Exploring Namibia’s Deadvlei & Sossusvlei: A Memorable Camping Adventure – Video

Exploring Namibia’s Deadvlei & Sossusvlei: A Memorable Camping Adventure – Video

Join us on our first camping adventure in Namibia as we explore Sossusvlei and Deadvlei! In this video, we take you along as we set up camp in our Toyota Legend 45 and navigate the beautiful landscapes of Namibia.

From shopping for supplies in the capital city of Windhoek to setting up our rooftop tent at the Saus Oasis campsite, we show you the ins and outs of our camping experience. We also give you a tour of our camp gear, including our fridge/freezer, cooking supplies, and sleeping arrangements.

As we venture into the Namib-Naukluft National Park, we take you on a drive through the sandy terrain to reach the stunning sand dunes of Sossusvlei. We recommend arriving early to avoid the scorching heat and enjoy the beauty of the desert in the morning light.

Overall, our first time camping in Namibia was an unforgettable experience, and we can’t wait to share the adventure with you in this video. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of this African country and enjoy the thrill of camping under the stars in the Namibian desert.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone here from the country of Namibia a new country for us and it’s going to be our first time in sub Sahara and Africa previously we’ve been in Morocco and Egypt in the north but never this region in the South and this here is actually going to be our

Home for the next 10 days yes exciting it’s going to be the first time that we live in a in a car not a car but just like a big a big thing it’s kind of a camping going to be a camping experience as you guys probably know we’ve never

Done anything like that before and this car was uh $79 us per day with basic insurance and I think if that was the the cheapest that I could find I messaged probably like 10 or 15 different companies and that was the cheapest price the other ones were all

Like 150 yeah yeah double a lot more exp expensive and this company had great reviews so we’re going for this one yeah so once we arrive at today’s campsite we’ll show all the features the things that it has that does include all like the sleeping gear for that price so

We’re going to be sleeping on the roof that’s the tent that comes out and they have like cooking gear things like that so we’ll be showing all of that that’s the company there Horn Bill Car High and the brand is a Toyota Legend 45 so right now we’re in the capital called vindu

Where we stayed the night last night and we just did some shopping that was the parking that we were in there it was like a mall the the shopping place was called Checkers and we bought stuff for the next couple of days and we’re heading to a place called saus fle which

Is one of the popular tourist attractions in Namibia and it’s going to take about 4 hours to get there things are really spaced out here in Namibia So you could probably see straight away one of the things that we’ve got to watch out for about 5 minutes out of the capital and then some monkey runs across I think it was a baboon had one of those big butts W expecting that already though no

I almost freaked out but luckily I wasn’t going that fast so I was able to uh break and nothing bad happened but it was cool but at the same time scary yeah I thought that would be more like out in the wilderness on a gravel road or

Something not like here so close to the capital but as you can see even around the capital it’s like this straight away it’s like super wild just don’t see any constructions or anything at All He All right so we’ve arrived finally a lot later than we expecting the sun’s actually going down now so yeah we need to get our tent set up quickly I think we’re this one number 11 this place is called saus Oasis campsite and it’s around $26 a night here we

Go there’s a nice breeze out here at least it’s been absolutely roasting hot all day and yeah we got like our own sink area and and also bathroom area so that’s why you paying that price the bathroom here got a shower too looking good so I think we remember how to set this

Up I think so we’ll try I don’t know maybe we’ll take 30 minutes and each night it will become easier I hope so first undo this here all right so this is like the final part you got the ladder set up just pull out up here I think it’s the other way around

Yeah spin it oh there we go nice all right so the inside tour which won’t take very long so on the ground is a mattress that’s already in there so you don’t have to put it inside and we screwed up cuz look how much dust is inside that is

Insane and literally all our bags oh God are covered in that dust yeah cuz she said that we were supposed to open this little window but right here didn’t yeah yeah so we’re supposed to pop it open and then the dust would have flown out some of it

Anyway so I can show you the other things that are included now so we got one of the tires there there’s also a spare underneath and then got this I think 45 L fridge and a freezer depending how cool you put it in so we got a bunch of stuff that we bought

Today like meat vegetables fruit got some beer wine it’s about $120 overall the supermarket shopping this is for the tire super Dusty too and then we just set up the table and chairs now that they bring big box that you saw at the start that’s all like the plates and stuff got all

Sorts like comol some water in there got pretty much everything that we need in there and there’s a gas canister somewhere it’s over up here yeah so that’s how we’ll do the the cooking and they also gave us some sleeping bags and blankets pillows too so that’s all up

