Exploring a Billionaire Mansion in Dubai with a ,000,000 Price Tag and Underwater Garage! – Video

Exploring a Billionaire Mansion in Dubai with a $70,000,000 Price Tag and Underwater Garage! – Video

In this video, we take a tour of the newly-built contemporary masterpiece, Kural Vista, located on Palm Jumeirah’s Billionaires Row in Dubai. This $70,000,000 mansion by Alpago Properties is a true marvel, offering luxurious amenities and breathtaking views.

The property boasts 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and a whopping 19,245 square feet of enclosed space. From the foyer to the living room, kitchen, formal dining areas, and movie theater, every corner of this mansion exudes opulence and grandeur. The attention to detail in the architecture and interior design is truly remarkable.

One of the standout features of this mansion is the underwater garage, where you can park up to 14 cars in style. The garage is a feat of engineering, with steel I-beams, waterproofing, and a cutting-edge design that allows for an incredible display of luxury vehicles, including a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

The tour continues to the top floor, where the Sky Lounge offers an entertainment oasis with a bar, outdoor movie theater, jacuzzi, and gym. The outdoor spaces are perfect for hosting events or simply enjoying the stunning views of Dubai’s skyline.

From the primary bedroom with a walk-in closet and luxurious bathroom to the guest suites, each room in this mansion is designed to perfection. Poliform cabinetry, marble finishes, and elegant furnishings create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere throughout the home.

Overall, Kural Vista is a true gem on Billionaires Row, offering a lifestyle of luxury and exclusivity in the heart of Dubai. The innovative design, top-of-the-line amenities, and breathtaking views make this $70,000,000 mansion a truly remarkable property.

Watch the video by Enes Yilmazer

Video Transcript

– Here we go again. Dubai. A supercharged progressive city that’s not afraid to push the boundaries. From its opulent lifestyle to its jaw dropping homes and architecture, to some of the most exquisite supercars on the planet, Dubai is always on the forefront when it comes to luxury and exclusivity.

It’s a world of possibilities on full display. Here, they dare to dream big, really big. But when you’re living the high life in the fast paced city, finding a moment of peace and tranquility can be challenging. And here in Dubai, there’s no greater escape than arriving at your luxurious home on Palm Jumeirah. Hey, everyone. Welcome to Dubai. We’re back on Billionaire’s Row to tour another incredible property, a newly constructed modern estate built by Alpago Properties. As a company, they always strive for the best just like us. Never worrying about time, money, or effort it takes to create a one of a kind asset.

And this is something we admire as a company. So, without further ado, let me welcome you to Kural Vista so we can see it inside. This home was completed only few weeks ago. And on the exterior, the property has a very, very strong presence. Extensive use of travertine throughout. Metal screens right in the center to provide additional privacy. And it is designed in a way to provide as much privacy as possible to the home

Since we’re so close to the street. Now, to the right, you can see the cantilever section that’s above the driveway that leads you to the lower level where we have an amazing garage. So, in total, this property consists of four levels, three above grade, one below grade. Now, coming to this entry walkway,

It takes us all the way to the front door. Front of the home is beautifully landscaped. Palm trees. There’s actually a 1300 year old tree that was imported from Uruguay. Beautiful stainless steel sculpture. And walkway takes you to this covered section where we have this massive pivot door. And now, let’s go inside. The foyer of this property is so impressive and it draws the attention in the best way possible. Double height ceilings, travertine walls that wrap all the way to the interior so there’s a beautiful architectural continuity. But more importantly, right in front of us, we have these true floor to ceiling glass panels

Facing this courtyard where we have a 1600 year old bonsai olive tree that was imported from Italy anchoring this incredible estate. And this glass courtyard brings so much natural light and life to this estate. I’m out of words. – [Cody] I am too. The fact that it’s 1600 years old,

That means it first sprouted from the ground in 400 AD. – What a beautiful frame to look at as you walk into your property. Then on this side, we have this Blüthner piano that costs around $275,000. And Cody, let’s get a closeup. It’s like a piece of art. Every single hardware, metal piece

Is polished to perfection and it’s just gorgeous to look at. – [Cody] It really is. – It complements the entry really well. Now, follow me this way. Before we talk about the staircase, I wanna point out that we have the elevator landing here. This whole way leads to the movie theater,

Which we’ll cover later. But now, let’s talk about this contemporary staircase. Beautiful minimalist steel frame and each one of the steps are also floating with stone inlays. Glass railing on each side which gives this staircase nice and airy feel. And on the back, you can see the marble wall with fluted details.

