Encounter with a Cannibal in India – Video

Encounter with a Cannibal in India – Video

I Met a Real Life Cannibal in India is a shocking and intriguing video that follows travel blogger Drew Binsky on his journey to Varanasi, India where he meets a real-life cannibal named “Baba.” Binsky has spent the better part of the last decade seeking out a real-life cannibal, and his quest finally led him to the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi. In the video, Baba, an Aghori man, explains to Binsky the reasons why he consumes human flesh, revealing that he believes the heart is the best part of the body. The video showcases Binsky’s immersive experience as he learns about the Aghori rituals and practices involving skulls, bones, and human ashes. From the busy streets of Varanasi to the peaceful and historic river, the video captures the essence of the spiritual city and the shocking encounter with a real-life cannibal. As Binsky shares his experience with Baba, viewers are left speechless by the eye-opening encounter with this extraordinary individual. The video provides an unsettling yet captivating insight into the world of Aghoris and their unique practices, making it a must-watch for those interested in cultural exploration and unique human encounters.

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Video Transcript

This man is a cannibal who smears ashes all over his body and drinks liquor out of human skulls I came to India’s holiest city to find out why he eats other humans and what I learned will leave you speechless Jesus Christ please don’t chop off my neck with that

Sword veroni is known as a city of death every day more than 300 bodies arrive here to be cremated and their ashes are thrown into the ganas River but the find a real life cannibal we have to Wind Through The Busy streets ironically bursting with life oh

Sh I’m with my local friend shoom and we have one mission right now to find an agori who is living somewhere in this spiritual City it’s really beautiful from up here to see the whole city just get a feel and a taste for barasi I can’t even hear myself think cuz there’s

So many horns I don’t know man I also hate this this street is maximum chaos maximum crowded you got to be careful you don’t get run over by a motorbike so in wari you you can find Temple at any place like every place is a temple like

You see behind this one it’s like it’s a place where culture is the most important thing it’s a temple in the just in the wall I feel like if you if you don’t know the city well you’re going to get easily get lost in this area and in this

Small Lanes you can easily get lost you feel like these buildings are caving in on you they’re like slanted and crazy electrical wires that you only see in India there’s literally a cow block in the road how come we get by these guys are carrying a dead body right next to

Me on the streets wow what’s really cool about varasi is that all the roads kind of lead to the riverbank here because it’s so holy this water all the activities take place on these things called guts which are basically river banks and these guts are the very places

Where the cannibals hang out we’re hopeful we’re going to find one having a little bit of stomach problems from the the curry I ate last night in the hotel and it’s taken a little bit of energy away from me but Del belly man you just

Got to deal with it bathing in the river is considered really holy for any Hindu and that’s why you can see a lot of them behind me that just jump in the river all right we’re going to ask this guy if he knows where the agoris are hello do

You know where we can find any agoris around here what haran haran he told us the name of a guard which is like a few minutes walk from here like maybe 5 minutes walk thank you thank you it is incredibly peaceful out here a lot of

People just chilling on the banks of the river you can feel the power of Varanasi Mark DN has mentioned that Varanasi is a city which is older than history do you know where I can find an aori man here Mas masan thank you he mentioned the exact same name that the last person

Mentioned it to us we’re pretty close now okay we spot the agor he’s sitting in a circle right now he’s holding a skull and a bone what’s going on I got the goosebumped right now boom this is so insane so he’s covered in in ashes yeah

He just put on the ashes of the people who are born there on his body whose skull are you holding James just a random man just a random guy random just a random guy he might have picked it from here only somewhere ah meet Baba an aori who spends his days

Scouring for bodies on the ganas River he practices rituals involving skulls and bones meditates next to burning Limbs and eats people to consume their power I got to admit I’m a little intimidated by this guy I’m get he’s ringing the bell uncontrollably I don’t know why if this isn’t stepping out of my

Comfort zone I don’t know what is is that human ashes you put on my face yeah exactly Okay good good good good good how do you feel with human ashes on your face yeah I mean I I feel good I mean it’s holy because it means like when a body is burned it gives up like all the emotions all the ego or any goods and bads what