There if we need them we are here in the summer right now and it is real hot so I don’t know how cold it’s going to get I know in the desert it can still get real cold at Night so there’s so much wind outside that I think we’re going to have to do the cooking in the bathroom [Applause] area we’re in business even here it struggling with the wind we can close this I guess we close this look it’s too low I think yeah there we go past the Time So we’ve entered the National Park now we’ve come early they say to come early cuz of the Blazing heat during the day so we got up at around 6:00 we entered at 6:30 but it takes about an hour inside the National Park to get to the main spot that we’re heading to and

Right now we’re on a part of the road where you need to have a 4×4 so a normal car can’t go through here we’re basically driving on Sand right now before it was uh concrete but if you’re in a car that’s not suitable there is a shuttle back there that you

Can get for for this part they offer that service and this is what we came here for the orange sand Junes going to be seeing it a lot better when we arrive difficult yeah yeah the sand is so soft here so apparently it is common that people get stuck here every day even

With the correct vehicle but there are people that can to you to around here so no Problem so we’re now at the first stop of the day this is is called deadly and this was the part that we actually wanted to see the most so I think first we’re going to climb some of the sand Jun supposed to get some pretty good

Views that one back there is called the Big Daddy 325 M tall don’t know if we can go all the way to the top we’ll see if anyone else is doing it can see people on this one here can already see the footprints from the animals yeah so it’s kind of bizarre you

Get the orange sand and these rock hard clay areas all around one over there too Carol with the desert look yeah protected almost the same color as the sand so this is basically the beginning of the Namib Desert which is what the country is named after Namibia Namib

Desert and it’s considered to be the oldest desert in the world around 55 million years old so if you look on like Google Maps you’ll see that from here all the way to the coast it’s just these orange Dunes orange sand everywhere and it goes on Forever Sh Man walking on San is a killer it’s more my legs than muscles cuz you just sink every footstep sinks it’s already boiling as well it’s actually low season right now cuz it’s the hottest time of the year summer so a lot of people don’t come here so I think it gets to around

Like 35 36 these days so you don’t want to be really walking up sand Junes in that kind of weather and that down there that you can see behind me is the famous part of deadly that you see in the pictures basically when you search pictures of

Just Namibia it will show you the pictures of the trees down there so we’re going to go down there afterwards see how far we get on this Carol I don’t think we’re going to make it to the tip of Big Daddy though no that’s too big really uh and it’s

Already boiling like you said it’s hard even even this is not that big so I think we’ll just do this one yeah maybe the peak care yeah we couldn’t come in the park earlier though so we basically came as early as possible just gets hot really quick that’s so even at night

It’s not cold right now we thought that in the desert it’s always cold at night we’ve been to other deserts before and usually even if it’s violing during the day it’s cold or even freezing at night but not here not right now Anyway All right is this as far as we go then yes I think so so tiing man so we just saw that people that doing the big daddy one they actually walk on the the ground can see people down there but they’re like ants cuz they’re so far away so they’ll

They’ll walk up to this point here and then start going up if we had done that then we would probably go to the top you can see groups up there probably can’t even make them out on the the camera so far away looks like it take like an hour

To get up there if it wasn’t this hot we’d go for it but yeah I’m just not up for it actually it feels kind of dangerous to do it now I think so since we were coming out here to Namibia and we’re planning on doing safaris where

Sometimes the animals are not so close Carol got a new sniper lens for a camera yeah it’s a newed one uh I bought it for 550 not cheap but for this one is a good price and that’s used yeah that’s used uh and this is not the best lens as well

Uh it’s not good for like night photography but for day they use is good and the zoom is very big yeah so I just took some shots of the people all the way over there that you can definitely not see at all on the GoPro and I’ll be able to show you them

Now stabilization is kind of hard when you’re like on the Mac Zoom but yeah the quality seems really good so I mean they’re really far away and I could see them up close seems like it’s going to be a good buy we’ll see when we get to the safari areas of

Namibia all right let’s head down mhm now the fun bar run Down oh Good woohoo oh Man whoa certainly a lot quicker than going up there C’s all the way at the top still I don’t think she’s going to run man I can feel all the sand in my shoes too it was already like that even before I ran so I thought it was crazy running down

The Dune we went up people are coming down from Big Daddy over there all the way down what an unbelievable place though even better from down here we didn’t know that there was this big area with nothing just like the white clay we thought it was all covered in those

Iconic trees that we’re going to check out now it’s another Alien Planet Place yeah this place has been in my bucket list for a while so I’m very happy to be here finally so it really is cool to finally be able to see the bizarre dried

Up trees here that I’ve seen in so many pictures over the years didn’t even know if we’ ever come here and see it ourselves in person so there’s hundreds and hundreds of them all scattered around I think even in the other areas there were some dried up trees like this

And I did some reading the other day to find out how this area became this way so over a thousand years ago there was a river that FL flooded into this area right here which allowed these trees to grow they’re called camel thorn trees and then due to a change in climate the