And in between, they have these vertical LED strips lighting up the staircase. And this is just a beautiful design. Again, goes up to the upper floors as well as the lower level which we’ll cover later in the video. Now, follow me this way. On this wing of the house,

We have the dining areas, kitchen, living room, and obviously it all opens up to these amazing views. But before I cover this section, I want to talk about the specs of this property. So, we have five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 19,245 square feet of enclosed area on the market for 260 million dirhams,

Which is around $70 million. And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agent, Babak Jafari with B1 Properties, and of course the developer, Alpago properties for making this tour possible. We’re excited to be back in Dubai. And as always, you can find more information about this stunning estate

In the description of this video. Now, continuing our tour, I wanna take everybody to the living room, which is this beautiful elegant space. Minotti couch, Henge light fixture above, two chairs. And this room doesn’t have a TV because this space is all about these views. Your motorized sliding glass doors

Seamlessly open up this space to your backyard and it looks incredible. Now, coming back to the seating area, I want to talk about this coffee table. Never seen a piece like this. Cody, let’s get a closeup. We have two metal scorpions and a beetle on this side

And they have the same table on the other side as well. Have you ever seen a furniture like this before? – [Cody] I haven’t, but it’s really, really cool. – It is super cool. And once again, it’s awesome that your infinity edge pool just blends to the sea

And you have this peaceful, tranquil feeling in this space. – [Cody] I was gonna say from my point of view right now, it looks like the water comes right up to the backyard. – Incredible. Alright, Cody, let’s take everybody to the other side. Now, behind this living room,

We have the first informal dining area. Gorgeous stone table seating for eight. Look at all the details and accessories here. Cutlery, beautiful flowers, chandelier above. And they have this mirror design on the ceiling that actually runs all the way to the kitchen, so it connects these spaces together.

Then on the back, we have a service counter with black marble countertops, base cabinets, uppers. It’s just a really nice dining area. And now, we are at the kitchen. Beautiful island right in the center with bar seating. They have waterfall edges. This is a Nero Marquina marble, your first sink, gas cook top.

And on the back, you can see some of the Gaggenau built-in appliances, espresso maker, your oven, microwave. And Cody, we need to get a closeup. This entire contemporary kitchen is Poliform. And their drawer setups, as you open ’em, they light up. And look how neatly everything is organized.

– [Cody] That’s literally how I want my kitchen drawers to look. – I mean, it’s just a pleasure to look at these dividers, everything, and the way these cabinets operate, super smooth. Your gas cooktop, pop-up vent. And to add some tranquility to your kitchen, they place this beautiful water feature

With a sculpture right in the center. And this is another motorized sliding glass door. So, you can open up your kitchen to this zen area, get some natural air. And what an awesome view to look at. This house is just incredible. Now, follow me this way. Second dining area.

This one is more on the formal side, a little bit more separated from the kitchen. We have a beautiful marble table seating four six, light fixture above, track lights on the ceiling. And these are adjustable spotlights, so you can decide and configure the space and light it up beautifully.

We have a gorgeous dresser here. And look at these mirrors. You actually get a reflection of the sea, which is a nice touch. And of course, just like the rest of the home, we have more motorized sliding glass doors here opening up to the backyard. And let us know in the comments below

How many times I’m gonna mention motorized sliding glass doors because almost every single set of glass doors in this house are motorized. Now, there’s also a glass enclosed section here, which is a nice lounging area for the outdoors and kind of expands the exposure of the space.

Now, you may think that’s it for this wing, it’s not. Follow me this way. This kitchen also comes with a service kitchen and this is how you access it. Cody, come on in. We also have Poliform cabinetry here, stone countertops, gas cooktop, uppers, commercial sink with a dishwasher. And on the other side,

We have two massive fridges that are nicely paneled. Definitely good size. And I gotta say, I love these sleek handles. – [Cody] I was gonna say the same thing. The bronze adds a nice little color to the room. – Without a doubt. Definitely spacious service kitchen. Now, follow me this way.

