“Emmy Awards Prep: ‘Yellowjackets’ Star Samantha Hanratty Gets Ready” – Video

“Emmy Awards Prep: ‘Yellowjackets’ Star Samantha Hanratty Gets Ready” – Video

Get Ready With 'Yellowjackets' Star Samantha Hanratty for the Emmy Awards

Samantha Hanratty, the star of ‘Yellowjackets’, is preparing for the Emmys and invites viewers to join her in this exciting process. She shares her favorite must-haves, including cooling balls that she keeps in the fridge for a refreshing feeling before getting ready. Samantha also opens up about her personal style, which is comfort-driven, typically gravitating towards sweatshirts and casual attire. She discusses the process of choosing outfits for red carpets, considering the message she wants to convey through her clothing. Samantha also reveals a bold move she made in the past when she snuck onto the red carpet despite not being invited, showcasing her determined and daring nature. She shares her lifelong passion for acting and her love for storytelling, particularly bringing to light the stories of people who are often overlooked. Samantha also humorously discusses her character’s wardrobe on ‘Yellowjackets’, expressing a desire for a more distinct style. She talks about her outfits for the Emmys, expressing her gratitude for wearing Dolce and Gabbana and reminiscing about previous memorable red carpet looks. Samantha also shares her beauty tips and routines, emphasizing the significance of learning from her team and trusting their expertise. Lastly, she shows her excitement for jewelry and briefly discusses her choice of deodorant for the event. This behind-the-scenes glimpse provides an intimate look at Samantha Hanratty’s preparations for the prestigious award show.

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Video Transcript

Hello variety I am Samantha handratty and I’m getting ready for the Emmys right now so come and join me let’s do this okay so one of my musthaves is something my mom got me off of Amazon it’s these like little bald dud dudes you put it in the fridge and

It is literally like it is one of my favorite things especially before getting ready so first balls on the face yeah my personal style like is very Comfort driven like I like am a very sweat like I mean pretty much every time that most the people here see me like

I’m I’m usually in sweats or like a t-shirt I love wearing like my husband’s t-shirts with like tucked into my jeans as like my vibe for red carpets I think it’s really just like trying to understand what it is that I’m trying to convey like am I going to feel really

Sexy tonight or am I going for more of just like a very feminine Vibe or am I going for more of like diving into more of my masculine Vibe like it really is just dependent on what the event is this is actually not many people know this um

I snuck onto the red carpet last year I was not invited onto the carpet last year because due to covid restrictions they were only allowing people who were nominated and I may or may not have seen my opening and was like you know what my Show’s nominated and that that

That door is open right there so I’m just going to walk through it and I did I knew I wanted to be an actor when I was 2 years old I literally told my mom I was like I want to be on stage in

TV like I I knew I was going to be an actor really out of the womb I don’t know if it it was like I wanted attention from being like the youngest of five girls um or just the love of entertaining yeah you can really make people feel something and I think like

My favorite thing about acting too is like getting to tell the stories of people that don’t always have a story told about them you know and so yeah I I mean I love my job so much and I mean I’m still doing it 20 22 years

Later I wish there was more of a difference between me and Misty’s style there have been moments on set where I have shown up one of our castmates Maya she literally goes oh my God she was like she was like your wardrobe looks so clean today and I looked at her I said

Maya this is my outfit oh season 1 there’s one I literally told them they were like if there were a couple clothing that like burned in the fire what would like you be okay with and one of them I was like please burn this orange shirt that’s the whole look the

Shorts the the shirt the every oh my God oh my God somebody help her I could not be caught wearing this but Misty on the other hand look at that confidence she is she is string her stuff she’s never felt better in her life literally oh my

God I can’t when we wrap I want my kitty sweater but I’d rather not have the bloody dirty versions I’d rather have the clean versions I’m wearing dolj and gabana tonight which I am so grateful I love wearing DOL gabana I believe I wore DOL and gabana to the premiere as well

Right I did and it was like one of my favorite dresses ever it was honestly the premiere dress was one of my favorite looks ever that was very very me um hair and makeup too like premere it was the premiere was the black DOL gabana like it was yes yes yes and then

It was like you had did the half up and down you the long hair oh it was just once again like an amazing collaboration of the whole team like it was so good Eddie added that long beautiful hair and like that slick back Adam did the

Beautiful like tie in with the eye and the cheek and it just oh it was just gorgeous I’ve also one of my favorite looks Katie it was Versace right that purple that purple dress is one of my favorite looks that we’ve done too like that was Versace just like hugs the body

And makes you feel so confident and beautiful well one of my favorite things that I’ve learned from Adam actually is just like being able to go in like I now like go in and try and clear out like my sinuses and everything before I even

