“Exploring San Salvador: My First Day in the Capital of El Salvador” – Video

“Exploring San Salvador: My First Day in the Capital of El Salvador” – Video

In this captivating video, Gabriel takes us along on his first day in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. Arriving in the morning after a long flight from San Francisco, Gabriel checked into his hotel and took a much-needed nap before setting out to explore the neighborhood around him. As he navigates the bustling city streets, Gabriel shares his first impressions of this Central American country, his 94th visited country overall.

With the help of Google Maps, Gabriel searches for a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat and stumbles upon a lively spot with a terrace. Ordering a refreshing golden beer and some traditional Salvadoran pupusas, he immerses himself in the local culture and cuisine. The menu offers a variety of dishes at affordable prices, giving Gabriel a taste of the flavors of El Salvador.

Throughout the video, Gabriel shares insights into the current state of tourism in El Salvador and the country’s efforts to improve its reputation. From volcanoes and beaches to waterfalls and hot springs, El Salvador has much to offer visitors looking for adventure and cultural experiences. As Gabriel plans to explore the city center in the coming days, viewers are left eager to see more of what San Salvador has to offer.

As the day comes to a close, Gabriel reflects on the vibrant atmosphere of the city and looks forward to discovering more of El Salvador’s hidden gems. With his signature storytelling style and passion for travel, Gabriel’s video captures the essence of his first day in San Salvador, leaving viewers inspired to embark on their own adventures in this beautiful country.

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Video Transcript

Yeah N Hey there my first day in San Salvador El Salvador start us as I showed in my last video flew in from San Francisco overnight landed 9:00 this Morning at the El Salvador International Airport about an hour Away got got an Uber straight here got dropped off around 10:00 in the morning because uh everything was super quick at the airport I guess we probably landed more like 8:30 or something like that but uh an easy entry into El Salvador and then uh got checked into my

Room there I’m there for three nights got some sleep this afternoon a bit I’m still jet lag wiped out but uh it is now right around 5 p.m. and I’m heading out to find some food and find a market to get some supplies and then head back to my room

And get to work through the evening editing uh these videos so as you can see I’m in a residental IAL area the hotel there had good reviews nice place but uh definitely out of the way and uh still you know getting the feel for this place my first

Time heading out of the room there but I have some uh restaurants plugged into Google Maps here so heading that way and and just wanted to uh give a first impressions perspective on this very small Central American country my first time here my 94th country overall El Salvador certainly has a

Reputation not a great one but uh things are apparently improving a lot with the new president new policies and uh trying to head in the direction of more tourism and a uh all around you know nicer place to visit there’s a lot to see in this

Country as I found doing a little bit of research before coming here volcanoes beaches waterfalls Hot Springs cities smaller Towns all right according to the map the uh restaurant that I’m looking for is over this way we got a green light So the uh City Center is about uh like 3 m or so 5 km away and traffic is pretty bad here so tomorrow I will most likely catch an Uber to the city center to show what’s uh going on there the main Square the cathedral all right let’s uh put the camera away

For a second so we have something there called Gallow people uh sitting at a nice Terrace up top there so that could be an option busy music playing looks like Good Vibes and then here TS fruta Cafe alerto and then up ahead is the uh L establo restaurant taekwan

Do so getting a little bit busier here more uh shops and then I need to find a regular Market get some water juice snacks Etc a guy with a gun over there security I guess I mean I think that is uh definitely the case I’d seen in a video that uh there

Are a lot of police stationed around uh s Salvador so yeah you can see the guy in the brown shirt over there pizza and here is the restaurant L establo but man I cannot get a sense at all of uh what’s going to be in there once I go through

The doors I prefer the looks of that other one down there Pizza Nova Compu Clinic oh all right let’s uh go to the other place right over there okay this guy’s trying to uh back up I guess actually I got the green light Let’s uh give it a

Try do a quick little Wander over here what is this thing some kind of strange fruit Italian food don’t want to do that uh for my first time let’s see what’s up here we got delivery pizza delivery La naria Kario is this a policeman with the uh blinking Lights looks like ice cream Well it is definitely interesting I like the uh colorful buses all right I am rapidly getting very very hungry so I think I’m going to uh give it a try at that uh kind of busy place with the Terrace oh what’s this cvar caros EOS it doesn’t look open Though so uh going to put the camera away for now and go investigate that other Restaurant all right I am in I just ordered a golden beer I guess oh this is 24 oz I guess for like 30 bucks and then here pills ner $108 Au so I’m not sure what I’m going to get for a135 there we’ll find out and then I ordered three pusas

