Three Grammy Performers Announced, Lil Nas X Addresses “J CHRIST” Controversy and More | Billboard News – Video

Three Grammy Performers Announced, Lil Nas X Addresses “J CHRIST” Controversy and More | Billboard News – Video

Three Grammy Performers Revealed, Lil Nas X Addresses “J CHRIST” Controversy & More | Billboard News

The Billboard News video reveals the latest in music and entertainment news, including controversy surrounding Lil Nas X’s new music video “J CHRIST.” In the video, Lil Nas X addresses the backlash he’s received and explains that he never meant to offend anyone with the video. The video also shares the exciting news that Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish will be performing at the Grammy Awards, marking a major moment in their careers. Additionally, the video discusses the box office success of the Mean Girls musical movie and highlights a newcomer in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The video also features an interview with Don Omar, where he shares five things people may not know about him. The video covers a range of music-related topics, providing fans with the latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments from the music industry. With the latest news and insights from top artists and industry professionals, Billboard News keeps viewers informed and entertained.

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Lil naex addresses the J Christ drama new alipa is announced as a Grammy performer after an embarrassing moment with Billy eyh Mean Girls dominates the box office we got a new face in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 we sit down with Don Omar and we learned five things about sexy

Red welcome back to billboard news I hope you guys all enjoyed your long weekend I’m Tetris Kelly it’s Tuesday January 16th and let’s start things off by congratulating Elton John on achieving egot status after last night’s Emy he’s the 19th competitive egot winner well deserved but let’s kick

Things off with Lil Nas X his music video for J Christ calls quite a stir and he’s addressing the drama this is not like to try to get everybody on my good side or whatnot this is more so to clear my own head about my own decisions I

Know I know like you know I messed up like n is saying I’m sorry the artist is experiencing backlash for his new music video J Christ and he’s saying he truly didn’t mean to offend and I can act unbothered all I want but it’s it’s definitely like taking a mental toll on Me Lil na Z is back like J Christ that’s Jesus if you didn’t know but after his mono video caused a similar backlash a few years back he’s saying this isn’t the same thing I thought me clearly not being on the side of the devil in that video was

The I don’t know was was like there was an understanding there that I’m not like trying to diss uh Christianity the raer also did a Tik Tok Downing that famous communion snack and he saying he actually wanted to lighten the mood I thought that video

Was going to be the video to lighten the mood to take it down like less serious or whatnot I thought that was something that we all wanted to do with kids or whatnot but I didn’t understand listen I agree I did try to get extra crackers everybody will be waiting to

See if and where J Christ lands on the billboard High 100 but at least now when we hear the song we know exactly where Lil naac stands but I also didn’t mean to like mock this wasn’t like a you to you people um you to the Christians like

You know it wasn’t it was not that that was our top story but we’ve got plenty other stories to get through here are three more things you need to know the recording Academy announced their first round of Grammys performers Olivia Rodrigo dual Lia and Billy Alish are all

Set to take the stage on February 4th all three released great songs and Billy Alish has been killing it with Barbie during Awards season but I got to say it’s a guts here for me now speaking of dual Lipa and Billy Alish we are obsessed with this viral behind the

Scenes moment from The critic’s Choice Awards it looks like du went to Poe for a photo with Billy but Billy didn’t realize it but I love Do’s recovery with the snack after what was the snack though let’s hope it was that Lamb Chop that Fantasia was looking for where are the lamb

Chops finally mean girls killed it at the box office the musical movie earned $28 million in its opening weekend over 3 million more than the original while Paramount admitted they intentionally didn’t Market the film as a musical off the bat they said 75% of the audience knew it

Was a musical going in and only 16% left disappointed but one person definitely was disappointed Lindsay Lohan’s R said she was hurt by a point in the film where Megan the stallion says Y2K fir crotch is back listen I don’t think the joke was that bad it was clearly in Good

Taste what was bad was how they redid the songs from the musical but that’s a personal what is going on don’t worry about it we have a newcomer to the top 10 with some of your other fav switching spots and a banger not letting go of the spotlight let’s

See what’s hot on the chart this is the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 for the week dated January 20th slipping to 10 is Morgan Wallin last Night while DOA moves up a spot to N Teddy swims makes a top 10 in Trend set number eight I lose control Tyler’s water stays locked at 7even as does scissors snooze at Six Fain the town red drops a spot to number Five and I remember everything moves up to four I remember I remember everything Tate McCrae holds on to her number three Piece as crw summer stays at number Two and at number one for a third week is Jack harlo Ling on Me time to show some love to a Legend our very own Lea Cobo sat down with Don Omar orans ofs for for the full interview hit what’s up this your favorite hoodest princess sexy [ __ ] red and these are five things you don’t know about me okay one I’m a great mama like

Whatever my son want he get he spoiled I with my kids he could be real bad trying to fight me everything I ain’t going I ain’t going to do nothing two I know how to draw and paint real good like I’m real crafty like I like to do home stuff

Like around the house like three people probably don’t know that but I cook real good all my friends whenever I’m cooking they come over my house like you got some food yep now they get them a plate for I got a hidden talent I to do this Five I hate wearing makeup I could have a photo shoot video shoot I’m not really going to do no makeup I’ll just do like a little clear lip some lashes some eyeliner and call it a day I ain’t going to put nothing on my cheeks I don’t care

How much my acne show I just can’t do the makeup and that’s five things you don’t know about me that’s it for today make sure you come back tomorrow for the latest in music news and we learned five things about odari I’m Tetris Kelly and this is billboard news

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