Exploring Semarang, Indonesia: A 100-Hour Documentary of Street Food Tours in the City! – Video

Exploring Semarang, Indonesia: A 100-Hour Documentary of Street Food Tours in the City! – Video

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and delicious cuisine of Semarang, Indonesia with this full documentary street food tour! Join David’s Been Here as he spends 100 hours in Semarang, exploring the incredible food, culture, and people of the city. Known for its fusion of Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese cultures, Semarang is home to some of the best food in Java.

The video takes you on a breakfast tour of the city, introducing you to some of the best local dishes that Semarang has to offer. From savory chicken rice to spicy chaote curry, the video showcases the diversity and richness of Javanese cuisine. Get an inside look at the local eateries and street food stalls that have been serving up traditional dishes for decades, and meet the passionate locals who have made Semarang’s food culture so unique.

Through bustling markets, mouthwatering dishes, and authentic experiences, David’s Been Here truly captures the essence of Semarang. So if you’re a foodie, a traveler, or just someone looking to experience the best of Indonesian cuisine, this video is a must-watch. Prepare to be inspired to book your next trip to Semarang and embark on your own street food tour to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your adventurous spirit.

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Video Transcript

Indonesia this is samarang the capital and largest city in central DVA we are here to explore this incredible destination samarang is known for having some of the best food in Java this is where Dutch Japanese and Chinese cultures meet some of the best food Ever so what is this day uh day seven I think or something yeah day seven we’re in samarang the capital of Central Java uh this hotel what’s the name of the hotel the name yeah l k l kin Puda yeah Louis King I thought it was like French for a

Second I was like what is this French l l k Puda Street and we’re next to like a Chinatown we are in the middle of the old city so we got Chinatown we got the Old Dutch building All Surrounded so all old buildings around us so it’s going to

Be a long day good day yeah it’s going a long long day for eating and having fun in samarang so going to explore samarang City and the old town and Chinatown any town we will visit H samarang is a city in the port and also the capital of

Central Java even though we are in Central Java which known for sweet food here they love it fibrant like they love it spice see in your face because uh many culture came here and the most popular this one of the most popular is actually spring roll lumpia samarang

Style lpia so I see long time ago like in the 17th century the yo changho came here with the troops of uh Chinese Merchant so they uh marry with the local and create the local Cuisine influenced by the Chinese culture the breakfast is amazing but I’m going to wait for the

Lpia next is my favorite breakfast two in a row two in a row sharang chicken rice and samarang soo aam soo aam and chicken rice but is small portion so it’s okay a small bowl like yesterday yeah yeah everything was small yesterday but many dishes the whole table for the

Second today’s going to be an awesome day Javanese cold I’m ready let’s go of the every hotel and every restaurant we go to says no durian don’t bring that stinky stuff inside here it’s really stinky Really suang from samarang below centrala and we are going to sagayam iuno the rice uh chicken rice rice iuno chicken rice is the one of the most dry food in samarang so it’s a rice with local chicken red local chicken steamed egg and chaote Curry the spicy chotti curry and usually they

Serve it with the banana leaves so this is like wow uh 247 uh 247 they eat this 247 they eat this so some they open in the morning morning for breakfast some they open for lunch some they open like late at night at 1:00 p.m. they just open some of the

Place so is it just chicken sticky chick sticky rice and chicken rice no rice uh not sticky rice not sticky not sticky we don’t eat uh sticky r as yeah I was going to say cuz that that’s Thai yeah we don’t need as car but as dessert yeah

S with banana with sweet coconut I’ll tell you that’s my favorite thing about Thailand the sticky rice chicken and mango together together yeah yeah dude dude together of course you like that oh my God mang you had chicken on it like they gave the chicken and and no different I’ve had it

I’ve had it yeah no I’ve only had like head separately but it’s it’s very nice the SEC for the mango they sweeten a little bit with the sugar the sweet CH for chicken it’s different people sitting at a place you know it’s good Su Jang and Jang from

Samarang the capital of Central Java it is 7:30 in the morning and I’m taking you to explore some of the best spots to eat breakfast Javanese breakfast Javanese culture different language come with Mei good morning morning this isay am one of the qu essential samarang breakfast is chicken with uh rice

Samarang style a lot of spicy light Curry and all the side dishes uh desert liver unborn egg wow that’s the best one and everything and it’s served on this Banana Leaf B leaves they call it PUK PUK this is incredible when you see places like this that are

Completely packed you know the food’s good how long has this place been here 20 30 years 203 years in the morning from 6:30 incredible so my boy here is from solo which is another city south of here uh which is part of central J my dad’s from here and your dad’s from here

So you know this spot yes incredible I’m ready to eat this man this looks so good so you only have like three four table so we’re going to wait a little bit so we can get a seat wa look at this look how she does it so delicate gang or chaote Curry

Light Curry it’s quite spicy uh with some chili and turmeric so the three main things is the Chote the rice and the chicken and additional the egg uh dishes like the sa and fr and stuff how is he he’s good like very very good and how many years you been

Here he’s a loyal customer for more than 20 years in this place from the parents that’s amazing they cut the egg with a string with a string and this take away the bag yes yeah I mean it looks like caramelized onions but it’s chot looks like carel it’s a vegetable Vegetable byebye byebye okay egg chickeni I brought this amazing coconut right yes chicken and coconut you my portion of s the best thing ever seen bro before even jumping into it I already know it’s going to be the best dish of the trip soam 1978 breakfast lunch dinner supper of

The samarang people s literally chicken with rice but this Samar version also with chaote curry a spicy chaote curry marble egg you can see the egg it’s a Marble Marble egg and so for people who don’t know what does that mean marble egg means uh egg or chicken

Or uh uh duck that are steamed with spices so steam with spices like uh the shallot or even tea mhm in some culture they know it as a tea egg like in China te egg marble egg this is the Japanese the egg and then you got two kind of

Broth the white one is from the chicken broth when they steam the chicken is that’s the like the essence of the chicken m and then also put they call it uh AR or like coconut and egg broad they have two kinds of broad you can add more chili so

This spicy there’s there’s a really chili in here I love coconut so I know I’m going to love this dish oh tofu as well the rice in the bottom yeah tofu as well not bacon at all even though you don’t have the chicken shed chicken it’s

In the broad already man the coconut is so pungent oh my gosh chaote is a very nice cry chaote someday they use chot te some they use green papaya wow it reminds me of like a like a green curry from Thailand very similar what should do is mix it a chicken

Toote the rice is like soaking in this coconut curry is amazing chicken very fresh there’s like villet chicken it’s so tasty oh my gosh and they’ve been here since 1978 family business second generation the daughter ofo so the mom the Mother start the business back in 78 the second

Generation and so you’ve come plenty of times before this one yeah this is my dad’s Hometown at least every year or twice a year we fit to the family here of course no visit is complete without N I am this is like the best breakfast man

I know I’ve been saying that this whole trip but wo man the open up rice this will be your best three breakfast in Indonesia oh yeah yeah at least I’m going to have the egg now top three let’s see what it tastes like M really hard egg yeah it’s dense

Because they put some spice into it so the spice sip into the yolk into the white egg white see wow plus it also soaked in some of that coconut curry this insane man I’m going to get some of that chili right there yeah I don’t know how else express

Myself but it’s amazing it is amazing and you can add add on like more chicken more sé we get sé yeah s they it like in the curry this is qu’s egg qu eggs and chicken heart chicken heart yeah you can hear you office worker before they go to the office

I’m so happy no matter about coconut coconut and everything we have at least three breakfast this morning it’s feeling though let me try your which is this one again chicken heart this is chicken hearts a Brazos oh yeah I love chicken heart you can to

Have this bro yeah thank you man lot for you you’re right this is the best breakfast so far it feels like a creamy rice yeah it’s your childhood in in a in a plate in a in a banana your childhood you said yeah I

Consumed this and I see I am since I was like a toddler so many memories all over the Town eating n with my parents my sister is usually we have it at night after going out many places already closed in this town but there is a place

That open only open at 1:00 p.m. the evening until 6:00 in the morning so this place they open Breakfast Lunch even for the late night crowd so my man here you lived here for a few years and he said that this is number one I’ve

Ever to try this is the one we have to I didn’t want to go all in with the rice but the chili right there I can’t I can’t stop usually you take two two plates a KN a KN this is this is this is the best dish of my life thank you wow

Ask AR what time do they open he’s like 600 so it’s now 8:30 so basically in 2 and 1/ half hours they sell out amazing when we got here every table was full we couldn’t sit down now look it’s empty but you got to keep some SP in your

Stomach we have like it’s just too good it’s too good it’s it it was amazing bro start cooking in the morning it’s 2:00 2 a.m. 2 a.m. and and your father started this in 1978 yes my my mother s sold this food until 1970 she pass away 2 years ago years ago

Sorry sorry hear that so the dish with you helping 19708 oh starting from 1970 wow so it’s been here 53 years wow I was born in 1978 my mother s this foot in 1970 okay so she was born in 78 you start uh helping your mother with the

Selling of the pool uh after graduate my senior high school in 196 1996 so like 17 18 years old so You’ been here almost 30 years I am 45 now so almost yes more than so guys get here 6 7 a.m. don’t get here at 8 at 8 it’s like ending you

Can’t even get rice my friend ate amazing food thank you for coming and act Forever This is the spot you have to visit in samarang we’re going to have two more breakfast spots so I had to leave some space thank you thank you thank you no it’s the best place

Ever what next breakfast P we just ask some is keep improving keeping improving I like that so one of the things you’ll notice here and also in Jakarta is that there’s not a lot of highrises they’re more like small mid Rises besides some of the hotels like our hotel which is super

Tall tower yeah that’s one of the of the tallest yeah but not many what else can you tell me about samarang samarang is a trade City and many manufacturing Factory surrounded the city like in the hill and also in the park like Manu Factory Park so it’s more industrial

Industrial so many labor many produce and stuff made in the city in the in the surrounding area like from wood wood wood wood production and then they have like equipments Electronics so so many opportunity here and this is the capital of central Jaffa so a lot of people also

Move from other part of central Jaffa to look for better opportunity here and then the the pay they also better because we have Regional pay standard uh scheme M and and samarang is one the highest in the central Jaffa area wow so they move from other part of uh Central

Jaffa as well from other part of Indonesia oh my gosh is it soan since 1949 wow and what does this mean what does tauka kabang mean means this is the only Brands they don’t have Brands anywhere in Indonesia the only Brands and original OG soan right here so they

Put that because people are trying to rip them off is that what’s happening people try to claim that they part of this chain oh my gosh let’s see is it four yeah it’s four one open good wow so we got rice noodles glass noodles yes let’s take away glass noodles uh

Scallion crispy garlic that’s crispy garlic so whenever you see them with bags that’s all take away the bowls that’s what we’re eating friendliest people of all time so to comes to the back to see them frying potato pancakes and D oh wow woo oh yeah yeah Yeah right yo I’m ready for this breakfast wow oh my gosh that look incredible like five different saes this looks overwhelming overwhelming deliciousness my favorite padel potato bowls all kind of sa in a sweet CH sauce ketchup manice bro we got chicken liver qu’s egg and my favorite K let’s like types of Cramps so fresh right here on the coast so there some egg with uh sweet sa sauce flour ketchup mhm and how we do it yes SP of lime it’s a little sweet yeah cuz the sweet soy sauce BR just take lime squeeze it into your s a good squeeze of lime okay little

Sambal just little still morning little chili yeah woo I did more than a little there yeah so you have sweet soy sauce K manise but I prefer sweet soy sauce BR here yeah into here there because you have crispy garlic so much more flavorful and the

Normal T sauce and so they’ve been doing this for over 70 years these dishes yes so I got the egg okay s sauce okay okay so we start right here what a beautiful delicate bone so colorful little rice little FY chili Ry garlic broth that has been boiled for

Several hours chicken tomato to make it fresh some uh herbs like celery scallion uh this is very good for breakfast but some place also open for lunch and I love the Noodles sweet and spicy yeah all the broth have some tea egg chorin down and the yolk mix into the FR oh yeah I like that yeah crush the yolk crush it crush it so they make the soup thicken right the the Yol it’s a creamy yolk yeah wow now the flavors are all

Mixed so let me ask you is this like every day people eat this or they just come be like once a week they can like not once a week but once samarang uh resident maybe they more than once two twice 3 three times a week no I’m only

Asking because I feel like eating so many noodles so many rice that’s that’s obviously part of the stap of the diet yeah so maybe they alternate this today they eat Soo the next day s the chicken rice the other day they cook yeah some simple this but this is one of the

Staples for breakfast so at uh obviously more than once a week maybe twice or three times a week for the price I would come here every day yeah it’s like what are we spending here $3 yes now my favorite right the cadil you say H Brown eat it and then you will

Forget your hper in no time it’s like an Alo ball yeah Alo in India Alo potato M I think it needs this yeah some of that sweetness on top way better little bit peppery whis on the outside Mushi and stuff on the inside mhm and these are the soybean Tempe

Tempe so that’s soybean Fritter oh this one’s like dense that’s good also sometimes I mix the Petes into the blood make it thicker cuz potato is one of the thickening AG right St Kea it’s amazing huh it was packed again and now it’s empty that’s something else but

Breakfast crowd is usually 6 to to 9 all right at our hotel 6:00 in the morning it was packed I couldn’t believe it any other one of these I should try that the chicken this one yeah that one just drown it in this amazing broth it’s like a sweet broth dark

Meat oh yeah sweet Tire can you put this in yeah sure yeah yeah do a flow of customer they change they full empty full empty at least 9 to 10 people are coming in so I can’t so the capacity is like this since I remember eating here so they don’t

Increase the capacity of the seting capacity mhm only the arrangement they don’t want to open bigger one that’s enough part of the philosophy is enough or I mean it’s a lot of work and to expand imagine the back the operation every single day you’re frying stuff preparing the broth chopping faggies chopping the

Herbs boiling the egg so many work wow to much work no it’s Awesome T unfortunately is fasting cuz he’s missing out on this delicious food bro sorry no it’s all good what can I do but it looks great right oh looks beautiful let me tell you this is a torure for me every single morning but like we start eating like 7:00 a.m.

