Exploring Saint John’s Antigua Market Through a Food Tour – Discovering Antiguan Cuisine for the First Time! 🇦🇬 – Video

Exploring Saint John’s Antigua Market Through a Food Tour – Discovering Antiguan Cuisine for the First Time! 🇦🇬 – Video

Antigua Market Food Tour in Saint John’s was an amazing experience of exploring the vibrant Antiguan food, people, and culture. Starting off at Saint John’s Market, the video captures the essence of the largest market in Antigua and Barbuda with vendors showcasing their produce and traditional dishes. The host, joined by vendors like Sarah and the Juiceman, indulged in Antiguan delicacies like Pepperpot, Fungi, and savory goat water. The video also highlights encounters with locals, including a lively chat with a Jamaican vendor and a Dominica native.

The tour also included a visit to the Craft Market and interactions with vendors offering a variety of handmade products. The host’s interaction with a local farmer and his son showcased the dedication and hard work that goes into farming in Antigua. From savoring icy cold snow cones to tasting Tamarind balls and coconut ice cream, the video captures a mix of flavors that Antigua has to offer. With insights into the island’s rich history and the sense of community among various immigrant groups, the video encapsulates the warmth and diversity of Antiguan culture.

Overall, the Antigua Market Food Tour in Saint John’s is a delightful exploration of the island’s culinary delights, showcasing the warmth and hospitality of its people and the rich cultural tapestry that makes Antigua a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and travelers.

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Video Transcript

This is the largest market in Antiga and barbuta the Saturday Morning Market in St John this is where all the vendors bring their produce and you can also try all the main dishes of Antiga but first let’s take a step back for a second welcome to Antiga and Barbuda the home

Of beautiful beaches pepper poot and fungi not you Guyana and maybe the best KFC in the world we are here to learn about the real Antiga and barbuto and to learn the truth about this magical island nation we are learning about its people its culture and most importantly its

Delicious food from fresh seafood Dua saltfish and to the famous black pineapple the sweetest in the world with that said let’s get back to Antiga and Barbuda let’s go and behind me we have VC bird he is the father of the nation he’s the guy who liberated the country

From the UK in 1981 now let’s go explore the market follow me bananas cucum small Cucumbers let’s see here so this one is really Market Street so you can see all the traffic everybody making their way up into the City and anything from here right down to the market complex is where you find all the C and vegetables so I think we should start this way

Right here though okay so this is uh some breakfast uh what just eggs just eggs so here is just like produce so we got eggs produce it’s produce so to speak hello wow good eggs so have two different varieties of eggs there and over here I think she has some soup some

Breakfast some breakfast that’s what I want to start with what do you have here today okay well we have leave back we have chicken soup we have pig fot with red bean we have goat water Ana goat water we have and saltfish we have saltfish we have

Liver we have stew chicken we have fried fish with Bak SP coconut dumpling and this season rice wow I mean you gave me everything I wanted uh I think I want the goat water for sure water the liver I can sawfish the national dish of Jamaica maybe we’ll go with that too I

Don’t know I’m thinking you gave me so much that’s a go water perfect this is one of’s um yeah yes you we have Manish water what’s your name my name is Marie Marie and you were born Inga of course no I was born in Jamaica I’m a Jama oh you’re Jamaican yes

Wan Wan amazing so the BS those are bigs need to get it with liver oh wow that looks amazing perfect awesome thank you very much thank you very appreciative no no problem let’s let’s do this I’m going to start right here all right go water this is an Antiga

Favorite look at that beautiful broth so this is like a stew yeah it’s like a stew stash soup that’s what careful it might be hot though n it’s perfect I know it is it’s like lukewarm the cinnamon it reminds me of the taste of Pepper Pot in Guyana very similar

M drink a little bit of that and at the bottom you see all the meat coming out that’s goat meat it’s like a caramel dude it’s so sweet the cinnamon a lot of seasoning a lot of seasoning they use a lot of peppers a lot of onions a lot of

Cilantro I think this after a hangover oh no that’s what normally that’s what people would have yeah for sure I mean because soup is when you’re sick or in some cases if you haven’t eaten all day or sometime to break the fast some people will have that

Though enjoying it as a some good goat meat mhm yeah yeah yeah certainly yeah beautiful this is my favorite say it a million times everywhere I go I always say goat is number one goat and lamb are my two favorite Meats if I have to eat meat I rather that over beef right

M it’s so tender it melts yeah cuz it really cooks for a long time so the meat can be tender we call it lint weight so as you cook it it kind of melts down so that’s why it comes become so thick as well though our first edition in the market was amazing

Cheers good one let me tell you what I do I season the goat meat with um a few seasoning blend seasoning and I pressure my goat meat after pressure in the goat meat and it’s done I put a little flour in it to get a

Little body so that it can dip the bread in it so I spice it up and then I put blend seasoning in it too yeah and a little pepper Johnny Cake yes Johnny cake like a tiny bake almost like a p Theo the Brazil fluffy dip it straight in here

