really helps is someone challenging you an accountability partner in your case it could be a family member it could be a friend for me it’s my social media audience which asks me to come show up every day with one new insight which pushes me to learn

So that I don’t find myself again in a room where I have practically nothing to contribute because that fear will consume you and the toughest Journey from that point of challenge is actually towards the P of painful action from challenge to painful action is the toughest and the highest the frequency

Of your painful action the better it gets for you my frequency today is every single day every single day and my friend if you do that you will soon find yourself to the point of growth where today I can tell you in the past 3 years almost a thousand videos

Down the knowledge that I’ve probably gained or the skills I’m learning over the past 3 years of doing this every single day is incomparable to two decades of formal education before that so may I urge you today to think about that one fear which is holding you back in living your best

Life and take it from indifference to taking up the challenge finding an accountability partner moving towards painful action every single day and then seeing yourself go to growth and today when you look at this bald man do you think he’s a saint or a tug and I’ll give you the answer that my

Mother would give if she were in the audience you know she was absolutely concerned that her son would not find anyone to get married to absolutely concerned and even today you know when I’ve been married for about 3 years she still at times will nudge me saying you know why why don’t

You grow some hair on your head and I could totally spend some money get a hair transplant and please my mother but the pleasure of picking up a razor in the morning taking it to my head is a constant reminder of the courage that I got to baldness before baldness could get to

Me [Applause] thank you and of course share it with someone who we [Applause] Needed

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