David here so I’m like if I start 7:00 a.m. within 7:00 p.m. I canot for 12 30 hours I’m not like I’m not as talented as you I’m not talented I’m gaining weight bro I’m becoming you bro true like you yeah anytime anytime anytime anytime Japanese of Chinese food every time it’s like

Soybean this is my favorite bro so this is like pure soya that is uh P soy soybeans and they put some yeast they put some yeast to make it like blocks comp to compact it it fully D yeah this one is with just maybe with little salt and garlic but also one with

But with the like when we went to the the fields I couldn’t stop eating this you know oh yeah with that the food so breakfast number three of this let’s go let’s goo the best H so good guys so good this is a must all these places are

Must next we’re going to go for some escop walking this way to a nice little coffee shop we’re also going to go to a factory and one of the oldest in town one of the oldest factories in town one of the oldest coffee shop and and

Roastery in town oh my gosh it’s so Javanese coffee if you’ve never had Javanese beans I’m sure you have if you go to Starbucks they have it and most coffee places use Japanese beans they also use you know like other beans from Sumatra as well they’re really really

Strong the best the best I personally if I make my own coffee one day it will have Japanese beans in it I don’t know haven’t been the samatra yet yes next year next year next year let’s do it lot of canels in the city because this is

Like City by the coast mhm and all the ships from the you know changho exactly that that they came from China they made it to the center of the city through small inl like this like this so that’s how they they uh came through but came through yeah because now it’s uh quite

Shallow before they can take ship up to the market anywhere from from the sea that’s amazing how it’s all interconnected yeah later we will see a temple Chinese temple just opposite the inlet small Inlet this is that’s where they came usually when the Chinese came

They go and they stay they build the T for first that’s the and I want to say one thing you know I don’t really repeat countries but this one I’m going to come back every year alhamdulillah every year photo you want he wants a photo he wants

A photo yeah photo Island every year new island bro we have too Many let’s go oh look at that truck food truck there’s a food truck lumpia lpia oh my gosh food doesn’t end here you will never go hungry and the food’s always tasty you’re buying something yeah theia the lpia what’s Lumia the spring roll this one right here can I

See it’s okay oh yeah this is Lumia and this is Chinese influence if you ever go to any chinat town around the world you always get a Lumia can you tell where where’s the coffee shop the coffee shop where is it we are nearby yes where is it where is it where is

It oh yeah we found the coffee shop right through this door coffee ro oh as soon as you walk in it hits you py py amazing wow so good py py smells like a Roastery in here sorry I’m brain dead right now America Yani and

Mr I haven’t seen one like this in a while coffe yeah laa coffee from a Sumatra this the old school way that equipment is 108 years old over a century insane from Dutch Era 108 years old machine from Dutch era steady not too fast not too fast not too slow steady like this constant steady and steady you guys have no idea that Aroma of The Bean wow the fire in there so this came from the Netherlands this is my happy shop you

Can take a rest and you yeah you take a rest I’ll take it I’ll take over I’m going to buy some coffee from you guys this is great especially coming from this rooster it’s like a 100y old coffee going straight back to Miami well the roasting process this [Laughter]

Tough they’re so kind do it faster because it’s going to burn what not too fast not too slow constant okay ohm wow the aroma it smells phenomenal I don’t think I’ve ever had a smell like that I’ve never smelled this what let’s get in here let’s get deeper

Wow man it’s like be in heaven be in heaven right in the old town of Samaran I can sleep here dude put that on my pillow because he asked me what I like be there he chose for me wow oh my God e Java right woo super strong so he makes two

Different beans East Java and samang okay pleasure nice to meet you pleasure nice to meet You okay yeah Aroma want to check the aroma I’ve never had coffee like that really yeah no seriously no cuz usually they blend it with many other countries this one is purely from well two different islands here Indonesia but wow so it’s like the drip coffee and it drips straight into

Ice perfect es copy s copy yes this is a Japanese paper it’s from uh Japan I think also Vietnam has something similar right the drip sty orami Oram I’m ready guys I love coffee one day I’ll have my own coffee and this is the strongest you have strongest this is uh

Medium oh it’s medium it smells strong though I’m going to take the strongest one home one strong when I go to America I take strong what you like what would I like uh I like strong strong Rob Rob Rob is stronga Roba mean uh Stronger inry gentl [Applause] mango

They all smell so good so going to do a mix uh no single single single even better so this like this from Mountain 2 hours away until again he ask you what do you like you like bitter you like light strong I like strong always I need to wake up bitter coffee is

Good yeah this is good this is medium but it’s gray [Applause] though how the taste great medum exactly it’s not like too strong not too light no for me it’s perfect so question you said minimum is 100 gram and that’s like $1 US dollar roughly depending on each one

One but the rest maybe two 150 and how long has he been here how how many years has he been how many years I was born here me myself from 75 75 19 yeah what do you recommend in terms of all these different variations and is this all

From Indonesia correct this is all from Indonesia we don’t we don’t uh outside coffee imported coffee what’s your favorite my favorite uh maybe that’s the island the K Island perfect got it and so which one am I trying cuz I’m trying this one over here this

One it’s also very nice this is Central Java no no no this is Central Java yeah yeah it’s dark to Pulu it’s like uh $30 for a kilo $30 for kilo or $3 for 100 gr Taja pululu Taj Taj is the island Taja is the place so Taja pululu so my boy

Mike from F and far uh made a video about it which is pretty epic so I think uh let me see oh my gosh I’ve never had this much like intensity in a smell oh bitter and over here that’s why I I always bring an extra luggage so I can

Take some of this stuff home that’s mine wao that’s strong that is intense wow that how beautiful is this cup it like opened up my eyes dude it’s strong strong no sugar that’s how you get the best taste that’s how you really understand what the coffee tastes like

And over here they have a little graph that shows you all the different tastes within coffee buttery creamy marshmallow Citrus floral grape tropical this one’s bitter like really bitter I don’t know what else I taste in there it’s too hard for me I’m not a I

Don’t even know what do they call it a coffee like connoisseur or a Somali of coffee yeah that was good I want another one to drink the coffee with we have unbe cook onbe mean breakfast in Dutch cook with cake this is the Dutch cake that

Use a lot of Indonesian spice so they actually create this cake here in Indonesia when they colonize the country they mix uh their skills making cakes with local spices like cinnamon and cloves love of like canari nuts almost like almond uh this is indo Dutch cake called unbaked cook delicious M what

This of course Coffee Heaven I mean Heaven that’s great you TR un full but I’ll try it oh it’s super fluff extremely SP cinnamon cnon that’s so good his coffee wow ESOP remember that in the back of his house we have the old fact 1928 and this is8 a massive rooster oh

My gosh it’s huge this has a capacity of 120 kilos 120 kilos yes and so this doesn’t work anymore you’re not this is Museum yes just mum this is incredible and this is all from from Netherlands all yes our Eureka Eureka eure is Greek Eureka

Mun samii my man so good guys come to him visit the house see the museum but definitely taste the coffee i b myself I think a kilo I think so a kilo yeah five five different five different varieties fantastic all and now we’re going to one

More spot we’re going to a factory what do they make at this Factory spring roll skins the Lumia skins the very specific samarang fusion with the Chinese spring roll so the skin of the Lumia yes Lumia skin amazing I love your home beautiful yes wow that was awesome and it’s only

What 11:00 a.m. here like a couple of hours just in the coffee shop it’s like but it’s was worth it no of course entering the small alley to get to the skin Factory Lumia skinia samarang the best of so where is this place so just around

The corner of that that that blue pot right there wow there’s no way for a car to get through here only scooters in here yeah yeah thank you oh so nice so we’re in the true neighborhood right now authentic feeling here small houses small alleys all little motorcycles this way we’re lost it’s

Getting hotter every second let me get myself one of these this a beautiful flag looks like Monaco though so it’s that way yeah uh that that way actually yeah it’s like which alley is it yeah lost in my own City no this is great I love this oh

You get in the shade it feels good everywhere else boiling it’s funny cuz you know I’m from Miami but the difference is here less air conditioning we going inside but it’s like look how small this house is by the way look at this this is like for the for The

Hobbit the move The Hobbit or small Japanese not like no I’ve never seen not like this not like this Japanese wow look at that the batter with her hand like that oh my gosh so what type of batter this rice flour Sam flour water little salt little

Oil vegetable oil that’s it it’s nice nice thin sheet and you have to buy it by 100 piece cuz it’s wholesale the one that came here actually the the lpia fender themselves right so they buy 100 pieces 100 pieces about five bucks it reminds me five bucks it reminds me of

The one we had had in uh in bandong with the the little one oh the sweet one the sweet one yeah right 15 Years 2,000 sheets 2,000 piece a day a day that’s a week day and weekend 2,000 500 to 3,000 a day cuz week can more tourists more lumpia needed more skin need it and I’ll tell you they’re like machines they don’t stop she’s the best she’s like nonstop how many hours does she

Work a Day one bucket like this finish in 4 hours one bucket oh so but uh one day is two buckets like this and per bucket is 4 hours so 8 hours approximately yeah I want to try one for sure it’s amazing I mean they don’t stop over 2,000 per day and they’re super

Super thin sheets try so I try yes yes boy [Laughter] this one you want to try to make or to eat I was going to eat yeah you can try eat and make no make my hand you can eat I’m not that good at this I rather

Try try oh my God so thin it’s like the thinnest like crap I’ve ever had just flour crispy doughy still hot I think this needs some like sweetness to it though wow do you’re Javanese no Java you know the best thing about these people is that how friendly they are

They’re like just laughing the whole time thumbs up the whole time they’re really enjoying life she ask you whether you come to or not many Japanese four yeah the the food Chinese Dutch Java mix and African and African really really nice I love my cam cam for life you know

The company my hot sauce Cam it needs something though yeah but you know what this reminds me when my mom used to make anything with flour she would make a cake obviously what sweeter than this every time once you would bake it there was some leftovers in the bucket this is what it reminds me

Of good dbh H that’s what it needs it’s in the carhood just uh close to sooran at least 10 12 different household that make this kind of uh skin and the they are available in three sizes this is the biggest one the medium and the small one according to the defender sometimes they

Big make big Lumia medium and smaller one it’s like thank you in Japanese is very similar to sundanese but different yes you change the two letters in the beginning m is Japanese is so let’s go that was our morning here in samarang some of the nicest people ever food was

Absolutely delicious my man samarang the best peace Sumas Japanese sum sum is Japanese yeah like she told me something like she told me something wa no sugar no sugar no sugar like This Oo we were looking for the one chop coconut man we found the next best thing the 25 chop coconut man it’s fine you want to try having my friend I want one too woo I got hit in the head thank guys coconut we finally found fresh coconut

Here oh my gosh so good he’s cting for the inside tender 24,000 20 20 ,000 yes 24,000 graded he’s grading it I have to try some of the T coconut we’re going to leave it for them cuz they sell it but oh my gosh so fresh it’s so

Delicious sweet guys let’s keep going going for Lumia guys the man so your army he’s police my man here Indonesia like welcome to samarang the capital of Central Java today I’m going to take you to explore some of the most eats in javanes Cuisine are you ready we’re starting off with alumia AKA a spring roll and here we go loia wow the walk smells amazing hello

My friend hello hello how are you abakar so right here we have the lumpia skin that’s what we saw earlier today being made at the factory over here they’re mixing up that’s chicken over here we have the Lumia being fried wao he’s putting like a 100 in there so

There’s chicken bambo shoe and egg in this lpia so it’s not like a spring roll this is more chicken roll oh my gosh smells amazing in the fire this is what makes this food so good is that walk that huge pan it’s like a bow pan and they keep

Tossing it this is what you’ll see every single Chinese cuisine all over the world from China to the Caribbean to right here in Indonesia wow this is like full he’s going to roll bro he’s going to roll man Vincent Vincent is the fifth generation lumpia makers so the family

Start like 1890 something so the almost more than 100 Year satatus Town yeah 100 years wow this is 100 years old right here yeah yeah now it’s 20,000 a piece I ate it like starting from 7,000 like in the early 2000 wow that’s amazing man hey

Great great story I love these type of spots and I’ll tell you I already see that I’m going to love it because the inside is super super full in the states it’s not this full this is packed so he’s making the spring rolls super thin sheet so it’s egg chicken bamboo shoots

And the nice thin flower skin I cannot wait for this this paired with David’s been here hot sauce oh yeah wow that looks awesome man I love how full they are it’s going to be nice and crispy amazing weia with many condiments green chili achar and bang Lo like this uh garlic

Char I want to show you guys this beautiful oh my God it’s going to be so good lpia g wow man that’s a lot it’s a lot Alo they give us one that’s not fried and one it’s fried this is an experience watching these guys in action every single day for like

