Exploring the Residences of the Most Notorious Drug Lords – Video

Exploring the Residences of the Most Notorious Drug Lords – Video

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Top 15 Abandoned Mansions Of Drug Kingpins. They say crime doesn’t pay, but for these drug kingpins, life as the world’s biggest drug peddlers saw them acquire some of the most luxurious mansions money can buy. Sadly, they couldn’t hold on to these properties for long. Join us as we take you through fifteen abandoned mansions of drug kingpins.

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Inside The Homes Of The Biggest Drug Kingpins

Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

Video Transcript

They say crime doesn’t pay but for these drug kingpins life as the world’s biggest drug Peddlers saw them acquire some of the most luxurious Mansions money can buy sadly they couldn’t hold on to these properties for long join us as we take you through 15 abandoned mansions of drug

Kingpins number 15 Pablo Escobar’s Kasa Mala located along the pristine shores of Tulum Mexico the Kasam Mala was part of a large network of assets and proper properties purchased by Pablo Escobar in the80s Escobar’s criminal Empire was at its peak and the Kasam Mala was one of many purchases that included fancy cars

And numerous houses one of the main reasons for Escobar purchasing the Kasa Mala Mansion was its location in the jungles of Tulum a remote location in Mexico the kasala was also an indication of the wealth of Pablo Escobar it was estimated that Escobar and the Medellin cartel made 450 m million weekly and

Escobar himself was estimated to be worth $25 billion this level of wealth could be seen in Kasa Mala the property boasted 25 acres of land which included a zoo a beach 42 rooms with Furnishings worth over $1.5 million and multiple swimming pools the town it was located in Tulum

Was exclusively a Haven for the wealthy and successful including prominent politicians and successful drug kingpins such as ES esar unfortunately Kasa Mala was abandoned after the death of Escobar in 1993 the Villa was rediscovered in 2003 and returned to its original owner before it was sold to new york-based art

Dealer Leo Mala in 2012 Mala who dealt with contemporary works by the likes of Jean Michelle basat and cows went on to renovate the Mansion into a five-star hotel the project was completed in 2015 and opened with nine rooms since then it has expanded into a 72 room resort with

Pools and has a Lobby filled with paintings sculptures and furniture by some of the most revered contemporary artists and designers displayed against its White Walls and Polished concrete floors the art across the hotel is frequently rotated so returning guests can enjoy different Works number 14 Wallace Thrasher beginning in the’ 70s

Wallace Thrasher allegedly built an operation that flew tons of marijuana and cocaine into the western region of Virginia Distributors then smuggled the drugs north to Chicago Detroit and other big cities Thrasher was known to transport his illegal narcotics using private airplanes which made him difficult to track Thrasher success as a

Drug dealer could be seen in his lifestyle choices he and his wife Olga owned a 10-acre country estate in Florida but the couple could not resist the peaceful Mountain Valley way of life and eventually settled in Little Creek Valley in Bland County though many of the local folks knew the true source of

The Thrasher’s massive income they were treated as if they were local celebrities and the air of speculation that swirled around them stayed as rumors for 10 years Thrasher stayed two steps ahead of the law until the night of October 17 1984 when one of his Pilots slammed an airplane full of

Marijuana into a mountain side this crash caught the attention of local news and National authorities Thrasher was listed as the person who paid the hanger and maintenance bills for the aircraft and there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that he owned it just several weeks later as drug investigators were closing

In on Thrasher it was reported that he supposedly died in a fiery plane crash in Biz and his body supposedly burned to ashes while some people believed Thrasher faked his death his wife did hold a funeral for him the federal invest instigation of thrasher however did lead to the largest drug bust in

Mid-Atlantic United States history in 1986 when more than $150 million in drugs and cash were seized by the drug enforcement agency the main goal of the raid was to capture thrashed but he escaped allegedly leaving a photo of himself sitting on a pile of cash to taunt the agents looking for him his

Mansion in Florida remains abandoned to this day and Thrasher still hasn’t been found number 13 Amato Carillo Fuentes La faleta the former harez cartel boss known as the lord of the Skies built this $4.5 million home in jardines Del pedral an exclusive neighborhood south of Mexico City LA fortalesa a two-story