This is literally the meaning of the name you know to dip the bread absorb all that delicious stew nice and sweet oh yeah like this has to be eaten like this like my boy mark would do you find you find a lot of vegetables a lot of fruits Ginger plantin lettuce

Eggplants sweet potatoes okos oranges garlic bananas I mean this a lot of fresh food see sweet peppers yeah um nice girls Bora nice handsome men what what you talking about where’s the handsome man here nice fresh pumpkins are you a handsome oh you’re amazing you’re amazing what’s your name

Onika Onika are you inan no I’m a guyane you’re guyane yeah so Pepper Pot metam G or egg ball pea pot and MMG okay I like that I like that why you um calling Guana national dishes why yeah cuz I love them so how you know them you I’ve

Been there oh you’ve been there yeah yeah okay that’s a nice place isn’t it KRA Falls I’m going to actually tattoo kitra Falls like right here on my thing oh you actually cut no I haven’t done it I haven’t done it soon haven’t done it so what do you do here just vegetables

Yeah just vegetables and myself yeah and how by me look at you your Otherside noted what is happening here dude I’m like lost I’m speechless you killed me you kill me you guys I’m my God morning morning how are you I’m good I’m good sorry she just made me laugh too much

Right now internally I couldn’t handle it I’ve never been offered oh my God I’ll see you I’ll see you now see he said you want a guy wife guy his wife oh my God that’s it so so how long have you been here in Antiga um

5 years 5 years yeah and are you from Georgetown or you from esbo no I’m from M Countryside country side yeah nice and and and what do you do here Inga in terms of this is like what you do for a living yeah Le yeah and do you work with

Farmers or no I’m a Huskers Huskers yes I actually buy the sell box so you buy and then you sell out okay so so you’re buying from the farmers yeah of course of course nice uh I I I can’t stop guys I I’m like I’ll see you later I’ll see you

Later nice you the Tacoma one the only this is what happens in Antiga dude it was too much it was too much no yeah the issue there was that she was like serious she was like take me with you you’re a farmer what’s your name twin I

Twin I twin I yeah I’m a twin okay yeah but my brother died at Birth I’m sorry to hear that I’m doing farming for 22 years now what do you do specialize in pumpkin pumpkin yeah but a go wide range of like tomatoes eggplant cucumber um okro butter nuts sweet pepper so mostly

Whatever seasonal but you specialize in pumpkin Great Pumpkin all year so how does it work with just you go you pick in the mornings you come bring it into the markets here like on the weekend I Hotel super markets and local vendors and I still sell at the market to and I

Do a little expor to the British Virgin Islands and squ to I just came from um agest that’s an annual exhibition and a food feir that H in s every year yeah is the 52nd um um just happened a couple days ago from the 17th to the 19th St cow is

Beautiful yes so we have all the different Islands come down and showcase their talent and vegetables craft and you know planting chips so it’s an agricultural like a event yeah yes nice and what is your typical day like as a farmer how early do you wake up like how

Do you start on the weekends have to be here like from 3:00 in the morning 3:00 in the morning yeah you get here yeah so you don’t sleep that day oh my God yeah and regular I’m up from 5: in the morning regular yeah and some go sleep

At like 11:00 and 12: in the night I’m the 5:00 a.m. guy and sometimes I do the same thing like I I get four hours sleep it’s like you know you can’t function you know it’s hard it’s hard you know you got to do what you got to do you got

To do what you got to do yeah especially when you’re the boss and you know especially when you have a family and kids and all the whole shebang I know I know I live it I live this you know but uh no farming because you know farming

Is not all about making money it’s about feeding people too you know once you have food you have four that’s why I love food because it connects us all you know but uh but awesome natur I would eat as pumpkin but I don’t know eat pumpkin like this you

Got to like put it in a stew right steam it you got to steam it it’s not so easy this is not just eat it on the street I wish this was like a watermelon if it was pumpkin up to a 75 lb already 75 lb pumpkin do you have any massive pumpkins

Here see this size wow and that small this is small and this still small you know oh my gosh bro this is huge might be like 20 lb now we about 20 25 25 lb yeah that’s amazing that I actually knew that number that’ll make a few pumpkin pies huh so that’ll

Make a few pumpkin pies dude for sure this for Thanksgiving God oh my gosh this going to happen too often now how are you very good you oh my god what are you doing in an oh we’re filming we’re enjoying trying food yeah what’s your name I’m tanisia and where are you

From I’m from Jamaica you’re from Jamaica watch the video that you did in Jamaica and it was lovely oh thank you I appreciate that thank you I love everybody here man this is great this is great it’s great Jamaica Jamrock this is a nice country this country is great

Yeah this country is peaceful this morning you were just on Market Street with the fruit guy just on the corner market yeah I’m teasing people I’m I’m like no one knows where I Am you’re like I’m Corner next yeah yeah I’ve been doing this thing on this trip where like no one knows where I am you know build up hype yeah build up the hype yeah yeah it’s nice where you from I’m from Miami parents were from Venezuela okay okay yeah so I’ve been