A hundred years doing this wow you don’t stop man like machine you’re like robot here like I think this is going to be tastier without being fried no which is your favorite this one fried this one oh how hot is That n I’m baking it here I’ve been in a lot of kitens of my life but that was really hot especially when he had hit it with that oil dude the oil I’m on fire the camera’s on fire he nuked it dude insane hungry enough you want to add this like

M take away take away place so we’ll eat it the ice joint next door let’s do it zomie let’s go let’s go this like a nice place thank God I I feel like cool this down in one Second like FP oh wow that’s it yeah you should get this everything look amazing here wow guys I’m so excited we have two different styles of lumpia here one’s fried one’s not we have it looks like a sweet glaz the Cucumber AAR the pickle cucumber sweet and sour and some dip

It’s like the glaze made from palm sugar and some tapioca so we have the two different spring rolls or egg rolls yeah Lumas and we also have this ice that we just saw her make it’s full of jellies there also some fruit in there but we start with this mango pineapple the

Lumia we got the fried one and fresh one and also ACC company with four condiments this one is like sticky dipping made from tapioca and palm sugar we got the chili mm bit of it and we got the garlic ches to make it interesting first one like this so yeah like that oh

My gosh look at this it’s like a paste get a little bit of the sauce a little bit of the pickle like that you guys pickle as well yeah and eat it oh the aroma taste it with chili and uh garlic T good number one lpia of all

Time even before entering your mouth you already enjoy the smell the I love that super thin it’s not like it’s not too much skin it’s all about the filling right dude of course egg trim look at that and I never seen like a sauce like that it’s almost like a Jell-O

Sauce hum to make it fresh oh wow I’m CH what you doing bro CH sorry bro TR kill me man oh my gosh man where has this been my whole life I think I’m going to have to use something pull it out it’s falling apart on

Me so shrimp got chicken egg and bambo shs bambo Sho okay man a little bit of SRA sauce to make it caramelize a little bit Yeah the ingredients speaks for itself not many not heavily [ __ ] at all so this is you can tell when they Fred the shrimp the beginning can feel the

Aroma in the tast the of the shm the bamboo shoot very pungent but also nice nicely blend with the other one look how plump it is it’s super yeah super Co hello M the best guide in the world I oh my God at all at all man it’s such

A weird it it it’s the weirdest like um sauce I’ve ever had cuz it’s like a Jello-O we good it’s like it’s that’s sugary but it’s not too sweet bamboo shits refreshing Indonesian rabom rabom or Japanese boom boom wow you love the fried one H lpia gor Lumia goria

Gor number one we finish the fresh one so earlier this morning we visit the house the small house where they make the skin the factory so this is the skin and the size the size is the big size that this morning big size the one that L use because they got

Three different size they use the largest one of course the fried ones not as healthy but fried is always better it’s tastier crunchier and you know I had a lot of heat also good so now I’m going to go into this so what’s the name

Of this ice chur gang as chur mean mixed ice so you get a fruity mango the mango is pickles not fresh mango pickles also very good some melon like a rockmelon the grass jelly this is a very cooling for hot smang this jelly is very cooling has very

Cooling properties for your body and the the syrup actually homemade so like refreshing fros and is like a rose syrup like a rose but they put some uh souring EDG in as well oh and this is the top seat the the clear one the one type of

Palm this is type Palm yeah so this is like uh fruit not not uh jelly at all it’s fruit that’s fruit yeah it has like a like a Ley consistency After hot food have one of these this is the coolest thing about southeast Asia you guys have

So many of these yes and that place is a takeaway affair right people go to goia G this place they qu like they just bought they just buy 10 20 the object and grab coming for the order so you cannot eat it at uh in the place so we

Go next door like place like this there’s a ice Fender next door we just buy the Lumia and enjoy it in the a place amazing and how many years say she been here father 1946 meaning 7 77 years old from from her father the L 100 years old this is 7

Years and I waited 38 years of my life to get here so next door is a noodle place also like 80 years old so we got ice Noodle and lumpia side by side I love that in this culture they don’t push the old restaurants out you guys maintain that

In the states I feel like you can’t find place like this anymore 100 years old doesn’t exist yeah here they kept the place but sometimes uh the Next Generation nobody continue the business it happen sometimes but legs like this we met Vincent the fifth generation liia from her great great great great grandma

Back in 19th century 100 more than 100 of years wow so this is they call it red list Red List Place red list rare rare rare like the like the animal you get red list this is the red list room rless it is C and prer it’s like a syy rose it’s

Tasty wow that hot sauce it needs like a spiciness to it mhm and like you because this sweet you mix it like this and becomes perfect it was honestly missing something you know and for me because my palette is more Western obviously for me it’s perfect it was too

Bland though the the sauce yeah yeah like a jell but L it’s like a jelly look at this we should give them some next door yeah right then need David’s been here hot full supplies so in case you’ve never had an alumia before this is made by Chinese eventually this spread around

The world obviously spring rolls in America I’ve tried in chinatowns all over the world as well yes the commemorate the spring season of the year so they uh may have a big party and they Lumia but this one in Zar is very specific style we got all over it’s City

Different style different feeling different dipping different anything everything yeah this samarang style is considered one of the best style Indonesia or the Lumia Indonesia mhm it’s my favorite too well it’s one of my favorites of all time so good next door we do have a Chinese temple so we’ll

Pass through there now and see it a little bit um it’s a like traditional Chinese temple Buddhist temple as you walk in you have like a little Courtyard and you have a million candles yeah this is the temple that founded by know Chen he like a Chinese Admiral that time that

Sent by the emperor to Jaffa to samarang to open the trade route and when did the Chinese get here are they 17 17th centuries yeah 17th century so late 1600s they brought over the culture the Temple of course their food yeah and I’ll tell you here people they they do

Have a Chinese this one is uh the Madam here is Chinese uh desent Des Des also the the the guy you can see in their face it’s a Chinese desent this morning Theo the owner are are Chinese desent but the staff are Japanese with the sauce yes that mixing it

Together the GL sauce little too bland for me I need spice that’s why I put CH on side but these are spicy Chilies wow turn Temple remove let’s go so as you exit the restaurant on the left we have the canal and this is where the Chinese Fleek came through they docked right here and they established this Buddhist temple and right here we have the statue of zeni one of the I

Mean he they say he’s like the most famous Chinese Explorer of that time around 600 years ago he he arrived here and established this and it was a early uh Ming Dynasty had greatest Admiral in Chinese history and uh what else oh and he was a Muslim but he did this for the

Buddhist let’s go inside yeah yeah yeah every time you walk into a Chinese Buddhist temple you’ll see the dragons then right here in the center of mini Courtyard and then people make offerings and they have incense H is okay it’s incredible it smells so good in here wow like a million

Candles I don’t want to be disrespectful so I’m going to stay back here but over here they’re making like a little prayer and and they’re leaving an offering W so here we have the Chinese Buddha different look the hair that’s the the biggest difference I seen and then

Different positions so I don’t know all the positions but one in the middle is like this with the foot down the other one is more in this posture it’s part of like Chinese culture to shake it and you pull one out and you read it unfortunately I can’t read Mandarin but

Number 27 so I’m guessing good look numbers o 15 wo wow it’s really pumping in this part of town huh money lots of money people grinding people working industrial super industrial can see textiles being moved around everywhere cars coming in offloading we’re going next samarang love their inner so this one is baso

Indonesian midb with plenty of inner choices but so Kone let’s go so inerts what I haven’t had a people like that usually it’s the meat is it yeah this one’s inerts no way my is still the meat but uh the condiments everything the the what you call it the extras ex got

It dude it’s amaz it’s like a it’s like Harry Potter movie I’m not sure not sure yo yo yo I don’t think we fit we’re trying to get down a super super tight Street and there’s a truck oh my God what was that dude we’re on a oneway street well not

Oneway Street it’s a one lane Street and where we going in this one this is for the the baso hidden in one of these back alleys this is the spot right here always oh always packed am so with with noodles and chicken and and chicken noodles you you

Can pick with b and going to do but today we will enjoy B they got the one with the meat all meat and the one a meat with cartilage wow but look at the condim the you have so we have the innards we have the cow nose cow nose lungs and everything pretty

Int the feet oh my gosh can I see this look at this guys I want to show you this is this the liver oh my gosh imagine this and then right next to we have all these meatballs the baso baso right here that looks so good

The Brath this literally is going to be like leant muos which means it brings you back from the dead he cuts it so good oh yeah My man I’m half asleep I need this b b indan dish with the broth all over India but the one in samarang they have all the iners of the cow as the condiments so lungs intestine nose of a cow everything this is the nose of the cow after they cut it

Up and also got some lungs yeah vegan vegans beware guys this is not a city for you guys it’s not the city for you no so they can see the nose and with a scissor he chops it up yeah organs are the best oh that ball yeah nice

M it reminds me of a mataba soup of course it’s not matab but the texture you said the bigger one this one so is only with wheat this one is full of meat and this this one’s cartilage so we cut it that at the spice man that broth you

Know I’m jet log 7 Days in and this is saving my life right now this is the BR to drink [ __ ] usually they have it with noodles like per or rice cake M you only order the K one minut only the soup better easier lighter oh my God I think I got like

What was that ttin ttin fit like K that’s the jelly is the one this one is a k also look at this guys so you have all the iners so much flavor in here the lungs as well I know this is exotic for most people but here this is normal this

Is the Dead marang people which is my dad’s Clan my family mhm and in of a cow and a goat both goat and cow they consume tradition yeah so you’ve been coming to this spot since you were kid I not this since teenager he because there’s many different spots but this one’s famous

Yeah I one the oldest one one of the oldest yeah but maybe 10 20 years only 10 20 years yeah selfie amazing I love you guys oh yeah you add some spice to it not too much I think it’s too spicy I don’t think so it’s okay and if you want

To add some uh some sweetness I think over here we have some sweet sauce ketchup manise ketchup manise I’ve had a lot of broth before my life this one is just like one that I had in uh in Nicaragua but that one was Seafood Nara

Yeah but this is like you take this and you wake up mhm I got the flavor suffering I think it was going to be that hot you’re right hold on heat there that’s what you need it’s just sweetness that was intense dude no Ser throughout the whole broth I

Can’t even touch it anymore good I think we should throw some D been here hot sauce on it I’m going to put some on it I think me good with this wow the one oh yeah want try it yeah but what’s inside it’s the wrapper and it’s the

Feeling oh there is like a piece of meat in there yeah oh my God the crunch so satisfying can we ask him how long we’ve been here It’s a new place they open very branded got it got it well I love this how much does it cost maybe a dollar a dollar very yummy we actually haven’t had a lot of Basel we had it just in Jakarta after that it’s been like a mix of tofu m rice

Noodle balls what are they asking you in Japanese right they asking you your YouTube channel asking me the YouTube channel YouTube channel David’s been here thank you thank you you also have to got some of this because next is the the homemade chili Factory homemade chili Factory next yeah

Your partner America samarang chili Factory no this is but it’s uh it’s nice house because we can relax and just just digest yeah digest and then after that maybe two three more sry sorry sorry sorry Picture Time picture time okay one two three one two three 1

2 three thank you all right let’s go next up we’re going to a place to make some sball like we’re going to a factory it’s almost impossible for our driver to get out of here it’s like super tight Lane yeah hey for you my friend let’s

Go does he want one yeah all right let’s give him one hey here you go be careful with you they’re too much they’re too much all right let’s go straight up they were hitting on tassos the whole time they were like you’re so gorgeous stay yeah you’re so they were like what’s

Your secret of being so handsome I’m like not eating you’re so gorgeous why do you eat it’s like the last answer they expect yeah like that’s the secret cigar is at guys we made it here to a s Factory hello friend so we’re making summer nice to meet you so we are in

Uh huh where you from samarang yeah yeah perfect from here going to make a s for you I’m ready S fres yeah perfect super spicy for this super spicy okay I try okay let’s go what you want me to say oh right and song song song no no no you have to say sing Kong song Yes like King Kong but with s song song or in Japanese you you said po

Po no no so nice so what is that termeric Ginger Ginger tamarine uham yes tamarine tamarine yeah is like meeting a comedian brown sugar better Leaf red better Leaf good for your body and and lemongrass lass tell you want me to try this what do you feel it’s good it’s [Laughter]

Healthy you like tamon turmeric turmeric yes Ginger Ginger yes yeah everything you need everything your bar need so now we’re going to start making the sambal so we’re going to add all these ingredients here we’re going to grind it we’re going to add some sugar

And at the end we add tomato yes I’m going to start okay all of it yes everything so we have some shallots in there chilies uh I think this is Trusty trusty in Indonesia the name of uh blend is mul mul you do now you that yes gr gr like dancing like dancing

Slippery slippery yes because it it was uh fried first oh okay it was fried first and so you have two different uh types of chilies well at least two different colors one’s yellow one’s orange this one’s hard the garlic M and shallot those are harder just beat them break

Them good you don’t like it show me show me show me the way you do it if you do you will have I already have wo wo you’re oh my God but it’s like it’s coming out because they released the essential oil from chili so fast so fast

Making sambal to be spicy sambal master that’s why she s Master this is her product product product try all of them give to try mine okay oh yeah okay he told me he told me it’s super spicy this one super spicy no you want to put this yeah so then I’m going to

Add some Tomatoes okay so much oh so there’s roasted tomatoes look the oils there beautiful delicious like that yeah and then these slowly like that yeah mul again mul mul again it’s an amazing salsa that okay okay you have to put the so lastly we add some uh some

