Exploring Ko Tao, Thailand | A Sweet Island Getaway – Video

Exploring Ko Tao, Thailand | A Sweet Island Getaway – Video

Ko Tao, also known as Koh Tao, is a beautiful island located in the Gulf of Thailand. In this video, Gabriel takes a boat from Chumphon on the mainland of Thailand to Ko Tao, capturing the stunning journey to this magnificent island. The video showcases the picturesque scenery, bustling tourist areas, and the overall beauty of the island.

Gabriel’s videos are known for capturing the essence of travel and adventure, and this video is no exception. With Gabriel as your guide, you’ll get an insider’s look at the island, from finding a budget-friendly hotel to exploring the local temples. His informative and entertaining travel videos are a great source of inspiration for anyone planning a trip to Thailand.

If you’re planning your own budget travel adventure, Gabriel’s guidebook, “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel” is a valuable resource packed with practical travel information. You can also check out his book of adventure travel stories, “Following My Thumb”, for more inspiration and travel insights.

Throughout the video, you’ll also hear acoustic music from talented artists, adding to the overall vibe of the island experience. The video serves as both a visual journey and a source of valuable travel tips for anyone planning a trip to Ko Tao.

As an experienced world traveler, Gabriel Morris has been venturing around the world since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. His passion for travel and adventure is evident in his videos, making them a valuable resource for anyone planning their own travel adventures.

So, if you’re interested in exploring the enchanting island of Ko Tao, or simply love travel videos, then “Traveling to Ko Tao, Thailand | This Island is So Sweet” is an absolute must-watch. Gabriel’s captivating storytelling and stunning visuals will surely inspire your own adventure to this island paradise.

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This island looks pretty sweet so sweet Awesome [Applause] Hey there what’s happening good afternoon this is the LOM pra pier near Chan Thailand on the peninsula the mainland out there are the islands kotal Copan kosami I am taking a boat in 30 minutes to Kota about an hour and a half boat ride it is about 12:30 right now so we

Should arrive you know 2:30 in the afternoon something like that just got my uh pad tie with chicken for lunch I have firmly entered the tourist Zone the different scene from where I’ve been the previous week in kop payam and coang but Kota is nice I was there once

Before a decade ago exactly almost uh so looking forward to it and then after that Co pan three nights in Co toown so let’s do it look at all these people a little different from going to copay where it was a small boat it’s like four people on

It it’s just like this endless line it’s a catamaran and the announcer back there said that it has capacity of 350 but there are only 200 passengers so it’s not even full like barely half full so so the crazy thing is that Kau is about

The same size as kop payam and Co Chang I with before yeah you just have like so many more people going there the price of the ticket was 650 bot which is $197 one way actually I just realized I should clarify something not everybody here is

Going to go town this boat goes to co and then K COI so that actually makes a big difference kopan is biggeri is even Bigger [Applause] Yeah Yeah He [Applause] just got onto the island of kotow after spending uh the night on a bus and then a couple hours on a boat this island looks pretty sweet so sweet awesome these are all folks going to hop back on the boat and head somewhere else nice no worries

Hello balore for two free for you Wi-Fi inside the room for the B minute and 5 minute walking this one 500 500 B two person one person two person one person one person same same five from here 5 minutes here from here ah I go with you

Free my car free from the pi okay okay go with me okay yes room fre today okay perfect all right I already found a room cool so I just got onto the island of kot after spending the night on a bus and a couple of hours on a boat just got

Onto the island of kotow after spending uh the night on a bus and then a couple hours on a boat this island looks pretty sweet so sweet this island looks pretty sweet so sweet awesome so I did not spend last night on a bus that last clip was from more than 10 years

Ago late December 2013 it is now January 10th 2024 just over a decade later it is great to be back so as you saw at the beginning there I spent last night at a hotel very close to the appear coming from coang but the other coang over near Myanmar and

Copay so I have a hotel for three nights I want a bike B how much per day one day 250 cup okay 3 days okay okay let’s go bro okay let’s go bro we are rocking and rolling this place has definitely changed in the past 10 years a lot more

Businesses all right got to get over to my uh Hotel 250 bot per day that is less than it was on copay about uh like $7 or something good deal so they wanted my passport or 5,000 bot deposit that is like $135 something like that I went with the deposit had to go

To 5 ATMs the 41 worked but finally did got cash got the bike got it filled up with gas uh-oh I need to go to the right here it says one way I’m going to follow the turn around go back oh and a quick stop to show a very beautiful

Temple look at the name of this one wat means Temple wat Karo and sanum seran Buddhist temple a monk hard at work here all Right very nice so here is the uh main road heading for the main town and Beach nice place just waiting to get a go-kart to man this place is nice divers in the pool pretty good looking Wi-Fi 16 megabits 15 megabits uploading and look at this really nice Tastefully done room for $75

