“Explore the Stunning Beaches of Jost Van Dyke and Tortola in the Virgin Islands!” 🏝️🌊🇻🇬 – Video

“Explore the Stunning Beaches of Jost Van Dyke and Tortola in the Virgin Islands!” 🏝️🌊🇻🇬 – Video

If you’re looking for a beach getaway, look no further than the Virgin Islands! In this video, we explore the beautiful beaches of Jost Van Dyke and Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. With crystal clear, turquoise waters and pristine white sand, these beaches are truly picturesque and make for an idyllic tropical escape.

We start our journey at the West End Ferry Terminal, where we catch a quick ferry to Jost Van Dyke. The stunning views of the surrounding islands and lush greenery make for a beautiful backdrop to our journey. After a short taxi ride, we arrive at White Bay, which is touted as the most beautiful beach in the British Virgin Islands.

The beach is virtually deserted, allowing us to fully enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the area. We take in the breathtaking views and serene atmosphere, marveling at the crystal clear water and the soft white sand. There are also several dining options available on the beach, with one particular spot called Soggy’s offering a delicious but pricey breakfast option.

We take advantage of the sun beds and chairs provided by the restaurant, although shade is minimal. We also spot luxurious beach villas nearby, indicating that this beach is a popular destination for those seeking a luxurious beachfront experience.

While this particular trip may be a bit more expensive due to the ferry and taxi fees, the beauty and serenity of the beach make it well worth the cost. For those on a budget, staying on the main island of Tortola is a more cost-effective option, as the beaches there are also stunning and offer a similar level of beauty.

Overall, the British Virgin Islands are the perfect destination for beach lovers and those seeking a tranquil and picturesque escape. Whether you’re lounging on the sands of Jost Van Dyke or exploring the hidden coves of Tortola, the beauty of these islands is truly unparalleled. So, if you’re in need of a beach getaway, consider adding the Virgin Islands to your travel bucket list!

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[Applause] Oh Good morning everyone once again here from TOA in the British Virgin Islands and we’re having a bit of a early start once again because we’re going to be heading to a different Island that is supposed to have the most beautiful beach in the British Virgin Islands it’s

Called J van Dy so right now we’ve just come to the West End Ferry Terminal really nice the coast here the drive was beautiful so even if you’re not coming to the ferry terminal I I highly recommend just driving the road around here if you have a car and that over

There is the US Virgin Islands just to give you an idea of how close they are together so I think that’s the island of St John we’re not going to be staying there but we’re hoping to do like a a day visit to that Island too the

Majority of it is a national park and we already got the tickets so it’s $40 each and that includes the return we saw online that it was $20 each but yeah I guess they increased the price doubled the price All right so that was nice and quick I think it took like 15 minutes maybe yeah it’s really quick all the islands around and this taxi is $20 overall so we’re going to have to pay $10 each if we had four people it would be like $5 each but

Yeah since there’s only two of us we’ll have to pay that man just so beautiful though all the islands here I think walking it would be like 30 minutes so we might walk back if it’s kind of a lot to pay $40 I think it’s just a quick ride as

Well yeah the problem is the H very heilly so let’s see how it is we can come back Walking Yes I think that literally just took like 4 minutes but it is is a steep hill so we’ll have to decide if we want to walk 30 minutes It’ll be nice walk though the views were incredible so on this beach there’s a few little like Cafe places places to breakfast we might

Have breakfast actually but we’ll just check out the the beach quickly so this one is called White Bay and this is the one that’s supposed to be the most beautiful in the British Virgin Islands wow absolutely amazing yeah that color Ultra Blue sun’s not even completely up yet it’s going to look

Better later and nobody here yeah I mean that’s been the story of our vacation so far right there’s been absolutely nobody everywhere we’ve gone so far somehow there are cruises today though I think today is the day that’s supposed to be loads of cruises but maybe they don’t

Come on the boat trips to this Island You so we ended up coming to the first place that we saw cuz nothing else is open right now so it was the only option it’s called soggies this is like one of the most famous ones and uh all this breakfast was $26 so I got a bagel plain bagel cream

Cheese C got like a veggie burrito coffee coffee yeah we got two lettuce it’s probably one of the most expensive places we’ve ever been these Island yeah I think so in the Caribbean yeah cuz even now we just star in the day and we’ve already spent

$126 $100 on the transport 26 here and then the car was 65 right our rental car 65 and they accommodation 125 so I think our our next destination after the Virgin Islands is going to be a a more affordable one to even out the prices I haven’t had a bagel in ages I

Don’t even know if I’ve ever eaten a cream cheese Bagel before I like it cream cheese is always good how’s the burrito good what’s in there anyway do you know eggs potatoes and cheese I think and they gave me this hot sauce Nice So since we ate at that place we could actually use their Sun beds and the chairs but the sun beds were all kind of glued together so you’d have to be like lying right next to someone some other groups ared now on some boats some boat

Tours a lot of people do boat tours to this island from the US Virgin Islands so this place is also an option if you’re staying on that island basically all these islands that you seeing right now are the US ones so I think that’s St Thomas where we’re going to be going to

