Exploring the Spectacular Northern Thailand on a Motorbike: 5 Amazing Places We Visited ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ in the Mae Hong Son Loop – Video

Exploring the Spectacular Northern Thailand on a Motorbike: 5 Amazing Places We Visited ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ in the Mae Hong Son Loop – Video

In this video, we follow the journey of a couple who are traveling through Northern Thailand on a breathtaking road trip along the Mae Hong Son Loop. The video showcases 5 incredible places that they visited, each offering a unique and awe-inspiring experience. From stunning viewpoints to picturesque sunflower fields, the couple captures the beauty of Northern Thailand in a way that truly showcases the hidden gems of the region.

The video is filled with stunning views of the lush landscapes and the couple’s experiences as they navigate through the challenges of the road trip. They also provide useful tips and insights for travelers who may be interested in embarking on a similar adventure. From finding accommodation with stunning views to stopping at local coffee shops and tourist attractions, this video is a perfect blend of travel inspiration and practical advice.

The Mae Hong Son Loop is known for its winding roads and challenging terrain, but it offers an experience like no other. The video captures the thrill and excitement of the road trip, while also highlighting the natural beauty and cultural richness of Northern Thailand.

This video is perfect for anyone who loves travel, adventure, and discovering hidden gems off the beaten path. With stunning visuals and engaging storytelling, this video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Northern Thailand through the eyes of these intrepid travelers.

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Video Transcript

This is how today is going to start talk about a bad [Applause] Omen so yeah we’re still backpacking through southeast Asia and right now we’re on one of the most renowned and some might say dangerous drives in Thailand the May hongs Loop straight up the mountain now we Coast straight down

The about despite the dangers this road trip has been nothing short of magical for us well minus a few mishaps let me just show you what I Mean so yeah I’m not going to ruin everything for you but you definitely don’t want to miss these stops along the May Hong song loop we’re on our way back to mayang before looping back to Chang ma today we’re back in May Hong song City and we’re cheating a little bit by

Picking up our Loop certifications early stopped in at the tourism business office to get our hard copy proof that we completed the May honon Loop even though we have not completed it yet as a millennial I love nothing more than a participation trophy so this means a lot

With our certifications in hand we headed to our first Viewpoint today but there’s a problem it’s straight up a mountain I was Full Throttle barely reaching 20 km per hour yeah it um it’s like straight up the mountain and what makes it worse is that there are just

Such tight curves to go around BL curve after blind curve after blind curve if I didn’t break my drone I’ll probably show you guys some cool shots but whoops we made our way down the mountain only to drive up another Mountain to get to our accommodation crazy I actually booked this

Accommodation by messaging the host through Facebook but you can also call them if you’re calling I I would recommend having someone who speaks taii make that phone call for you just to help with the language barrier it ended up being 800 bot for the night for the

Both of us that includes dinner and breakfast which is like clutch because I don’t think there’s anywhere around here to eat and even if there was I would not want to drive again for the rest we are not going anywhere the room is very Bare

Bones I was not expecting a lot and we did not get a lot but we got more than I was expecting there’s an outlet in there and there’s actually Wi-Fi on the property which I was blown away by I was not expecting internet at all but I’m

Very happy about that you don’t come here for the amenities you come here for one reason only and that is This good morning it is a new day we’re going to grab some breakfast we have one more stop before we hit the road again how’d you sleep wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had not the best sleep I’ve ever had but but I mean worth It ready for this next level room tour check this out this is it we got some clutch digs you know I like a mosquito net absolutely dope ass sheets My Little Pony little Louis Vuitton pillow case the bathroom is right next to your room the smaller bucket I know it’s for

Flushing but I’m not sure what this big bucket’s for maybe showering I don’t know So aside from this bed and breakfast the other reason we wanted to stay out here is because of the sunflower fields we are at the tong bu Tong no we are at the tong how cool is this I’ve never seen anything like this every year in November there is a massive Bloom of

These beautiful wild vibrantly yellow Mexican sunflowers and it is all along the hillsides and you can walk up and down and through on the path and it is breathtaking it’s so Cool feels Like don’t be I’m feeling very frustrated at other tourists right now some people just lack so much self-awareness there’s a ton of tourist Vans here which makes sense someone’s standing in a parking spot that could fit one of these Vans cuz he’s trying to take a picture and he’s

Like yelling at the van to keep driving when it’s like dude you’re standing in the parking spot that the is trying to park at just so you can get a picture like God it’s new Ages Up Top the Best another pit stop we drove for about an hour um it was actually pretty fun drive but we stopped at this Viewpoint had a nice little coffee shop because we needed a rest I don’t know what it is about this drive but like my body’s starting to hurt we have another 48 to

50 minute drive before we reach Mion which is one of our final stops on the loop we are almost done Sarah might take a nap totally spitballing geography but I think we came from somewhere over there and then we are going to end our Drive somewhere over

There Welcome to our dorm room we got two twin beds like color roomies but more romantic this is it we got two nights here in mayong don’t know exactly what we’re going to do maybe just catch up on some work cuz we have two days here the