An experience what a moment Namaste Namaste Theory wants to show us the beautiful River here which is super holy so we’re heading on a boat right now we’re going to spend some time with him and learn his story so as I understand this this lady with him is

His follower yeah how did you first meet Baba so they met at a very holy place which is like a kamak Mand where they pray the vagina of the woman so she met him there and then she came here with him how many years have you known him I’m one year one year yeah what do you think about

Him she’s saying he’s really good and she learns a lot from him when you get on the boat you can really feel how old and historic this city is it feels like 2,000 years ago really really is a special place um the holy water of the ganas River

As we leave the shore I’m feeling a little nervous to be isolated on a boat with a cannibal what if something goes wrong what the hell is he doing man I’ve never held the human skull before this is insane I don’t know how I what to think or what to feel they just

Cover their faces in ashes and now my face is covered in ashes I mean it’s holy so it’s fine I’m really curious to know about cannibalism like do you eat humans yeah they do eat like human flesh or drink blood or anything which is there so just to just to understand

Correctly you eat human flesh yeah he does it he he said yeah I’m a little I’m getting a little worried on this boat right now what part of the human tastes the best he’s saying hard this is insane why do you love surrounding yourself with skulls and bones and blood and Ashes how

Does it make you feel when you’re physically around dead people just because god or goddess they pray are considered to be in this place only here they obtain the energy to make the world a better place or to attain their God what’s the significance of the blood of the

Human it’s a special kind of praying that he does to impress the goddess Kali and he will take that bad energy or the evil energy from My Life Away by impressing the goddess what do you think about a gor’s eating humans she saying yeah she she has seen him

Eating human flesh would you ever eat human flesh it’s a span of 12 years then she will become kind of she would do it after 12 years yeah Baba what do you think about death he’s saying death is the truth many people in the world right now would

Think that eating humans is crazy and they would not approve of that they would say it’s a really bad practice oh my just to impress the goddess for the praying and offering to the goddess they do it otherwise they justly simply eat the normal food as we do like sometimes

Chicken fish where do you eat the people like so they they get cremated and do you like wait there and then grab grab a leg do you chop off an arm and then bring it back to your fireplace like how do you how do you eat the

Human he’s saying they get it on the guts only like where the bodies are being borned and all if you think about everywhere else in the world it’s not it’s not even a thought that people would eat human but here it’s like a spiritual thing right yeah it’s

Spiritual thing so every question that we are asking there’s a mention of this goddess and the God he just had some blood and he put it on the sword is he doing a blessing or he’s just he’s just praying he’s just praying Baba what Baba when you die do you want someone to

Eat you or do how do you do you want to be cremated here uh he’s not caring about it you know he’s just living life it is written what will happen after his death he’s opening up like a lemon with a blood knife looks like he’s about ready to cut off my head

With that thing it’s called Bali which means that you kill something to impress the God he just cut this uh lemon please don’t cut off my head to impress the god what did he just say your flesh is really nice that chicken that leg piece is good white flesh I kind of moved

Aside on the boat closer to the driver because the Baba’s kind of crazy with the sword he is the person who started the whole whole community of a so he heab or something he sang a song and which means like everything you are going to leave

It in here on the earth you you going to be burn down to the ashes what you going to take back once you die is your good works Baba if you could say one message to everyone in the world what would you tell them just pray the truth you know

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Option to sign the map all for free click the link in the description for this onetime offer and let’s get back to the Cannibal he’s built out this whole Temple thing right in front of him with incense and fire and everything is carefully placed in a circle and he just said that he’s going to start smoking weed he’s going to smoke through a special pipe it’s called chilum in American English we also say the word

Chum I didn’t know it was a Hindi word that chilum is also a gift of some one of his followers he just drank the water from the river which as I understand is very dirty yeah it’s very out here so he he he’s taking a cover and then he’ll blow it I

Think why do you smoke so muched he’s saying to meditate he smokes weed okay I really didn’t want to indulge but when you’re stranded on a boat with a cannibal in the middle of India you don’t really have a choice oh I never thought I would do this smoke weed with