This is where we have the service hallway. The door to my left opens up to the laundry room where we have a ton of cabinetry, two washers and a dryer. The door behind me opens up to the exterior so you have an easy access for the staff.

And the door to my right opens up to the staff quarters where we have two single beds and a full bathroom. Now, I wanna leave the service hallway because this walkway actually takes us back to the entry of this property. And now, welcome to the movie theater. Off of its entry,

We have a small seating area with two chairs, bronze tinted mirror. And on this side we have a nice coffee station with floating shelves, popcorn machine. Warm welcome to your movie theater. And this is where the space starts. It is a nice cozy space with two tier seating, projector on the back.

And I really like how they curved this wall to the ceiling with these built-in light panels. Then we have star lights on the ceiling and the space feels very contemporary. You have the speakers which are Bowers & Wilkins built into the walls. What an amazing room

For you to just sit down and watch a movie. – [Cody] I completely agree. I love shooting movie theaters. And it never gets old coming in and having that acoustic dampening just take off every single echo. – For sure. I feel like when I walked into this room,

My echo and my voice totally changed because so nicely insulated. And a lot of times these massive estates that we tour, they have good sized movie theaters. But for me, I would rather have a small movie theater or screening room like this, but I would spend the money on the speakers, insulation, paneling

To make sure the viewing experience is as good as it gets. And with that, we’re done with the left wing. Now, let’s jump back to the landing so we can continue our tour with the right wing. Again, we have the front door here. And I can’t stress the fact that these picture windows

Have no beams in the center. Look how tall this section alone is. They had to crane this in and custom made for this house. – [Cody] Yeah. I cannot imagine transporting a piece of glass that big. – And I’m sure it costs ’em a lot of money, but it’s so worth it

To be able to see this courtyard without any seams where you feel like you can just touch the tree. It’s awesome. – [Cody] Hundred percent. – Alright, let’s continue. Now, there is a powder bathroom here that I want to quickly show to everyone. Antonio Lupi vessel sink with a marble base,

Beautiful AXOR fixture, Armani grey marble walls, toilet on this side. A very elegant powder bathroom. And on the other side, we have the office. This is such a curated room. Look at this desk. Light fixture above, mirror panels, chairs. And on this side, they have this metal shelving designed from Henge.

And even though this is not the biggest room, the way they curated every single accessory and details, it works. And you have another mirror wall here with a built-in TV. So, you can watch your movies or just watch the news straight from your office. Well-designed space. Follow me this way.

Across the office, we have the first guest suite. And off of its entry, we have the built-in Poliform cabinetry, king size bed on this side, padded back wall, beautiful light fixtures that come down from the ceiling. Room is very, very cozy. And of course, since it’s a full guest suite,

It comes with its own bathroom. Come on in with me. Gloss finished cabinetry with marble tops, and same marble runs on the back where we have the mirrors, wall sconces, Antonio Lupi sinks, AXOR fixtures, toiletries, and of course, your beautiful walk-in shower. And the vein character of this marble is really intense

And you can see all the changes and variations. It’s a beautiful bathroom. And it faces a courtyard, which I wanna show next. So, SAOTA designed the exterior architecture of this property. And for them, bringing natural light and giving each one of the guest suites a different feel was very, very important.

And that’s why throughout the tour, you’ll see these unique corners, small openings or courtyards like this, which is a very, very nice touch. Now, going to this side, we have a sliding glass door that pockets into the wall. And now, let’s walk into the formal living room. This space is so incredible.

Double height ceiling, beautiful travertine and bookmatched Nero Marquina marble walls, Minotti couches, coffee table, this gorgeous chandelier that’s right in the center. And the volume of this room is phenomenal. Without a doubt, my favorite space in the entire house, we have custom light fixtures. Look at those light fixtures

That come down from the ceiling. And on the other side, we have a massive TV, and again, another bookmatched wall that runs all the way to the ceiling. Cody, what do you think? – [Cody] This room is absolutely stunning. These massive sliding glass doors, over looking the fronds is honestly mind blowing.