Start with my uh my makeup and I I use like my go-tos are OAA and Ilia those are like I use OA when it comes to my skincare and I use Ilia when it comes to my makeup and that’s like my go-to for myself um and I yeah I think that’s like

All the tips and tricks though of just like the Contour points and like also just like the beautiful blending I think more than anything anything like I just like paying attention to what Adam’s doing and always making sure that you match that’s why we pulled this down is

So that we make sure that we match the neck and the chest to the face cuz we’ve all seen those girls and I’ve been one of those girls things like this like honestly I love learning from this team I love learning from this group like

It’s it really is like it’s so fun and like I mean I trust them for a reason like look at me I’m a look at this look at this look at me I was up for a movie in November and I did not get it and so like we all do in

Breakups we need a change so I went and got like a little shag cut and I got baby bangs and then I remembered that we had the Emmy coming up and I kind of freaked out and was like oh my God what did I just do before this and now the

Team we’re doing like kind of a homage to Audrey heern which I love honestly Katie was the one who first told me she was like the dresses are are kind of inspired by where your bangs are at and then we like showed the boys like this

Is like what the dress is this is what we’re thinking and now Eddie’s kind of taking a you know his own approach to the pictures that we had sent so that’s kind of how it usually goes it’s like we send pictures and then everybody does their own version of like how they feel

About that and then afterwards I’m sure he’s going to go what do you think of this we’re going to like you know filter it out and that’s I mean that’s why it’s so easy to work with these guys you know I’m about to put on my Jewels I’m not

Going to I’m going to have Katie do it this is Ray Jewels look at this necklace oh my God this is like my princess diar moment so is this also Ray yeah it’s all V it’s all Ray oh I’m also wearing studs um so yeah so honestly

Like I like very simple jewelry I usually like very dainty pieces but if it’s going to be like a statement piece like this then it’s like this is really I mean it’s so beautiful it’s so stunning it’s so perfect so my smell of the day is Lum Lum Lum um whole body deodorant

For pits privates and Beyond invisible cream it is toasted coconut this is what I will be smelling like today because I I am not the biggest perfume person also we’re in a hotel and I forgot to bring my perfume honestly whenever I’m getting ready like sometimes I’ll just put like

A playlist on Spotify it’s like a happy day playlist um it’s a lot of like I don’t know like I got sunshine you know like kind of um just like happy like you know and um kind of in the background though because honestly whenever we’re getting ready we like to

Chat but if we do listen to music it’s it’s pretty hyped music it’s pretty you know Taylor Swift is the she’s the one to go to for having a good time before you’re about to show up somewhere especially if I want to feel Moody I’ll

Listen to like the man and I’m like if I was the man I’d be the man you know that yeah that’s me before I get to an event I get my stomach completely twists I get really I’m really overwhelmed I like check myself in like my phone like a

Million times I just start to get like really like oh my God like and then I I did I figure out like what I’m how I’m going to pose how I’m going to do this or that and I know it’s going to get really overwhelming and then the second

That I actually get on the carpet it’s like all of that just kind of goes away and it’s like I don’t know it’s kind of like performing you know you’re like so nervous beforehand and then you just get into it and you’re like okay like I’m

Just here to do the job now and I’m also here like the second I see friends like Quinta is one of my favorite people to see at events like this it’s like every time that we see each other it’s just it feels so warm and feels so happy and and

I’m so excited for her cuz she just she’s not just an actor she’s this creative boss she’s you know this director and she’s this writer and she’s this she’s just she is she’s the boss she’s the boss of the show she’s a leader I remember last emy’s like I saw

Caitlyn dver and Caitlyn I’ve known since I was like 11 years old like literally she was in a music video of mine when I was 13 called finally a teen like you know we’ve known each other for so long and so when I get to see people

That I know and I love and I’m so proud of them and happy for them and it just makes this whole thing so much easier and you go like oh my God like it’s not it’s not so scary it this is just it’s a bunch of people

Trying to pose for cameras trying to look cute and like sometimes it’s so funny too like when you see people like if you see me go from like like it’s so goofy like what are we doing you know so it makes it not so scary once like that the nerves go away after

That oh my gosh okay this is the look this is the look I mean we still have got a pin in but you know this is close to being the look I am obsessed I feel like a little princess right now oh my gosh look at it look at

It and verace shoes we’ve got goes with my tattoos of course and still chab on a dress Ray Jewels I mean with my with my uh wedding ring as well I feel so beautiful I’m so grateful for my team they’re the best thank you so so much variety for

Joining me I am off to the emys now bye

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