Experience LG’s Booth at CES 2024 – Video

Experience LG’s Booth at CES 2024 – Video

Tour LG's Booth at CES 2024

At CES 2024, LG’s booth was the center of attention with its cutting-edge technology and innovative products. One of the highlights was the unveiling of their wireless transparent TV, a 77-inch OLED display that you can see through. This new technology allows the TV to transform from a regular television to a transparent screen, creating a unique and futuristic viewing experience. Additionally, LG showcased a concept where the TV essentially disappears behind matching glass, creating an integrated and seamless look.

Moreover, LG introduced their fully connected car, the LG Alphab B, a concept car designed for autonomous driving. With screens everywhere inside the car, the LG Alphab B provides a glimpse into the future of automobile technology. The company also announced plans to enter the EV charging market, offering a charging station with a dashboard that displays charging statistics.

In addition to their innovative technology, LG also presented their WebOS Smart TV Tunnel, featuring 150 curved OLED screens displaying their webOS partners. They also showcased a fully electric camper, providing a luxurious and modern camping experience with amenities like a queen-size bed, shower, bathroom, and even a karaoke machine.

Overall, LG’s booth at CES 2024 was a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating innovative products that are designed to enhance the way we live, work, and entertain ourselves. With their wireless transparent TV, concept car, EV charging station, and modern camper, LG continues to lead the way in bringing futuristic technology to the consumer market.

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Hey everybody David catsmy here at CET we are in LG’s Booth right before the opening the first day of CES 2024 largest convention in the world this is probably the most popular booth at the show Full Stop and you can see why behind me LG just makes a ton of really

Cool looking things this is brand new for 2024 this is their Wireless transparent TV on this display there is 15 of these guys they’re all 77in OLED TVs that you can see through and of course you have the moving uh kind of trees you got a waterfall effect here if

You give it a second these things are going to actually move they’re going to move the screens themselves and slide them back here look at this it’s like they’re dancing give it a minute to take this in yes each of these is a 77 in OLED TV and they’re transparent this is the

First time we’ve seen this in the market a transparent TV you can actually buy no pricing yet later this year they’ll reveal that and that’s when the TV will be shipping just one size that 77in size for now I don’t know if you’re going to

See it here but these TVs actually a a a film of black material can roll up behind this transparent screen and make it look just like a regular television so you’re not always looking through whatever you’re watching when you’re actually you know looking at the at the

At the material so the idea is the TV can transform from a regular television into something different so here we got a bunch more transparent TVs uh I’ll start by showing you this is this is a TV in the middle here this is a concept where they basically have glass above

And below that matches the TV so the TV essentially disappears you guys this is a really cool use case for this you go why would I anybody need a transparent TV LG is saying this is one way that a transparent TV works really well you can see this is regular operating system

Material on here this is regular TV material this behind the TV you can see this black coming up behind it and what that does is it makes it look like a regular television completely built into the wall so that transformation is really the use case for these transparent TVs again they’re going to

Be extremely expensive one thing I want to mention about these transparent TVs they’re Wireless so we have a little Wireless module down here LG introduced this last year now the TV itself has power going into it of course it’s a power cord but this module has all the

Other cords so HDMI USB whatever you want to plug into the TV if you have an antenna or cable box that goes in there wirelessly across the room for a clean connection let’s take us back here we’re going to see a different kind of iteration uh of what this looks like so

We have a different kind of configuration this is the TV itself that’s standard but LG is going to be developing little shelves little uh areas uh around the TV that you can use to make it look a little bit different this is a different material for example

We have our wireless station down here I’ll take you over here to the other Side this one they’re showing in the booth uh kind of like the Open Floor concept the open space I’m imagining maybe the fireplace in the middle of the of the house this again you can see right through to the back side this transparency LG hasn’t told me the

Percentage of transparency yet but as you can see it’s not perfectly clear it’s not like glass there’s a little bit of opak andess to it but for the most part you can get that sense of openness in the room which is pretty cool again we got this film of black coming up

