Experience London’s Finest Chinese Cuisine in the Heart of Chinatown, Europe’s Chinese Culinary Hub! – Video

Experience London’s Finest Chinese Cuisine in the Heart of Chinatown, Europe’s Chinese Culinary Hub! – Video

London’s Best Chinese Food!! Inside Chinatown, The Chinese Capital Of Europe is an exploration of the vibrant and delicious Chinese food scene in London’s Chinatown. The video takes viewers on a journey to some of the best Chinese food spots in Chinatown, including Gold Mine, Four Seasons, and others. The video also showcases the diversity of Chinese cuisine, with Cantonese, Mandarin, and other regional specialties. In addition to trying out the amazing food, the video also features conversations with locals, providing insight into the community and culture of Chinatown. From Peking duck to dim sum, this video offers a mouthwatering look at London’s top Chinese food offerings. So if you’re a foodie with a passion for travel, this video is a must-watch! #london #travel #foodie #chinesefood 🔥

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This is one of the largest chinatowns in Europe Chinatown in London is some of the best Chinese food in all the UK right here some of the top places are gold mine Four Seasons there’s pecking duck there’s dimsum got different languages Cantonese Mandarin right here follow me you got some beijan duck right

Here this guy’s chopping oh my God he’s chopping right there P dck look good but I heard that restaurant isn’t that good there’s some D some here some on canones Cuisine but everybody’s outside oh no look it’s packed it’s packed oh yeah look look there could be

Right here look can we see this can we oh what are they making there wow right here in front of us you have some of the meat those look like small dumplings what are they making some like small preps yeah yeah look at the dumplings over here so what’s the name

Of your restaurant s s yeah and where you from I’m from China but we’re in China hi H you know h h s sa yeah what what’s your favorite of these the pork the the me the meat inside the me Pork yeah it’s but it’s pork bu yeah yeah Pork yeah is

It sweet and no sweet salty salty yeah it’s really good though yeah of course fresh what’s your favorite food besides your restaurant what what other restaurants you recommend the Shanghai suan pink or chicken Su P very P yeah Shalom yeah sh Shalom yeah so peing dug is right there

W yours looks like golden was the shrimp shrimp that’s the custard oh that’s the custard okay this one the sweet one this one the M yeah this one the shorty one this one the sweet one so that’s salty yeah this one sweet this one the salty inside very juice under very

Crisby yeah very good very good yeah so what the name of this one again P fry P pom fry por pork pork one and this is the bow yeah it’s the this the steam one this the P I like Ste I like steam yeah it’s very good yeah hey sh you’re

Welcome she’s so kind thank you okay you you made my day okay a I’m going do this right here probably should get some of the the spice though don’t worry about the SP I thought it was going to be a hard Chinatown these people made my day amazing here we go pork

Bun it a little salty a pork nice fluffy bun themed pork buns in China every morning in Shanghai I had this love it can’t get enough of it way problem is hey all the meat and the rest of it is just bun oh my so fluffy it’s worth it also

It’s steamed all that juice from the pork goes throughout all that look look look different layers that was so good sub oh man thank you I do follow a lot of um YouTube um channel channel channels yeah food and me so many places I travel to sure I’ve been to Florida

I’ve been to that’s where I’m from I’m from Florida oh really yeah I’m from Miami I’ve been to orando oh you been Orlando cool yeah it’s so it’s so good there but I I like to to get out of Orlando tourist no Orlando’s all tourist it’s

Disney World you know it is like to get out and try like normal you know I mean yeah yeah for sure that’s what we’re trying to do but we keep ending up in the tourist traps I’m joking yeah very nice to me hey man pleasure four seasons

Ranked one of the best restaurants here in Chinatown now go to the right the corner South Corner let’s get in here hello let me ask you pecking duck here pecking duck only picking duck we’re thinking cuz it’s big no and he’s not going to eat no are you eating are

You eating yeah okay you have to eat with me yeah just don’t so pecking D just two just two but let me ask you you do the wrap is it a WRA cucumber onion with that amazing sauce you ready to order yeah we’re ready to order so we’re

Going to have the special roasted duck cantony style how much let’s go with the whole you want the whole one that’s too much for too much for two will be enough let’s go with half then two half you don’t only you only need half one half