Residence sits on more than 10,000 square ft of land and has an indoor pool expansive Gardens and enough garage space for 30 cars inside the enormous home boasts a bar with a wine Celler nine bedrooms six jacuzzi numerous closets and dressing rooms a huge kitchen a steam room a library and a

Life-size Playhouse for children La fora was seized in January 1995 from cillo 2 years before his death and the Mansion became a white elephant a prize nobody wanted La fortalesa was carillo’s Center of operations but he soon had to abandon the Mansion when his enemies and law enforcement agency started to close in

On him while he owned properties all over Mexico cillo couldn’t stay in one place for too long as he was wanted by authorities in Argentina Colombia the United States and Mexico to escape all of these cillo underwent multiple cosmetic surgeries to change his appearance unfortunately for cillo he

Died during a botched cosmetic surgery in 1997 years after his death carillo’s Mansion was a headache for the Mexican Government they tried to give the house away in a lottery but very few members of the public were interested the property remained in the possession of The Institute to return stolen goods to

The people a government agency created by Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez orador to liquidate assets seized from Criminal organizations and corrupt officials in May 2020 it was auctioned unsuccessfully because the winner of the auction failed to pay for the house and left the mansion in the hands of the government

Number 12 The Pink Mansion this Grand House’s exterior may be a pretty shade of pink but it hides a Sinister criminal past the abandoned Neo Gothic mansion and hotel near PS Wales appears to have been used by drug dealers since it was closed down and abandoned 25 years ago

This was discovered when Urban explorers stumbled on it during a random tour of old Mansions images taken by these explorers showed equipment that had been recently used to to run a cannabis farm within the Mansion power supplies and growing equipment could still be seen inside the Mansion one image shows

Beautiful stained glass windows that act as a reminder of the beauty and sophistication that was once associated with the building but that sophistication was long gone from 1750 The Pink Mansion was the home of Thomas and Hannah Jones whose son the landscape painter Thomas Jones inherited in

1789 it was later inherited Ed by wealthy ays Clara Thomas before being auctioned off in 1952 and sold to two couples who converted the property into a hotel and pony trekking Center one of the first in Wales at the time the hotel closed in 2008 and was then bought by a

London businessman but has remained abandoned thereafter while evidence shows the property has since been used as a cannabis farm there is no suggestion the owners were aware or in any way connected with criminal activity although this sounds rather suspicious the authorities haven’t opened any case against the businessman whose identity remains

Undisclosed number 11 grow op Mansion the whereabouts of the King City grow op Mansion were kept a closely guarded Secret in Canada until it was mentioned on social media that the property had been used as a marijuana grow operation the abandoned mansion was posted to Ontario’s abandoned places on

March 2015 and the news of the Mansion spread like wildfire across the country indoor cannabis growing operations or grow Ops had become common in Ontario around the time the Mansion was found and this led to a lot of speculations about the legality of the operation and the ownership the Mansion was originally

Built in 1995 for British businessman George fager fager owned a business named Canadian allterrain vehicle manufacturing which sold parts for kit cars the business was co- owned by George’s son Robert fager it closed in 2004 due to improper conduct of business in 2008 the home was purchased by the

Green family Research indicates that Jeff Green lived in the home with his four children who ranged from 8 to 17 years of age the family resided here for approximately 4 years the home was then listed for sale with Martin shake and realy speculation is that the home was

Purchased by two Real Estate Investors who in turn began using the property as a cannabis growing operation this information may not be entirely accurate and possibly confused with another illegal grow op story what is known is that a grow operation began operating in the home which was reported to be

Legitimate originally to this day no one knows who was running the grow op mansion in Ontario the 1.7 million mansion was situated on 5 acres of land with an outdoor pool patio and ten court inside the house was a designer kitchen six bathrooms a large Recreation room a

Sauna a spiral staircase a waterfall rock wall and skylights when word of the Mansion inevitably spread on social media people’s imaginations ran wild the majority of the public claimed this was an illegal growop house while others claimed that it was owned by drug dealers number 10 wakin El Chapo De

