Exploring the Great Wall of China: A Wonder of the World 🇨🇳 – Video

Exploring the Great Wall of China: A Wonder of the World 🇨🇳 – Video

In this video, we take a journey to visit one of the wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China. We booked a tour and set off to explore this historic and iconic site. Starting at the entrance, we were met with poor visibility due to smog and haze, but we were determined to make the most of our time there.

As we ventured along the wall, we marveled at the ancient structure that has stood the test of time. Built during the Ming Dynasty, this part of the wall is one of the best-preserved sections and dates back to the 1300s. We climbed up narrow staircases, explored watchtowers, and admired the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

After our Great Wall adventure, we took a stroll through the modern central business district of Beijing. We stopped by the China World Trade Center, visited the CCTV Headquarters, and marveled at the futuristic architecture of the city.

We ended our day with a delicious meal at a local restaurant, trying traditional Chinese dishes and enjoying the vibrant flavors of the cuisine. Despite the rainy weather and challenges with communication, we had an incredible day exploring Beijing and experiencing the rich history and culture of China.

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