A cannibal but it’s happening right now not really sure what he’s doing now he just jumped off our boat to another boat then he jumped in the water and now he’s walking to shore bro what is he what is he doing right now so I think he’s just looking

For some maybe body parts or maybe something he’s now giving me a skull in my hand which I’ve never held in my life and uh Jesus Christ I don’t know how I what to think or what to feel but yeah this is way crazier than I was

Expecting I’m not sure why he is pouring liquor everywhere but I guess that’s part of his ritual and then he started drinking out of this human skull as if it were a shot glass just got booze all over my [Laughter] lens He’s just made a fire on top of the human skull and doing some chanting I’m just amazed by everything that this guy’s doing I am fascinated by cannibals from West Papua to Varanasi I just can’t wrap my head around how these traditions still exist in the most ancient and

Religious parts of our world we’ve just arrived back to the shore here and Baba says he wants to show me his Temple so he’s tying up his skull right now and we’re going to walk He wants to drink some chai together thank you thank you it’s almost an out of Body Experience like the worst diarrhea of my life I’m I should drink this right now seriously my stomach is rumbling B belly all right he’s going to go pee we’re going to cut the cameras

Look how look how he peed they go your foot is covered in pee it’s okay no problem you gangel he’s saying it’s holy water from GES because he drinks and eats from the GES only so his pee is Holy too yeah Baba would you ever drink your

Urine he’s saying yeah we do sometimes if we are trusty it’s all holy water just when I thought this video was crazy enough I find out that he drinks his own pee right in front of us is a cremation ceremony yeah it’s happening there when Baba’s walking through it it’s insane

Bro so hot flame in the face so these are the woods that people buy to burn the bodies a lot of wood there’s this body he’s doing the last rituals and saying a last goodbye it’s it’s kind of a holy process so normal deaths are burned so once it’s burned ashes are

Thrown in the river so basically the river is full of human ashes yeah the guy working here told us that over 250 bodies every day are cremated all that smoke in the ashes behind me is a body being burned here on the river it’s really intense it hits you in the face

For me it’s normal because yeah if anyone dies in my family or in my Village only we bring them to here burn do you want to be burned here yeah of course my grandparents my grandmother they have been burned here how long does it take for the body to be

Burned 4 hours 3 hours depends on the body there’s another body right there in the orange that’s waiting to be cremated just body after body body after body after body one of the guys mother had died he had borned her so first he’ll offer the food to him because it’s holy

Because he can bring peace to the dead ones he’s explaining to me that he’s a guru for these people around him right now really cool to experience the person in the photograph she’s dead so the the people who become aori keeps on looking for families whose

Ancestors we aori or who believes in the aorin or the agori community so that’s why how he find him someone has recently died and they asked Baba if they can pray for her and they’re feeding him in the back Corners here really interesting to see this

Unfold we are now rolling up to the temple here wow so she is the goddess to whom he pray and offer everything he can bring peace to the body as I’m watching Baba pre I start seeing black spots I haven’t slept a wink my food poisoning is really starting to

Wear me down and I have this infected cut on my leg that has turned black with puss I’m not one to always ask for help but in this moment I tell sham that I need to see a doctor quick trying to find a hospital in India injection I’m

Not getting any needles you’re not getting injection not here it’s from a cut from like a tree like a thorn and then it just got infected and it turned black do you speak English it’s crazy they sent this to another doctor but he closes in 8 minutes so we got to go

Fast so we missed a we missed a deadline the doctor is gone but they told us where he lives and so we’re going to go knock on his door I’m not really comfortable doing that but Che says it’s okay Dr Dr K we’ll see if he’s home maybe I just jinxed

It to the doctor’s house this is cool we’re inside his house he has this room where he sees patients like there’s the bed right there where the patients are supposed to sit seeing a doctor in a foreign country is every traveler’s worst nightmare but this one was very

Nice to host me in his house and at least I got some medication to cure my cut and stomach got it all that is to say veroni has been a wild experience and it’s not one for the faint-hearted the agori embody a radical approach to spirituality and while my friend Baba

Might invite some controversy the city is an inspiring place to visit on your quest for enlightenment make sure to subscribe if you want to see more epic documentaries around the world and I’ll see you in the next video a a W

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