Share between you two one half yeah only one one half of that okay do you want it on the bone or off the bone off the bone oh like the crep right like the the you roll it right wait wait wait wait half a duck with the pancake peeking duck you

Talk the peing D yeah I want this is the peing D not that one do your homework first no she she pointed it I I go I want pecking duck she point that you want the picking duck this is the picking packing everything yeah perfect so how picking duck that’s right sir

Okay what else that’s not bad 27 lbs and you don’t have a boo you don’t have a b don’t do p here we do this we do Sing Sing bear p no drink the drink the drink beer p is white white p is beer so what do you

Recommend for you beer is okay it’s okay yeah okay if you’re not sure for the pronunciation let me speak to mean in English yeah where you from Hong Kong you’re from HK yeah he speak canes he doesn’t like the HK okay so you want two beer yes two beers yes please two

Chinese Bear yeah yes please anything else uh the Ping du that’s it why don’t you have the pecking duck first after that you order EP okay okay okay I like this guy yeah I like that I like that we have the picking do left put the menu there okay

After the picking then you order okay and then in the meantime enjoy your bear that that’s all yeah that’s all he did that all for camera for show so the way this is served is with Chinese crep so you have a super thin C like that then we get the hoiston

Sauce this is how you build it I love the sauce little sweet it’s thick so over here we have we have some C cucumber for the nice Crunch and then I’ll go over here and I’ll grab some skin and meat oh my gosh dude it’s like falling apart incredible food

Bro and then after all that you roll it up this is how you roll it that this is what I call a Chinese taco just like Beijing same thing how crispy this is nice Marin on that it’s goodin I think what makes this dish always is a sauce

Beautiful whenever I go to any Chinese restaurant this is number one I don’t know for me it’s this and Peck and duck all those General towel all that other stuff that’s all made of American BS no that’s real yeah that’s true the Western palad that

Way and I’ve been to both uh Sam frand uh Chinatown and the New York one I’ve actually been to two in New York the flushing we did with shiaa and um and I’ve done that one’s more authentic yeah that one’s more authentic that one’s real that one feels like you’re in

Chinatown Ian sorry in China I make mine too thin maybe I should make them stacker like the perfect bike a pretty big D we only got half D he said it was like too much for you and me oh with dbh sauce bro had to oh yeah it’s actually very affordable I

Think it was 27b that’s not bad at all not bad at all the hoiston sauce all right let’s go the bill best pecking duck in London number one number one it’s that duck belly man how long you been here and London long time 23 25 years 25

Years one second and it’s changed a lot this uh this Chinatown everything China Town has been changed a lot yeah because it’s a very nice China toown no I’m good I’m okay thank you okay okay a thank you we’ll see you next time yeah okay for

Sure next time I eat the full duck absolutely the whole duck whole duck would be too much for oh no it’s too good the hoisting sauce thank you thank you you to you too all these restaurants are sit down restaurants so if you really want to

Experience them all to go in sit down eat chill maybe we’ll do some dumplings I’m looking for some dim some what else we got we got a lot of these buffets pretty damn good though they look good what I’m seeing is sit down restaurants and then also buffet restaurants a lot

Of buffet restaurants if you’re into it you can do that I’m looking for the best dumpling this is a small Market called lucky food Fu big rolls good grilled seaweed rolls that looks fire stuff it with a little bit of salmon or some tuna T Mochi little Mochis a little mixed Mochi

Bag this looks great you know China’s not about their chocolate they’re more about like their their Mushi red bean red bean red bean paste a lot of red bean paste fruit Mochis lots of Mochis let’s see they have uh they have drinks in the Box let

Me see if I can get this oh they got look different beers what is that this is what I was trying to show you guys earlier this Chum this is like everything you’ll find in a Chinese market little convenience store they have a mix of alcoholic

Beverages as well as D dump and they have sweets have candies and they always have these on the top this is China I’m sure here Chinese New Year will be amazing all right so that’s the place we’re going to go to we’ll try it we’ll try it this one is Legend place we’ll

Try we’ve already been told no at a few restaurants this one I’m sure we’ll guess so this is all dim some this is a them a Chinese food and you said this is the dish that you want to try uh like spicy dish yeah spicy dish oh we are a

Very popular spicy beef noodle that’s a very tough one as well Taiwanese beef spicy beef noodles yeah that’s really how spicy medium medium spicy it can be very very spicy but we can add more spicy if you need to but generally medium spicy all right so I’m going to

