Exploring Rome on a Shoestring Budget: 2024 Travel Tips and Must-See Sights – Video

Exploring Rome on a Shoestring Budget: 2024 Travel Tips and Must-See Sights – Video

Rome, the eternal city, is often seen as an expensive destination for travelers. However, in this video, you’ll discover that it’s possible to experience the best of Rome on a budget. From free sights to visit, cheap ways to get around, and where to find authentic Italian cuisine without breaking the bank, this travel guide has got you covered.

The video takes you on a whirlwind tour of Rome, showing you all the essential landmarks while also revealing hidden gems that are off the beaten path. You’ll learn how to avoid the crowds and long lines at popular tourist sites and discover the best spots for a picnic or to simply sit and marvel at the city’s timeless beauty.

The hosts, Juliana and Martin, share their personal experiences and insider tips for making the most of your visit to Rome without overspending. From the Trevi Fountain to the Coliseum to the Pantheon, they cover all the must-see spots while also seeking out underrated gems that are often overlooked by tourists.

Throughout the video, they emphasize the importance of sticking to a budget while still having fun and indulging in the local culture. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Rome or a seasoned traveler, this video provides valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to explore Rome without breaking the bank.

So if you’re planning a trip to Rome and want to make the most of your budget, this video is a must-watch. It’s a comprehensive and entertaining guide that proves that affordable travel to Rome is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding. With the right tips and tricks, you can experience the magic of Rome without emptying your wallet.

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Video Transcript

In the Eternal City of Rome, where ancient  buildings meet modern-day spectacle,   it’s easy to get lost in a sea of tourists, each  one chasing the same snapshots, the same spoon-fed   experiences. This city, a glorious mix of history,  art, and culture, has become, for better or worse,  

The epitome of a tourist trap. But what if we  told you there’s another Rome, one where you   don’t walk away feeling as if you were both  financially and emotionally drained? Now,   Rome may not have been built in one day, but we’re  going to see it in one. Today, we’re challenging  

Ourselves to see the Eternal City in one day  with under 50 euros per person. We’ll navigate   the mandatory tourist sites but also veer off  the beaten path to places where Rome reveals   itself only to those who look beyond the facade.  Along the way, we’ll indulge in authentic Roman  

Cuisine that doesn’t break the bank and cover  shortcuts that bypass the long lines and find   serene spots amidst the chaos to pause and soak  in the city’s timeless beauty. Welcome.to Rome. Well Martin, we’ve been traveling around for a  few weeks, and our budget is running low. That’s  

Right. Also, when we arrived in Rome, we started  comparing the prices between Rome and Sicily,   and oh my God, I’m a little bit shell-shocked.  So today’s plan is to stick within a budget,   but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to be having  any fun. So we started off our morning bright and  

Early, which we would recommend you do the same so  you can beat the crowds and also, if it’s summer,   you can beat the heat. So we started off our  morning at the most important place to see  

First on our trip, the Trevi Fountain. We thought  we were really doing something when we woke up   at 5:30 a.m. to come over here, but the truth is,  there’s a lot of people to be 6:30am. Yes, I mean,  

Check this out, guys. It’s I mean, not as packed  as it could be during high hours, but definitely   not to ourselves. It’s so funny to be to see  people with big dresses or like fancy shirts  

Only to take a picture over here. Probably they  woke up at 4 in the morning, but it’s all right,   and probably we’re maybe on the budget, but we’re  still going to throw a coin over there so we can  

Return one day to the Eternal City. Yes, here we  go. Yeah, first Euro of the day in the fountain.   There we were, tossing coins into the Trevi  Fountain, making bets with the universe about   coming back to Rome. You’ve got to love a city  where throwing money into water is considered a  

Sound investment for future travel plans. €2  well spent, I guess. Let’s get this touristy   stuff out of the way, though, because next up,  the Coliseum. Picture this: a sea of tourists,   each performing an elaborate dance of duck faces  and selfie sticks, and whatever it takes to get  

The shot. It’s too bad they don’t know the spot,  but we’re going to show you guys. It’s actually in   the back of the Coliseum, so there’s less people,  and if you’re trying to find it on the map,  

There’s a restaurant called La Biga. It’s right in  front of there. There’s this nice little place you   could sit, get some great unobstructed views of  the Coliseum, some great photos, and at this time   of day, the light is gorgeous. Pictures check.  Follow us on Instagram to see how they turned  