It’s gotta be what? Close to 20 feet. Easy. And I’ve never seen- Yeah, I’ve never seen sliding glass doors this big. And the amount of light that it lets in is beautiful. – Couldn’t agree more. And like looking at the room, the furnishings details, accessories, the curation of the space.

Again, I can see Alpago’s attention to detail. I mean that Bentley chair right there looks beautiful. And when you’re ready, you come over here, hit the screen and you can actually just open up these motorized sliding glass doors and these massive panels slowly tuck into the wall. This is crazy.

– [Cody] You look tiny from this point of view right now. – I am tiny against this massive glass door. Like, you just walk out to your backyard. The view that’s behind me is insane. So peaceful and tranquil. Your infinity edge pool, which is 21.5 meters long, pretty much blends into the sea.

Now, I wanna first take everyone to the right wing. We have a nice outdoor seating area here. And then, space leads you to this sunken seating area which is super cool with a fire feature right in the center. And look at the view you get from this angle.

This pool has a glass side so you can see inside of the pool. Beautiful tile work, your mega estate, palm trees, incredible weather. Life is good in this house. – [Cody] Life is good. It’s February in Dubai. It’s nice 72 degrees and I’m just like wowed by the architecture of Palm Jumeirah.

Right down the beach there is Royal Atlantis, the newly built hotel and residences and it’s like, just a really cool building to look at that makes the experience on frond even better. – Couldn’t agree more. And we are just beyond excited to show this home to all of you.

All right. Now, let’s focus on the pool for a second. Like I said, it’s 21.5 meters long, 4.9 meters wide, 1.4 meters deep. This pool is heated and cooled. On top of that, there’s a swim against jet so you can train in this pool. And the tile design here is actually really unique.

This is a company from Spain where you give the measurements of your pool and they cut every single piece of tile and the corners perfectly for your pool, so when you install it, it looks immaculate. Now, on the other side we have this incredible courtyard. What a space. You have these lounging pods.

Then outdoor seating area. And in the center of this courtyard, we have this beautiful olive tree. I’m trying my best to not talk about this tree throughout the entire tour because I feel like I’m gonna keep pointing it out. But what an incredible thing to have in the center of your home.

Seriously, it’s beautiful, it grounds the property, it’s open on top. And wait till you see the second and third floor. This opening just kind of serves all levels of this home. Now, I’ve seen this tree before and this house as well during construction. And it is nice to see this estate fully completed.

Execution looks flawless. And once again, Alpago Properties, B1 Properties, they always do a phenomenal job. And we’re just excited to be in Dubai and excited to be part of this tour. – [Cody] I couldn’t agree more. This home is beautiful, the weather is perfect, and Alpago does an incredible job.

– Without a doubt. Alright, Cody, let’s continue our tour. These sliding glass doors open up the living room that we saw earlier. You have a nice lounging area on this side. And this is the covered section that we talked about earlier. We have a ceiling mount lounging bed.

It’s nice that this section is covered, so shaded. And we have the dining area to the right. Now, going this way, in front of us, we have the outdoor dining area with a steel pergola seating for eight and it is located right next to your outdoor kitchen. This is a Novara system.

And we have seen this system before. It has a sink, fridge, grill, cooktop, all incorporated in one design. And to my right we have a door that opens up to a half bathroom dedicated for the backyard. And now the most exciting part of this tour, we gotta go to the beach

And show everyone the Palm Jumeirah experience. What do you think so far, Cody? – [Cody] So far, it’s been incredible. The fact that you can take these couple of steps down to your private beach is amazing. The water color is perfect and same with the weather. And we’ve been staying on Palm Jumeirah

For the past week or so, and so we’ve been experiencing these views and this lifestyle and I just, I’m speechless. It’s really, really cool. – It’s amazing. And like, Palm Jumeirah is such a unique development. The fact that you have access to water so easily, it’s peaceful and tranquil.

And that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much. Without a doubt from the exterior, one of the most striking homes we’ve ever toured. – Do you agree with that? – [Cody] I completely agree. – Look what’s behind me. That top floor cantilever section is your gym.

It looks like it’s floating up in the air. That courtyard, look how massive that formal living room area is with sliding glass doors all open. We have the primary bedroom to the right, junior primary bedroom right in the center. And the contrast between travertine and glass is so striking.