Tomorrow already so I think it’s St Thomas over there and St John on that side we might just hang out around here with our Beach Tow no shade though although even the parts with the beach beds has had no shade right yeah only do ones but this is from another

Place maybe a hotel oh yeah oh wow I only just saw these check those out for some awesome beach villas they must be like I don’t even I don’t even want to guess the price what do you think probably 500 for night I think it’ll be

More 800 yeah I think so on the on the most beautiful beach there’s another Beach over there too a separate one I think it’s almost the same level kind of looks like there’s a walkway actually some steps So keep in mind that obviously today is going to be expensive because we are doing a trip to another Island if you’re really on a budget you’d probably just stay on the main island of TOA if that’s where you’re going to be staying and yeah there’s already super beautiful

Anyway the beaches are not far off this level I would say that this is a level higher especially the watercolor but it it’s close either way and even the Island Tour that we did yesterday that that was cheaper wasn’t it yeah I think it’s it was actually the same price that

We paid to come here uh $80 right round trip round trip but that that already included the taxi and uh the distance was even uh bigger than the distance to come here so I don’t know why this one was more more expensive with Fair yeah

So that was to Virgin G which we also highly recommend there was this place called the bass that was absolutely amazing and pretty unique and I think that took about 45 minutes to get to that one not like 50 15 minutes like this one so yeah I don’t know why that

One’s cheaper overall and the water is looking perfect today it’s been a bit rough the last few days yeah but I think over here is usually less rough because we are on a base it’s uh less wavy yeah there was like a bit of a storm the the

Last few days yesterday we didn’t actually do any filming we didn’t really do anything cuz it was just raining very heavy and when we went to the other Island v v in Goa we weren’t even allowed to swim cuz the conditions were too rough but here is real nice and

Calm man what a dreamy place the Caribbean dream this is It [Applause] [Applause] In the house [Applause] Yeah so since we’re here at the white Bay we had to try the famous drink which is the pul and apparently it was originated and perfected at the Soggy Dollar Bar in the 1970s the Soggy Dollar Bar is the place that we had breakfast so since we’re

Here we have to try it and apparently it’s made from dark room cream of coconut pineapple and orange juice topped with uh nutmeg so you cannot have it because you’re allergic to nuts but I’m going to try it it’s really good reminds me of Pina colad but I think pinacolada is with the

White rum this is dark rum and the the nut mag on top never had a drink with that but really good refreshing is it a strong alcohol taste mm- no and while Carol sips that we’re going to walk to that other Beach that we saw before and

We are going to walk back to the to the terminal the ferry Terminal Yeah so this is definitely the beach to come to if you want basically no people whatsoever even with all the boat tours at the other Beach there’s nobody on there one I think I just see one guy swimming and do you see the the the wood

Boat with a green roof yeah over there floating yeah yeah that’s actually a spa like massage and stuff yeah massage and yeah all sorts of things and I saw the pictures and it was like a dream but the prices are very high so I’m not getting

A massage today I think this one’s empty cuz it’s just less uh beach bars there’s one here though and then I think these are more places to stay there might actually be more people around here just from the sailboats like you can see on that beach over there loads of sailboats probably

About 20 of them so we were just talking that it’s funny that we do these day trips to these Bays but these people actually just like live in The Bays yeah they sayable people yeah they like they have a a dream life I think I mean it’s

Uh it’s not like easy because you have to know about a lot of stuff and have like Logistics and stuff but on the other hand you have Paradise almost every day yeah on the other hand you get to wake up in places like this every day I wonder if you’re traveling like

Fulltime you end up saving money since you’re not really spending money on accommodation I think a lot of them have like solar power and stuff I have no idea how much it costs to live on one of those things got some other cool little beach Shacks here beautiful

Color I like all the colors on the islands that we’ve been visiting around here so we’re going to chill out on this beach for around an hour we’re going to get the 2:00 p.m. ferry back there was a ferry at 12:00 p.m. which I think is

About the time that it’s at right now but we want to spend longer here I like the name of the bar there Ivan stressfree bar that’s a good Name So this is roadtown traffic’s pretty chaotic right now I think it’s almost rush hour and there’s a cruise here so I don’t know if that means it’s harder to find parking we found this big parking lot here though don’t think you have to pay for it seems like public parking

Yeah all the parking lots that we’ve been parking our car they’re all being free which is good yeah also all the beaches that we’ve been going to are free too so we haven’t really paid to enter anywhere so far on this trip so this is the traffic that I was talking about so

Even on this small island I think it’s basically only here that you have traffic jams cuz we’ve been driving everywhere everywhere else is quiet but this is the main business area actually Carol just corrected me we did pay to go to the bass at virgin G

But that’s cuz it was a national park so that’s the only reason and it was only $3 right per person yeah so not much at all really it’s kind of funny though like if you just drive 3 minutes away it feels like you’re on some isolated island and I guess this is

Part of the big Port area that they have here I think this is just a small part of it but yeah just thousands and thousands of sailboats everywhere so here we got TOA Pier Park so I think this is kind of like a shopping area for people that get off the