Guzman according to Mexican locals Wen elchapo De Guzman was so rich he had houses on all the beaches in the country elchapo was one of the most successful drug dealers in history and was a major player in the cocaine boom of the 9s this period of success in the drug

Business funded El Chapo’s lavish lifestyle El Chapo was rich enough to have exotic big cats roaming his houses take trips to Switzerland for anti-aging surgeries go on gambling spre in Macau and own private Jets but one of El Chapo’s most prized possessions was his $10 million mansion along the Pacific

Coast Resort city of Acapulco taking a look inside the homes of the biggest drug kingpins that boasted swimming pools a tennis court and a zoo with a little train that was used to ride around and see the Lions Tigers and Panthers all housed in the mansion’s zoo according to Miguel Angel Martinez a

Former caloa cartel pilot there was also a yacht do there as well the Mansion was abandoned in 1993 following cracks within his caloa cartel as well as investigations from the American and Mexican authorities he fled to tonala Jalisco where he reportedly owned a ranch the drug lord then fled to Mexico

City and stayed at a hotel for about 10 days he met with one of his associates in an unknown location and handed him $200 million to provide for his family in case of his absence he gave that same amount to another another of his employees to make sure the caloa cartel

Ran its day-to-day activities smoothly in case he was gone for some time the Kingpin was captured in Guatemala in 1993 but escaped from prison in 2001 he was arrested again in 2014 only to escape from a maximum security penitentiary the next year via a 1.5 km tunnel with an entrance in his cell

Shower his Mansion was raffled away in 2018 by The Mexican government number nine Pablo Escobar’s Henda Napolis another one of Pablo Escobar’s extravagant properties the Henda napes located in puer triunfo Colombia was the infamous estate owned by the former drug kingpin built with extravagance and

Luxury it included a zoo a bull ring an airst strip and a private Lake the estate became a symbol of Escobar’s wealth and power in his home country during his reign as one of the world’s most notorious drug traffickers the estate was located halfway between Bogata and medene on the main road and

Included a Spanish Colonial House a Sculpture Park and a complete zoo that included many kinds of animals from different continents such as Antelope elephants exotic birds giraffes hippopotamuses ostriches and ponies after Escobar’s death in 1993 hasienda Napolis faced various legal battles and fell into disrepair the Colombian government took control of the property

And transformed it into a theme park with some of the exotic animals relocated to sanctuaries in recent years Henda Napolis has attracted tourists interested in exploring its dark history and witnessing the remnants of Escobar’s extravagant lifestyle including the ruins of his former mansion and the iconic dinosaur sculptures that once adorned the

Property number eight Rakesh giot Saran in 20 2005 after the arrest of Rakesh Saran the United States drug enforcement agency seized the drug dealers Arlington Mansion the Mansion despite its checkered past was listed at a whopping price of $3.7 million the best part of the Mansion wasn’t any of its features but its

Proximity to the Cowboy stadium which was an attractive feature for fans of American football Saran and his crew took orders for prescription drugs online and then shipped them to people across the country raik in an average profit of more than $50,000 a day Saran pleaded guilty to one count of

Conspiracy to commit healthc care fraud two counts of male fraud one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and other Federal offenses in December 2009 Saran was sentenced to serve 12 years in federal prison and ordered to pay $68 million in restitution for his involvement in the

Scheme as part of his plea agreement Saran for forfeited the custom home which was still under construction at the time it was sold by the United States Marshall service in May 2018 to Austin texas-based investors HS Panorama for $1.2 million after acquiring the house the buyer spent about 9 months fixing up the

Property according to them the house has been dormant for 2 years and needed some extra repairs the seven bedroom eight B and four half B home sits on 2.6 Acres overlooking the Rush Creek Green Belt and has now been restored to a livable condition the home which was designed by

Arlington architect Don weaton still had some amenities that could be traced to its former owner such as a nursery adjacent to the master bedroom built because saran’s wife was expecting a baby a three-panel landscape mural in the master bedroom entryway was painted by an artist whom Saran flew in from