Sugar it’s not sugar what is this not sugar and how much yeah okay enough okay so fresh yes you can feel it in the eyes so seriously okay is that good or you think more okay show me show me cuz you’re the pro I need to see what the pro does

Here if I am set or I not disuse my body I eat some sble yeah so if you feel bad you eat spice make me feel better they say the best thing to do when you feel down Smile as hard as you can like for a while this actually looks

Very different this sball it’s like more like a pasty sambal oh yeah it’s pasty M yeah because we use uh Tomatoes that’s why yeah cuz I know I’ve seen it before with tomatoes but it was more like salsa this was like like a tomato paste yes this on Pizza spicy

Yeah cuz cuz Pizza uses tomato paste sorry it’s a bad joke American joke yeah yeah yeah yeah okay okay done done and now what we just grab one I want to pour some uh lime yeah lime perfect yeah make it nice and uh limey I have four five P

Five different ones yeah and two and three o three chili Ste fry fry chili wow funny I was falling asleep now I’m ready to go done good good is that how you do it I don’t know how you one it’s ch ch ch yes you must so

Spicy it’s okay it iy no it’s so good it’s way more pasty than the other ones we’ve had this is an amazing S I love tomato it’s so fresh wow with the tow I’m going to have a little more guys it’s not too spicy is there a spicy

One are you serious not too serious my God if it’s like oh my God he’s been with me for several days so it’s level ising yeah okay amazing indes chili my friend from German one one piece of chili dying Dy no no no I can handle it but

But but later I’m not going to feel [Applause] good amazing amazing too much too much so are these spicier is they spiciest more spicy than this more spicy than this which one’s the spiciest let’s go for the SP garlic samb gar s so this is the spiciest one maybe

I shouldn’t try it right now cuz dying with this one no no I’m I’m feeling it but it’s not so bad it’s not so bad so and we do have tea to cool it down so and this is kasaba yes Cappa yes kasaa nice this is fried Cava this is

One of my favorite things in Latin American Cuisine fried Yuka so we’re going to pair it right here with this I’m literally having all this spice for myself yay oh my God you’re really amazing you’re amazing no oh this is amazing no I can’t believe it that’s amazing

God I am so hot I think I’m hot good yes you are hot oh my God you are really amazing what’s this one what’s this one called uh es from M melon ice oh melon ice and this is from Bali all uh seed lime lime that’s amazing definitely cool me down

Like just Dro temperature wow after this I’m going to lay down wow thank you so much I appreciate this this is fantastic love this experience I’ll probably have one of these this food is so good and always remember guys with sambad always fried everything’s fried yeah yeah everything’s fried tasty summer we’ had

Why you so shocked white guy in you’re amazing because you not regular white guy half in Indonesia for three or four% oh yeah you make it amazing it is hot though guys this is part of my job I enjoy it to time for you oh my god dude after

Like 3 minutes later you feel it especially behind all this if you hot is like uh he’s so sexy like what she’s so sexy of course hot food hot [Laughter] man so next we’re going to try some of these greens and so you’re supposed to pair this with the sambal yes you want

To try my S my sandal bottle or you want to try with this S no we try try with the S bottle and so we get some of this green right here this one you said isaf leaves it’s like a super green and then the melon yeah thison nice B melon

Right here’s a cabbage chot I’m just going to get a little bit guys chot and then we’re going to we’re going to try one of these with with with one which one which which one do you want to try first whatever you want this is Samar this is

Samar clam clam yeah try that like clam oil clam paste this is this one I don’t know I guess I have to try a little in English is sometimes use the flour go oh it’s super green like you know it’s healthy when it’s not so

Tasty you want to show me so we’re going to open this one this is it comes in this plastic so you have to be careful pulling it out so we’re going to pair that right here and we mix it so how should I eat this with the rice look at this

Yes that’s amazing spicy but I already know spicy more spicy from this yes yeah spicy they’re trying to kill me here no no no I’m not I’m joking but the great thing is the rice calms down literally like neutralizes the heat it’s amazing I’d buy sure which

Else do you want want me try I I don’t want to get too crazy it’s really hot yeah one more the favorite is three three baby and CH baby and this is her best seller right here yes I’m going to remember today forever wow she definitely take one of

These home to America this is awesome yeah and all made by hand take one home so put this with the rice look at that look at the amount of chilies in there it’s like a Chili Chutney mhm are the seeds all seeds I think with

This you got to add a little bit more of rice because if you don’t it’s like you die yeah AR’s over there laughing he’s like ha he’s going to be in the bathroom all night so when I was in bhon I ate chili cheese and my D SE every day 3:00 in the

Morning wake up bathroom bathroom every day over here in Java bathroom 3 in the morning it’s like because it’s too many chilies so watch watch if you’re not used to chilies I’m used used to eating like spice yeah but the chili like so much chilies you guys all right so this

Is number three yeah number three so sum Three Spice huh an an chies and baby an CH oh I like that this is tasty M salty salty my best Sal oh this is amazing wo and how much do you sell how much 50 5050 $3 I’m

Going to take probably I’m taking one of each this is great delicious I’ll try one more one more my favorite is the hottest one it’s really a b girl even the nick name is ster fry firecrackers that time Maron ster fry firecrackers look at my face come you

Guys are trying to like hurt me here I’m not must add it I not and look you can even see it like the oil it looks like it’s going to be spicy let’s do it let’s do it don’t think the oil no I don’t want to take

The oil I just want to take the heat yeah beef brisket beef brisket yes so it’s the spiciest one but there beef brisket inside and so always pair with riceing he is shaking he is shaking what I’m I’m waiting to see how it affects me oh God it’s so hot it’s so

Hot oh my gosh you you definitely are the queen of s thank you thank you thank you David you’re Amazing I need milk milk the only thing that kill the heat is suu milk yeah okay I need a break me they’re going to no it’s okay it’s okay I’m okay I’m okay look at me yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m just like I’m melting right now you like uh if I’m going to

Gim Mal in Indonesia we we say it Malala yeah you are melted now I made your day I made your day what is this what’s P stinky beans M oh wow the stir fries you guys eating number three W number three number the name of the fish is

Can three fish you’re melting by the way by the way I was going to cross over to film him but you should never step over the food in this culture never cross over the food always around a big Tabo a big taboo no they’ll kill you no

No I’m joking yeah so how many years have you been making tble since 2018 wow uh I I make my first s is s and how did you get into it did you start just uh my my friend uh in bore asked me for samb can you make sambell

Yes I can so I make her some sambell and she love it and she said that you have to uh make more yeah make more and you give me yeah you give me that that year yeah at the beginning yeah wow that was a super spicy day here in summer on

Thank you thank Youk she came with the spice Mr Mr s Mr you’re the queen of samb you are Mr s thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much I’ll see you next time okay byebye okay inshah inshah see you guys soon peace bye oh my

God oh my gosh what Happ year thank you so much thank you cheers cheers we did have spicy everything right like is this the like e samarang isang yeah going back towards the center of the city and what we going to eat some tofu yeah that’s

The tofu and sa and M the sweet M for this three for different spray it’s funny he’s like he’s like three four five different places when he shows me the map he has 18 Backup backup they’re all backups but most of them like he has a lot that are

The same dish just many different locations right something like that when you show me yes I’m excited it is uh almost 5:00 p.m. we’ve been grinding all day but we still have a few more spots and few more spots I lost the first day

Of the trip so we had to make it all up today make it up yeah it’s okay we have the catch up it’s a bike city right so from Samaran it is 5:00 p.m. and we’re going to go on a nonstop eating Adventure hitting of five iconic spots

That you have to visit in samarang at night these are small spots we’re starting off right here at a tahoo place this is Taho pong one of my favorite so it’s a crispy tofu uh shrimp frers and with spicy sauce spicy ketchup money sauce let’s go everything’s spicy here let’s

Go not that SP look they’re all like super super small spots Six Tables they’ve probably been here for like 40 years it’s like 30 Can we see can we see can we go no rice no rice no rice I can’t have any more rice you freaked out wow boss is mixing egg with tofu some Tri what she making there oh my God like a toed pancake samarang dish it’s so crispy and now it looks like a

Pori I’ve never seen this in my life tofu mixed with eggs chives a few other ingredients and then she put it in and she’s like making into a pancake it’s like a fluffy tofu pancake i t it’s actually like a tofu omelet rice T [Applause] Egg are you ready for the first of five first of for this also we got two kinds here in Tang aru this one is uh tofu omelette or here we call it tah tah yeah and this a Taho pong pong meaning Holo like this is the Holo tofu yeah

Holo inside Airy super Airy and then they have the egg that already fried they got the shrimp like shrim FRS oh wow yeah and then the unle this is the dense tofu so they got pong tofu the Hol one and the den tofu fs and egg

And sauce this is the dressing P sugar vinegar chili garlic and then daon pickle AAR and some chili if you want to make it more spicy I think this is spicy now okay yeah so how do we start this thing uh you can put in there or just di

It St it yeah let it absorb it yeah that I love tofu yeah because it’s Hol inside I absor lot of dressing okay okay also a shrimpy what this that’s what you say shrimpy shrimpy so we can also make a crin like this add some AAR for me is

Uh I need more spice I need more sambal so I put a little bit sambar okay so this is the individual blessing that wow all the chili and then just add some of the oh so you just throw them in there egg shm fras the Hol tofu and the

Dence tofu maybe half oh wow yeah and then the eggy tofu the tofu let cop CH C CH y That’s amazing you can make your own concoction so I’m going to do the same thing going to pour some of this mhm so pour this in all of it Pour this

On the side throw a little bit of chili in there and then mix in that chili then I pour this straight in that pour that guy all right and an egg this is what we just saw inside this is the omelet tofu omelet tofu Copo and so why

Are we doing so much tofu dishes this a big tofu culture in uh tofu is a Chinese culture some marang is a big uh influence from the Oriental culture of course a lot of tofu dishes lot of noodle noodle dishes here yeah so I’m going to try

This mix yeah let’s go with the pancake put chili just a little yeah I put a chili in there I already put chili so I’m going to go first with this nice and crispy that it crunch oh yeah dressing is awesome if you don’t know originally in China and

That was what they used in America in the like 19th century Hines took that and then made his own ketchup which is hin ketchup Chinese came here bring the ketchup uh recipe we put the palm sugar the local palm sugar because Chinese and Oriental ketchup is a spicy salty right

Salty and this the main ingredient for the Dr the shrimp amazing oh yeah incredible the fre yeah it’s almost like shrimp tempura yeah but these are smaller shrimp sometimes people Al Eat It with rice in the side and make it the complete meal it it’s almost like a TPU

Fritter not crazy fried lightly on the outside you see extremely dense yeah you gave me personally I like the the light one better this one the Holo the Hol T so you get this the egg that’s where the this name came from Taho pong open from 11: to 9: tofu in

Indonesia is so good A lot of people I know hate tofu cuz they think it’s like a spongy there’s no taste no there’s taste my man you said this is top three them around dis for me Tong is uh one of the top three ofar for me personally

Sagay tahong and one more let me decide because so many good food in this town it’s not fair it’s too good I shouldn’t be eating anymore so I I’m visiting family since I like a toddler to samarang so we went even though we are in Jakarta we went to samarang annually

And people love to eat out here in Sam like they don’t want they don’t want to go home anymore they don’t want to go home a uh in the morning you have a breakfast too am plant some simple salad gado and at night they go to places like

This this place like 10 years ago we still in the 10 by the curb side in the street oh wow yeah so they they grew and then they buy the the building and one of the joke is uh there’s one very rich guy from near Samara and this is his

Favorite food wow Michael Bango we shared the favorite food thank you Mr Michael my friends I’m full but we got more suppos to go let’s go four more to go let’s go oh my gosh they’re like you’re too much fantastic dish he says top three it

Might be up there for me too wow delicious let’s go street food all right let’s go let’s go tah since 1980 older than me baby let’s go whoa oh it’s going to be great look at that tofu tofu tofu wow they’re frying in the back oh

My God sauce black sauce look at the black sauce it’s like tar bro crab crab crab crab shmp shrimp P CRA it’s a tofu sandwich with shrimp paste inside and it’s black what the black SAU M from a shrimp paste and with some uh tapioca and H little bit of

Sugar they will slit the tofu and smear it inside tofu sandwich style so we’re making tofu sandwich with black shrip paste I’ve never seen this in my life it looks so good I can’t wait to try it it doesn’t stop your oh my God look at that that is like tofu Critters

Got potato you also have these shrimp ones look at this I’m melting here guys I’m like I can’t see they’ve been doing this since 1980 literally how old is that 43 years here wow ready order here pay here we’re ready let’s go yeah this is our Taco P wow

Wait yeah that’s the sandwich right there right wait has this been my whole life yeah it’s like chocolate bro like a jam M shrim Jam shrimp jam oh my gosh look at that how many you going to eat you going to eat them all man little

Chili it is one of the most delicious tofu of my life I don’t know how explain it it felt like it felt like chocolate oozed out of the tofu it’s sweet but also pin and then the cake from the chili right I can eat it five but you see let’s see if

Face yeah I’ll finish it trying it good good this top one top bro top yeah top right in samron wow you guys like chocolate but no chocolate it’s sour chocolate I’ve never tasted anything like this in my life wow yeah doesn’t taste like shrimp man tast a chocolate how you saying

That God I don’t even know how I ate three of those bro I told you only one we got three stops to go okay it’s okay it’s okay let’s go let’s go hey thank you yeah so that’s like sweet and not sweet it’s just extra yummy yummy yummy

