Exploring the Jungle of Ko Phangan, Thailand – Video

Exploring the Jungle of Ko Phangan, Thailand – Video

Ko Phangan, Thailand is a beautiful island known for its stunning beaches, but in this video, we join Gabriel as he takes us on a journey through the jungle to a waterfall. The hike is a fun and adventurous way to explore the natural beauty of the island. As Gabriel and his friends hike through the jungle, they encounter wildlife and enjoy the serene surroundings.

The video provides an inside look at the hiking trail, as well as the stunning views and natural landscapes that can be found on Ko Phangan. The footage showcases the diverse vegetation and unique terrain of the island, making it a must-see destination for nature enthusiasts.

Throughout the video, viewers are able to see the spectacular waterfall and the crystal-clear pools and cascades that make it such a special place. The video captures the essence of the island’s natural beauty, and the experience of hiking through the jungle is sure to inspire others to explore the island’s hidden gems.

If you’re planning a trip to Ko Phangan, Thailand or are seeking budget travel tips, Gabriel’s videos and travel guides can offer valuable insights and inspiration for your own adventures. Check out the video for a virtual tour of the jungle and waterfall and get ready to be inspired to embark on your own jungle adventure.

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[Applause] All right so we’re in the middle of the island going on a water waterfall hike and trying to get this parrot to greet us and welcome us say Something feeling shy maybe the camera is yeah it could be a little bit right stay TR making him self-conscious there we go somebody come somebody come yeah we got we got it once at least there we go sounds a little hung over or something so how does this height

Compare to the one that we did before as far as like length and intensity and I think a little bit shorter okay yeah and it’s more like up into the island to a waterfall and then coming back down actually the whole hike is along in the waterfall oh yeah yeah so you’re walking

Along the waterfall it’s really beautiful so it’s like a creek with different Cascades pools and stuff like that okay sounds brilliant it’s going to be awesome yeah looking forward to it yeah yeah something different from the beach scene a nature reserve so um we pay 100

B you said 100 yeah yeah t said that’s Copan National Park so I think uh tanad death is a quite big area which just their nature reserve here on Kang gang because there’s the T that waterfalls on the East Coast I see like pretty close to the

Beach or something yeah we went H 4 years ago ah did we go to the waterfall there I think so I remember the beach and everything yeah maybe I was recognizing this road and thinking yeah that seems like where we went the last time yeah okay but this is where we’re going ping

Yeah it’s just starting over here okay yeah there’s two routes to take to this um this track right one a little bit shorter if you want to go directly to the view point which is and I took a long and there’s the waterfall so we’re here they give you

Such a big thing it’s not really clear where you are but I guess we’re around there or something because that saying thing oh oh it’s indicating you are here oh okay and then yesterday right there you can see that uh little Sand Bridge is sometimes exposed and you can walk it

Or yesterday it was covered up and we’ve been kind of cruising around most of on this side right soing here you know the first day when we went yeah and did the hike uh one two and then boat the the jungle Trek Begins so that’s [Applause] [Applause] Miriam So last September or so I think like early September then I got a uh message from Victor saying I’m going to Greece the uh western side of Greece farga and doing a camping trip and he invited me to come along but it didn’t work into my plans for a bunch of reasons

So uh my shingan days were running low I only had like a few days left or something or a week or something and then uh flights were super complicating and expensive trying to get to that part of Grease so I didn’t go for that but Victor and Miriam went on this camping

Trip and so thought that I would let them explain it a little bit how long was it like 10 days or something one week one one week okay quite spontaneous also we’re kind of looking a little bit bit of different destinations in Greece trying to find a cheap

Flight and we found one to what is the name of the airport um close to par at least yeah where so parga on the west coast was kind of the main destination that we had in mind that we’ve been looking up and thinking it was a really beautiful place

To go visit and uh it started off left here and Viewpoint or let’s take a right that’s the longer route okay yeah well the whole trip started off like really in a budget fashion of us arriving late to the airport in Greece and Oh you mean the flight was quite far

