ENHYPEN Announce Details of Second Studio Album, ‘ROMANCE : UNTOLD’

ENHYPEN Announce Details of Second Studio Album, ‘ROMANCE : UNTOLD’

K-Pop superstar ENHYPEN announced the details of their long-awaited sophomore album, ROMANCE : UNTOLD, on Monday morning (June 17). The seven-man boy band’s follow-up to their full-length 2021 debut, DIMENSION : DILEMMA, is due out on July 12.

According to a release announcing the album, ROMANCE : UNTOLD “marks the beginning of a new chapter for ENHYPEN. The pioneering storytellers have previously captivated audiences with their series of narratives – BORDER, DIMENSION, MANIFESTO, and BLOOD – where they ventured across boundaries, confronted themselves in a complex world, took the first step forward to connect with their peers, and made sacrifices for the blood-bound ‘you.’”

The group amped up excitement for the project with a logo trailer for the album directed by XOHEE PARK that features the phrase “Secret That I share Only with You” projected in stop-motion animation over a bed of maudlin strings. The tease is accompanied by a string of other love-born phrases, including “Just Stay With Me,” “You’re Special” and “You Probably Have No Idea That I’m a Jealous Man” amid images of birthday cake candles and figures with heart-shaped wings.

The 30-second teaser ends with a cut to a void in which a single silver key floats in and out of frame before the camera settles on the album’s title in bold white letters, with key shapes injected into the new album’s title in a seeming hint at some overarching theme.

At press time no additional information was available about the track list for the album.

In May, the group announced that a feature documentary film focused on its dedicated fan group, ENGENE, is in the works from Hello Sunshine, the multimedia company founded by actress Reese Witherspoon. FANMADE : ENHYPEN will reportedly focus on the relationship between the group and the fan community by celebrating “ENHYPEN’s fans (ENGENEs) and putting them at the heart of the concert creation process.”

Watch the ROMANCE : UNTOLD logo trailer below.

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