Out. But in the meantime, there’s a few other  things to see around here. This is the Arch of   Constantine. They made this arch to celebrate a  big victory in a battle, like the one that is in   Paris. This one also here also commemorates a big  battle, and these beautiful buildings sometimes  

They get overshadowed by the big Coliseum, you  know. And talking about the Coliseum, if you want   to visit and get inside, you have to get your  tickets online. They don’t sell it over here,   and watch out for the scammers. There’s a couple  of people dressing up as gladiators that they want  

To take a picture with you, and then they want to  charge you big money, so be aware of that. We try   to save money, so the last thing we want to do  is just being scammed. Take a look at this guy  

In the back with the scooter. He’s actually onto  something because we’ve learned that there’s tons   of these lime scooters around the whole city. If  you’re able to use your phone while you’re here,   it’s totally worth it to rent one of these  lime scooters to get around. And pro tip:  

Don’t just do it by minute because it gets very,  very expensive. They actually have day passes.   You can do a 60-minute pass, 90-minute pass, and  you can spread it out throughout the day how many   minutes you use, and that’s a super great way  to save money. But you know what’s even better,  

You know what’s even cheaper than a scooter?  Walking. So bring some walking shoes like Martin   and I because yeah, we’re trying to stick to  our budget, so every dollar counts. Whenever   you’re going to eat or going to drink coffee  or drink something else, make sure you’re at  

Least two blocks away from the famous buildings.  Why? Because otherwise, they’re going to charge   you a lot, and probably the food or drinks  they not going to be as good. So right now,   we check there’s nothing around us, so we’re going  to have coffee over here. I see there’s locals  

Here. It’s fast, it’s nice, it’s our place. All  right, let’s break down the anatomy of a genuine   Italian coffee shop. Dark wood like this is a  good sign, and even better if you see people in  

And out in a matter of minutes. If a menu isn’t  present, you know you found a good spot. Oh,   and if there are chairs, it’s probably a tourist  trap. True Italians take their coffee standing up. If you order a cafe, a coffee over here,  

They’re going to give you this, which I  love. Perfect temperature, just drink it and go. And I feel slightly at home here because  this place is a Sicilian-style cafe. Locals are   coming in and out super fast. The faster, the  better here in Italy. I thought I was queen of  

Fast food in the US. No, they know how to do  fast coffee here. Anyway, also got a cannoli   to hit the road. Looks delicious. The thing about  pastry shops, coffee shops in Rome, and throughout   Italy is it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. See  these people lining up down the block? You know,  

To have some sort of fancy pastry? No, you can  get something just as good, cheap here at uh,   Cafe di Noto. €8 so far, well, 10 if we count the  two that we put into the fountain, so 10€ so far.  

The reason why everybody comes over here and the  reason why you should come over here if you come   to Rome is because this is the best-preserved  building of ancient Rome. It’s beautiful.   La Cupula, how do you say that, Jules, Dome,  the dome is magnificent, and it’s a beautiful,  

Beautiful building. We bought the tickets online  that we avoid big lines, and it’s only €5 each,   so right now we spend €20 for all our day so far.  The Pantheon has a legacy as immense as its dome.   Built in 126 AD, this ancient temple turned church  is a testament to Rome’s architectural ingenuity  

And is the final resting place of legacies such as  the renowned artist Raphael and two Italian kings.   And what they don’t tell you when you purchase  those admission tickets is that you’re also   snagging front-row seats to the greatest show not  listed on the ticket: people-watching. It’s like  

A crash course in human behavior, only way more  entertaining. And sure, we’re part of the circus   too, making this video for you, but don’t worry,  we draw the line at scrawling out on the ground.   Somebody needed to say it. Now that we’ve crossed  most of the crowded spot off our list today, what  

Do you say we head to a spot that has much less crowds? This is the Monument of Victor Emmanuel   II, the first king of Italy as a unified  country. This is a very nice monument. You  

Can see right now it’s under construction, but you  can still climb it, and best of all, it’s free to   watch. Some Romans, they call it the typewriter  because if you see it all, it looks like one.

Wow, the view up here is totally worth all those  steps. In our next spot, we’re going to escape the   crowds a bit, which I’m excited about. Just me,  Martin, you guys, the camera. We’re going to go  

Have a little picnic. Our goal is to find some  sort of really good deli with meats, cheeses,   or some sort of takeaway option, have ourselves a  picnic in this beautiful place we found, so we’ll  

Meet you guys over there. One thing I love about  this city is that you’ll be walking around on your   way from sight to sight, and you’ll get distracted  by other buildings that are so, so beautiful,   and also tons of fountains everywhere,  which, by the way, if they look like this,  

You can drink out of them. You can bring your  water bottle with you, fill it up for free. I’ve   also seen people sticking their heads under the  the faucet to drink, but no, no, no, we’re going  

To do it like the Romans do. I’m going to show  you a little trick that I’m not seeing many people   know about. Amongst all the alleyways of Rome is  this place, the Spanish Steps. Here, art, history,   and cosmopolitan energy converge into what is  quite literally steeped in centuries of story.  

