Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: March 2024 | #UnitedByMusic – Video

Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: March 2024 | #UnitedByMusic – Video

Introducing #UnitedByMusic, a dynamic music group that celebrates diversity through their unique sound. Their latest single, “DIY,” has been making waves on the Eurovision scene, capturing the hearts of fans with its catchy beats and powerful lyrics. With a commitment to spreading positivity and unity through their music, #UnitedByMusic is the perfect blend of talent and passion. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases and get ready to be swept away by their infectious energy. #EurovisionTop20.

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I’m going to do it my way want to make me DIY from K boy boy boy Boy look look look look [Applause] with you I feel how the burs of my life just disappear just dis through all the lows and highs love has gued me to Gates of Paradise hold my heart in your hands do you have what it Tes hurricanes are roaming but you take away the pain healing all the scars and Breaking Chains Get In Love this is Going it’s all going back my presence face the black yeah there’s no going Back See only Sil I just want to forget about everything we said and the demons in my head so I go go go where the broken hearted go no one knows the thing my haunted so I go oh oh want to dance it off alone I won’t let it show they will never [Applause] Know Won’t you make me DI from your kisses will you take my hand and SP round and round until the M never friends M make me DIY from the kisses will you take my hand is spinning take me back to the beginning Again waking up in the morning and I’m I’m feeling like ooh la la now I know that your heart and your mind don’t light la la I can see it in your eyes and you don’t like to be this way I know that you’re fighting back guys like you

Can’t be change should have known that you are a liar but I look the other way should have known you’re a trouble maker but you act too nice too hey how know we could to get much higher but you promise the world to me do you seem that you

Light My Fire now I know what to know because of You I’ll make it through take a look at yourself cuz that is what you need to do to do cuz the only problem in this room is that about you about you cuz you’re Aive yeah yeah yeah [Applause] oh God let me bre just run away from my mind I don’t need bre just get away for my life oh let me let me just run away from my Oh broken time bre to get away for my [Applause] Life Forgettable she’s Unforgettable she’s Unforgettable love Very it’s getting serious she going you and leave youty H then she sped you out anyway I follow she going hurt but it feels so good I don’t care are you still playing the game of breaking the RO I can see all the b in the way that you move

Face to face they told us it was Paradise but I’ll barely make it through the night do you think about it too are you still playing the game I’m breaking Ro like the firefighter P out the fire put out the fire that we’re building PES just to

Watch them burst my heart spits louder I’m running like tiger no fear in my eyes though I will save this love the ceiling is falling the windows are burning got it harder to breae can you hear me calling I see I just falling I’m down on my need but I will sa this

Love I I went to hell and back to find myself on track back I broke the code W like am eyes I just gave this some time now I found Paradise I broke the Cod W yeah let me tell your T about life but the good and the bad but the Hold On

Tight who what’s wrong it’s right everything is balanced everything’s light I got so much on my mind and I’ve been awake all night I’m so pumped I’m so sight it’s bigger than me I’m getting so hype like I’m in love with a fairy tale even though it hurts cuz I don’t care if I lose my mind I’m already C now [Laughter] for [Applause] foree For there’s no going [Applause] back my PR face the black W There’s No Going Back W my anxiety is sex all going back my pres face the black wo SC there don’t going back wo my Anxiety Make Mother Living in a fantasy easy everything is meant to be we should pass but love we never die M hours and hours and pow life it’s no game but it’s hours wild the time goes wild every day I’m losing my mind holding on in this my is

Right dancing in the storm I got nothing too hide take it all and leave the world Behinds and friends Name In oh

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