Caribbean my whole life and then now you know 38 now I’m discovering more of it you know it’s expensive to travel to Caribbean it’s expensive you know that’s the hardest thing for me like it’s easier and cheaper for me to go to panc and need go Jamaica sometimes my man hey

Thank you thank you you made my day yeah man take care thank you yeah yeah for sure sorry pleasure no gyana everywhere yes no when I go to New York it’s like gue it’s great bye all right let’s go let’s see what we do here Sean where should we walk

Through so next stop is going to buy by this guy right here this’s where I get my fresh coconut from every Saturday morning so I come here ritually to get my coconut water from this guy coconuts my favorite thing in the Caribbean oh that’s it coconuts woo you

Going to pay me to video me today what I’m on the scene my man how you doing everything good one like it love it love it love it so try it it’s only 5 easy tou my man’s ass s like that then you put it ahead B you drink

It it you Dr like that how you doing baby oh cup man water from the gods bro this is amazing oh sweet from from the Jesus Jesus blessed bless coconut water and when we’re done can you cut it in half sure and pull it out yeah yeah

Man get some of the jelly that jelly right there right right there this is a spoon my name is Nigel R man maners all right let’s get that jelly the jell is open jell is there oh yes look at that this one’s gorgeous sometimes it’s too little this one has a nice thick

Layer get the spoon put that right there hopefully it doesn’t fall oh bro right here oh yes man dude might be wow it’s thick still little sweet M so creamy don’t worry brother every day some so Nigro woo how long you been doing this for about 25 30 years 30

Years bro this one I just took a bite of it was like flan it felt like flan say it’s your turn h slow slow slow slow slow bingo I took a bite of this one and it was like FL dude it melted through my teeth it was ridiculous this from your

Farm or do you go around asking going want and buy M as well I pick by by me sometime or my family yeah nice cuz in when I was in Barbados I went with a guy and he he goes and he ask people so he

Goes up to every person has a palm tree and it’s like hey can I take the coconuts and then he leaves them a few is that what you guys do or sometime you do that as well as you buy some and somebody give you some so it’s like I

Come purchase some sometime I go to somebody else they will give me for free clean the tree and get some and you’ve been doing it 30 years and coming to this spot maybe more than that more than that yeah and you always come here well

It was over on the other side early on and I get more the Place change up you have to move around and move around and move around it’s not one steady place but I’m here for a while now you understand mm yes so I’m just here for

Now and cut and go for a while and are you in can you do a one shop yeah good could woo yes one chop coconut man in Antiga wow one C he he sliced it perfectly it’s incredible my man uh how many did we get did we get I don’t even

Know how many we got what do we owe you my man two of them not give me a thing good it’s not to be greedy with nobody now just bless me and make me feel good and you feel good yeah yeah good cheers I’m not it’s not about the money

It’s about being a d to Earth person in Antiga you don’t go and Rob people you make an honest dollar Nigel I don’t mess with people things I’m a Survivor ask my big brother over there he can tell you coconut King come here I come here come all years com I my

Coconut water here every Saturday Sunday will I take me and went for my son every Su man every Saturday some of the best I ever had I for real right here straight up like I thought it was good down in Trinidad biggest s set in a pickup oh

Wow biggest set in a pickup love his music oh my gosh amazing old school it’s incredible by man thank you cheers man cheers hope you enjoy the video Yeah share with with everybody peace and love peace peace and love thank you check your name the pick up this amazing you

That’s you right there yeah and what do you do coconuts as well that’s what I do man coconuts more coconut Kings hey this is Daniel and welcome this is what you get when you come here fresh stuff so like on Saturday when I come here Saturday I

Would normally go by this lady here so this is the lady that I normally go by she’ll have all my avocados I’ll buy all my vegetables my fruits right here this lady right here I got all my stuff from there all right let’s go out David David how are you a thank you

Thank [Applause] you I love those crabs is everybody everybody watching the crabs yeah so hello how are you I’m okay what’s your name I’m Sandra Sandra David pleasure pleas to see you nice to meet you so you’re telling me that he buys from her every Saturday yeah every

Saturday I come to the market so his I’ll get my cucumbers I’ll get my lettuce avocado anything I need Ginger we’ll get all that right here by santra so what’s your life like in terms of the day what time you get here today at 300 in the morning um 2:30 2:30 mhm

And I live at 8: or even 7:30 in the night her day today was yesterday your day today was came through yeah that’s what I do I love it you love it and the weekend Market is so this is is really like packed right yes on Saturday Friday Saturday it’s really

Packed so you have tomatoes cucumbers bell peppers onions massive pumpkin I’m guessing is pumpkin like a big thing here in Antiga cuz I’m seeing a lot of it or just seasonal right now season for got it some of the stuff are actually imported from Dominica Dominica is like

A neighboring Island for us we get a lot of food from them they have a lot of rivers and so what would happen is is that these boats would come in unlike a weekly basis and so some of the produce here uh comes from Dominica so that’s

How we get a good Supply here in the island Malta classic the ananan now right no but it’s very popular very popular here these are like local drinks I don’t like to buy no what should Outsiders know about Antiga the basic of the country you know