Now, they are free to enter. There’s tons of  tourists here. There’s something to be mindful of:   to make sure that you don’t lose a ton of money  while you’re here. Not many people realize you   will be fined for eating, drinking, and sitting  on the steps. We’re going to probably see a few  

People getting fined right now because a lot of  people don’t realize this. You might be walking   with a drink in your hand, sipping it, and a  police officer will come and fine you a big fine,  

So avoid that at all costs. Put away your drinks,  walk the Spanish Steps, and let’s do it for free   without having to spend a dime or a euro, in  this case. The Spanish Steps, a grand staircase  

Of 135 steps, has a history that stretches back  to the 18th century. Funded by a French diplomat,   they were built to link the Bourbon Spanish  Embassy to the Trinità dei Monti church above,   symbolizing a peaceful connection between France  and Spain. While here, we realized there were a  

Few other unofficial rules no one told us about:  no sleeping, no fast food, no apple cores. Yeah,   no, no astronauts. Yeah, no diving boards, no  hairspray. Oh yeah, I, I encourage that. Don’t   spit while you’re talking. Don’t divide men and  women; treat them equally. But back to the main  

Task right now, having a picnic. We are walking  away from the crowds, and just our luck, we see   a shop selling meat and cheese with no English  menu in sight. This is our spot, Il Salumaio

We found this sandwich place, and, they’re going  to make it right now for us. So Jules ordered one   that it’s Italiano, that’s mozzarella, tomato,  and, and basil, and for me, I ordered Norma,   that it has also tomato eggplant, ricot, and  basil. Sounds good. We’re going to take it to

Go. €4 in a place that is totally  unpretentious, and the menu is in Italian,   like it should be. Across the street, we saw this  other deli where they have tiny bottles of wine,   a perfect addition to our picnic, and €9 for a  bottle of wine, small one, and they open it for

Us. €43 so far, right? €43 so far, well spent. In a city as crowded and as big as Rome,  sometimes it’s difficult to avoid the crowds.   That’s why Villa Borghese, it’s like a sanctuary,  like an oasis, you know, in the middle of the  

City. It’s a nice park, huge, that allows you to  be away from all the people, relax, and enjoy the   nature, and if you have enough wine, maybe you’re  going to forget that you’re in a crowded city. Geese hanging out, couples  making out, kids having gelato,  

This park is just such a vibe. What do you  say we dig into our sandwiches? I cannot wait. Cheers. We’re in freaking in Rome. Well, that sandwich was a million times  better than we expected it would be. Seriously   delicious, and we’re probably going to  go back tomorrow, off-camera. But what  

Do you say we go back to exploring some  more free spots to see in Rome? Let’s go. Well, another free spot for us to see.  Yes, this is La Piazza del Popalo. It’s very,   very famous and unique. It has two fountains  on each side, and then the big obelisk that  

Is from Egypt. So so cool. And you told  me there’s some reason that we’re here,   some sort of movie reference? If you’ve seen  the movie uh, Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks,   you will know this piazza. That is so you,  Martin, referencing that movie. Meanwhile,  

Off-screen, I have been referencing the Lizzie  McGuire Movie nonstop. She made me watch it. As late afternoon approaches, we decide to take  a visit to the other side of the river Tiber,   to Trastevere. And it certainly feels different  from the Rome we saw this morning. I mean, this is  

All that you’re looking for when you’re coming to  Rome, right? It’s all that all of us are searching   for: little alleyways, cobblestone, ivy growing  so, so high, restaurants setting up with little   twinkle lights. And at this time of day, it’s  perfect to just walk around and see what there  

Is. I like this neighborhood a lot more than some  of the other areas we were today. It’s super cute,   so let’s see what else we can find. And you  can’t do Rome without having some gelato,   right? But that’s one expense we’d gladly  splurge on. To make sure we got the real deal,  

Fatamorgana. Incredible gelato is served here. We  got two for €6, which brings us, I believe if I’m   correct, to a grand total of €49. Your, that is  correct. Okay, and here’s what you need to look   for when you’re looking for gelato. Okay, number  one rule: when they serve pistachio, it doesn’t  