Behind it which of course increases the contrast makes it look like a real TV now these don’t have the picture quality of LG’s best OLED TVs they’re going to be you know kind of the standard one but long story short this is the kind of concept for LG’s TV this is the wireless

OLED T that is uh available later this year no pricing yet 77in OLED that has this wir this Wireless transparent TV technology all right so next up uh we’re going to take you across to another part of LG’s Booth this is something that uh it’s probably going to be the biggest

Thing seen at the booth beyond all that TV stuff this is the car let’s get a good spot here to check it out right now we have the LG alphab B they’re calling it this is a concept car this thing is not on the market yet anytime soon what they’re waiting for

They tell me is autonomous driving to be a real thing so that’s right this car is to drive itself so you can decide whether you want to you know drive it yourself or you can have the car do the driving for you and to kind of facilitate that second scenario you can

Turn those seats around and have a little conversation now this there are screens everywhere inside this car I had the chance to sitting it earlier it is really cool to see uh all of that stuff in action from the driver’s seat there and the passenger seat but this car

Again not coming out uh this year or anytime that they’ve announced but it just shows the concepts uh you know that they’re able to create with this fully connected car with a whole bunch of screens and a pretty cool look it’s also it’s a convertible it’s got Windows everywhere really neat

Design I want to show you one thing over here so speaking of cars we have a charging station so LG says that they’re going to get into EV charging so a bunch of guys in the US are competing to be the place where you get your EVS charged later

This year LG is going to enter that Marketplace so again they’re they’re pitching this as like a little experience you got to scen there you have a dashboard that shows you all of the uh all the the the statistics of your charging so we’re going to probably

See some LG uh Chargers appear in the United States a little bit later this year right I want to take you across to the to The Tunnel real quick while we’re here go through some folks so LG is known for its OLED wall OLED tunnel at CES but this thing is the newest

Incarnation right here we’re in their webos Smart TV tunnel so the idea here is there’s 150 odd curved OLED screens around me creating this insane environment and the idea is they’re going to show off all of their webos uh Partners so that’s Netflix Disney plus Apple TV Prime video go down the list

It’s just a cool way to see all that smart TV action I’m going to take you to my favorite part of the booth so Far and that’s the camping section follow me all right so we’re here in LG’s Booth behind me is their concept camper this is a fully electric camper that you drag behind your car and you can see inside it’s not camping it’s glamping we have a full queen siiz bed they tell me there’s

A cloth steamer in there of course shower and bathroom the entire thing is fully electric there’s a battery underneath there’s solar panels on the top and look we got a little a little kitchen here on the side and that’s got you know your silverware all that stuff comes out of

The side of the camper the back and then look watch karaoke you guys that’s right you can sing and dance right next to the campire all powered by your trailer another thing on the camper this they got a little a little table here on the side yes with a television uh and USB

Ports and the whole nine so if you want to uh you know really enjoy the outdoor life with a TV uh This Is The Place To Do It um one of the other Concepts that they really recently announced is this thing called The Duke box this is a tube

Amplifier with a transparent OLED screen in front of it that has the ability to show any kind of video including like those videos that play along from YouTube or Spotify while you’re listening to music those are tube amps inside there this is a concept product not available to the market yet but

Still pretty darn cool I’m going to show you one more concept real quick this is the dubo so LG is getting into coffee makers that’s right this thing apparently cute cute little robot what you do is you put in your pods and it will do a layered

Blending system so you can program it to kind I figure out I want a little bit of espresso a little bit of latte a little bit of back and forth and these capsules will mix it up and have a nice little coffee uh thing here there’s also a

Screen on the bottom of your coffee maker just in case you want that pretty cool looking it doesn’t hop up and down uh yet I think that’ll be the next Generation again this is the dubo concept copy maker not available for sale uh in the market but still pretty

Cool so that’s a quick look at LG’s booth at CES 2024 we have some Concepts we have a car we have some TVs really cool stuff uh we’ll see you soon

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