The wellbe you should know you know what we like the food that you would like the drinks that you would like oh my favorite food is pepper PT and funi that’s my favorite food the national dish that’s our national dish and baby you would like that too so you need to

Try it no we haven’t tried pepp pot or funji so where can we try here in the market the local there’s some local stuff inside the market local stall inside the market there’s a stall there right to the southern the northern part of the gates you can go right there to

Get it all right before we do that we’re going to go to the craft Market which is literally right here so Craft Market it on the opposite side so it’s you can enter that gate over here okay and you can go right in yeah I see it through

These These are vendors inside here right these are venders but if you go through the gate and you go inside you’ll see a lot of varieties of stuff do they have mask mask yes they have everything there have mask every do let’s go thank you s thank you so much

Bir thank you so much for watching David’s been here is Independent Media we’re raw we’re authentic no sponsors please become a member of this channel it’s $5 a month less than a cup of coffee and our channel will be self-sufficient I’ll be able to go on

Forever until I get to the moon thank you guys love you please become a member I really would appreciate it let’s go Antiga Craft Market if you can’t make it to Antiga go to dbh store in Miami all right oh it looks pretty closed though it’s like one star open

Morning how’s everything I’m good and how are you I’m very good so tell me about yourself uh he was telling me outside that you make 90% of the products here yes 90% of the things here I did them we have local um souvenirs we have that’s the that plaid

Is the national Fabric and we have it here in the um the flag now this month is Black History Month and so we’re focusing on making stuff for black history so I’ve noticed that some of the Stalls have have you know like all this other stuff like I

Wouldn’t say Chinese but stuff that’s been imported is there a big problem here cuz I I love that you’re making most of your products well um the thing the edge I have above others because I make local so when you come in you get things you get made in

Antiga and that’s and and that’s a plus and how long have you been a sster well let me see maybe about 30 years 30 years yeah maybe about 30 years and what are you making there what is that well this um doing something this is a

Headband most of the the girl stuff we made them like we made the headbands we have the head the dress the headband it’s a complete thing yeah I was thinking getting my own red bandana well I have I have different oh I like this for my kids

This is the flag of Ana yes that’s nice I didn’t make that yeah know of course of course no this is a T-shirt and I did this dress oh it’s beautiful this dress and this is the headband the dress how much is this one um $32 32

EC it might be I don’t know if it’s I don’t know I don’t know for my kids I’ll think about it I might come back this nice though is the flag they finished I only have small and twox remaining and uh what is your most like Masterpiece

Piece what is like the one cuz I like that one right there it must have took you a long time the Masterpiece is my Independence your Independence the independence clothes the independence I would say that’s the number one The Plaid that’s the national fabric

Mhm so I will s ahead of time and put away and then I will say the black history well thank you to be honest I love the flag it’s one of my favorite Flags yeah it it really is like it’s god tier flag next up we’re going to get one of

My favorite things of all time it’s called guo sugarcane what’s in Cuban Spanish all right right here they’re calling us over here how you doing everything good oh wow here we go here we go let’s jump in here all right hey how you doing yes sir everything good everything

Good we’re cutting off some sugarcane right there can I try some yeah no Problem thank for coming to Antiga always come appreciate it okay bless up indeed bless up thanks guys thank you let’s TR over here so we have to get out of the music look sugarcane so tough but this is what you do mgar took all that Sugar oh it’s amazing

Sweet between this and coconut which is your favorite mine might be this ah probably a sugarcan though you want yeah yeah let me grab one of them here I mean he should have cut the bump off though yeah he should have yeah then you get to the yeah you get yeah do

It great yeah they could be very hard at times it can be very soft depending on the the type but the best part is to get the bunk out and then you can just squeeze it too yeah we have teeth is steel right I use your mold course in terms of the market

This is the end yeah this is somewhat the end and this is the mainwood which is called Market Street there’s a gentleman right here that I normally get watermelon front we’re going to just run by him real quickly though you over here yeah he’s over here Brian

Go careful your teeth you don’t want to break a tooth lots of sugarcane here ah hurt this one’s too hard I’m not eat this one no you know I’ve watched myself I broke my per Entertainer one time in seram dude the rest of the trip I had this thing like hanging out my

Mouth it’s crazy if my name is Brian Anthony Benjamin Brian Anthony Benjamin and are you a farmer Die Hard farmer from a 9 years old since you were 9 years old since 9 years old my father gave me a little patch of land and I worked it up with planting black ey peas

And all different stuff now I’m actually planting melon fruits provide for my country Nation one watermelon yeah Swedish the call Watermelon Man Melon Man the melon man right yeah and um so have I have over 50 acres of land that are cultivated in Sanders State um I

Think my son is somewhere around here called B Benjamin and son is our business ready the business that’s my son up there Started With Me from since 10 the age on the farm this is why I do every Saturday and Sunday this one here it’s called Jubilee watermelon it’s one

Here um actually is a variety that you can come up to 30 30 yeah when it come uh mature maturity £30 and this is what I sell but um we do have an next melon that antig like they call the Buon melon much more red antig

