“Explore Naples: The Birthplace of Pizza Margherita 🍕 Welcome to our Travel Vlog!” – Video

“Explore Naples: The Birthplace of Pizza Margherita 🍕 Welcome to our Travel Vlog!” – Video

Welcome to Naples, Italy! This travel vlog takes you on a thrilling adventure through the bustling port city, known as the birthplace of the Pizza Margherita. As the third-largest city in Italy, Naples is brimming with history, culture, and delicious food. From the chaotic Spanish Quarter to the stunning Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo, there’s no shortage of incredible sights to see.

The vlog captures the multi-sensory overload of exploring Naples, with winding streets filled with Vespas, wall-to-wall apartments, and the lively atmosphere of a densely populated city. It offers a glimpse into the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the city center and takes viewers on a journey to discover the local cuisine, including the iconic Pizza Margherita.

The video showcases the stunning architecture, vibrant markets, and beautiful waterfront views, giving viewers a taste of the unique charm of Naples. It also highlights the local flavors, from pizza to pastries and traditional Italian treats found in the city.

Overall, the vlog offers a captivating look at the vibrant and captivating city of Naples and is sure to inspire viewers to add it to their travel bucket list. So come along and experience the chaos, culture, and delicious food of Naples – Benvenuti a Napoli!

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[Music] Benvenuti a Napoli! welcome to Naples  Italy’s third largest city this is one of the most   influential cities known for having three castles  and Mount Vesuvius looming in the background,   its eruption created some of the most  well-preserved Antiquities to this day.  

It’s also known for the invention of the Margarita  Pizza which we’ll scout out later in this video   join us for an incredible Adventure in this  Italian port city let’s go check it out! [Music] We are walking around Naples! Over here  they’re doing some construction but we  

Found some really cool stores over that way.  [Music] We’re walking around Naples right now   this is right outside the port so it’s like  noon right now there’s a lot more people out   and about and it’s sparsely decorated  for Christmas you can see a little fake  

Christmas tree right there in the Piaza and  it is December 26. walking around the port we   run into Castel Nuovo built in the 13th century  the main entrance is through a triumphant Arch   between two round Towers it was the royal seat  for the kings of Naples and Spain up until 1815.

This is Italy’s take on a mall, otherwise known  as Galleria Umberto, known for its elegant soaring   glass roof. this is so beautiful look at this  Galleria! I love this Atrium. it was built in   the late 1800s and remains a big part of the  social life of the city right outside we catch  

Via Toledo, an area bustling with shops this is  the street with all the shops super crowded today. look at this street in Naples it is  like wall to wall. Now we head into   the Quartieri Spagnoli, otherwise known as the  Spanish Quarter and this is a multi-sensory  

Overload it’s filled with tight streets and  lots of soul. By the way, be sure to like And   subscribe down below for many more travel videos  just like this one. walking around it feels like   a maze. The apartments are seemingly an arm’s  length away from one another. everywhere you  

Go you hear motor scooters and there’s laundry  everywhere oh here’s another guy – bye! [Music] Is this the way? this is the best  way to get around. this area arose   during the 16th century and was used by  Spanish soldiers during occupation today  

It’s one of the most densely populated  areas and a site for all senses [Music] It’s a me, Mario. walking around is  thrilling everyone seemingly knows   everyone and Vespas miss us nearly by an  inch it is like wall to wall chaos in here  

There are so many pizzerias our guide said  you can’t go wrong that they’re all good. so we just sat down we’re going to get pizza  and we kind of feel like we’re at a movie set   this place is so atmospheric. Mike just got  a local [Music] beer. We don’t have to search  

Hard for a pizzeria and our waiter looks like a  doppelganger for Luciano Pavarotti. Ane magically,   in just minutes the pizza arrives  bearing the colors of the Italian   flag its simple ingredients haven’t  changed since its invention. now for  

The Moment of Truth – trying the pizza in  the city where it was invented. It’s like   falling. Oh my God pizza and Naples! we  got to fold it this how they eat it here. it just melts in your mouth  tomatoes are so good [Music] mamaia

It is so Saucy so perfectly  flavored the mozzarella is   just like dripping. thoughts on the pizza? now time for dessert and luckily you don’t have  to go far grab a lemon granita. We walk around   the town and notice a number of cafes selling  cannoli and a local pastry called sfogliatella,  

Which is synonymous with Naples and  looks a little bit like a croissant. This is the palace at [Music] that we are inside the palace Royal Palace and  it’s free entry well the grounds, yeah the   grounds. this is the Royal apartment [Music]  wow unreal how beautiful everything is.

So we’re at the Royal Palace and we’re just  talking about how this town is like any other   City we’ve been to. it’s chaotic but also full  of character and you get to see people’s everyday   lives right in front of you like dinner with  their families their laundry day, and then you  

Get glimpses of quiet and peace like this Piaza  the Royal Palace. These little kids are so cute. one of my favorite things to do in a  foreign country is go to the grocery   store. what’ you find? yes yes yes I  didn’t know that licorice candy would  

Be so popular here. lots of different  chocolates, so many of these leftover   panettone Bread. and we are at the grocery  store oh my God they have kit kat cereal. the apartments all of a sudden got  really nice over here by the ocean  

This is popular with the [Music] locals  this is like a really nice section of town   here very quiet too while Naples is commonly  referred to as Italy’s most chaotic City the   area around the port Santa Lucia is a breath  of fresh air there’s much more open space,  

Sea breezes and views of Mount Vesuvius  but it still has a Local’s only [Music] Vibe walking along the Waterfront  and made it to the castle along the sides   of the roads here they’re selling all  kinds of little tourist Trinkets and   they have some really beautiful cafes and  boats in the background. behold Castel  

Dell’ovo otherwise known as Egg Castle it’s  a seafront castle in Naples from the Middle [Music] Ages [Music] There’s a bunch  of kids swimming right here. really   guys? in underwear. that is crazy  water must be so freaking cold. Wow Napoli we’re at the harbor front and that’s  Mount Vesuvius this place has such a Vibe,   such a culture. so much life. it’s the day  after Christmas so a lot of people are with   their families. everybody’s here. we hope that  you get a chance to visit Naples very soon if  

You’ve been here comment below on your  favorite pizza spot and be sure to like   And subscribe for many more travel videos and  we’ll leave you with some amazing local music.

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