“Exploring Bohol Island: A Day Trip from Cebu City, Philippines” – Video

“Exploring Bohol Island: A Day Trip from Cebu City, Philippines” – Video

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Join Alicia and Nate in their travel vlog as they take a day trip from Cebu City to explore Bohol Island in the Philippines. In this exciting adventure, they visit the famous Chocolate Mountains and the Bilar Man-Made Forest, showcasing the natural beauty of the island.

The video captures their journey from Cebu City to Bohol, highlighting unique experiences such as renting a motorbike to explore the island, visiting a tarsier sanctuary to see these rare primates up close, and enjoying a delicious breakfast at a scenic hotel by the river. The couple also takes viewers on a culinary adventure, trying Indian samosas and mango shakes, and exploring the vibrant flavors of local cuisine.

As the day unfolds, they encounter a sudden storm, forcing them to navigate unexpected challenges and adapt to changing weather conditions. From visiting the iconic Chocolate Hills to discovering the lush landscapes of the Bilar Man-Made Forest, their day trip is an immersive travel experience filled with breathtaking scenery and memorable encounters.

This captivating travel vlog provides an insight into the vibrant culture and natural wonders of Bohol Island, offering viewers a glimpse of the sights, sounds, and flavors of this beautiful destination. Whether you’re an avid traveler or simply looking for inspiration for your next adventure, this video serves as a compelling guide to experiencing the best of Bohol, Philippines.

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This is Bohol, only a short ferry ride from Cebu City. Today we’re exploring this unique island. We rented a motorbike. “I’m so happy.” Oh my… and started our day by finding the tiniest, cutest animals we have seen in our travels. I could like fit in the palm of your hand.

And then we found the river and this beautiful hotel with this mind blowing breakfast. Wow, that’s good. Only to be eclipsed by some more scenic driving and culminating in the main attraction, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. Oh, and there was a massive storm

Which may or may not have caused us to miss our ride home. Thank you! We’re going to the Trans-Asia building. Trans-Asia building? Yeah. Whoo! 5:45 am. Boat leaves at 6:00 am. Right on time. But, we made it, I think. I don’t know. I’m scared. Wow, that was fast. Thank you.

Okay. Gate three. That was said with a fair amount of urgency. They’re boarding, which makes sense because it’s 10 minutes to 6:00 am. Made it. Alright, much better. We moved. It was so cold. We’re literally right by the air conditioner. All right.

2 hours later and we have arrived. It was a very, very smooth ride. Both of us fell asleep. And for me, that’s actually saying something. Yeah. Made it through the initial wave of tour offers, taxis, motorbike rental offers. Because we always try to do our research ahead of time,

Especially when renting motorbikes, because you just have to be careful and find some place of really good reviews. That’s what we did last night. So we’re just walking there right now. Oh, it feels so good to be back on a bike. I’m so happy.

So we just got to the sanctuary right as they’re opening. It’s one of the most popular things to do on Bohol, because. Because the tarsier is a rare and endangered species, and it’s one of the main symbols of Bohol. And the sanctuary is helping to protect them

So they can continue to live in the wild jungles of the Philippines. Kian will be your guide. Oh, okay. Great, thank you. Do you see one? Yeah. Okay. Now I understand why we got to guide. They’re very small. I expected them to be a lot bigger and easier to sight.

But we would never have seen that one if we didn’t have a guide. They’re so cute. I love him! It could like fit in the palm of your hand. they just, like, stare right at you. It’s like he’s looking into my soul. He’s cute, but creepy. Yeah.

He’s like a cute bat. Their hands are so big. They’re enormous. They’re a nocturnal species, which is why we have to be quiet when walking around here, but definitely more active at night. And they can jump, like 3 to 5 meters so they do move around, even though

Right now they’re just hanging out because it’s hot, they’re tired. Endangered species have a 20% chance of completely vanishing in the next 20 years, Wow. I didn’t know that. They were so cute. They only grow to be like six inches long, not including their tail.

They’re one of the smallest primates in the world. See the tarsiers of Bohol Oh, hi, friend. Oh, my gosh. This is beautiful. Why didn’t we stay here? Thank you so much. Amazing. I got samosa because she told me to. She was very adamant. It’s like a local favorite. It’s actually from India

To pastry stuffed with vegetables and served with a hot mango sauce. You can tell mangoes are a pretty big theme here because there’s mangoes on her French toast, a mango shake, and mango hot sauce. Mango is good just eating it as a fruit. But for some reason

When you have like a mango shake, it’s just like a next level experience. It’s so good. Very, very good. Very crispy pastry. Look at that. Vegetables are minced on the inside. It has a curry taste to it. Nice curry flavor and the hot sauce isn’t too spicy.