Like the melon red real red and so a lot of people a lot of men also Doo more involved with um watermelon because of the the natural amenities in the watermelon itself they claim that this watermelon here is a natural Viagra better believe it don’t check it up my boy oh natural

Viagra I’m I’m going to have a slice can you come me a little piece right in this area here is where you have the blue boy right in here the natural R you get the last of oh my the water I’m more nervous than I’m here on

The on the we normally come here around um 5:30 in the morning or 4:30 in the morning to meet our guest 4:30 in the morning a lot of people here 4:30 in the morning lot of people here for get the fresh stuff wow by the first

Item when you go down it’s m it’s sweet it could be more sweet than this as I said before this prop here mhm go to some weather hello where we have a lot of water so the cop itself died off because of the um saturated of

Water in the fs and everything so they didn’t come the best to my ability my friend here he actually normally buy my water so The Season’s not good the seed no season all the season Ana have no in terms of the season on season off we plant our food through the

Year so we don’t have like we cut off because of winter and all this kind of thing all through the year we go fruits and vegetables butter nuts all kind of different things very tropical this is a natural vagar right here it’s natural vagar you must bite it

Out I do all this guy on TV I don’t know why I’m doing that he has a lot of um what know about the benefits they have I know man but yeah benefits Electro electrolytes and all kind of things you see going all this be

An yeah yeah yeah thank yeah I look at your videos and and I love when you eating them food make my mouth water where you from I’m from Dominica by Liv in Antiga you’re from Dominica the best fruit man the best get me jealous wow I say what is

This so see with the Cal yeah yeah exactly you drink the coconut water you go Roso you go in the market now we’re doing here today and you here today that’s good that’s good that’s good Dominica learn how to say it Dominica she’s here yeah good to see you man good to

See you too thank you I appreciate it here get the last part of the watermelon my brother cuz you lost my man this is great yeah I I always get to the end you know when I was in college you know what we did crazy we open a hole put vodka

Next day that thing is crazy crazy it absorbs it man it’s nuts it’s nuts look how big this one it’s not that big but it’s nice I love your beard by the way your beard isve see that other the watermelon clure here I leave it for

Wi you see that you see that you see the Beard’s getting long dude I’m looking like Abraham now bro long yeah it get long me tell fertilizer shower when he you put this on your head or whatever make it feel that kind of coolness rub it in the head all the and

All this side here what am I doing it’s a watermelon shower Bro Look tell you the truth look of people don’t want to he he’s cutting some watermelon the juice it R inside face fertilize the bed one time and then the white part the crease you have inside the face

We take it out so when the smile you don’t get all this kind of you know crease you fertilizer bed on the side you can use different fertilizer the natural fertilizer from thex SE do but I’ve been going this bed for about couple months now and they it’s been fertilized well fertilized and

Get this kind of feeling nice feeling lay down it must be amazing do you survive off your land I mean most of it I’ve been surviving f i was 9 years old off your land off my land I break away a little bit and went to the

Ministry of Tourism be a tour guide whenever travel agents come travel agent journalists coming from different part of the world I go and meet them at the airport take them to the hotel check them in and they have a wonderful time in Antiga you know m life he respect

Respect all the time talking no crap about this whole thing you know you know do it observe it how can a watermelon in Sun 90° sun on the farm and you cut it and it’s still feed cold it’s a special food tell the truth I’m not kidding

About it special food the watermelon try it try it look it up go home I will I will I will up I say wow I’m going to see I might come by later I’ll tell thank you thank you yeah that’s one thing here on the island it gets very

Very warm though all right see this morning it was raining and look what it is hot sun that’s how it is so it gets very hot so definitely need to hydrate get you some water yeah right yeah fra yeah you’re so nice you’re so friendly thank you what’s

Your name my name is l Lorraine and you work with Farmers yes I do that it’s my passion I love farming yeah oh you are a farmer yeah and then what what do you do every day I being on the farm I do nails hair well can you tell me what makes

Antiga special one thing the people you different Caribbean one place I love you our next stop is Juiceman and he’s been making snow cones for how long this year will make 40 years 40 years yeah I knew it was a few decades I saw you online that’s why we knew we had to

Stop at you I know that you saw me on that yeah what what snow cone should I get today uh we have all flavor it’s up to you we have uh guava carrot beet coconut lemon passion fruit food punch do we do a mix yes you can do okay

Coconut passion fruit and I don’t know carrot yeah that would be a nice mix yeah that good mix coconut carrot freshing food yeah let’s do it yeah coconut and carrot mhm so you’re adding the carrot yeah the carot oh my gosh it looks amazing three different flavors coconut carrot and passion

Fruit juice man juice man yeah enjoy this thank you so much appreciate it oh my gosh amazing the layers sweetness and this is perfect for this hot heat right now it’s boiling we’re in the sun you need this to cool down super ice cold he added the carot on top I

Like it nice veg excuse me where am I from from Miami a y a yane I love I love you call me a Yan y Yan D where you from me I’m from right here from right here Inga so tell me one thing that makes Antiga special Antiga yeah know why