Get the spicy Taiwanese spicy beef noodle soup and they have all day themm some gosh if I was hungrier I would go for all these do you have uh Bao oh yes we do we do this is the the super strong drink in China and are you from Taiwan I’m from

Taiwan but this this no this just Chinese one it’s not fun Taiwan and this is Taiwanese Cuisine this restaurant yeah yeah basically is spicy beef noodle definely from Taiwan and very popular you and most the people just coming here just having this just for this dish yeah

And how many languages do you speak if I can ask Mandarin H and English a little bit of everything else yeah because you working here so you meet all the different countries people and how long have you been here in uh in England in England yeah since

Uh 1997 97 wow yeah yeah I was studying here I I used part time in here and after I graduate I was doing the full time after doing the manager so I over over 20 years over 20 years amazing and it’s changed a lot in it’s 20 years very

A lot uh I think this the street used like a what’s that like a Walky oh was like Rocky so it wasn’t like really good no no this just this few years because people when you wear the high heel like heel will be stuck stuck in a ro yeah so

What I’ve noticed is that this China Town is way more upap compared to the New York one and the one in San Fran just feels cleaner it feels like it’s all brand new oh yeah yeah I think that this few years been changed because after I mean pandemic yeah all the stet

Is people have to say outside not ino for for a years or something so before China time is like a lot Rish outside but now it’s everything is clean no no wiish outside so now the chinat look pretty and cream perfect okay so I’m going to order this dish yeah and then

I’ll have a a little bit of B yeah sure sure you guys want to see look look let me open it up for you and B Jo’s made with potatoes is it like vodka um rice I think it’s is is it rice but it’s it’s not like saki it’s stronger than saki oh

My God are you not I sure that’s question strong 56% alcohol do you want to take a seat yeah yeah we’ll take a seat by way I love this over here like these are all the this is all history of the this is the history of but of

Taiwan or just like the main Dynasty and all these different dynasties I think definitely you should go to yeah I think in the whole street it’s every uh every every like a shop just a little store every store just selling one food one food yeah and I can wear

Lotus and they wear Lotus yeah because I mean this is so busy if you good your Foods is good but I think most in the market good yeah I heard that Taiwanese food is amazing in terms of all the markets yeah Market you can like until

2:00 in the morning 2:00 in the morning yeah Tai taipe yeah definitely sometimes stre and where are you from in Taiwan uh in taip oh you’re from Tai yeah I’m from Tai Tai is the capital capital yeah capital I used to No I um work uh no we

Live in out School of Tai I work cutting the so got it yeah so nice yeah thank you well cheers to you oh sh Cheers Cheers this is tough this is tough are you going to be very Tipsy I just need the food you need the food the food be

Coming soon this is it good y look like a set trying B no I had it in uh Dominica oh yes perfect oh my look at that amazing spicy beef noodles look at this I don’t use this well I use that for the broth I use this

All day Chopsticks personally I like the wood Chopsticks I don’t know why they give me the plastic Chopsticks all the time now right there thick noodles oh man so much flavor in this one get some of the meat at the very bottom it was a bit it’s like slow cook not too

Spicy so rich this reminds me of being back in Asia Japan South Korea China Thailand especially when it’s cold and you have these hot soups the broth oh what is this pancake is I did for you on the house thank you good with aoto aoto yeah the the the [Laughter]

White so does it need anything on the side does it need spice or anything do you have no this we in the like C bread yeah you you don’t need any sauce because this is meant for like this one one way was like in a school after school outside school selling

This it’s amazing yeah so it’s just like very soft like cheese yeah like a panc it’s pancake basically pancake it’s a print flavor but you chewing it you feeling something better inside has something like this in Korea very similar cuz they have a lot of these pancakes in Korea yeah they nice and

Crispy on the bottom yeah I I could have swore it was but I’ve had this this uh with leak yeah nice and crunchy tooo it tasted like almost like a cheese pizza so good but what’s the what’s the what this uh scallion scallion in there a green onion green onion

This one actually is more um thiny dude this is the super tender beef like slow cooked tender beef wow what a bite look at that look how moist it is it’s a huge portion W it’s amazing I think Are You full already I’m full I’m full it’s okay you