Really, really nice fresh mango taste. Mm hmm. Indian food has so many spices in it, and you can, like, literally see the spices in here. Wow. That’s good. I was craving French toast. And this is like good French toast, with tropical fruits on it. And instead of syrup,

It’s a banana jackfruit jam. Food was good, and it looks like a really beautiful hotel. I think if we were staying overnight on the island. We would definitely want to stay here or someplace similar. These boats right here are the boats we were going to take for the river cruise buffet.

In actuality, they are giant rafts and a smaller boat, runs behind them and pushes them along the river. And the river actually looks pretty clean and pretty healthy, which is not the case for most of the rivers that we have been on.

But we couldn’t find it for the price we were looking for, which is 300, and we would pay more. But 850 seemed like too big of a jump. So there’s a lot to do on this island. We only have one day plan B, C, D, E, and F.

There’s a ton to do. We’re now heading into Bilar Man-Made Forest. And instantly when you get into the shade of the mahogany trees, temperature change is so much cooler, it feels amazing. We’re just cruising along and Alicia’s like, Are we good on gas?

And I looked down and I was like, No, we’re not good on gas at all. We were in the red on E (empty). Luckily, there’s a gas station like right away after we saw that We made it to Chocolate Mountains.

Can’t drive the motorbike up, so I had to stop in this little parking lot where we buy our tickets and I think they take us up in a van. Also, my hands are like vibrating. We’ve been on the motorcycle so long today. Welcome to Chocolate Hills Mountain, Sir! Thank you!

Chocolate Mountains and a really gnarly looking storm coming in. Good thing is, we’re on a two wheeled convertible, so that could be fun. Later. The storm’s getting a little crazy, but there are over 50 square kilometers of these chocolate covered hills. It’s kind of like rainy season ish, So there still green.

But if you come during dry season, they’re like super brown. Hence the name Chocolate Hills The wise choice would probably be just to go back to the port. But we want to climb hill and get a better view of it. One of the things you notice right away about the hills

And you come in is there are no trees on top of them. For some reason it’s poisonous. They can’t grow there. Here we go. It always makes me feel… Oh, no! My hat! Oh, gosh. Good Lord, you made me so much more afraid than a hat should have. Sorry.

Oh, that crushed me. It always makes me feel better when it’s tough for kids too. So they don’t really know why these things are here. They don’t know why they formed. I don’t know if they know when they formed, but just the fact that they don’t know why.

Very like very peculiar. Is that rain? Oh, Lord have mercy. That’s rain, right? The rain’s getting extremely close. Like, really, really close. Oh, no. It’s gonna downpour. Everybody’s screaming and running. I think we’re in trouble. We still have to motorbike Back like 30 minutes. Hi, sweetie.

Hi. Here you go. Nate found a dog. It’s starting to rain, and Nate has to give treats to a dog, still. Yeah, do you like that? He is obsessed. We’re just ready for the ride back, right? Yeah. we’ve an hour and 15 minute drive

Back to the dock, and the ferry leaves in an hour and a half. So… Ah!!! Definitely, definitely raining. Oh, my God! What the heck happened? People are stopping, but we can’t… And we have to drive safe still. We’re ending the

Day much like we finished (**started) on time. But just barely. Let’s go. Hi. Hello. Here are the tickets. Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay, terminal A The blue one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The last window. The last window? 30 pesos. Oh 30 pesos.

We have to pay the terminal fee too and there’s a line. Why not? For the love of… Cashier: 110 pesos. Oh, it’s 110? I don’t. I don’t have…. 30, it’s 60 pesos. 20, you have more than 20? I don’t have ten. One, two, three,

Four, five, six, seven. We have it! We have 10 pesos. What is it? 10 pesos? Oh, my gosh. Okay, I don’t have anything for it. It’s free for you. Is this okay? Are you sure? I’m sure. I have like, seven.

Thank you guys so much. I appreciate it! Oh, my Entrance over there. Over here? Okay thank you. Hey! No, no (wrong way). Where? Here? Thank you for your help. Jump up, 5 minutes. longer. Okay. This one is definitely closer than this morning. Oh.

Oh, my gosh. Wow. We made it! Oh, my gosh. That was too much. We weren’t even the last ones, which is just miraculous. I would like a beer. I would too. We deserve one. I know. For being late and procrastinating. Good job driving here. Thanks for

Getting us here safely. Cheers! We made it! And we get a sunset cruise We do. That’s pretty cool. and it’s one of like the main symbols of Bohol. I love those things Look at that. I can’t see anything.

Can you see, look at my, and my helmet? Good thing I had a helmet on. I could really use one of these full time. Hi, buddy. You’re so shy.

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