I just love this house’s exterior presence. Now, you may think this property consists of three levels. It actually consists of four levels. And the level we’re about to tour is actually below grade. Welcome to the lower level where we have this incredible car showroom. I mean what a space. Recessed in floor lighting, this unique ceiling design, water feature on the back, all these exquisite cars. And you can park up to 14 cars here. But what’s so impressive about this space

Is the fact that we are below sea level right now. And I’ll go more into what it takes to design and build a garage like this later in the tour. But for now, I wanna focus on some of the cars here. First one is this beautiful Ferrari 812 Competizione. $2.5 million.

Love the spec and the color combination. On the other side, we have a Nissan Skyline R34 M-Spec, iconic car from Japan, right hand drive. $1.5 million because it’s 1 of 1. Then on the other side, we have a Lamborghini Sian Roadster, 1 of 19, $4.7 million. Beautiful car.

Next to that is a LaFerrari Aperta, $7 million. Again, that water wall continues all the way to the end. Then we have a Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition. They made hundred of these, goes around $3 million. And the car next to that is Porsche 918 Martini with the Weissach Package.

Now, this is an amazing car and I actually got a chance to drive this car with Ali, who is the CEO of First Motors. It was actually a lot of fun. We drove it during the shoot of First Motors and we had the top down.

The way it drives, how it handles the road, it’s an incredible car. And if you haven’t seen that video already, we’ll make sure to leave a link in the description of this video. Now, I want to talk about the subterranean garage and what it takes to build these garages. Obviously, in the past,

We toured a lot of Alpago Properties developments. And most of the homes they built had these subterranean garages. Incredible garages, in fact. I got a chance to talk to their team and understand what it takes to build a subterranean garage on Palm Jumeirah. So, this is how they do it.

They use steel I-beams to shore a parameter around the property and then they excavate the sand. And spent about a month draining the water that’s inside of the excavation area. Once they have it all dried up, they layer their foundation with waterproofing on the exterior, then the concrete they use for the foundation,

They put another mixture in there to make sure if water touches that concrete, it immediately turns into waterproofing. And then, once the concrete foundation is laid, they waterproof it on the inside as well. That way, they’re creating this amazing waterproof bowl that sits in the sand with sea around it.

How crazy is that? – [Cody] It’s actually insane. That’s like an engineering marvel. – It is an engineering marvel and it takes months to just get this space before they can even finish it. But I tell you what, it’s worth it. When you live in Dubai,

When you live in an amazing home like this, there’s a good chance you’re gonna have some incredible cars and you would wanna keep it in a showroom like this. Now, Cody, let’s go to the other side. We actually have one more car left. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

Out of all the cars in this garage, without a doubt, my favorite, $6.5 million. – [Cody] It’s crazy. And you’re pretty lucky that you got a chance to actually drive that. – I sure did and it was a lot of fun Driving a $6.5 million car in another country.

Kind of a surreal moment. Take this car from me. I don’t wanna drive it anymore, it’s too much fun. It was an amazing dream come true moment for me the fact that I actually drove it. The way this car drives, how it sounds, it’s incredibly refined and well engineered. I was so happy, you know.

And it’s just incredible in this garage. Now, Cody, let’s take everybody to the entertainment section of the lower level. But before I talk about that, look at this glass wall and how it curves. That’s your driveway that brings you from the street level to the garage. And instead of covering up the driveway,

They have embraced it and made it part of the design. That’s why you can see these seamless glass panels curving the driveway and going up. Very nice touch. Now, we have a pool table here, which is this really cool design. It really complements the space. And on the other side,

As we continue touring the entertainment section, we have this beautiful foosball table. Cody, guess how much this table costs? – [Cody] Probably $10,000. – More. – [Cody] 15. – More. – [Cody] 20. – It is $20,000. – [Cody] Oh my gosh. – It’s insane. But look, it really complements the house

And you have beautiful cars, your foosball table is gonna match that as well. – [Cody] That is true. – Now, on the other side, small seating area. Again, you can see the curved glass. And here, we have this incredible bar. All onyx with backlighting. Dual elevation.