Italy to do the job the house also features an indoor pool pool a home theater and heated marble tile throughout number seven Paul yearsley you would assume that a drug dealer would know better than to flaunt his wealth to the public however it doesn’t seem like Paul yearsley got that memo

Early enough Paul yearsley was eager to show off his Georgian style Mansion complete with a state-of-the-art home Cinema huge swimming pool SAA Jim and a brand new Range Rover sitting on the drive alongside a Bentley Continental he got his wish when his 6 million pound Mansion was featured in the center pages

Of a glossy lifestyle magazine it was dubbed a dream home fit for a pop star unfortunately someone in Britain’s serious organized crime agency had a subscription to the magazine and got a little curious about how the unemployed yearsley could afford such a lavish Mansion while yearsley claimed to have

Made his fortune selling homes to Premier League footballers in reality yearsley was a drug Baron whose only legitimate income was a council Disability Pension thought to amount to a few hundred a month he had worked for tamide Metropolitan burough Council as a recreation supervisor at a swimming pool

Until 1993 when he was pensioned off at the age of 28 because of health issues 16 years later yearsley had built up a multi-million pound property portfolio including 80 homes around Manchester as well as a villa in the Costa Del Soul after building his state mansion in the

Footballers belt of Heaton in Bolton which he named NOS Le Manor the drug lord also developed another mansion in the grounds which he sold for £ 2.2 million and a third development of an 800,000 lb house was planned on the same site but yearsley couldn’t resist the

Temptation to flaunt his wealth and in August 2009 he and his wife Carol invited Lancashire magazine a local homes and lifestyle glossy publication to see their seven-bed bedroom home this led to yearsley being jailed for 5 years and 4 months in 2011 number six peta’s slum mansion in the heart of the most

Dangerous and poorest slums the complexo do alamoo in Rio De Janeiro Brazil is where drug King paza had his secret luxury Mansion while everyone around him was living in a hot mess the criminals Grand base was a Triplex with a swimming pool on the roof bathrooms with jacuzzi

A professional kitchen packed with topof the line stainless steel appliances and air conditioning and liquid crystal display televisions in every single room the triplex also had a private disco club inside where petsa enjoyed jams from his favorite musician Justin Bieber his luxurious Triplex was found by police and military forces while

Cleaning the area of drug traffickers and criminal gangs in preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games before these operations favellas like complexo du Alama were completely ruled by these crime gangs and police forces were not allowed inside it took them 3 hours to reach the Mansion which was situated on

Top of a hill from which the criminals had a vantage point of the whole town Pau destroyed walls in his residence to extract hidden drugs money and diverse Weaponry before running away from the government Invasion however the police were able to confiscate six tons of drugs and large quantities of weapons

Before we go on here is our subs sub criers pick for today as we take a look inside the homes of the biggest drug kingpins let us focus on Wallace Thrasher the man who allegedly left a photo of himself sitting on his pile of cash for the authorities who raided his

Mansion He was a very successful drug dealer who was so under the radar that as soon as he caught the attention of law enforcement he allegedly faked his death considering that he allegedly faked his death to get away from the law if you were to fake your death how would

You do it share your creative ideas with us in the comments section back to the video number five Amato cillo Fuentes considering how successful Fuentes was it is only right that he appears twice on our list the lord of the Skies had another luxurious mansion that he

Abandoned as he tried to flee from the law cillo built this mansion in 1992 and it was inspired by shahzada the major female character in the Middle Eastern Tales known as 1,1 Knights the stories known in English as Arabian Knights feature Aladdin’s wonderful lamp and Alibaba and the 40 thieves carillo’s

Luxury home which he dubbed miluna noes which was Spanish for the tales he was a fan of featured multiple rooms each containing its dressing room made out of Cedar the Mansion had several hot tubs with mirrors and silver finishes and a swimming pool but it was also crisscrossed with secret tunnels

Underground including the one that was discovered while it was being demolished the passage is located close to the main entrance with 7t tall ceilings and is 200 ft long in the shape of a square after the death of cillo the Mansion was left unoccupied and eventually drew the

