Family and friends of slain actor Johnny Wactor plead for justice – Video

Family and friends of slain actor Johnny Wactor plead for justice – Video

Loved ones of actor Johnny Wactor are heartbroken and frustrated as they continue to seek justice for his tragic death. Wactor, known for his role on “General Hospital,” was senselessly killed during an attempted car theft in Los Angeles. His friends and family refuse to sit idly by as his killers remain at large.

In a powerful display of unity and determination, Wactor’s loved ones, including his brother Grant, gathered in Downtown Los Angeles for a march to city hall. They are demanding answers, accountability, and closure for a life taken too soon. As they carry their grief and disbelief, they are also carrying a message: justice must be served.

It has been nearly three weeks since Wactor’s murder, and still, there have been no arrests in the case. The silence from authorities only deepens the pain for those who knew and loved him. Inside Edition’s Jim Moret sheds a light on this devastating loss and the plea for answers that continues to echo through the hearts of Wactor’s community.

As we stand in solidarity with Wactor’s loved ones, we join them in their call for justice. May their voices be heard, and may those responsible for this heinous act be brought to account. Johnny Wactor will not be forgotten, and his memory will fuel the fight for answers and closure.

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