Look at these ceiling mount shelves with LED lighting and what a cool way to display all of your spirits. Bar seating on this side. And this bar also comes with a DJ booth, which is located right here. The entire lower level is wired with built-in speakers. So, it’s ready for an amazing party.

And once again, what a beautiful backdrop. Now, going to the other side, the entertainment section continues. Now we have this screening room. Comes with a couch, another beautiful Bentley chair, coffee tables, your PlayStation screen projector above. It’s just a nice cozy space for you to hang out with your friends.

While they’re at the bar, you can be seating here. And then at the end, we have a room that’s very surprising. A small spa area. First space I wanna show everyone is the walk-in shower. You have the stone section with back lighting. AXOR rain head above. And then, on the other side,

We have a half bathroom with this really unique pedestal sink, beautiful reeded details. And the last door at the end opens up to the massage room. Now, what makes this massage room so unique is the fact that it is filled with natural light because the entire roof above us is a skylight.

And they even have a motorized shade to close this off if you want some additional privacy. It’s just a nice zen area for you to relax and get a massage. They even have this really cool art piece here with reeded wood panels. Another great space.

The lower level of this home is so impressive. Now, welcome to the second floor of this property. We have four guest suites on this level. First I want to take everybody this way. To my right we have the elevator landing. And this is the bridge that connects the left wing to the right wing.

In fact, we are on top of the entry of this property. What an incredible view. We have two additional rooftops with more bonsai trees. Fantastic backdrop. – [Cody] I completely agree. It feels like you’re kind of just walking through like a contemporary art gallery. – I agree. And it’s like these trees,

This landscaping adds so much tranquility to the home. And then you have travertine complimenting the look. And I love that they carried out the same color palette throughout the property as well. – [Cody] Definitely. – Now, let’s take everybody to this seating area. They called this space the pajama lounge.

We have two couches, beautiful bookshelf design with a TV. And this bookshelf was actually from Rimadesio. And I wanna point that out because I think it looks very exquisite. I love that it’s thin framed and it just looks very elegant. Now, this seating area services the bedroom on this side.

So, let’s go right in. Beautiful hardwood floors, nice warm tones. We have the TV recessed into this marble section so it has this floating effect. And then on the other side, we have the sliding glass doors opening up to a good sized balcony where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Take a look at that beautiful bonsai olive tree and even get a little peek of Dubai’s skyline from this bedroom. Now, going back in your queen sized bed, marble back wall, ceiling mount light fixture, these beautiful bedside tables. And I also really appreciate the fact that each one of these guest suites

Are designed like a hotel suite. Every little detail, accessory, toiletries are thought out. You just want to come in and enjoy the space. And it gets better. Cody, follow me this way. We have the walk-in closet right in front of us. The entire closet system here is Poliform. Again, you have your hangers,

Drawers, shoe racks. It looks so elegant. They even have their own branded hangers. – [Cody] Ooh. I didn’t even see that. – There you go. – [Cody] That’s very cool. – Poliform thinks of everything. And let me pull everybody this way because we have a pocket door here sealing off the bathroom

Where we have marble floors, marble walls contrasting nicely with each other, vanity on this side, polished AXOR fixtures, glass enclosed shower. And I also really appreciate that this bedroom suite sits on its own on the right wing of this property. Now, let’s jump back to the landing.

So, we can check out the junior primary bedroom, which is located right in the center of the second floor. Follow me this way. We have beautiful leather wrapped doors. Again, Poliform cabinetry that wraps the wall. And then on the other side, we have an open bathroom. Sink is right in the center.

Again, the sink finishes with marble countertops, beautiful light fixtures. And going to this side, we have a glass enclosed walk-in shower. Again, same marble continues. It’s actually bookmatched. And we have beautiful AXOR fixtures. And Cody, I don’t know if you caught this detail. If you look at the glass,

You’ll realize it is a little foggy on the bottom and it clears up as it goes up to the ceiling. – [Cody] Yeah, it’s a cool little ombre. – Exactly. It’s a nice privacy detail. By the way, we have the water closet here. And to add up to the privacy,

They also installed these vertical screens, which is a nice touch. Now, the hallway takes you to the bedroom. And as you walk in, this is the view you get. Breathtaking. I mean- – [Cody] It almost looks fake. It’s like an artwork. – I know. It’s incredible.

