“Experience Switzerland’s Renowned Mountain Roller Coaster: Gelmerbahn & Gelmersee, Switzerland | Rothorn Bahn” – Video

“Experience Switzerland’s Renowned Mountain Roller Coaster: Gelmerbahn & Gelmersee, Switzerland | Rothorn Bahn” – Video

In this exciting travel vlog, Ashley and Christian take you on a thrilling adventure to the Gelmerbahn mountain roller coaster in Switzerland. Known for its steepest incline and breathtaking views, this roller coaster is not for the faint of heart. With an incline of 106 percent, it is the steepest open passenger funicular railway in Europe.

The couple takes you on a journey as they explore Gelmersee and ride the Gelmerbahn back down the mountain. They then head towards Brienz Rothorn Bahn, another railway that offers stunning views of the Swiss mountains.

The video is filled with thrilling moments as they go up the mountain backwards in the Gelmerbahn and take in the incredible views from the Brienz Rothorn Bahn. They also share helpful tips and information about the costs and parking situation for those planning to visit these attractions.

If you’re a thrill-seeker or a lover of scenic views, this travel vlog will surely inspire you to add Switzerland’s Gelmerbahn and Gelmersee to your travel bucket list. With stunning views and heart-racing moments, this video is a perfect combination of adventure and beauty. So, grab a cup of coffee and join Ashley and Christian on this unforgettable adventure in Switzerland.

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I’m Ashley and I usually travel with my husband Christian but every year my dad and I take a trip together we decided to head to Switzerland and Italy this time places we’ve been before but keep coming back to I am so excited to share some

New to us spots as well as some old Favorites we started our day out by driving along some mountain passes the main one we drove on was mola pass which is from the 1800s now we have gotten onto the gbond which is known as the Swiss roller coaster because we go straight up this mountain we are headed up at a 106°

Angle see straight drop down my camera is basically just hanging off of this right now we’re like straight up in the air right now I’m going to give that one a reconsider if you are afraid of heights because usually I’m somebody who’s like oh you’ll be fine just go ahead and do it but I have to admit if you were afraid of heights at all especially sitting in the front I feel like that would just be

Terrifying because when you hit that really steep grade you can feel yourself kind of leaning forward like with gravity it was 32 Frank per person um there’s no discounts on this like no half air card or anything I mean it’s just like a little roller coaster you’re just straight up in the Air the gmer bond leads up to gmer Sea this Lake of here with the surrounding Mountain Area this is the most reminded of Patagonia I’ve ever been it’s a really cool area honestly it’s feels way more industrial than usual in Switzerland because they have this Dam

Here this is what the gumer bond leads up to there’s usually a restaurant open I believe but it’s not open Today this area just feels so different than the rest of Switzerland that we’ve seen because it’s not very Lush and green it’s a lot of gray rocks and the mountains aren’t covered in grass like they you know usually are we have like 45 minutes to walk around up here which

Is plenty enough just to kind of walk halfway around the lake and then Back We got back on and my dad bailed out he can’t sit in the front he can’t hang up here like I said if you’re afraid of heights this might be pushing it a little bit too much because it’s steep [Applause] Right across from gmer bond is this bridge that reminds me of like the bridge from Shrek or something but you can just walk across this suspension bridge that goes Ro across the valley it’s so cool Looking we are currently hight tailing it back to our car right now the brienza Roth horn near interlockin is clear looking on the webcam today was supposed to be like thunderstorms and rain and so we’re like okay if we got lucky here maybe we’ll get lucky there but the

Train we want to be on leaves in like 50 minutes and we are a 37 minute drive Away we made it we are here in brien’s it only took like 30 minutes to drive Here We are on the brth horn Bond and it’s um an older train from I think over a hundred years ago it’s like half inside half outside it’s about an hour long to the top and it was 47 frams each for return now without the half Fair card

That means it’s 94 frams so it’s definitely not a cheap one at All Have gotten pretty cloudy there for a bit and I was like oh gosh I’m not going to get to see anything again kind of came up above the cloud deck and opened up and we can see all these mountain peaks foking through the clouds and the

Lake down below I think we go 2300 M or so so we’re pretty pretty far up [Applause] there very Good this behind me is the amazing view you get from the top of the brienzer rth horn the clouds have really cleared away back here we have a great view of the lake these mountains back here this is definitely one of the more expensive options that we have done considering

It’s still 47 with half Fair card but honestly you’re pretty dang high up above Reen like we’re 7,500 ft above sea level right now you get some really beautiful views up here especially when the clouds roll away really great view of the water up here the glacier waterolor in this region of Switzerland

Specifically is just fake like it looks totally fake it’s so teal like neon teal that it really pops even with the cloud cover even though it’s expensive I think this one might be worth the price get that half Fair card you’re definitely going to get your money back totally worth It We’re on our way down the sun has comeing out we ended up with a beautiful day between gbon and this so we got really lucky but it’s about 6:00 now and we’re staying in grindol for the next almost week or so so we are going to

Head that way we got to stop at the co-op first to get some groceries for dinner that Cog Railway has been running since 1892 they’re using the original engine still it runs on water they refill the water halfway up and it just blows off that steam the entire way up wanted to

Talk about the parking situation here because just to warn you it’s these little machines this is how you pay to park in most of the public parking lots but make sure you have coins so we had to go get change and almost missed our train up you just insert your coin coins

Put in your license plate number or the parking stall that you’re in and then you’re good to park you get a ticket put it in your window but just keep that in mind that you coming to Young frout if you have a car have some Change [Applause]

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