Alan Ritchson stars in the 2024 trailer for ORDINARY ANGELS – Video

Alan Ritchson stars in the 2024 trailer for ORDINARY ANGELS – Video

trailer based on the movie Ordinary Angels (2024) is inspired by the true story of a hairdresser who leads her community to help a widowed father save his critically ill daughter. The film stars Hilary Swank, Alan Ritchson, and Amy Acker. The story revolves around a little girl in need of a liver transplant, and her father and a group of ordinary people who come together to help raise funds for her treatment. As the situation becomes more desperate, they face challenges like an impending blizzard and financial struggles. Despite the odds, they remain determined to save the young girl’s life. The trailer promises a heartwarming, inspiring, and emotional journey as the characters fight against all odds to make the impossible possible. With strong performances by the cast, a touching storyline, and themes of community, hope, and resilience, Ordinary Angels is set to be a compelling and uplifting film that captures the power of ordinary people coming together to overcome extraordinary challenges.

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