I can’t believe that this is all manmade also. But you have seamless glass railing, sliding glass door opens up to a balcony. And then, you have your king-sized bed here with beautiful padded back walls with brass inlays, wood paneling, built-in desk area. Definitely a really cozy room.

And I know many people are gonna ask, well, where’s the TV? They were kind enough to install a ceiling mount TV here as well. But let’s face it. If you’re staying in this bedroom, you may wanna just enjoy these views. – [Cody] I was gonna say the view is your TV.

– Without a doubt. Now, that’s it for the junior primary bedroom. I wanna take everybody back to the landing because we have two more bedrooms to see. The first one we’re gonna talk about is the front facing bedroom which is actually located on this side. The bedroom starts here,

Has the same hardwood floors. It is definitely a good size. Comes with a small makeup area. TV’s nicely recessed into the wall. The cabinet below it looks awesome. Then you have the king size bed. Again, look at this pattern on the back wall. And just like I mentioned earlier, this bedroom,

Just like the others on this level, gets a really nice outdoor space with privacy screens, and it looks super cozy. And lastly, let’s not forget the walk-in closet and the full bathroom with a walk-in shower. Really nice guest suite. Now, the last bedroom we’re touring is the primary bedroom

And it starts right here. Off of the entry, you see this spacious courtyard area dedicated to the room. And then we go straight into the walk-in closet. Take it all in. Look at the width of this space. You have built-in Poliform cabinetry. So much storage space. Thin framed doors,

And they run up all the way to the ceiling. So, you’re really maximizing the area. Two ottomans. And then, we have an island on this side. And Cody, let’s get a close up. Look at this Louis Vuitton case here. I’m sure this piece is around 10 to $15,000. – [Cody] That’s crazy.

– It’s crazy, right? And then going to the other side, I want to actually open up one of these cabinets. As you open ’em up, LED lights turn on. So, you get to see every single shelf. How elegant is this? – [Cody] It’s a beautiful touch. – And when you’re done,

You just gently close the doors and lights will eventually turn off. And like we saw earlier, every single guest suite in this house gets Poliform cabinetry. And again, it’s very, very sleek and elegant. Now, on the other side, we have the primary bathroom, vanity, separate water closet, walk-in shower, free standing tub.

But first, let’s go check out this courtyard. It’s a beautiful private outdoor space. And it is nice that it’s all dedicated to the primary bedroom. And keep in mind, around Palm Jumeirah, properties here are very close to each other, so it’s hard to create outdoor spaces that are private.

But with a clever design and a good layout, you can have amazing spaces like this one. – [Cody] I agree. It’s like a little oasis inside your primary and you still get so much natural light flooding in. – 100%. And also, great natural air and natural flow to your bathroom.

And again, your beautiful freestanding tub with your AXOR fixture, TV on the other side. And then we go right in to the walk-in shower. Armani grey marble walls. Look at the size of that rainhead. It almost fills the entire shower. And getting out, we have the separate water closet on this side,

Marble fabricated vanity with two sinks, beautiful AXOR fixtures that are wall-mounted, mirror wall that’s framed in brass, toiletries, details, and even these towel holders are so exquisite. And this is just a beautiful bathroom. And what’s left is the bedroom itself, which is just as impressive. Massive king-sized bed.

And I really like how they push the bed to the back of the room to bring additional privacy since we have the sliding glass doors on this side. These doors are automatic. And we also have the blackouts right here. And my favorite detail in this bedroom is this 3D marble wall.

It gives so much character to the space. And let’s not forget these ceiling mount light fixtures. And between the king size bed, the beddings, the headboard design. This section looks very, very cozy. Now, on the other side, you can see the sidewall and how it curves. It’s all leather wrapped

With beautiful reveal details on the bottom as well as the ceiling. Now, welcome to the seating area for the primary bedroom. Couch, marble coffee table, built-in section here with reeded details. And I just love the color contrast between leather panel, wood panels and the marble on the bottom.