Cruises looks like it kind of looks like the port area in Jama that we went to oh yeah in O oros kind of like this but here there’s more people walking around in Jamaica it was pretty much dead yeah but that’s cuz the cruise had left yeah right now the cruise is Here BVI so there’s the cruise ship looks massive maybe that’s the the 6,000 one that was arriving today arvia I’m not really familiar with cruise ship names seems to have the UK flag so maybe a UK company you heard of it before no I never heard of it but all

The people around are like British accents so I’m guessing everybody’s from the UK I don’t know British in the British Virgin house so searching online for things to do in roadtown but not a lot came up really they just see more like restaurants and passs I think we’re

Just going to walk around the the port area maybe around the deck I don’t know if you can walk all the way around It so Carol was just looking up that Cru and we got the name wrong yeah it’s actually B cruises it is a British company as we guessed and I was checking the prices and they have like 14 nights for like 2,600 lb which seems for two weeks yeah

For per person but seems kind of cheap flights included even with flights yeah but I guess from the UK right yeah but even more so that’s a long distance yeah So now we’re trying to get to a beach called smuggers Cove we’ve been always using Google Maps but it’s been way off trying to get to this place like it’s sending us down these like crazy Little Road rolls like this that just end up at somebody’s driveway but it shows like

There’s a passage so um yeah we’re just TR to go back on ourselves now and hopefully we can find this beach yeah so we came from that way and now we’re going to go down this dirt road yeah so for the most part on this island um the

Roads are like concrete not the best though there’s lots of like cracks in them but very rarely we’ve come across a road like this where it’s just dirt and mud might be the first one actually good job we have a SUV I don’t know I don’t want to get

Stuck so once again it’s a extremely laidback Beach there’s just like two little beach bars here one’s called Nigel’s Beach Bar a lot of people are saying to go there that’s the island that we were on before so we were on the left side over there on those beautiful

Beaches but even from here we can see both boats around here I think the boat tours or sailboats go to other places there’s like a sandb bar too and I don’t know why it has the name Smugglers Cove maybe people used to smuggle illegal things here so when we reading the

Reviews a lot of people think that this is the most beautiful beach on TOA Sun’s kind of going down now so you don’t really get the same kind of color of water you come like midday I bet it would be even nicer still beautiful though So some beach vendor just came up to us trying to sell us his special alcoholic coconut drink so we legit just didn’t want it but I think he thought we were haggling so he charged $18 which we thought was quite a lot for a drink and

Then when we said we didn’t want it he said 15 and then we were like no no we’re really just not in the mood to drink right now and then he was like okay $10 and then we said okay then we’ll try it out haggling by accident

Yeah yeah we know that here is not normal to Hao so we don’t do it but I guess he just wanted to us to buy it you know anyway so it good at least yeah different I think he said there’s coconut water lime juice and maybe pineapple juice and

Rum obviously to be honest that is actually really good I’m not really a fan of rum drinks but yeah I really like that he said there’s actually two different kinds of rum in here I can feel the lime as well that he’s squeezed in there so he said it’s his own

Homemade one so he called it coconut dunde after crocodile dunde it’s pretty funny you probably don’t even know what crocodile dunde is right no no I don’t think they show that in in Brazil it’s like some sort of TV program oh okay like some adventurous guy yeah coconut Dunde Than so we’ stopped at this cool place to get a bite to eat Stout’s Lookout bar we’ve seen it quite a few times when we’ve been driving around and look at this view that’s why I wanted to come here probably one of the best views that

You’ll get also looks cool as well the colors and the beach that you can see in the distance there The Roosters yeah there’s a there’s a rooster party going on around this picnic table anyway the bay that you can see over there is Kane Garden Bay where we

Went in the first video so probably some of the best views that you’ll get of that place The Roosters Agree So Carol went for the fish burger $16 and I went for the cheeseburger $13 it’s always been pretty good portion so far yeah another chunky Chi fish I like the sticker they all Beach sleep repeat the mega fish burger yeah too almost too big mhm good though good problem to Have We ended up going to the supermarket in roadtown we’ve been there about three times on this trip that’s mainly just to cook our dinners one to save money and also because we don’t really want to be driving around the island at night so even though it’s definitely cheaper than

Eating out it’s still not super cheap over here I think a lot of the things are import Ed since it is just a small island when we went to Kuro it was like that too but it’s still definitely way more affordable than eeden out and this

Is going to be our last video from the British Virgin Island so yeah we are going to the US ones tomorrow and kind of interested to see what the difference is and overall we’ve just absolutely loved it just been so laid back here been probably one of the most relaxing

Places that we’ve ever been especially CU everywhere that we’ve been going has been pretty much empty I really thought they’d just be more tourist around like we going into all the popular beaches and there’s just not that many people around at all so really didn’t expect

That and we’ve also felt very safe here it might be the place in the Caribbean that we’ felt the safest just feels like there’s not that many risks around at all just seems super chill so obviously that’s been a a massive bonus too so if

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