Antiga is so special because he is very peaceful and our main one of our main industry is tourism you get a especially in the summer time we have a lots and lots and loads of tourist common Vis all parts of the world mhm and uh how is

Everything now in terms of economy I mean oh it’s kind of a you know like this but but it’s okay yeah so I think the biggest the biggest issue that this island has is the six months of no cruise ships because then it sort of becomes ghostly you

Know we have that we have our crops we we have go suppli potatoes Tomatoes yams Dash what what’s your favorite dish oh my favorite dish is Peppa pot and funi all right we’re going to find that dish already that you know it’s the one dish I haven’t tried yet I

Just tried goat water like this morning so good we have you get something like you ever eat that black pudding M I love I’m not here but I’ve eaten it it’s right here we right I can tell I can show you exactly where it’s at going right now I can show

You listen me how far is it you know they call Independence Avenue on that side okay we we’ll make our way over there for sure Juiceman visit the Juiceman right here in the market respect let’s go okay she’s like say hi to is over here we have buns my neighbor

She’s very disgusting you’re disgusting very disgusting what do you mean disgusting yeah yeah you’re not you’re not mowing the G my man you selling bananas yes I selling banana the name of the business is buy me out let me hush my mouth oh so buy all his bananas and

He just he’ll stop talking yeah he stop talking and are you a farmer or no no I’m just a vendor just a vendor yeah got it and what what are your bananas what are these yeah bananas we bringing from Dominica to sell it to every Tuesday and

We start to sell yeah I I’ve been to Dominica the best exotic fruit I’ve had in my life was there I just had non-stop fruit yeah yesterday yesterday I think or day before yesterday I saw you buy in kenty you see the best Kentucky you ever eat dude that was in in B

Le I mean at KFC I can’t stop with it on the way out to going to the airport I’m going to the last one I’m going to all three KFCs in Antiga big up big up thank you so much thank you I would eat your bananas but I’m getting full that’s

Cool what what what what’ you say yeah yeah big surprise sweet pepper it’s a d that sweet pepper right look at oh no the hot pepper there theot yeah no it looks like a hot pepper Singo incredible Dominican Community I love the Dominican Community amazing it’s incredible how the cultures

Are mixing here she has it we found it Pepper Pot yeah yes pepper pot and funi we’re trying the national dish finally yeah what’s your name my name is Sarah Sarah yeah Sarah we’re going to enjoy this today let’s go $20 20 for the pepper pot and fi yeah it’s

Fine oh my God it is like Fufu it is like yeah how do you make it the yeah how do you make the PE cut up the greens and put them to boil and then I will put the pork to boil by itself with the dumpling make everything boil

In seasoning and then I’m over set it in the greens so there pork and there greens and Chicken in it too this is this is all the pork I have chicken um Pigg it dumpling no bro you know what it does remind me of oil down calu metam G and everything C with

A little bar Stu in yeah this pepper p is different from the guyan one this one is pork chicken and it’s a vegetable stew so very different that one’s beef casser uh and then they put the the fungi inside so we can’t see it on the

Outside but usually in a plate it would be the fungi and then you know this next to Pepper Pot next to it and you mix it yeah and am I going to eat this with a how am I eating this with a spoon with a spoon yeah yeah cuz usually you would

Eat it with hands on a plate correct yeah so when you eat it with your hand it’s sweeter and how long have you been here selling uh your food well I tell you the truth I don’t count how much he is but I think he

About 4 to 5 4 to 5 years yeah can you tell me one thing that’s special about Antiga one thing Antiga is nice sweet you enjoy it and H how has it changed in the past few years in your opinion over the 40 years over the 40 years 40 years

I think it change change a lot change a lot a little more expensive that’s everywhere now I know yeah but how do you feel in terms of Tourism a lot of Tourism coming in yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s do it Sarah’s Pepper Pot let’s try it oh my God

What’s the way it’s so green oh amazing it’s delicious stew vegetable right here that’s a dumpling this reminds me of the dumplings of U of oil down I had something similar in Grenada I had oil down their national dish and it has this oh it’s amazing so soft and then right here we

Have the pork do we have any bone in here this oh my gosh so good falls apart yeah nice soft I’m trying to get to the funji to the very bottom the chicken’s delicious too oh this is amazing I haven’t had a dish like this everything

So at the very bottom of the funi how do I get down there you got to mash it up there it is there it is it is Fufu no way how do you make this by pounding it that’s better than Alice’s crab right that’s way better than Alice’s

Crab remember you fil the video with Al never go away no that’ll never go away the best it was it was the best CR I’ve ever had in my life and we all know whyne don’t disrespect Alice Alice why you in the bucket so you have to dig

Into this one to really pull out the funi funi is exactly the same as Fufu it’s the same thing yeah it’s the same thing yeah and what is it made out of what do you use to make funi and a little salt in the um so cornmeal yeah and you mash

It you beat it let me show you this is just like Canan fuu look at that the difference they’re not using their hands for this one I mean here I’m not going to do that in the street but I think if you’re eating this at home you