You can see all the accessories. And to warm up the space, they brought the same marble here with a mist fireplace down below. And let’s face it. In Dubai, you don’t need a real fireplace. And now, Cody go to the other side so we can show everyone how this incredible bedroom

Just opens up to the outdoors. Seamless transition. You have a spacious balcony and views of Palm Jumeirah. This is incredible. And this is your primary bedroom. Welcome to the Sky Lounge, an incredible entertainment area that is located on the top floor of this property. And it takes full advantage of everything Dubai and Palm Jumeirah has to offer. Now, off of the landing, we go straight into the bar. We have two beautiful Henge islands, light fixtures above,

Base cabinets to the back. And this space also opens up to the outdoors, which we’ll cover later. And I wanna point out the fact that these Henge islands look like sculptures. They’re beautiful. – [Cody] I completely agree. I haven’t seen a cut in between the two countertops like that,

But it’s a nice way to break up such a long countertop. – Exactly. In fact, the first henge island has a fabricated sink. And then, on the other side, you have extensive amount of countertop space, all your Poliform base cabinets, massive picture window facing your courtyard,

So you have a nice view here as well. And you’re just flooding the space with natural light. Then continuing this way, we have the second henge island. And Cody, let’s get a closeup. We have Gaggenau gas cooktops, right? These drawers, because this island is stone fabricated, these drawers are so heavy

That they need to have motorized hardware to open and close them. – [Cody] That’s absolutely insane. – That is crazy. And again, it’s a super cool piece. And you have so much storage space. Two wine fridges, additional cabinetry here that is nicely decorated. There you go. You have your built-in shelves

In there as well. And of course, since we have all this entertainment space on this level, there’s a full bathroom here with a walk-in shower as well. And that’s the elevator landing. Now Cody, let’s turn everybody to the other side. You can easily fit 50 to a 100 people here comfortably, probably more,

And be able to entertain and take advantage of all the different zones. Now, we have sliding glass doors here seamlessly opening up to this terrace, and it’s nice and private. Open on top, multiple seating areas. But Cody, we gotta bring everybody to this side. This is a cool feature, your outdoor movie theater.

Can we show everyone the screen here? Built-in speakers. These lounging pods. And again, it’s incredibly private. They have the metal vertical screens, pergola design on top. And to top it all off, they have these really cool speakers throughout the property, including the outdoor cinema. These are speakers. So, you have amazing sound

Throughout the entire outdoor terrace. Now, like we mentioned earlier, we have outdoor seating areas in the center. And then, on the other side, we have this amazing jacuzzi with a glass front, zero edge. And these are the views you get. Life doesn’t get much better. This is awesome.

I mean, what a great way to entertain. Be with your friends, enjoy your surroundings, and then when you’re ready, walk right back in because the top floor continues. Now, you have another lounge here with a beautiful Minotti couch, coffee table. So, you have all these different zones for you to enjoy

Throughout the day. Gets better. If you are in the mood to work out, you also have your gym on this level. Now, we’ve been pointing out the space throughout the tour, which means we are currently floating up in the air. And let’s just say if I had a gym like this,

I wouldn’t mind working out every single day. – [Cody] Definitely provides motivation. – Without a doubt. Now, talking about some of the gym equipment here, we have the dumbbells, weights, stationary bike, treadmill. And when you’re ready, you just walk outside to your front facing balcony and enjoy these views.

Now, over the last few years, we have toured some amazing homes on Billionaire’s Row. And all these homes, again, developed by Alpago Properties, had amazing top floors or rooftops. But personally for me, this is my favorite. It takes advantage of the outdoors and these views so well.

You have so many different zones for you to enjoy, entertain, hang out with your friends. Or if you wanna come up here to work out, you can do that as well. And I think that’s the part of the lifestyle that this home provides. And again, I can’t stress it enough,

You get to look at these views every single day. All right, everyone. That’s it for the tour. And thank you all so much for joining us on another episode. I wanna congratulate everyone that was involved with this project from its design to completion. And of course, I want to give big thanks to our friends, Babak Jafari with B1 Properties

And the developer, Alpago Properties for making this tour possible. I can’t thank them enough for trusting us to showcase their incredible listing to all of you. And it’s been amazing to see their projects come to reality, come to completion one by one. Now, as always,

You can find more information about this beautiful property in the description of this video. And lastly, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe. And we’ll see you guys on the next one.

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