So I’d heard about the pusas so curious to uh see how those are and how big they are not sure I think maybe three is a pretty good amount so great prices $150 each and then I’m just curious to see what’s going to be the deal with that

Beer and here we go like it says golden I’m just confused about the price difference though .35 versus $108 does that mean get eight oh I see follow the golden maybe you get eight beers for $10 in which case killer deal so I guess it’s a buck 35 nice classic

Beer nice and cold refreshing all right all right all right and they got a pretty good selection Stella hinin Corona I mean these are all standard beers but uh I wonder if they have negro Modello is one of my favorites hos San Francisco California so I ordered three of the

Papusas one with freeo con queso so that should be beans and cheese one ala store which I believe is pork and then one that was just a random guest revus I wasn’t sure what the heck that was so here is pusas revus Salvadoran style stuff Masa cakes chicken breast onion garlic bell pepper

Tomato okay that sounds very interesting so it’s chicken then right on so this is funny check it out Central Park and then it has the Statue of Liberty of course in New York so interesting uh reference there the menu is kind of varied so here there are various uh other options including whole

Like plates of food and so you can see the you know dollar price is 850 for nachos whatever typical CP torizo aate tortilla FR that sounds good whatever it is tostadas and then plos pus Mar Tiera for $12 so I guess fish and whatever Tiara is I guess maybe other types of

Meat and then uh Mexicano tacos burritos Cameron so Seafood burrito Tora Balada gringa res so steak pastor mixa and vegetariana so what the heck is that for only $5 interesting hambur gasas so uh lots to choose from here and so here we go three papusas wrapped in plastic I guess it’s

A uh sort of cleanliness thing all right so I guess they’re stuffed I wasn’t sure if they were going to be kind of more like tacos or what but uh they’re very it’s very hot all right looks good so you can see over here the uh eight beers

That’s what you get for 10 bucks in San Salvador good prices [Applause] andador all right time to uh dig in here I guess these are probably with your hands but uh it’s still quite hot these are really heavy they’re going to be quite filling I think this is going to be enough right Here really Tasty looks like $644 pretty deal for dinner and a beer and a good uh first dinner experience in El Salvador they were blasting lead Zeppelin live which was amazing so apparently there is a little market around the corner up here let’s see if Google Maps is correct so we can get some

Stuff and then head back to the the room as you can see sun has gone down okay is this the right way I think so yeah this uh Main Street up ahead and then a left and right around the corner gas is $4 111 a gallon or

3.99 not sure why two different uh prices there on two different signs 411 436 419 or 399 424 407 maybe that is like cash oh servicio compto outto Servo so Serve Yourself and they pump the gas for you I guess and maybe wash your wind shield

H takaria ah good to know okay so uh the market is supposedly right up here Angel’s Barber Shop huh I thought it was going to be close closer if nothing else I guess I could get some stuff at the uh store there okay let’s check the phone see if I’m anywhere near the right place maybe I went the wrong direction okay that’s kind of funny the

Market is actually this one here let’s see what they got if we can get across the street here Let’s go for it oh boy and there we go two milks cookies some other cookies peanuts bottle of water and peach juice all for about $7 so uh first impressions of El Salvador and San Salvador you know I really haven’t seen hardly anything so far just this neighborhood basically and

What I saw yesterday coming from the airport here it’s definitely a bit gritty no doubt about that looking forward to tomorrow getting into the Historical Center of San Salvador seeing some of the more impressive architecture it is basically about what I expected people have been super nice good food

There good prices it is going to be interesting for sure so looking forward to seeing more of this little known country AO oh almost forgot check this out at the market I got some change they use the US dollar but they have something that I have never seen before

Look at this it is a $1 coin but I have never seen this one it has the Statue of Liberty on one side and John Adams on the other not sure if you can see probably not uh too well but I’ve seen $1 coins before but never

This one I got three of them so pretty cool all right more coming

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