Might be using your hands look it’s very sticky you pull out all This it’s feeling but it’s super healthy besides the cornmeal the rest of it it’s really good for you look at that love it dude this is a great dish in my opinion you have to be in Antiga on a Saturday no matter what to see this if you miss this it’s almost

Like you weren in Antiga uh try to get here early he was telling me we got here around 8:30 try to get here a little early than that about an hour earlier 7:30 in the morning cuz then it’ll be cooler lots of people just bringing out their fruits and vegetables from the

Trucks the farmers directly onto the vent like onto their tables and I’ll say I love walking around with this per pot I personally think the per pot without the funji it’s it’s just healthy you know the funji just is like a level up and it fills your stomach and I almost ran into

That on my way to see all the Caribbean I’ve noticed that every single island has this Market culture especially on the weekend sometimes Fridays as well and then they have specific days and other islands for like Monday or Tuesday Market but always Saturday morning is

The spot to be go there in the morning mingle with the locals they always have all the dishes of the country uh we’ve tried what already tried most of them we’re looking for some some putting some blood sausage over here we’ll see if we

Find it and if not we’ll go for some ice cream but yeah this is what it is just get ready for the heat put the sunblock on what what you talking I know you from Alice yeah yes where you from I’m Jamaican yeah where in Jamaica car then

And I lived in Kingston so question have you tried Alice’s crabs I don’t know if it was her but I’ve had crabs there no his CS his crabs are too much CS are too much oh you’re here too so you’re from Jamaica but you live here yes you know one thing special

About Antiga the beaches the beaches beautiful beautiful beaches and the warmth that you get here and it’s not as fastpaced as the other Islands so I love that and I’ve noticed a lot of Jamaicans in Antiga what is the relationship between the both countries I think um it

Dates um a few decades ago where it was easy to access the Eastern Caribbean islands that to go to the bigger countries like the us or England so a lot of Jamaicans occupy the Eastern Caribbean first until they’re able to develop themselves you know and move on

And everything or some persons like me I put grounds down I love Antiga it’s my second home well first home oh how long you been here since 2002 and what’s your favorite Dish antean Dish favorite antean dish KC oh that’s good that is The Unofficial national dish so Jama better than

Jamaica yes oh hey if a Jamaican says it has to be true you’re going to get me uh right now I’m going have to blow your face no no no you’re awesome you’re awesome no you’re good you’re good so what is the population here like the Immigrant

Population okay so growing up I would normally see a lot of gyes Jamaicans and a lot of Dominican Republics here so we are Melting Pot so we are extremely mixed up which I love I mean you grew up with everybody everybody together schools churches on the streets Carnival

Even even better so we have a diverse um population right now so and ever since I’ve been here I know that and it’s even getting more diverse because you know the families that migrate here and they have children and everything so it’s quite a great Melting Pot here in Antiga

We even have a carnival show during the Carnival season called Melting Pot so you should visit where we have artists from all over the Caribbean islands come in and do a great display of of C come welome for SOA music yes SOA music I I I need Buju Banton here he was here

2019 2019 yeah he was here in 2019 after his release the big um concert that he did um worldwide yeah but SOA Carnival that’s where he need to come to my man gotta say hi gotta say hi welcome brother thank you you’re from Guyana right you told me from Guyana

Yeah yeah he from but I’m here with 26 29 years now 29 years hey how you doing dude hey the pepper pot here is good too huh the pepper pot I just tried it the pepper pot here no no very good very good and vegetables inside a dude it’s good it’s good well

We’re going to keep going to the ice cream but thanks I wanted to say hi to you he he’s like called me down yesterday yo yo yo so he justay us oh great great perfect bless up bless up thank you we’re going for some amazing

Ice cream we saw a lady this morning on the entering the market but we’re finally getting to her now problem is we have to get to her before she sells out and it’s already 11:10 by noon she’s done maybe earlier let’s hope for the best a lot of Lebanese a lot of syrians

Here so over here we have Damascus clothing store and they what they’re doing is they’re buying a like different shops like that right yeah hey how you doing guys careful with the mud it did rain this morning and it it was going to be a little muddy and we

Found her the ice cream lady we’re ready hey we were hoping you didn’t sell out hello hey you’re back I’m back yes I see that I’m so excited cuz I heard you have the best ice cream all Antiga and I will tell you it is I’m happy I wasn’t

The one who told you so you got it from other present my man here says the best best ice cream and what you have here salup yes and what’s the other one and the other one is coconut oh wow what kind of jams you have here those are and

Raspberry raspberries too and tamb balls that’s just raspberry jam and tamon balls balls so how do you make this ice cream oh my God this is from grandparents come up you know I I there’s a lot of work that you putting into this so this is

From your grandparents yes yes it is it is it is straight coconut and what time do you start selling ice cream I’m here from 8:00 in the morning until the ice cream last every day every Saturday every Saturday every Saturday and only two flavors no I normally have different flavors I would

Have like um peanuts passion fruit um coconut pineapple Ramen r raisin it’s like the least goes on and on I need to see you make it next time next time I see you make it yeah I I would be I’ll would be happy to do that but I the only