Yummy I say thank you I love these people bro cheers the best bro the best wow bro hey best look guys it’s the blue moon up there what is today August 29th yeah But you got so right now he’s ordering a few different ones these are all raw this is a fetty beef but uh a type of tofu Tofu for sure 10 how it’s worth it the place looks great smells amazing they put it from here Straight Into the Fire charcoal and

Then they dip it into peanut dressing and they put it back on the fire put smed with peanut dressing sliced salad chili and some ketchup M wow God it looks so good this is the one thing I love about this country is a sa saté this is raw this

You’re back yeah we saw him for breakfast 12 hours ago it’s amazing oh my gosh the smell it’s going to be so Smoky love the charcoal so easy these These are so small Ours that’s us bro let’s go that was intense the fire is us yes okay we ready this is it let’s do this dip it drench it are you throwing oh my God chilies in there too chili balb that’s uh tofu or soy Bas based sa called Taho gambus type of tofu we call

It Taho gambus different texture different taste with the Ord tofu it’s like creamy it’s like slightly fermented yeah it’s creamy I’m actually very happy to try this oh my gosh slathered in this amazing peut dressing you want throw some cherries on top this one of the best dressing I ever this dude that’s

The best thing ever yeah oh my God you know what it is they put a dressing on top then they cooked it on the charcoal on in it yeah and then they added more peanut yeah what’s that like lungs I think it’s lungs lungs so easy also delicate and you got ordered B

Stick so you can mix and match all the fetes here they got like at least 10 FES two kinds of beef chicken in St Tempe up and next to it this is um tofu car no a rice rice cake rice cake or peanut this is the carb of choice to Company

San s usually a company with rice cake like this L you’re soing with so sweaty but also oh my God one of the best Sal no I I’ll tell you this is some of the best food of all time wow there’s so so unique the flavors you try at least 10 maybe yeah

10 today we try the profile of the tast very different ingredients different even two tofu this it’s very different one each other so soft yeah everything’s like buttery thank you this place is amazing yeah this is so good let me ask you how much does it cost uh it’s stick per

Stick is like 20 cents 20 cents yeah how long has this place been here probably like 20 years yeah less than 20 years but it’s like their third location already so they move you know I thought we weren’t going to finish more than two weeks but it’s very addictive so just

Keep eating it’s also very small so easy to eat you know today I ate easily like 10 spots so far yeah including the big chili stop this afternoon the best ATO ATO they’re like what are you talking about up to you whatever so do we really have two more spots or is just

One more what do you think two more woo right one is not t with this one is dessert but if you if you Des set one just go to Desert pleas I’m done M that’s a good stuff wow bro and that’s is the topper one this is better than

The Greek yeah ooh this is better than Greek I hate to say but it’s the peanut sauce man I know this place is unreal straight up if you see my stomach right now you’ll be like damn David how you still there bye bye bye perfect thank you thank you thank you so

Much no no no no so guys I think we’re going to have to skip the next spot and just go straight for the dessert cuz my stomach can’t handle another spot like this was the day that I did extra extra because uh for you guys but for myself

Easily ate four days worth of food today maybe even five who knows oh let’s go we have wedang and S mang beans or uh peanuts and also sticky rice with durian let’s go inside all right let’s get in here tight spot small tent like the peanut soup peanut soup and then

Uh with durian and M bean soup what do you want it’s a side one for me bro I guess durian I’ll do durian it’s a lot of food you know when you eat this much food doesn’t look appetizing but it still looks so appetizing wow is this it good one more that’s a

Sou that’s good we got three warm soup dessert right here you got sticky rice with Duan and this one is mang Bean Kang and I got peanut soup all sweet and warm good for your wow mhm amazing sticky rice with durian oh my gosh it’s sweet sweet and

Hot that sticker rice is amazing soup it’s mung bean yeah oh like small grains it looks like some tiny noodles in there too no it’s the from the inside of the M beans oh it’s like the shavings of of it like the inside the M Bean yeah the M

Bean they break and you can’t have the feeling on it’s good and I feel like this is digestive could help you really digest all that food M it’s tasty also a little sweet andness is that water that like coconut in here yeah a coconut milk I think this is better though over these

Two yes all what is this place uh this is SW where kangur right in the central samarang area and they sell three kind of soup uh peanut mang bean and also Katan sticky rice with durian that you can also enjoy cold and many many snacks yeah they have

Lots of snacks they have some lpas I also some other fried things it’s been here for a long time you have a long time it’s like a coffee shops thist this a shop it’s a shop it’s a tent it’s amazing on the sidewalk you okay is it

Like a like a characteristic spot like a yeah it’s a samarang unique uh desert shop desert uh desert stop this super [Applause] delicious wow that was our dinner tour I’m super stuffed thank you so much Sam we could easily have done like five more places but that’s it samarang I love you

Peace all right guys I’ll tell you I’m a dead man walking right now we filmed for like 12 hours straight my stomach hurts I ate too many chilies you did but it was worth it no worth it then because we lost a day in the

Beginning of the trip so we lost a day here so we had to like literally cram as much as we could into one day wao lots of bikes my man you ready sleep I’m ready rest and then tomorrow morning Solo solo his City Mr solo my city wow look at this

Oh you’re a character bro yeah I love it yeah I guys so much I mean he we did we did a video in 2 hours and it’s like a really good one people were interacting today we’re headed to solo it’s like at 2 driver going to stop on

The way one time I’ll tell you samarang is amazing samarang samarang samarang wow this city is so good food is outstanding people so nice I love this country you know I’ve had a lot of rough trips a lot of rough trips Kenya Iraq what else is rough man too many rough

Trips too many rough trips and this trip is my like my favorite trip of all time easy to navigate on the road my guy Ari is the best he is the goat the goat of Indonesian cuisine but yeah I’m ready to go guys I’m ready solo joa and then I’m

Out my boy Ari he’s the best up py pyy man yeah ready okay let’s go let’s go bro ready ready my man we going to solo yeah we’re going to solo but we we will stop in a city in boyolali to have Soo boyolali for breakfast Soo boyolali see

You there but first point coffeee the best coffee not the best coffee but the best easy coffee to get right it gets the job done man I’m tired jetl really is affected me on this trip God but we’re almost done solo joj and I’m done um but yeah I think I like the

Food in summer wrong the most sorry wait wait wait yeah wait wait for solo right wait for making this statement for me yeah but don’t follow me all right so we’re here at our first spot we’re going to have some soo soo you can just chicken or beef Soo guys if

You don’t know what that means that is soup and I’m having a super strong copy Cofe Point Cofe and this one’s cop iy that’s how you do it then you wake up woo here we go woo I took it in one gulp oh yeah after an hour hour and a half

Drive we’re here in Bool town and we’re going to have Soo sagir ha fa [ __ ] Fatima oh this is it yeah chicken chicken beef oh my gosh it looks amazing but there the small bows it’s perfect for breakfast what do you want chicken or beef H I’ll go with beef it’s

Going to it’s going to it’s going to lift me up from the death that’s not for us right guys the smell is insane it’s the worst smell if you’re fasting but it’s great yeah it’s 8:20 in the morning I was asleep this is going to wake me up wow

You this one right here yeah America America been here you’re so kind so kind she’s going to do like a million right now she’s going to fill us all up tell what she’s building you were away I was staying like this like a statue like a tourist attraction

All the stuff one by one photo photo photo let’s go let’s go me too now oh my God it’s amazing this is the best part about this country okay God I love this country no you want single single photos is is it one at that time now is that

How it is one at that Time all right every already get let’s do one yeah okay guys she’s like taking over me okay okay yeah she wants to Tria here this is like a this inappropriate how you [Laughter] say oh my gosh that was amazing it was too much the entire stuff oh okay A

Friend oh amazing no nice to meet you too so he just gave me his card so what is it I don’t know okay amazing from samarang these are from samarang we love samarang so we have side dishes we have a few different uh Sates sat we have Tempo Taho

Tahoo fradel the potato Petes s Tempe and this is uh this is my favorite that’s your favorite what is that what do you think uh so it’s mix of fat uh so it’s liver or is it just beef the nose noday Okay Sal one L one lung chicken

Chicken chicken and uh this is nice this is to make to make the broad chicken got it you want tofu or Tempe I think this yeah yeah this is the best I love this this is the number one thing you will have in Indonesia we can eat it all day all day long

Tempe yeah crispy Tempe Tempe Tempe temp soybean cracker booo dag Sapp beef Soo so they have beef Soo and chicken sto here in my favorite Soo place in boali ha Fatima it’s been round this is like the second generation is from ha Fatima’s mother amazing yeah

So uh small bowl like this mhm can have one or two but the extras this is that’s where you fill up this is how you fill up the sades and then the frers you have Tempe potato potato patties tahoo and in in Moto there’s two essential condiments lime and Chili s t

Yeah uh sweet so sauce you can use it or not but this is those two are my my your favorites my default condiments were so good okay so what we do is we spray some lime on top just squeeze some lime little samb first still morning yeah

Right destroy me with the sambar yeah just a little bit of sambar look how spicy it looks when you see the seeds you know it’s going to be hot no I haven’t put anything little yeah tiny bit Yeah tiny half maybe put the let’s try this

Sug sugar bon in Japanese sug so rice bean sprouts sprout a little bit of beef SC scallet or celery mhm just a slivers of beef so it’s a nice rice soup man the broth oh my God I’m so happy we stopped here on the way to solo so it’s

Halfway so the lady say he must consume while hot yeah no it’s still hot still hot man the broth drink it you can ask additional broth as well oh that’s the best part of these soups the broth cooking for so long I’m going try this

Guy this is the nose of the beef she’s going to give me some more broth yeah how tasty is this the best uh the best taste and also texture ni that marinade yeah gous peppery sweet salty [Applause] could yeah so if you drink drink the broth you add more

Broth this is probably the best s I’ve had like a snack skin no it’s like a a skin snack there’s many variation of uh organs I mean even from nose you can have G you can have crispy yeah with the potato pet this time and

Mash it into the soup oh no put inside it with the so put to the bottom potato is a like thickening agent oh yeah it’s nice nice mushy ball the outside just a little crispy crispy oh man she put more shallot on top mhm have it piping hot way tastier we

Had it a little warm cuz it was s there for a bit people usually make the stop on the way over to solo from saarang yeah also the the local here before they go to the office to schools campus to stop by for a bite and also lunch break the space will be

Pack incredible you know I didn’t know about the soup culture in Indonesia but literally every city there’s like three or four different styles of soos central about the soup mostly GAA and also some part in Sumatra but alsoi masao and the one we eat the first Stu

In clading with the ribs they have Cho right so almost every main island they got their own sty they got and what’s this that’s a CO lungs cow’s lungs sounds you know it sounds super exotic but this is part of the culture guys they eat organs they

Eat a lot of beef here yeah organs chicken organs sometime fish organs I don’t know what they’re putting on top but it’s sugary super sweet the marination from pal sugar and some cilantro seed corander seed this is way denser than like this one or the the previous one previous one my

Favorite no that one was better because it was so gelatinous plus a little bit of meat and alsoi right wow plus this this is number one so as we’re getting closer to the solo we’re getting more into the true Japanese culture yeah go straight to the market the the the biggest Market it’s

Amazing look at the kids they’re having s for breakfast students their uniform uniform yeah know I mean it’s warm and it fills you up yeah you if you’re asleep this is going to like just take you to the moon the broth I don’t know how to

Explain it so delicious and you can also add for top up the you see the wow you see The Cauldron it’s a ginger local biley lemongrass I mean that’s what makes it I think big Ginger like this they just smash it they don’t even have to peel it

Just smash the ginger and put it in the soup you can see take the ingredients of the soup wow this is probably the best one I’ve tried my God every day the food gets better and better Central Japanese food my opinion better than West Japanese I Japanese I don’t anybody don’t good morning

Morning 26 years her yeah wow she is the early staff of this restaurant so the the the age of the warum is almost similar 26 27 what time She they have a shift system from 5: in the morning until 1:00 p.m. that’s the one shift the morning shift uh the evening shift is from 1 to evening and you so what time do they like open Breakfast 600 to 8 6 in the morning 8:00 p.m. 8:00

P.m. yeah but breakfast is like it’s almost done right now but they they never never close between uh the time like breakfast lunch dinner that’s open all the day because sometimes people uh a customer that break breakfast late or lunch late right you love the job H because she’s

Love she L the job and and and how much does it cost for 80 cents a bow yeah and then the sides are extra50 50 cents very and the uh yeah the frers 150 something you guys are so Nice these people are so kind that sto was one of the best I’ve tried [Laughter] Indonesia oh man the people here the people [Laughter] people one last one okay okay one last one one last one they’re taking over my day hello look at that you know how you know School sea [Applause] like one of the best soos of all [Applause] time yes makii look at this India Indonesia

[Applause] India you’re the [Applause] best and why do how come you speak English so well uh you learned here in school nice nice okay thank you nice to meet you problem dude everybody’s so nice the school’s right in front and they’re like all coming to us like one

India oh my gosh this is amazing amazing YouTube YouTube I can’t understand anything this Javanese no Javanese OB Bahasa America [Applause] [Applause] America you know this country is just made of just happy people like genuinely happy yeah yeah there’s like this no fakeess here they’re so happy to see us I bet they haven’t seen a foreigner come through here in a while you know your name David David David you