Water that was here dried up and then apparently the dunes that you’re seeing kind of encroached and they didn’t allow water to come into here anymore which is why the trees died but since the weather is so extremely dry around here that’s why none of the trees have completely

Decomposed they’ve been here for over 9 900 years standing this way all of Them Yeah Water what you needed yeah definitely bring a lot of bottles we brought like three and today is actually 2 days after we arrived at the campsite so we were supposed to come here yesterday but I had a really bad night’s sleep in the tent we didn’t really set it up properly

For air to flow through so it’s kind of like a sauna I think at night here it only gets to like 23 24° C but in the tent it felt like 27 28 I was literally almost sweating and it turned out to be kind of Lucky cuz when we woke up the

Next day our fridge wasn’t working it was working in the morning and then like 2 hours later when we checked the temperature was just going up and up it wasn’t uh freezing or cooling down anything anymore so we had to go to like a repair guy that’s right here in the

Park really close to our place and apparently there’s an issue with the fuse it was broken so he changed that but we didn’t pay for anything the the car company paid for it all so yeah that was nice of them no issues at all for us

And luckily it didn’t take them too long to repair I think it was just like an hour overall Carol made friends there yeah I met a little girl I think she was uh the daughter of one of the guys fixing the truck and yeah she was really

Cute she gave me some candy and then I gave some chocolate to her she was really happy but we ended up being lucky cuz if we had come here in the morning as originally planned we wouldn’t have known the fridge had died probably cuz it died a bit later than the time that

We arrived here and then probably all our food would have gone like rotten cuz it heats up so so quick here especially in the car as well it’s even hotter in there so well that would have been like $100 down the drain yeah the meat the fish the milk everything I’m glad that

Uh we were so tired that we couldn’t come in the end it worked Out So we’re just making a quick stop along the main road there’s loads of different viewpoints of other sand Junes it’s not just the deadly I forgot to mention that the Namib Desert is supposed to have the biggest sandunes in the world too many around 400 m so while you’re driving

Around here a lot of them in the distance look like mountains but they’re sandunes and over on this side there’s some different ones those look like rocks though that’s not sand Anymore He We’re now at a place called cesm Canyon which is right at the entrance of the park so it’s right next to where we’re staying and I guess this is the canyon area right here near the parking pretty deep isn’t it yeah there’s there’s water inside very Brown

Murky water so you remember how I said that there was a river that flooded dead which created that place this was actually the river here didn’t we see in pictures that people were actually at the bottom though yes I think you can go but I know which way yeah work it out

Try and get down there we’re guessing that the entrance is this way the path’s going down anyway yeah really cool completely different to the the Dune area you see lots of layers off rocks and mud got like Caves at this part too window over there The Rock

Window I bet those animals that we see come down here to drink yeah and maybe also to use the the shades and the caves as shelter yeah right now we saw a lot of them in the shade of the trees we no said yesterday as well around this time

Midday when it’s boiling hot they all just lie around under the trees I don’t think the animals drink this water cuz it smells really bad yeah that is some stinky water it kind of smells like animals though yeah so maybe it is the animals animal poop yeah it’s yeah it

Smells like animal poop like Carl said in the pictures it actually look like people were walking through the water but I think they just took the picture here yeah I think so I wouldn’t walk inside of that stinky water yeah I don’t think you can walk in There Yeah So we’ve come to the restaurant that’s in the park I think it’s the only restaurant inside here pretty much the onlya Resturant around this entire region yeah I think some hotels do have restaurants but they are very spread out and probably expensive so that’s why we came

Here yeah so we got something called the haky fish I think that’s how you say it 130 so we both went for that we just checked it’s like 38 39° right now and it really does feel that way so just keep that in mind if you come here in the summer [Applause] so we’ve now come to the swimming pool in the middle of our campsite to cool off yeah it’s really really good and I had forgot that they had this in the like included in our place so it’s a very good place to come after their hot

Day yes so I didn’t mention before but there’s also a gas station inside here so we’ve been able to refill our gas there there’s a cafe I think it’s like a internet cafe yeah you can use their internet um and there’s also like food and like a mini market to just basic

Food but you can buy some things over there and also there is hot water here so you can have a hot shower don’t really need that too much right now but I guess in the winter it gets real cold at night definitely not right now though So we got our dinner spot for the day now with the sunset this is what we wanted on the day we arrived yeah this was supposed to be like just like yesterday or the day before because um we we were planning to get here at around before sunset time

And then have time to cook and everything but we arrived here too too late for that yeah so on that day we’re hoping to have a glass of wine South African wine we were looking for namibian wine in the store but we didn’t find any these are the wine glasses very

Fancy yeah for some reason always at sunset time it’s extra windy around here and then it disappears at night Cheers

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