Can it’s our eighth our eighth dinner yeah yeah eight din oh my God how many restaurant you look in Chinatown we went to like four so far oh really but each one of B oh so you’re going to do all like a yeah we’re doing like a whole Chinatown experience a whole London

London yeah well it’s London but just this past 3 hours charm though wow wow okay the thank you to choosing us yours was the best so far really yeah well the experience with you has been very nice so the most expensive thing is the bottle so we’re finishing the bottle good smells so

Good feeling so what are you making what is this um this have a custard feeling inside it has a custard feeling inside smells amazing oh thank you tayak so this is called small taaki it’s a fish shaped dough but inside it’s clustered so good this machine is

Amazing so the machine just doesn’t stop how how much you do this all day long all day uh I mean design for how no but this is all day it keeps going yeah they car all day all day yeah yeah yeah of course of course no but right now you’re going non-stop

It’s like every second we’ve been here 10 minutes just watching I’m mesmerized by the dough okay and the smell you come oh it smell it smells so good so I’m getting tiaki I’m getting the four small ones with Custer filling but they also have these massive ones right

Here with red bean and the other one has Nutella and they have it that you can add ice cream on top the ice cream one looks good with mat matcha yeah no worries and this is the red bean and this is the Nutella can I have the the four small ones

Look at these little fish dough custard balls and it’s called Chinatown Bakery it’s like a cake inside it’s like custard filling it’s almost like a donut this is amazing hot custard look at that that’s custard com from the egg China’s the best smells great what is this a

Market it is a market give us give us a smile and give us some donation and if you don’t know how much we help you where we going we are going to the oldest the Algerian Coffee stores which found in the 1800s it’s like the oldest coffee shop like distributors in London

So they’ve been around for hundreds of years only 200 years 200 years I found the oldest coffee shop in London alerian coffee store since 1887 and look an affordable espresso 150 it’s amazing I’m David again pleasure nice to meet you nice to meet you so this is Algerian

Coffee stores since 1887 this the oldest coffee shop in London don’t know if it’s the oldest coffee shop in London but if not the oldest definitely one of the oldest and can you tell me a little bit about the history I mean 1887 has gone

Through a lot of years yeah uh so it opened in 1887 by an Algerian gentleman uh so he call shop Algerian Coffee stores and um and he sold it in the 20s I think 1926 to a Belgian gentleman and then he sold it in 1946 to my grandfather your grandfather

And so it’s been in our family ever since and what do you guys do here in terms of coffee uh freshly roasted coffee beans fresh loose leaf tea and then lots and lots of chocolates and confectionary and some other machines I don’t want coffee this this

Time of day I was like Lally te tea press cup of tea I guess I’ll get a press cup of tea and these are all the chocolates that you guys create too is all part of the brand or no no no we don’t create them we just choose them

From various suppliers either in the UK or Italy or abroad we try to find like unusual more Artisan products and but yeah these ones are made in the UK thank some other products as well and were you born in London yeah I was born in London

And so your grandfather bought in 41 uh yeah my dad uh my granddad bought it in 1946 uh he was English my dad took it over in the early 70s he’s Italian oh is Italiana yeah he is ah he is he is okay yeah so just my sister

Now some super real honey right there look at that that’s the real deal right there oops um IED what’s up oh thank you so much you did some Christmas um like spiced coffee what do you have special items of Christmas cuz right now I see this but you also have other stuff right

Christmas we’ve got our own uh our own exclusive fish spice cing which we’ve created ourselves um and we’ve got our own Christmas tea which we’ve created ourselves as well all of our own Blends and then we’ve got um a nice selection box with 12 of different 12 of our

Different coffees inside mixture of house Blends single Origins all in smaller sample so everyone can enjoy them all over Christmas we’ve also got a Heritage Blend selection box which is three of our oldest house Blends the recipes for them go back over a 100 years wow um and those are our Christmas

Selections which are great for gifts at the moment and this area is like popping Chinatown I think there’s also Broadway right next door is that what that is uh yeah so you’ve got a lot of the theaters along shy Avenue um Chinatown leer Square Comet

Garden and how do you feel now this year I mean postco is like tourism back I mean how’s things up um tour tourism is definitely better than it has been um but this Christmas isn’t as busy as previous years maybe like not as busy necessarily as last year as such um so I

Don’t know guys that is Chinatown in London one of the biggest in Europe where have you been

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