Speak perfect man good keep learning keep learning languages languages there’s energy here bro there’s so much Yes photo photo photo selfie yes of course yeah of course again they so nice thank you no Maki Maki if you want to take a picture with the students you can come in he okay we’re just rest with time but we we’ll do it let’s go let’s go let’s go fast fast [Applause]

Fast oh my God oh my God yeah that’s all good [Applause] together this is amazing this is so nice Okay I’m going to get in the middle [Applause] okay oh my gosh it just made my [Applause] day I’m literally going to build a school in this country it’s like 1,000

Bumps okay okay Boom by it’s so cute thank you so much you’re giving a new experience with the student oh of course of course dude I got like so emotional right here amazing nice to meet you too yeah thank you so much WoW too much dude too much how’s the food

Good Jeff Scot Jeff scoto oh it’s the best the best that’s a traditional Indonesian cake Japanese cake we got clap Pon there a pal sugar inside and my favorite on on the Sesame balls and yeah witha inside inside and this one is with UB tya sweet potato and sugar Sesame balls

Are great by the way and they have it a lot in the Caribbean Sesame Balls I’m going to come Lord My man ready the bankers oh yeah BSI give me a loan give me some money I I buy a house in Solo thanks guys thank you ready oh yeah I thought that was our hey Guys yeah we made those kids like like weak man they’re here so we got what like a like a 90 minute drive little less no work hour only an hour 60 minutes and we’re going to be in Solo the city of Ari the city

Of Ari the city of Ari Ari of jakov the city of jakov the president’s from your city hello it’s my hometown because I was born there and also the hometown of Indonesian current president p jooi and also the mayor of solo is sp jooi son Mas Gibran Mas

Gibran we are almost in Solo in the edge of solo just maybe 10 15 minutes we reach the town and we go straight to Paso the solo main Market lots of good food inside let’s go solo food he’s saying that this is the best food in all

Of Central Java no I didn’t say that no I a joke I know I know I’m joking he’s from here so you know he’s pumping it up for us it’s going to be great we got how much time I got left I got two and a half days left yeah love it

Sleep there bro yeah like working Island Java okay Solo javat Indonesia Indonesia Central Java solo English American American for of course my man we’re going to be exploring the biggest the biggest food market in Solo right now you guys ready my man Ari this is Hometown oh you’re the

Army I I love this hat thank you for your service thank you for your service thank you after Pap bless you God bless you God bless you too my man bless you too I’m ready to go we’re going to eat some food we’re going to explore the market so many

Beautiful things everybody’s so friendly ready to go my favorite Market maybe in the whole country way I’m a Lo I’m a solo boy I was born here and they got ready to eat food fruits produce SMS great and you can get o o food o o yeah let’s go find some sweet

Snakes Jeff sweet snakes we call it l or J many sweet next made from tapioca cafa sweet potato got it so as you enter over here they have some souvenirs some stuff for your home they also have fruits lots of bananas hello hello how do you say good good morning

Again suing suang Jing sug Jing suing she has a lot of fishing people are so beautiful huh Sak sakani America America America I can pronounce you’re beautiful oh Florida Florida let’s go let’s go so over here what else we got some textiles oh this is nice look at these

Colors s song so that’s what you put on yeah oh I’m going to take one btics this is the old traditional btic so you make like uh dress or shirt from it and this traditional solo like the patterns the patterns some are Solo some are from other part of Indonesia W everything

Looks so good oh you’re here oh my man you ready Ready IU her name is IU oh wow look at this food man man so we’re going to try something right here yeah it’s my place to go for sweet snacks in so you can see many there the name of the cakes here so small cakes is like what a dozen varieties wow they

Sugary they also have like spicy salad type of sweet potato leaves types of tofu Tempe and then spicy look at the seeds I know it’s amazing it’s like a super Spicy Sweet salad how long have they been here 40 40 this isome like shallot tamarine chili wow oh she going to about the

Sauce now they call it Taho gambo so it’s a fermented tofu they make the uh the ingredients and from from The Leftovers actually they press the tofu complete so every single one yeah 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12 times gr coconut wow sugar

Syrup that looks phenomenal this vendor has been here for 40 years mother and daughter team he’s been coming here his whole life amazing boy and your favorite this my hood yeah my favorite Market in h so let’s try the the spicy one first y this is like sweet

Potato leaves and some a type of uh tofu or Tempe we call it Tempe gambo Tempe Gus gumo and the dressing made from tamarine salad chili sugar look at that super green spicy let try it I do it solo Style with hand it’s so sweet

Nice bra ton boost bra in like shot and uh PM sugar yeah it’s extra sweet yeah wow different flavor this one flavor right so this is how we do it also my L pom favorites hey Mom dude if this sours in Miami I have it every

Day I’m eating your R salad this is seriously so rich sweet spicy at that dude it’s amazing sweet potato leaves dressing tofu that’s it oh my God it’s making me happy yeah very good this one spicy but also sweet tone you just dunk it in this tely unique yeah unique

Kofu she a kofu was like the next day tofu yeah something like that something like that yeah n nutrition but tastes very good yeah they amazing look my fingers and knock forever and oh my gosh now the sweet one dude that’s salad this one is yeah oh so kind so kind see we’re

Licking our fingers they’re like giving us the napkins wow everybody is smiling at us so beautiful okay may me get another spoon sorry maybe get another spoon no no no no this is the spoon this is the spoon this spoon perfect spoon you have spoon but it’s gry coconut all over you have

12 different little things in here things try get some of the gr coconut one that’s from gr cafa M sweet rice cake yeah sweet rice cake oh uh cafa cake cafa cake cafa cake this is the jelly rice cake the pink one Canal the pink one Canal this is your

Favorite my favorite since childhood because it’s like pink yellow green cute dud it’s like little spongy this is sa yeah SA s sa is like uh grated cafa with with sugar and coconut sa sa oh my God every bite man yeah and then we get

G this is the one that uh the hardest to make that one yeah because you have to dry it in the sun and then for several days so is it a fruit it’s a casaa it’s all casaa and and uh rice so casava rice mixed with sugar sugar and then just

Turn into like a little sweet like a jelly sweet my faite tastes like a date date oh yeah yeah that’s your favorite yeah also great kasaa and we at the white corn white corn yeah grol that’s a white corn M so my favorite like dark rice TR the dark white

Corn safy safy so that’s like a p cleanser between the the sweetness yeah oh good I like the gr gr grol what’s this one I mean it’s too many it’s like a Mochi eson eson it’s like Mochi it’s definely Mochi P sugar inside flour and gr coconut C yeah it’s like a bite

Size I’ll tell you every single one has been just to die for bro to die for food you have to try and uh they call it Gand gandar the sweetness of the sauce in the bottom that’s a great coconut Nam namu 4 40 cents for this

Entire plate I’m full in full too and we need to try it now more dish in this market let’s get some chicken skin chicken skin yeah fried chicken skin and intin very good matun matami these are the sweetest cassava cakes of all time they are so delicious each one’s different flavor profile wow

The coconut aspect Plus that sweet dressing guys come to her 40 years in business support her ready okay delicious too much so this p is another Japan Central Japanese dish consist of steam uh vegetable and we put a peanut sauce spicy peanut sauce on top with chili

With garlic shallot and also canura type of Ginger and Lime Leaf and IU karini Mrs also sell a lot of types of this one is this those two are the spiciest you should try you should try and this one is from Sesame this one is H very specific from solo they call it

Peso or fet P made from uh black sesame seeds the rest are from peanuts this one from black sesame spiciest ones right PL plan PL plan puras spicy this one looks good that one from black sesame it looks amazing black sesame but I want to try the the spicy one that spicy one

The spicy the whole thing is just a piece yeah the whole thing yeah more the whole thing more whole thing oh my gosh so ni it’s like a snack it’s like a a bar it is protein bar it doesn’t remind me of a protein bar it’s very grainy but

The chilies are crazy a chili crazy and uh if you taste the aromatics that’s the Lime Leaf the Lio leaves type of lime leavf m just bring two Packers home dude bring it back to Miami man dude this is the best thing of all time bro try the Sesame one Sesame

One but she’s giving me too much tell her tell her a little bit so good dude it’s worth it like I think we should buy a little bit obviously the snack layer tonight the spicy one wow I’m Blown Away I’ve never seen this in my life chat chat CH chat is dry this

Is the the black sesame one black s very specific solo area those uh the peanuts is from everywhere no man that one was like unreal yeah this is a milder yeah no it’s is easy yeah but again it’s like a protein bar if you ever had like a super dense

Protein bar no good sugar wow good for hiking oh for sure this you want to hike to the volcano just take a packet of this you see after after I’m saying thank you in two different languages here yes awesome I love this place thank you I think three langu

Three langu we should probably take some of that one okay how many packets do you want I mean it’s like a dollar a packet a dollar a packet yeah this big yeah that’s fine you want two one I’ll take two cuz I can have this as a real snack that like bro extra

Special wow is north of my sauce of course a little bit this is solo spice not samarang spicy you can tell already right how samarang spicy and solo [ __ ] is different yeah yeah no you guys are are sweet spice chip no he doesn’t want that one he doesn’t want that one not

That one like less spicy than this one less spicy no no no it’s okay it’s okay yeah it’s a solo spicy it’s not that spicy almost like Greek spicy dud you’re you’re lying okay spicy snack you feel it but it’s gray though definitely sweeter and lighter than that’s samarang

Spice Inland less spicy food more on the sweet note because a lot many uh Sugar Factory in the area and people love uh spicy sweet food here it’s amazing it really is the best snack ever I so you can see I’m like melting so this is a different type of spice compared to

Samarang it’s like sweet and chil oh man I am hot though hot look you feel [Applause] it Banas hot Indo Bahasa suu is he hot in Jo crazy you’re so nice hello hi hi W by the most amazing Market ever he was right he said it’s his favorite it’s my favorite too oh

Wow she’s cutting the chicken feet all the nails Ari what do we got next let’s try some crunchy fried chicken skin made here on site let me see let me see let me see Lumia yeah thank you Yeah darani America America Friendliest people of all time I’ll say it 100 times this is the best country Agreed let’s go okay okay let’s rock and roll R so many things happening rock and roll okay okay so friendly all right so we’re entering a different part of the market now oh I love these these are the most delicious little jellies ever this

Is actually a this is a fruit a fruit of type a seed Kang kwi fresh jelly oh the fresh jelly look at that massive block jelly everywhere you look something’s happening we’re walking this way for some chicken skin walk through here wow it smells so good are we frying things intestine oh that’s

Intestine so rich I put the iron intestines in it’s amazing different one that’s fresh it’s super crispy delicious man the back the fry that’s delicious man wa Mountain chicken beet and chicken skin so the frying chicken skin chicken feet and intestines how long have you been here

Second generation 40 years 40 years so everybody in this Market’s been here since the beginning longer than I’ve been alive what does he also have like sambal s oh that’s a sambal it’s like I thought it was like sausage but no it’s sambal same like in I mhm jig skin yeah

That go but this is yeah this is the F mhm super crispy what do you think let me see like pork rindes WR not the healthiest thing for you but last crunch woo America America does he have any customers that come here every day or what’s the or

What’s the craziest thing he’s seen happen here at the market I don’t know every day customer every come to buy chicken time so he have repeat customers that come every day your oh my YouTube amazing it’s crazy people are typing in David’s been here Indonesia I have no Indonesian content

Okay if you eat this every day like some of his customers your cholesterol level go through the roof I think coming here trying it that’s good but every day so extreme I mean is healthy you know it has like fat is also healthy but not every day you know but fried yes

Oh man this is too much they’re super super delicious but a little intense for me in terms of how fried they are I like the int but he wants me to try this the chicken look at that like a big pork rind to all my kuo what do you think this is chichon

Echo hey yeah it’s too much I can’t even get through it okay next spot friend Wow Let’s go everything good pamas oh no no not panas is it Suma sum sum sumu sumu sumu sumu I need some water a juice something ice ice please oh this is like a Chand this is

A means sand the glutenous rice and so tasi is B like sticky ROM that’s the flour rice flour some syrup aromatic syrup aromatic water and that’s it oh the coconut milk looks so good and Rich so fresh faite here it’s actually amazing let’s do this I need to cool down

Wow got some during in the bottom no it’s a b from rice flour and coconut conut milk manut milkes bit fre but nice not too sweet yeah it’s not too sweet no Savory got a few different jellies in here oh it makes it’s amazing it’s coconut SE you’re so

Hot Sumo Sumo but then you add this and you cool down I got like three of these yeah going to milk for the wind love this solo food little jack fruit in the sugar so jack fruit infused sugar syrup oh okay it’s a piece of jack fruit you see so yeah so

It’s not so sweet it’s more of a Savory aspect compared to everything else before we leave solo I’m having another one of these it’s amazing so quick easy affordable probably like 2040 cents yeah uh 30 cents and they probably been here the same like forever three generations she is a third generation so

At least years since the colonial Dutch colonial era her family’s been doing this since the colonial era and how many of these should serve a day roughly hundreds 15 300 Weekend weekday 250 to 300 Bowls in the weekend many visitors more than 300 so may and this is every day every day every day no Day off sometimes but up to her got it got it tired yeah know of course this is this rough I mean every single day for 30 40 years

Wow no I love it I like that this coconut milk fresh fresh exactly that’s why it’s so good I mean I just cool down natural and safe to consume all natural natural ingredients you’re too kind you’re too kind they’re so they’re so nice oh my God that was the best the

Best so cold the jellies the beans and it’s only 40 cents anak Enak oh my God all right let’s walk and roll this is great I’m okay my man I’m okay wow I feel good you good woo where are they mandap mandap I like your neck bro handsome handsome oh thank you what is this this is for you CU it’s a pork