A night 68 I have it for three nights seems pretty much brand new fairly compact room but but uh just fine for me or for a couple or whatever so I had asked them for an upper floor room as I always do and a room with a nice view and they delivered drying

Rack little balcony look at that amazing views and then also on the other side let’s not lock myself out here look at this big old patio more epic views and look at that pool man very very nice wo and what’s over over here it’s like a Lake damn pretty sweet for $75 especially because the prices on kotow have skyrocketed so the place that I stayed the last time 10 years ago happy bungalows 15 bucks a night hey there and saat D cop from kotow Thailand that means hello and Tai so I just wanted to do another quick

Video showing my current Bungalow give people an idea for what you can get on a budget traveling in Thailand so this Bungalow is 500 bot and there is currently the exchange rate of 32 bot to the US dollar so basically 100 bot is $3 it’s about 15 bucks for this Bungalow

Pretty sweet uh Bungalow as you can see nice and spacious I’ll get back here get the broad view it has Wireless included attached bathroom the typical shower which gets your uh bathroom floor all wet but what the heck still works sink and mirror refrigerator which is pretty uh

Handy and a safe for putting your passport and stuff in and then this doesn’t have AC but it has two fans at least and it hasn’t been all that hot especially today it’s looking a little bit blustery out there I’ll head out there and just show what the uh

Bungalows in general look like this place is called happy Bungalows and it is just a short uh 5 minute motorbike ride from the port where the boat drops you off getting here here’s my motorbike I have uh rented which I I was very much looking forward to exploring today but with this

Kind of weather not exactly Beach weather we’ll see we’ll see what happens but I came across them online on booking.com when I was searching for accommodation this time $45 for the same thing prices have tripled so less than twice as much for a much nicer room and a better location

Closer to the beach and everything in the town but also kind of quiet it’s like you’re in the jungle out your so anyways I am exhausted what a day but I parked my motorbike in a spot down the hill ways that may or may not be

Legitimate and also is a ways away from here so I want to get the bike and park it right here at the hotel so let’s walk down there and go check out the town in the process so this is the building that my room is in as you can see motorbike

Parking right here butth what I’m going to do now is head into town find a nice restaurant with a view of the sea take a seat get a beer and uh get some work done hang out chill out relax and then I will drive my motorbike back up here

Later in the evening so there are two main reasons why I am especially stoked to be on Co TOA one is because it is a really nice Island it is certainly very touristy especially now so much more so than 10 years ago but uh still it’s a great

Place but uh secondly it means that my intense travels over the past 8 months now of long bus rides and complicated transportation situations Etc is basically over as far as those long Journeys because from here I will take an hour boat ride to Copan stay there for a few

Days hang with my friend Victor and then from there take another boat to kosui probably just for a day or two and plan to catch a flight I haven’t booked a flight yet need to get on that so you can see the uh SE right out there there

And so I’m not sure where that flight is going to go to but uh I might make another stop or two along the way back home so to speak not that I have a home but uh back to the US to take a break so this is part of the band’s uh

Diving resort area I like where I am better here are the divers but uh any stops that I might make along the way going east eventually over the Pacific we’ll be stopping in a city or two like maybe Busan Korea I’m thinking pan Cambodia maybe a quick stop in Japan not

Sure Philippines we’ll see but probably not long in any of those places and I will just explore around a city or whatever and not do any big long Journeys so I am glad about that now in that uh vein I wanted to tell the story of uh yesterday getting across Thailand from coang

Island all right so here we are in the middle of things let’s maybe get out into the uh sand oh yeah look at that view all right all right all right I can finally say that after an intense couple of days oh boy I remember this uh very very

Clearly it has really changed I think that all of these are new there were restaurants but uh kind of more lowkey ones all right time to get the uh sandals off awesome scene here so I just sort of screwed up I just recorded telling almost the entire story about what happened yesterday while

Walking along the beach here and then looked at my camera and realized that uh the uh memory card had filled up and it had stopped recording I am exhausted I’m not going to uh redo that what I’m going to do is tell you a much much quicker version so yesterday morning coang

Island boat 11:30 to ranong town on the mainland minivan from there 2 hours to Chon City over on the mainland on this side close to the room that I had there but from there is like a 30 minute uh drive to get over to the uh pier and my

Room was right next to that uh Pier like a kilometer away this morning got a uh ride from the hotel over to the pier and then caught the uh boat here as you saw so there was some interesting stuff that happened there along the way but uh I can’t uh be

Bother to try to explain like another 7 minutes or whatever of stuff I think this video is long enough I am just happy to be here and ready to relax so uh let’s find a spot to take a seat and finally genuinely chill out and enjoy this place with a nice cold

Something look at these insanely fast Wi-Fi speeds 21060 uploading wow that is seriously awesome and this is even more awesome my tie 180 bot that is $5 or 4 5 See [Applause] You He

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