First thing we decided to do was find a waterfall but getting there was really sketchy once again we’ve taken another drive down a sketchy path this time to find a waterfall it’s about a 10-minute drive on a motorbike from the main road but if you aren’t a confident or skilled

Driver I wouldn’t even attempt it I’m just going to toast just find somewhere to par near off to the side and then just walk I mean it’s 4 kmet so it’s not the easiest but if you are a little nervous about driving it’s probably worth it to just walk and I

Hope this waterfall is going to be worth it because it’s going to be a hell of a drive to get out of here These steps are like awkwardly like an awkward length so I’m not gracefully scaling down this staircase right now I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be like super gushing because we’re kind of getting into the dry season but I can hear It Tony’s taking a really long long time to get down here he’s still on the staircase and every time I look up all I see him doing is This what did he say he said they’re [Applause] Swarming Not the easiest waterfall to get to but I will say it is kind of nice having a private waterfall all to yourself so we can just kind of take pictures and look like ridiculous influencers with no one coming around oh God we already felt like this

Waterfall was worth the drive but we had no idea that this was only the smaller waterfall until we pushed on it was time to leave the waterfall which means the part we’ve been driving the most is here we still had to get these motorbikes back up the hill but I’ll

Leave that part for Tony to handle I am running on fumes oh here comes Tony let’s see how he Does is pretty sketchy cuz you’re driving on like the narrowest strips of cement like y’all this is the road this is the road to drive up and down on so go so slow and just be aware did not look fun no I almost lost it the

First part thank God you didn’t get that and then right here I almost lost it again here comes the sketchy part so it’s time to leave Mong and make our way back towards Chang ma this wind is so crazy through the mountain I feel like it’s going to lift

A bike off the ground I can’t do anything take a look it’s in a book we’re Reading Rainbow was terrible like you’ve been through it but after a bit of a stressful drive we are going to grab some food and try to relax for a little bit get feeling back in my

Butt get feeling back in Sarah’s butt and then we’re going to head over to this Pine Forest cuz it looks cool don’t know if you can hear what I’m saying cuz there’s a lot of traffic running bags we found this lovely little place right along the highway and grabbed two plates

Of our favorite meal pad Cal so good there’s any uh doctors watching can you or scientists or smart people can you tell me why spicy food gives me the hiccups thank you thank You first bite does have the kick man this is so good thing I love about places like this though is like it’s always one woman back there doing the cooking and I feel like it just tastes like a homemade meal every single time and I love

It lunch break over back to the Pine Forest this is actually a man-made forest and it was created in 1960 as a restoration effort but there are now now thousands of these beautiful pine trees there are many different types of Pines that the department of national parks wildlife and plant conservation

Imported from different countries woo that’s a mouthful to say basically they were trying to find the right type for planting or deteriorating forests in the high mountains of Northern Thailand SAR in our happy place surprised your shoes haven’t come off yet one more stop before we head back to changai and this place is going to push me out of my comfort zone a little bit name of this is opong national park it was 100 bu per person for a foreigner

Adult it’s like right off of a pretty busy street but once you get in here the river is so loud it kind of drowns out the traffic noise which is nice actually looks like a pretty cool place to Camp got to say this park and I think all the

National parks we’ve been to have been incredibly wellmaintained but still like beautiful and not modernized like you still feel like you’re in a national park it’s really Nice liking the Shaded path with the bamboo the main attraction at the park is this bridge that connects over the river and let me tell you if you’re afraid of heights this might be a little tricky so there’s the bridge Tony’s going to see if he can climb up and walk across we’ll

See if we can see him from here it’s a really beautiful I had no idea tyen looked like This oh me this looks sketchy I’m not staying up here too long holy sorry for the CIS words oh God this is like a Tarzan vine what theoo okay he is taking a really long time to get across that bridge and now he’s turning back not expecting this bridge to be wooden okay

We need a minute I don’t know if it’s a fear of heights thing or he’s working up the courage to get up it okay we got this we got this now he’s letting another family go by this nice family was kind enough to go first really really exciting I am nervous all right

Well they did it so I’m going to go for it okay we got it we probably should have had me go up onto the bridge and not the person who’s afraid of heights don’t look down don’t look down just keep swimming just keep swimming Don’t Look Down Don’t Look

Down see that little spec down there there’s Sarah that’s how high up I am all right now it’s my turn to go up and meet him and see how terrified he Was you did that a lot easier than I did yeah it took you a while so you’re telling me this doesn’t look a little bit scary to anyone else no okay moving on we have other pit stops to get to You know I’m a big kid so I had to get the strawberry drink with the whipped cream and Marshmallows stri sugar Baby this might be the American to me but cooy with the fried chicken is that’s where’s that that’s Delicious 18 18 days 4,362 curves six mountain passes 24 bowls of Pat Tha 10 bowls of cooy 24 plates of fried rice 48 Changs and 50 sing high 50 sing high we made it do you feel accomplished I will after I jump in that Pool you are tiny I don’t know if we’re Adventure Travelers

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