This yeah so solo is a multicultural City so there some of them they consume pork the Christian they consume pork BBY pin yeah pork in a banana Lea Bowl this is pin this is the close close the pork this happy pi oh my God so there’s a pork dish so of course

If you’re Muslim you’re not going to be eating this but if you’re Christian you can do it it looks phenomenal though this is my first pork dish in Indonesia this the largest Muslim country in the world so pork is available but it’s scarce oh my gosh it’s like drenched in this

Soup M oh man so soft the fat spice it’s almost like a like a barbecu is pork m oh very good get some of get some of this right here on top of that oh wow you’re right phenomenal this I think what it is the

Brao so you got fat your pieces of meat Fat’s always my favorite so I some more of that Tik Tok oh my gosh Tik Tok Tik Tok YouTube so funny they just told me there’s lungs there’s nose there’s intestines literally every organ plus meat a little bit of spice what makes

The dish is the broth super Savory and a little sweet wow last bite T where we going we’re getting some ice juice because I was fasting and uh first thing I Hade today was that pure sambal pure spicy sauce uh so I need some juice you know to C my stomach

Down so there’s the second building of the market and they converted it into a small Cafe so here we can get some juices probably some coffee oh nice with a little View bab manga manga manga mang manga mang and mango strawberry for that’s what we need you can only mix

Two flavors and that’s perfect they don’t have PA no PA only what they have yeah wow delicious sorry bro mine last yeah it’s right there bro this is mine yeah how is it good can’t wait can’t even get the straw out bro how the heck oh that’s refreshing so we have one

Last stop in the market which is uh sa what is this more beef sa chicken sa is without dressing so the dressing is already in the sticks it’s like bra and this is from a city called Clen near solo Oh from from another city just 1 hour from solo Oh this is cold

It’s like freezing bro H more like stomach chill it’s ice cold bro done rock and roll let’s go guys we have one more stop on this market tour and chicken sa oh man I love it everywhere we go people are just looking at us oh it’s a

Nice view it’s like a little food court wow the Market’s across this this is the Old Market or the second part of the market which they turn change into a cafe right next to the pork vendor we have the chicken vendor vas I am pangang Clan Clen wow sa chicken

I’m going to try one bro oh that’s that’s literally the entire chicken in the head you’re eating it already Okay yeah why not she’s smothering Samba all over this chicken intestines oh m it’s actually amazing sball it’s like a pasty sweet sball like a jam it is like a jam yeah

Wow look at the chili that was fantastic S I love the chicken intestin I don’t know how somebody’s eating this how they eating that face no yeah sorry I can’t I can’t it’s a little too much it’s a little cultural insensitivity here it’s really nice guys

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the solo Market it was epic my boy Ari born and raised in the county of solo only boy RA in Jakarta he’s a he’s a New York boy New York boy Jakarta is a New York of sast say here I’ll see you guys soon in Solo Peace [Applause] For good you good yeah laundry laundry suda suda suda okay okay man’s the mess the man flies through this country for us he’s the awesome that Market’s great whatever’s lighter first first okay I think the sa maybe no the only like small so we’re going to a craft market

Now yes best one here best one is in three window three window Market just the near the palace one of the solo Palace and they sell trinkets knickknacks all the Antics M Tex little bit textile the Wang the puppet uh Japanese puppet everything Antics and craft the local craft they

Sell it right there so let me ask you is it like Bad Manners to negotiate cuz you know I’m from America and usually people will will upsell so we have to down you know it’s always good to uh negotiate and bargain of this kind of stuffs like

The Antics only like food you don’t really bargain that’s a negotiate that’s a always fixed price but for things like souvenir and th handic craft in the store in the market like this always and maybe 30 40% you open the price they will open the price and you counter with

Your uh price like 30 40% and then some you will meet in the middle like 50 60 I don’t know 70 so they say 100 you say 50 they say 75 you say 70 and it’s a deal especially when you know your stuff right yeah yeah some collectors they

Know the quality and the real price of this stuff they can based on their knowledge they can uh bargain heo perfect yeah so we’re going shopping below the great a lot of stuff below thean tree it’s like under this tree is so they name the place with the

Location we are here in three window Market the handicraft Market Antique Market of solo city uh they’re in the two stories building right uh in the center of of solo and you can buy antics you can buy trinkets you can buy mask you can buy carving you can buy btic shirt btic uh

Handicraft all the Indonesian especially Japanese handicraft Center and with very reasonable price of course you can ask for Discount but the price already very reasonable so if you are in town after you eat all the good food please come to 3u Market solo this Market is beautiful so

Many different antiques over here look like is that Mar Monroe maybe W so many things hello hello oh wow those Master cool they have a lot W look at the mask hello these are amazing so you got a mix of antiques different sizes beautiful look at this stuff yeah M want these

Mask and then so these are all made here all solo stuff and what the what are the cost for these I mean I’m sure different the older the more expensive the big one the big one yeah this one is 100,000 that the big one 200 so the small one like $7

$7 well so definitely don’t buy in your car to buy here cuz the price is like a third or a fifth each my God okay let me see let me see two two2 200 so $14 for this guy yeah the big one they also have another

Motive inside I guess we we’ll go around a little bit and see what else they got but this is great man the second half the David’s been here store in Miami guys you can buy it there yes Sir I take a look first yeah so meaning you will go around and see which one you like first perfect let’s go around no the Japanese shirt the pattern mhm I’m not sure there’s a deep meaning well this one jatayu is the the bird that take cint yeah ramaa Rama cinta uh the

Old rasa story it’s the guda bird the jatayu bird the cinta escape with this bird escape from raana you buying dude think I’m buying I mean this is like amazing price is 200 for these and they’re older I love this one look at that the colors the details

So beautiful it’s funny I’m like thinking like how is this a business for me buy like just the whole store take it to Miami then resell 10 times the price I don’t know a little crazy but Hanan Hanuman this is Hanan Monkey King the monkey oh The Monkey King in Hinduism

Yeah Hanan look look from all my Indian fans Hanan it’s beautiful okay so guys this is insane this is the pair they are gorgeous I am taking them this is you said 50 US 50 us 53 I take it we take it that’s it we

Take it I take him on my back he come with me no no we take a discount discount dude this is too nice this is going to be in the center of my my office let me those yeah it was tough to decide though because they’re all cool there’s

Too many and we didn’t even get to the other vendors I walked around this is this is the best store I even like this old school like thing right there you know cop yeah this is why I’m thankful that I flow one world the whole time my

In my travels because now with guitar Airways I’m allowed to take three bag 32 kilos each 100 it’s it has an extra element for me in my home we just bought uh solo groom and bride that’s amazing carving Hood carving that’s going into my house we call it the basahan style so

The groom they don’t put any clothes just like that and then song and the lady use the what you call it the it’s really amazing seeing everything they got here look at these pieces so many beautiful pieces like seriously and these are sold as a set bride and

Groom so nice everywhere you look there’s something special to buy just walk around look at these beautiful bronze The Mask I think is the coolest things and including these these are harder to take of course and they’re heavy so if you don’t have SP space because you’re

Backpacking it’s going to be a little hard to take this but look at that look at this piece so beautiful the colors the face wow I can’t wait to put this in my office eventually my home and soon David’s been here store Miami all right is this not a break is not a

Break okay okay we’ll do our best oh you help me Perfect you’re so kind I’m going to remember this forever this is in my house till I die solo forever bro Town look at this dude how’s this coming with me we have so much so car this one we’re going to try our best to fit it in here no

Cannot okay here we go doesn’t fit in the trunk we’re too overloaded all right let’s fit it in here do our best thank you so kind so guys heavy heavy here no I think we have to put in the back no we’re going to put it with us so I know

You guys have seen me traveling around the world buying things and I don’t just do it because I have money to spend I do it because I make a budget to spend in each country to support the locals these people live off our dollars off our tourism so please come with an open

Wallet I mean have a budget know exactly how much you want to spend I know how much I want to spend I didn’t go over the limit yet so I bought all that and I’m super happy I can’t wait to put that in my house all right guys let’s

Continue our journey we’re going to the hotel drop everything off and we’re going for some more food solo food SI so funny it’s happy people man so happy everybody’s like genuinely happy though wow this is a big Market we didn’t even go through any of it it’s fine byebye byebye afternoon please please

Around day I went to local neighood this called the Aston this is the Aston solo with the Aston Martin oh just dropping everything off and then going for some food but wow was good it did it break oh am on am on so big those are the gifts to myself the gifts

I’m let’s go this place is beautiful my friend welcome toce Amer okay oh strong strong like bull oh you’re not shy you’re sh YouTube Shy I’m not shy I’m shy a sh so what’s this hotel a Aon solo Aon solo how you say Kaman Kaman Kaman You’re beautiful your

Beautiful is you I want let’s go what type of is hand 705 mine’s this way yes do bro docks in that dock mode baby me all this ex everything everything everything my man thank and this one all I have to throw away all right guys we’re going to take

A mini break yeah thanks bro taking like a 10minute break that’s all I got um just going to quickly fresh up and get ready for the food it’s 3:00 p.m. from 3: to 7:00 that’s what we do today this is a small City so we’re going to get a

Lot of stuff done and I’m super happy we’re making these docks cuz this is like my old way how I used to document like the hotel the experience everything look at this oh my gosh I know you guys going to love this David’s been here store coming

Soon baby I want to have my David’s been here residence you guys are going to see some of this stuff there you’ll see very soon Co Albania Barbados Trinidad serum gyana got it Biz maybe we had a 18-minute rest and now we’re ready to go goat sat goat curry

Goat goat goat it’s going to be a 3 4 hour straight non stop docky style let’s rock and roll everything okay all right all right all right all right let’s do it let’s do it tussel no tussel he stays some liver some sa some tling some spicy ribs the goat

Fiesta you ready okay are they ready what’s up guys how you doing good okay oh my gosh the goat sa right here woo this is why we came for this iconic dish oh this is going to be amazing charcoal nice chunky pieces of goat with some fat dude kebabs sé same

Thing everywhere around the world always delicious everybody’s so kind b b where are you going woo dud let go Curry got to be careful here with the Flames the Ember on fire wow crazy but amazing Good It’s insane bro it smells amazing though oh my gosh don’t fry Mar where is he this restaurant is actually really big in the front you have the kitchen Outdoors you have a small seating area and when you come inside you have this huge cyard dude you got the food already oh my

Gosh goat Fiesta in Solo goat Fiesta it looks unreal what this being made blew my mind T toning toning so it looks sweet and spicy sweet and spicy let’s do it gor gor Goring this looks so good dude I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for

Goat goat party goat Fiesta we have at least five different type of goodat goat dishes mhm this is sat cing the goat sa this is we call it saté B meaning the MCH yeah in kebab and then with using the you know the you wrap it in the the

Fat of the cow The Good the fat the fat of the goat like oh my gosh some membranes they wrap it and this is Tong s like the goats too sweet and spicy and this one is tanglang tangang tlang safe inside turmeric very light uh this is

Not coconut milk so using the spices so that’s more like a curry more like a light curry without the coconut milk and we have this oh this the pooton one the fried good euts try the chili oh that’s the poon chili the crispiness yeah holy it just fall apart uhhuh it’s like

Lecky yeah looks good bro I think we have to start off yeah this the iconic one the most iconic One S Kam dude it looks like glazy glazing part is actually they put the fat in the middle right that’s where the flavor came from yeah s and Smokey yeah so

Char and as we use a lot of oh my God you eat a lot of meat mhm we use cabbage Tomatoes yeah I notic you guys use a lot of cabbage here uh cucumber so mix it with some of that sauce hey man that goat right now is so tender and amazing some

Chili this is the cooling the cooling pot hot food as in meat and cool food as in veggies St fresh yeah nice crunch with the Cabbage it’s so sweet this reminds me of some like Chinese dishes I’ve had where they add that sweetness make it like very glazzy especially this one the fat

Melts I’ll try this no this is going to be the best one do let grab it yeah wrap in wrap in the membranes like the faty part of the road this going to be the best Kebab ever it’s like a sweet kebab yeah s the WRA s oh my gosh and I

Thought the kebabs andan were good it’s sweet Mino meat M but the smokiness in all this is so good and you can feel the the fat of the the casing the wrapping mhm yes the other layer is fat very nice in Greece they have something called CI where it’s the intestines co co

What okay prob be blown away bro sorry to my Iraqi friends why is the food here so sweet is there like a main reason we have a lot of s sauce wean Factory this area and during the colonial that’s era also they found lot of Sugar Factory in this area

Ah okay okay so if you compare this area to the coastal area like Chon samarang they have sck but just small touch and they are more fa more spicy good here also spicy but they love sweet yeah I mean this is the sweetest food we’ve had

I’ll try this one okay if it looks sweet but it’s not sweet at all I mean it look spicy spicy component to it so everything’s go yeah everything’s good this is Tong s SE fry good with cabbage tomato yeah spicy and sweet spicy and sweet but less sweet than the others

Yeah the spicy level I’d say this is like the spiciest dish we got spiciest dish we’ve tried in in SoDo so far look at that fat M give a nice cabbage to refresh chili tomato salad come s of you like go here in in some garlic

T the whole G so the whole clove yeah like this m M love the garlic nice roasted garlic when I was growing up my grandmother would give me that what is that full plate is that like the liver Li fried liver lungs liver intine this