Attention of drug addicts who settled inside its massive walls over time the fancy home fell into a deplorable condition and was covered with graffiti from top to bottom the mil unaa noes Mansion was eventually put up for sale in 2006 and was never purchased in 2009 Sonora Governor Eduardo Bo ordered the Mansion

Demolished however it was not until late September 2020 that construction workers were sent in to knock down carillo’s palace number four Davis Leonel Rivera the legendary leader of honduras’s cachiros cartel confessed to participating in the murders of at least 78 people and started turning on his associates today both Rivera and the man

He helped bring down former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez are under the custody of United States authorities but his Mansion which housed exotic animals from Tigers to hippos is under the custody of the Honduran government the Mansion boasted 58 animal species as well as a zipline a mini

Train and a go-kart track with one functioning go-kart the big cats live in metal cages and consume 11,000 lb of chicken a month which was a financial burden without Rivera’s drug money to pay for it anymore from the beginning Rivera and his brother opened their playground to

The public which made it easier to convince foreign countries to sell their exotic animals to drug traffickers but visiting was not exactly an educational experience there are no tour guides nor signs detailing the animals Origins ages or natural environments most of the animals haven’t left their cages in

Years since the government took over in 2013 number three Pablo Escobar’s Miami mansion Escobar didn’t just own properties in Mexico and his home country Colombia he also had mansions in the United States and his Pink Mansion in Miami Florida was to die for while this Mansion was luxurious it also

Served as a stash house for cash during its reconstruction in 2016 construction worker Miguel mat found the safe hidden in the concrete foundation in the last wall to be knocked down the combination locked safe is 2 ft x 2 ft and weighs hundreds of pounds at first the new owner Christian deoir

Didn’t believe mat till he went down to see it for himself at the time berdir who founded Chicken Kitchen and his wife Jenifer vapi had already seen a floor safe on the property but it was stolen by the men working for them this time they’re not taking any chances they had

The latest safe strapped to a flatbed truck and towed to a secure location where they cracked it open but only disclosed its content to the authorities the property was seized by the United States government in 1987 and in 1990 it was acquired by a private owner Christian deoir the Mansion had four

Bedrooms six bathrooms a pool and a garage it sat vacant for years after it was heavily damaged by a fire number two Darren Odell Jones a North Houston mansion that was seized from a former drug kingpin Darren Odell Jones was auctioned by the United States Marshals

In 2010 the public was invited to the sale of the five-bedroom 8,000 ft mansion and birds starting from $491,000 were placed online before the date of the final auction which was on the 30th of March 2010 Jones the mansion’s former owner was currently serving an 11-year prison sentence for

Running a drug Empire in Houston Texas investigators said his drug operation a supplied thousands of pounds of cocaine and had ties to Mexican drug cartels along with the home officials said Jones agreed to Forfeit a 2007 Mercedes S550 a 2006 Maserati $1 million in drug proceeds a 2007 Chevy Avalanche a 2002

Saturn View and a 2001 BMW X5 number one Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez gacha the abandoned home of Jose gonz Alo Rodriguez gacha who is a high-ranking member of Pablo Escobar’s medalin cartel is now the site for China’s new Embassy and is a huge statement of intent for its operations in Colombia and Latin

America at more than 5,000 square met the land reportedly cost $18 million a small amount in the global economy but a princely sum in the local market but the site which is now Under Siege from Ivy and local graffiti artists is better recognized for its intang tlement with

Colombia’s dark and violent history The Mansion which was known as kagacha was bought when the Medellin cartel supplied about 90% of the world’s cocaine members of the cartel splashed out on properties in the most affluent areas of the country in a display of wealth in defiance of the nation’s Elite who

Rejected them but after unleashing indiscriminate Terror Across the Nation corrupting politics and almost turning Colombia into a failed State there was little members of the cartel could do to redeem their image the Chinese on the other hand seem to have overlooked the history and cultural significance of the

Kagacha which is strange considering the Chinese are a fairly superstitious people but for now the Colombian government is hoping that the Chinese project would dispel the ghosts of the medalin cartel thank you for watching this video we will see you in the next one

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