Thing is I don’t do it here I do not do it here at home we’re ready I’m going to get one scoop of each it looks like the consistency of sorbet yeah obviously if it’s fruit it’s going to usually be sorbet um unless they really whip it cuz

You don’t whip this too much right I do I do I must yes I must that’s the only way it’s going to come in mhm you know as the ice cream that I actually looking for but I would like for you to taste the sour before let me have you taste

Theour okay first sour so yes oh my God it like literally starts to melt in 2 seconds out here yes it is I love a sour soap it’s like creamy and sweet that’s right yes and on top we have the coconut the coconut wa brain freeze oh my gosh M so much

Coconut in there so how does that work you gr the coconut or you took out the milk the milk just the milk just the milk yes and you get it in with you know your other local ingredients mhm and this is this is a lot of work but when

It comes in it’s wonderful well congratulations this is like delicious first time trying Anan ice cream I’m so happy oh my gosh well that’s good then we’re looking forward to seeing you back here wow that’s with this heat this is like perfect I’m melting right now thank you it’s amazing some more of

That I show you what these are these are Tamarind balls it’s almost like small donuts made out of Tamarind and on top you have some sugar it’s like nice and sweet nice and sweet yeah it has that Little Neck sourness to it but it’s you

Know s it’s really really nice no I love tamaron balls first time I tried this I was in Tobago oh oh they had pepper in their yes they do always don’t have any pepper there is no pepper in there in turn they add pepper to everything yes I know nice and soft

M the seed mhm M so sweet I love Tamarind Tamarind Chutney one my favorite chutneys ever oh my gosh M seeds lots of seeds and you make this from scratch yeah actually my girlfriend makes it and she makes it from scratch yes very good at it I love it it’s it has some

Cinnamon as well that’s right what else is in here trying to breing it down but it’s like it falls apart I think it start starting to melt right it feels like look it’s almost like rad like how yeah it crumbles very nice I’m finish this tons are good ice cream’s better

Lot of seeds yeah lots of seeds I’m gardening out here don’t worry when you come back we have some trees M this very sweet I am from Dominica Dominica yes I am amazing what city in Dominica oh ports that’s the second town in Dominica yeah that’s where we stay yes yeah I saw

You in Dominica as well you know yeah yeah yes I did awesome yeah 100 hours in yeah Bango got is good there I know bang gets so different it is different the kids today they I don’t think that they want this they want the fast stuff you know what is already processed that

That’s the children but I think we we we just stand among the rest that’s exactly what it is how many years you’ve been here oh I’ve been here for like nearly 30 years wow cuz we’ve noticed a lot of Dominicans ginese those are the three Chinese Lebanese Spanish Jamaicans yeah we have

A lot of that and you guys all moved over here and slowly over the years you become this is your home exactly and actually my my my family on my grandparents side they came from oh so so that’s that yeah I heard the same thing as in uh in Dr a lot of

People like 200 years ago moved from here to Dr right and when they started immigrating back exactly yeah so the the all of the Spanish they have a lot of you know um family from here so they would just come here and leave it’s it’s you know it’s like we English like ourselves

Exactly look now I mixed in the Coconut with the sour so I like doing this for my experience I like to the end mix everything and just see the coconut on the that’s like that’s in a whip together yeah the coconut yes wo mhm I’m glad you came today

Wow what I had last we just passion for just passion for last week here’s the best thank you very much I’m hoping to see you back no I’m coming back wherever there’s a Dominican there’s good fruit oh yes definitely thank you thank you for your time thank you we appreciate it

I’ve had Haitian ice cream Jamaican ice cream triny ice cream and now antean ice cream I got to say what’s the difference they all unique they’re all amazing try them all they’re so good the fruit in turn out I had some with with pepper with scorpion too hot yeah it’s like

You’re boiling while you’re having ice cream it’s crazy that’s a weird feeling it’s good though try them this building is amazing what’s this this house story well I’m not certain though but if you take a look here this is some of the architecture that took place here this

Is probably I would say maybe in the early ’90s because you have the wall blocks on the bottom and then you have the wood on top back then how it was is that most of the businesses used to be on the bottom floor and then people would live on the

Upstairs that’s how it normally was back then though but the architecture as you could see it’s a bit briish um but I’m not sure exactly yeah so that’s how it used to be built all the colonial cities all those first uh cities in the new world were

Built in this fashion where it was the bottom was Commerce upstairs where you slept right it’s especially on the main streets like New Market exactly and this is like somewhat of a new Street back then because the city was laid out in a good pattern so this street right here

Is a oneway street so the traffic is coming this way and as you can see the port down there the cruise ship dock is down there this one again is a oneway street so it goes here so this one goes up this one goes across and then just go

Intersection everything’s one way don’t get here late on a Friday or Saturday the traffic is brutal it’s like Miami man yeah Friday Saturday um especially Friday Friday after most people finish working it’s kind of laidback day so somebody want to go on the Block maybe grab a beer do something so that’s

Really what it is though dude J Jamaica everybody’s here Calling My Name dude it’s crazy like I’m really impressed though to be honest that was one of the most epic Saturday markets I’ve ever been to bye

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