It’s like 1 and a half hour or something from par oh from the airport to parga okay one you used to be F to and Miriam is Miriam is a little bit more us than me doing it uh like un kind of planned even though I’ve been traveling so much

In India but in Europe wise yeah this was the first time that I arrived and we decided to hitchhike from the airport with no destination in mind just heading in the direction of parga something like that heading in the direction of ocean okay that was what we

Were asking depending on where the the rides go or whatever yeah or like uh after a while we found the like somebody that was working at the airport right that would give us a ride to a place that he recommended that we might be able to camp on the ocean side I see

Very late at night like around like 12 midnight or something yeah so we and how much how much were your flights cuz you told me and they were ridiculously cheap it was we actually threw with the last minute offer with wing it’s the company they were like it was like 60 bucks

Round trip or something like that right something like that from home yeah so then we arrived like around midnight to the ocean putting up our tent and then waking up at like a really touristic Beach okay of like you didn’t realize until the morning I had no clue

Where we were yeah do you now know where you were uh in that City kind of right where the airport was if you look us cza cza exactly yeah exactly yeah how did you know because I’ve looked at flights into that airport before and when you

Told me about it I was checking the flights to there ah yeah yeah that’s where we were yeah in the city kind of on the city beach little bit outside it’s like 10 minutes north of the airport oh I see just really close by okay and uh from there we made our

Way along the coast towards parga a little bit step by step hey I think we took you got a scooter at some point yeah that was after a few days we rented a scooter mhm after a couple of days in parga so camping is actually officially not allowed in

Greece yeah outside of a campground exactly so the whole uh camping experience was always like okay I think we’re doing something we’re not really allowed to do right yeah and we were doing it in places which was quite touristy at least when it comes to parga

So it’s like really like a shter city kind of yeah and there we were full on hippie Vibe sleeping in the on the main beach in P yeah yeah sleeping in a tent on the Main Beach kind of under some trees or something or no right on the

Beach actually okay for a couple of nights yeah up on a hill at One Night in parga but usually when you ask they say it’s not it’s forbidden but when you ask Greek people about it they say fine for temp I think it’s more like they don’t want to encourage it if

They you know said it’s fully legal do what you want then there would be all these people camping on the beaches but as it is like if you like the chances of a policeman bothering you very low and probably worst case scenario you get a a

Ticket for €50 or something yeah but so though with the official rule being then that we’re basically not allowed we took down the every night every morning yeah that makes sense and then hit it kind of in some bushes yeah and then in the evening we put up the tent

Again yeah that’s definitely the way to do it but what really turned me on to the whole experience was then like you said renting that motorik or the scooter uhhuh exploring much more of the coastline there on the mainland yeah cuz then you got Mobility exactly at a cheap

Price and finding more secluded spots to C where we for one night were camping out at a place where other people were also camping which is U this beautiful river that goes through a canyon and oh the one that you showed me that you’re walking through the water

Exactly okay so that was for me the most spectacular scenery there yeah it’s all beautiful I haven’t read it myself but somebody told me like it’s mentioned in the bible as well a very holy place so how much would you guess you spent on like that whole week like

Flights I mean it sounds like a few hundred each or something and then we ate a lot of really nice food we were not cheap on food at all yeah that was what we were spending money on like the really nice restaurants like really enjoy which are still not too expensive

In gree generally no so worth it1 15 for a plate or whatever yeah 10 like between 10 to13 yeah so we spent like I think €350 I think it was around not more than 00 for one day yeah about $400 for a week with flights with flights I mean that’s

Recommendation yeah and food and transportation and trans I mean you’re talking like basically ,000 a month yeah that’s yeah that’s what I did like 2009 I had my bicycle tent a lot of camping hosts it’s all night yeah but I have to say I wish I was a little bit more

Prepared Miriam was like I think I have a sleeping m mattress that you could borrow which ended up being a yoga mat so I was sleeping on a yoga mat for a week and some places we’re camping out was a lot of stones and stuff yeah so uh