Is bar food bar food yeah the liter at the bar you have this with beer bar food with sambal s r s if you want the have coconuts back here going one [Applause] good wow he’s right the five wow I’m moving to the nja bro got to have

Some to herut to cool down that thing was hot careful the ches on that one huge coconut huge I love the restaurant it’s like a hanger it’s like a hanger it literally is like an airport hanger huge how many tables it looks like 50 plus tables right now is not the rush we’re

Here at 400 p.m. 100 tables 100 tables this one bro huh that one that good that good bro that good so much in here it’s unreal I mean Ira Kebab is good I’m guessing it run but this is up there huh up sweet it’s sweet yeah let me drench it wow bro MAA

Mja what’s this one this tanglang tanglang yeah all the ribs ribs of the goat they cook it with a turmeric based broth Now coconut milk just light soup just light soup Ando the lady saying that the the food here in Solo is good yeah it’s definitely good yeah she sell tamarine tamarine

Drinks m turmeric yeah just fall off the bone yeah that like all the ribs wow let go one by one not so off the ribs but it’s delicious this is the only thing we’re having that’s not sweet yeah everything else is sweet I’m getting the pepper now or starting a

Stomach no it’s oh [Applause] yeah all yeah yeah so right here we have the spine oh it’s the best part all that meat stuck on the loone literally melts very unique flavor the broth is excellent excellent broth M so what’s in Pepper turmeric pepper turmeric garlic sh L grass I’ll finish

This awesome what a meal guys come here when you visit solo and what’s the name of the restaurant Mr manto Mr manto yeah Pak Mano he knows what he’s doing there’s another 40-year-old establishment right if you’re sick this will heal you I’m saying that about all the broths but it’s all

True dude this one’s like gatus and if you want to you can get some of the rice and pair with the nice sweet sauce sweetness huh I actually like it with this the spicy one m why is the food so good in Indonesia why all right hey magasi

Makasi this is amazing okay so we’re going to go eat some vegan ice cream right across the street I think it’s like one of these guys right here the food doesn’t stop coming I’m mesmerized some of the best food ever sweet I’m on about sweet is this the

Guy is this the ice cream yesi this is it yes oh he is the guy ESP solo so we’re going what da my gosh looks amazing it’s like a sorbet so AR what is this this is we call it es butter es butter is coconut milk based ice cream

It’s a Fagan ice cream uh a long time ago when the Dutch and the other European taught us how to make ice cream we don’t have milk at and that time uh the ingredients is not readily available so we we we tast it with coconut milk and many local flavors like coconut

Fresh fruits chocolate all right I needed this need to cool down some coconut ice cream delicious bro oh my God it’s like a crossb between a sorbet and whipped ice cream and what are they putting here some bread some bread some bread some fermented sticky rice Cafe so fermented sticky rice tap

And you got bread m m this and the Duan one we had the other day in bandong top ice creams and what does this cost like 40 cents it’s worth the calories yeah oh my God look at that bus great nice pet cleanser now we’re going to another spot you ready AR let’s

Go let’s go let’s go 20 20 years yeah right there here right here that’s amazing how did he start his business yeah long time ago before opening the business he is the Kook maker the crispy Kook the crackers the cracker maker and then he met one of the friend that

Already sell ESO oh he asked the friend how to make in he learned how to make it and then open this that’s incredible so it’s a small little car and he’s been here 20 years Echo EO Let’s Roll let’s go so next essay the rabi

Solo rabi in b and also in chabon the hot pancakes the hot cakes this is the solo style Sai only sweet uh in Sol so sweet Pancakes yes I didn’t know I was going to eat carbs again that’s all good I can’t wait that’s a rice flow so it’s not as uh no

It’s good it’s actually healthier you know regular flowers is not great I’ll bring you to the gym today let swim red Ro pancakes pancakes for you not for me I’ll wait till the next dish ready to go so unfortunately the place we’re going to is closed but right around the corner

In this alley they have a w it’s like a it’s like a small coffee tea shop but they also have food food lot of snacks lot of tiny R this in the packet it’s in here feels like I’m in some little neighborhood yes I love how

Solo is small housing you have a few hotels that are very very tall like ours most of it like this s pinky also of ice drinks that’s next door this is the way down that one right there yeah pending pend what is it pendo pend oh it

Looks nice look at this beautiful look like a temple oh and they have the mask mask mask oh this is great man dude it’s like an antique coffee shop this is amazing this is really cultural oh should I buy this one from them I’m joking yeah they have a huge Chinese Influenceu me wow very nice nice so this is wangan the tea shop snack shop of solo many snacks rice dis with sambal and milkfish and this is my favorite which is your favorite is that sticky rice with coconut sticky rice with coconut this one yeah we’ve tried it before something

Similar but they will gr it there oh so they make it like Smokey and this one is a fusion because the feeling is actually chocolate that’s chocolate chocolate it looks like a chocolate Mochi chocolate Mochi and we get another snacks you have tofu chicken eggs sa solo sausage solo

Sausage solo sausage it’s like a tofu sausage tah SAU it’s a minced meat inside oh minc meat inside there oh this is qu’s egg wow looks yummy bro uh what do you want to drink it’s tea I tea yeah ice tea with with with lime of

Course let’s do it so we have like 20 different things here to choose from they’re going to put on the grill right now and over here look this way it’s like a old house we’re stepping into gorgeous love the wood blue they put this is like lemonade old school from the

60s wow what a great place look at that you can go up there and just chill so as you can see people are all over the place they order food and they walk somewhere else to eat let’s see this is so nice I feel like it became so relaxed

Wow they got everything sat they have chicken liver they what else they got like little impas they have more Taho tofu Tempe Tempe Tempe where’s Tempe temp I don’t even see no X it’s no Tempe I knew it wasn’t temp you’re funny you’re funny I know more than you

Now she’s grilling ours right now yeah this is very nice I haven’t seen this before like a whole table full of assortment of food and then a little charcoal grill and over here we have our food man I am hungry we took a big break oo that looks good okay my man

Love this house very Charming beautiful small shop coffee shop not only not always inside the building like this but sometime in the curb side just simple basic food rice frers cakes and drinks I got I got us like a Tamp so basically jaanese tea it’s slice of lemon or local

Tangerin can have it both uh ice and also hot some snacks I cold is the sticky rice and Grill sticky rice Jada bakar Jada bakar yeah so this is straight Savory no sweetness no sweetness Bak only sticky rice p with coconut wow extremely sticky yeah SC charcoal so it’s very aromatic oh

Wow yeah I with some sé s egg sé it’s qu egg mhm so the Quil egg and what’s the rest or Aqua something else the one thing I’ll tell you is when you come to Indonesia get prepared to eat a lot of meat some of the tastiest meat ever we don’t so like

We cook everything not only the meat all the flavor the giz the enut seed the head that’s great no it’s good it’s a no wayte culture at the restaurant yesterday at the hotel breakfast um it said don’t over Serve Yourself if you over Serve Yourself and you leave it you

Pay for it they actually find you and that one is solo sausage sausage solo so inside is like minc meat chicken WRA in the uh ttin omel this one is the Ste just like this yeah just next it’s pure egg like an egg roll EG roll that’s good those sweet so

Sweet from the egg and this one is the gr sticky rice also of the sweet version there’s chocolate filling inside I got very tired I was just eating that like o I’m feeling it too many days of food so there chocolate inside here M it’s like a chocolate Mochi yeah got a chocolate

Mochi oh yeah oh my gosh that reminds me of the tofu sandwich we had yesterday with the yeah I can’t wait this is amazing this is the first chocolate we’ve had M it’s like a lava it flows out sticky ass lava mhm I love how outside is nice and

Crispy and also Smokey yeah with ice cream vanilla ice cream vanilla i r my M over here we have another mix the rice ju with everything saying bandang milkfish and then some s this when you are very you go to and and grab some rice this so just grab it yeah this is

Good spicy yeah me you put the S on this yeah of course M love the veggies crispy onion tofu actually tofu yeah and what’s over here fish uh that’s milk fish it’s beautiful it’s hot I need some of this I love the Smoky rice cake I’m

Going to do this at home no I’m joking I’m not a chef I’m at the worst cook about you going cook oh yeah this is good it’s going to have this this is fire one last bite still have some more food to go yeah one one rice and one ice

Milk ice fresh milk I mean I would just have this for dinner yeah that’s it yeah that’s it spicy crunchy little sweet from the ketchup onice from the fish mhm good mhm so it is already like 6:30 we have two more spots do do I love you bro you know I now let’s

Go you guys ready we still have a delicious dish nasie rice dish is one of the top dishes in solo Oh man the temperature just dropped it was so hot today and now so cool super cool E Yeah and solo is a flat City but it’s in land

Not on the coast so yeah not as uh hot and humid as tomato rice huh never bur any rice so unfortunately the rice place is closed we’re going to go over there tomorrow morning early right next to the hotel but the next place we’re going to

Eat at is right here so suu milk fresh milk let’s go I’m excited all feel looks good I mean they’re eating basically everything we ate earlier lots of fried stuff lots of sé but we’re going here for the milk ginger ginger powder have egg we have honey this the bre milk right so

Egg honey milk and powder ginger ginger yeah who the Ninja [Applause] oh y yo let’s go this going to be amazing yeah that is fresh milk and it’s hot H you can go order both ice and hot what’ you get syrup with syrup so mine has egg has honey honey ginger ginger oo you know what this is this is milk

Chai oh chai this is just like chai solo chai this is literally solo chai chai without chai chai without chai without tea and it’s not chai tea remember that people are messing up in the states it’s the chai tea tea tea M super hot scorching and the milk is actually came

From Bali Bali is the this when we got the breakfast phot this morning mhm that is a milk producing Town boali So Fresh So Fresh I mean you taste the ginger uhhuh I mean I don’t really taste theg egg at all just in there at this point so rich

This is like what you need after you work out M chug this down protein up that’s it this all looks amazing do we just grab food if we wanted to yeah this is like a buffet in front of your face it’s amazing I might take a little chili the perfect Pairing so is this like something people do all the time come here at night sit down eat some stuff have this warm their body because sometimes so low so cold and if you are not feeling well this is fresh milk yeah relaxing wow so many people here this is awesome people just

Keep coming in over town but this is like origin like the first Branch this is the first Branch yeah yeah so if they say there’s only one Branch’s they they’ll say they’ll say it so what is this it’s a frers with vegetable sometimes sham sometimes mushroom type of mushroom or seaweed

This one is with seaweed that looks amazing so I decided to go with one more but this one’s ice Pure Ice the other one is scorching hot this one’s cold oh it’s amazing so refreshing they give these huge CHS of ice it’s good right the Fritter Tempe

Tempe all day bro there’s so many different dishes I’m going to try this Tempe you said it’s awesome right it’s good yes the soan F this one’s not too crispy it’s actually the first non-fried Tempe I right how is it stuff together yeah yeah it’s good man good stuff

Remember what you ate though because for the beef I one I like this coold one what do they put in mine uh honey this honey so sweetener a great place I love how you guys have these tents on the sides of the sidewalks it’s very different even in t see like

This must open yeah M that really good I told you we going to try one more of this this do you should try this dude I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place where the foods in front of you you just pick and then you

Got to tell them what you ate trust huh no it’s very trusting tells you a lot about the culture of this so refreshing it’s good I’ll take a piece I’ll take a little piece wow seaweed fresh bad I think yeah yeah of course yeah always um I think

Fried with cold and uh milk dairy toast like oily and eggy all had three drinks back to back to back you were thirsty bro oh good we done I’m done another beautiful day complete win see you in Jo we still have solo tomorrow man solo tomorrow morning then

Great news we’re going to actually try this Nazi dish right now n just open just open look at this amazing and it’s packed all right I have enough space for one more dish bro one more let’s go let’s go do you though that’s a question I don’t know man I don’t know it’s

Hard Are you ready for this dish he said it’s one of his favorite dishes in all of solo rice i n Le Nas Le yeah le le all right let’s go it’s like also a 24/7 dish you can have it early in the morning late at night as supper M very simple and also

Warming mhm this is the compatriot or the counterpart of sagayam Samara one that we had whole breakfast but there the coyote car is are much more red Spicer here just simple and Mild so coconut is in here coconut coconut milk some shredded chicken EG ready chili on

Only on the side o it smells so flavorful coconut m very warm very warming think this is great we had uh something similar yesterday yeah inang but for breakfast much red dish and this much spicy the charari this one is just mild yeah here they give you the spice if you want

Inside it’s not s it’s just pure chilies oh this is amazing boiled chili no it’s been soaking in this coconut gravy mhm how’s the egg amazing marble egg tea egg thick and D still coconut in there as well wow I mean the coconut aspect is what brings it like to another level cuz

It’s just like a you know homemade dish you got chicken you got the Chote the egg the chilies in cocon and before they open in the place like permanent or semi permanent like this in the tent usually they go from one Village to Village or

One LA to LA with like a cart or a a basket they put a rice chicken egg the basket woodwood andwood come roaming around the solo area now they put a t like this but still in some of the neighborhood here in Solo you can still see the road mity

What s so they just go around for breakfast oh this is a great dish so we had it for breakfast yesterday in samarang here we’re having it a similar dish for dinner you have to add these oh yeah the one we’re having is the basic version you can also add thigh Wing Wings

Half basic any part of the chicken any part of chicken I think the standard version is enough well that was a great day yeah I hope you enjoyed it my solo boy peace oh my gosh guys I am destroyed I’m full full I’m done going to the hotel I’m going to sleep

I’ll see you in the morning solo round two

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