Matter if you’re going to order pistachio or not,  if it is a vibrant, bright green, unnatural color,   it is not a good place. The pistachio color should  be almost like an earthy, brownish-green, like a   natural color pistachio, and their vanilla should  also have a slight yellow color to it. This place  

Has come highly recommended, and what I loved is  that they actually had some very unique flavors,   and they’re all very, very small batches, so the  stuff here is very fresh. I went for lemon curd,  

Plus I went way off of what I normally do. It’s  basil, walnut, I want to say ricotta, I can’t   remember what the third ingredient was, but let  me tell you, I had a little lick of lemon curd,  

By by far my favorite ice cream or gelato I’ve  ever tried. It is a true lemon curd flavor. It’s   not like just lemon; it is lemon curd. It’s  got that creaminess. I ordered tuna. If you  

Don’t know, tuna, it’s what grows in the cactus,  not the fish, not the, not the fish tuna. And I   also ordered papaya. Was delicious, delicious.  Over here, it feels a little bit more like local   life in this neighborhood. You can see a lot of  kids playing in the park using their Roma shirts.  

I love it. It’s like the real life of Rome. As  we were finishing our gelato, two local kids,   fresh out of school, came up to us shyly,  asking if we were YouTubers. It’s a weird thing,   this YouTube gig. You’re in this bubble, always  chasing more views, more subscribers. With our  

75,000 subscribers, we often feel like just a drop  in the bucket. But when these kids looked us up   and saw our subscriber count, their eyes lit up  in a way that made us pause. “Can I follow, yeah,  

Follow you, Tourist to local. oh oh my God, oh my  God.” Currently having our Lizzie McGuire moment.   We’re going to become famous in Rome, take over  the city. These boys from the city, they came up   and said hello. They’re so, so sweet. What are  your names? “Me, Julio. him, Arturo.” Juliana  

And Martin.” Very nice to meet you. To them,  we weren’t just small fish; we were, I guess,   kind of a big deal. It was a real heartwarming  moment to know that some kids in Italy think   we’re celebrities or something. I don’t know, it  was just nice. The next place we’re going to show  

Pays tribute to one of our personal heroes, that’s  Anthony Bourdain. Tony loved negronis and used to   love to come over here to this place in Rome to  drink his negronis. So, let’s figure it out this

Place. This isn’t just any bar. It’s where I got  one of the best negronis I’ve ever had. Yeah,   I said it. This one is for you, Tony. But what  really confused me was the buffet spread that   magically appears with your beverage. It’s  like they know you’re spending all your euros  

On ancient ruins and need a break. Here,  your drink buys you more than just a buzz;   it buys your dinner. But even though the food here  is included, we skip it because we have dinner   plans at La Famiglia tonight. This restaurant  was right by our hotel. We came here night one,  

Off-camera, and returned for a total of  five times during this trip. The carbonara   here is life-changing, and we’ll probably  regret telling you about this place when we   come back in the future and see a line. And  the grand total here, for a water, a wine,  

Two plates of spaghetti, and a couple of new  friends from Canada, a little more than €28. “Yep,   yep. I used to do tap dance.” “Me too.”  “My daughter, did it for 15 years” “Me too” That carbonara was life-changing, and that  cacio e pepe, my God. Now, funny enough,  

You guys wouldn’t know this, but we actually  were planning to talk to you a lot more during   that dinner, but we ended up meeting just the  coolest couple, this nice couple from Canada,   and we were just talking all night long.  Seriously, okay, so grand total, Martin,  

What are we at?” “Okay, the grand total for  both of us is €87.56, so divide that by two,   €43.78. I’d say that’s pretty, pretty good  for two tourists in Rome who just are trying   to have a good time and not be too cheap. For  an entire day, I think that’s awesome.” “And  

I guess this concludes our journeys around  Italy, right?” “That’s right. I’m very sad,   but I’m very happy with all the experiences that I  have over here. Seriously, every person we’ve met,   happened to found this channel after meeting us,  thank you so much for just being a part of our  

Journey and making this trip so magical. And if  you haven’t seen the series that we did in Sicily,   I would strongly recommend you to check that  out. Seriously, because if you are thinking   of going to Rome, I would highly encourage  you to maybe, maybe just pop over to Sicily  

Because I loved it. All right, we left this  video over here for you guys to watch next.   So long, travel well, make the world your  neighborhood. See you guys next time. Bye.

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