That was a bit that’s a crucial one like that’s maybe more important than the tent yeah cuz especially in Greece cuz it’s sunny all the time you know so probably not going to get rain on need a sleeping but if you’re going from June through September something yeah just a

Sheet or song or whatever but she had a good tent though it’s one of those that’s black on the inside so uh like uh it doesn’t attract the heat okay I see so it stays cool when you wake up yeah at night ah I see so even if the Sun is

Beating down on you exactly it’s designed to reflect the Sun or something yeah I see yeah right on yes I mean overall the the trip was uh really also inspiring me like I used to have a motor home like a really big Mercedes-Benz which I told but I was

Like on the trip like just imagining myself coming back with a ceran yeah and like really taking my time you know going for like a couple of months around gree but I CER must be epic and also a very budget friendly way to get around exactly it

Would be so ultimate and so much to explore I mean yeah just a ppines you could spend so much time yeah and going north from where you were there’s the Grand Canyon of Greece Vio scorge okay So in one of my videos on kayam Island Thailand I mentioned that when I’d visited there previously I’d walk through this jungle area and there were tons of the cicas or whatever these insects are wailing away and when I went back I wasn’t hearing them so here we go it’s happening

Here it’s really [Applause] Loud [Applause] [Applause] Reminds me of a little uh plant uh I have at home that me and my mom started creating like uh this uh Japanese how do you call it the trees in a Bonsai bonsai tree of which eventually it was just a some rocks that the roots were on top of

So it’s not under the dirt anymore kind of looks a little bit like that like all so how big is this the one I have at home we made like like this side but all the roots are like around the rock instead like is there water there yeah I

Keep watering it maybe some of the roots underneath it’s not sitting in water it’s just a little water every once in a while there’s like a rock and a little bit of a gravel Around The Rock you know huh I’ve had it for like 35 years or

Something the same one yeah yeah whoa it gets more and more beautiful but it kind of reminds me a little bit about that that the roots are above ground like that def yeah looks cool about yeah cuz you don’t see that often yeah nature is magic so beautiful I

Didn’t realize bonsai trees would last that long so it’s been like the same height the whole time yeah yeah because you cut it in a certain way right the branches to make it not grow too big Oh you mean is it is a bonsai the same as

Like as a big tree but it’s just the way you cut it that stops its growth I think so I’m not sure I don’t know if it’s the I think you can create it from many different uh types of plants but uh okay yeah I don’t want to butcher the philosophy of bonai

Trees here yeah yeah I’m not sure about that yeah all the Bonsai experts out there I’m sorry if I butcher that yeah feel free to uh fill us in with some expert Info okay Another get it [Applause] Almost maybe it’s because I was in the gym that might be a good thumbnail me drinking almond milk with you doing a handstand in the background yeah did you get a picture then yeah I just like Turned as you were doing it we’ll see how it turned out want to

Try it’s good it’s Unique I guess it’s the sunflower seeds that give it a little different taste you want to try it good okay it’s interesting yeah tastes a little bit like soy milk like the Vita milu drink before yeah and yet quite unique it’s because of the

Sunflower seeds adds another cuz it’s the coconut or I mean it’s almond I mean you have a weird mix of like almond sunflower seeds coconut sweetener good yeah it’s very kind of hearty To P Kn Dom Sila viewpoint whoa nice did it mission accomplished such a beautiful view yeah see out all the way over the ocean from here yeah you can see uh COI yeah what you have down here is also T Sala the pier where you arrived to yeah okay I’m going to catch one ready okay

What color do you want the oranger the better I’m take this one they don’t look like they have teeth though oh look at the black one yeah that thing is massive [ __ ] okay I’m going to pet one come on come up this one he’s curious that cheese might

Help o that was a slim in there yeah do not feed the alligators that’s a joke Yeah yeah they just kind of seem unreal because you have that association with the little goldfish yeah and also because I’ve seen them on so many tattoos like the Japanese quite fish this is the entrance to the park we finished the hike back to our motorbikes all right let’s Cruise can I [Applause]

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