Fifty Mundane Items with Creepy Origins – Video

Fifty Mundane Items with Creepy Origins – Video

The video titled “Top 50 Normal Looking Things with Disturbing Backstories” delves into the eerie and unsettling histories behind seemingly innocuous people, places, and things. From chilling photos and haunting audio recordings to tragic events and heinous crimes, this video explores the dark underbelly of these seemingly normal entities.

One of the featured individuals is Christopher McCandless, the subject of the biopic “Into the Wild,” whose abandonment of society led to his demise in the Alaskan wilderness. The video also discusses the Chernobyl phone call, the Treadmill as a form of punishment in prisons, and the disturbing case of the Boston Marathon Bomber buying milk before committing a heinous act.

The compilation delves into the tragic stories of various individuals, shedding light on the disturbing truths behind their seemingly ordinary facades. From the tragic death of David A. Johnston during the eruption of Mount St. Helens to the chilling exorcism of Anneliese Michel and the unsettling revelation of Jeffrey Dahmer’s home video, each backstory leaves a lasting impact on viewers.

As the video concludes with the harrowing Jonestown death tape, viewers are left with a sense of unease and a deeper understanding of the darkness that can lurk behind everyday appearances. These stories serve as a reminder that sometimes the most normal looking things can have the most disturbing and tragic backstories.

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Like I’ve said before it gets too expensive and it does I have to start eating at home more welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down 50 normal looking people places and things that ended up having disturbing and in some cases downright terrifying backstories right now I don’t even want

To just like throw anything out there like I hope that she’s somewhere safe right now The Dating Game Killer serial killer Rodney Alcala is one of the most depraved murderers in American history he maliciously toyed with his victims assaulted and even killed some of them there were at least eight victims of his

Crimes although some estimates place the toll as high as 130 between takes he might find him skydiving or motorcycling please welcome Rodney alkala R wel in 1978 Alcala appeared on the game show The Dating Game and won a date with Bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw well I like bananas so

I’ll take one however she ultimately declined to go on the date and referred to Alcala as creepy another contestant called him a very strange guy at this point Alcala had already murdered numerous people and would go on to kill again he died in 2021 while serving life

In California State Prison Corin it is chilling to realize that this iconic show celebrating love and romance would unknowingly feature a remorseless killer lightning strike while the numbers vary the odds of getting struck by lightning are relatively slim that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take lightning safety seriously though this photo of

18-year-old Michael mcquilkin and his 12-year-old brother Shawn has served as a cautionary tale ever since it was taken in 1975 posing together at Morrow Rock the brothers were goofing around with their hair standing on end their static hair and those storm clouds in the background were more for boing than

Either realized as lightning struck them shortly after their sister took the picture another hiker died and while the brother survived Shawn was left with third degree re Burns and took his own life in 1989 Michael continues to spread awareness about the dangers and warning signs of lightning Christopher mandas

With a grin across his face the man in this picture appears to be waving hello but he was actually waving goodbye this bearded Explorer is Christopher mandas the subject of the 2007 biopic into the wild is lbody here leaving his old life behind mandas decided to fend for himself in Mother

Nature’s backyard eventually seeking refuge in an abandoned Fairbanks bus 142 in August 1992 the 24-year-old mandas died at Stampede Trail Alaska most likely due to starvation based on the last self photo he took it’s evident mandas knew his days were Numbered while it’s hard to make out the paper mandas is holding is his Farewell message reading quote I have had a happy life life and thank the Lord goodbye and may God bless all David a Johnston while not a household name David a Johnston was a revered vulcanologist who along

With the United States Geological Survey helped save thousands of people through his on-site work tragically Johnston lost his own life in the process all seems well in this photo as Johnston sits in a chair outside looking into the camera little did anyone know that within the next 13 hours Johnston would

Perish in the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens the eruption preceded by seismic activity was first reported by Johnston who radioed the message quote Vancouver Vancouver this is it within the next seconds the signal went out and Johnston was never heard from again so I guess I

Had the realization right away that um this was some kind of a tragedy and uh on the one hand it was this huge exciting and interesting magmatic eruption and on the other hand it was I was pretty certain that something terrible had happened to Dave while his remains were never found it’s believed

That Johnston died at Cold Water 2 a post that wasn’t as safe as anticipated I think one of the things to put in perspective is that 234 square miles of that area of Washington were devastated by that blast so 5.7 miles yeah that was within that Devastation Zone the blast

Zone Mark Jackson’s basketball card for DieHard sports fans you’ll recognize the player on this basketball card as Mark Jackson who started his NBA career with the New York Knicks and later coached the Golden State Warriors at first glance this card would likely blend in with the rest of your collection take a

Closer look at the lower left-and corner though you see those two young fans sitting in the front row they are Lyle and Eric Menendez two wealthy brothers who took the lives of their allegedly abusive parents on August 20th 1989 the brothers who were thought to have it all

At times acting out even going as far as robbing houses until they were caught the brothers weren’t arrested for these crimes until March 8th 1990 and in between that time they spent an extravagant amount of money so at the time nothing seemed suspicious to you about them no but soon detectiv shifted

Their focus the brothers were out there spending money like it was water it appears that some of that fortune went towards Nick’s tickets before their apprehension the Joseph James D’Angelo tape nicknamed The Golden State killer Joseph D’Angelo’s spree lasted from 1973 to 1986 and he successfully eluded police

Capture he was also known to make obscene phone calls to his victims in Black Christmas the FBI released one of these recorded calls in 2018 which depicted D’Angelo Breathing heavily into the phone and using crude and terrifying language against his victim kill you kill this is not the type of call you’d

Want to receive in the middle of the night it wasn’t until 2018 that D’Angelo was arrested and charged and he was sentenced to life in prison in August 2020 when he was nearly 7 5 years old the Chernobyl phone call we need water moving through the cord that is all that

Matters there is no cord it exploded anyone who’s watched HBO’s Chernobyl has heard the nightmare inducing phone call that was placed shortly after the famous explosion it starts with a very haunting beeping sound before panicked voices begin speaking to each other come The audio is obviously not in English but the fear and anxiety in the voices are palpable the call reportedly consists of an emergency service worker inquiring about the explosion before phoning the dispatchers and ordering them to respond Many of these firefighters would die horrible deaths owing to the Fatal amounts of radiation at the scene it’s impossible to tell how many people died in the tragedy but it Remains the world’s worst nuclear disaster operation wandering Soul by all accounts the Vietnam War was a NeverEnding nightmare

For both sides look it loud the Romeo Fox shall we dance The Viet Kong were subjected to psychological warfare by the United States Army who broadcast the so-called operation wandering soul from helicopters and bases this recording is full of creepy sounds including echoey Reverb of effects and ghostly vocals that were intended to represent the Damned Souls of the Dead the tape prayed on Vietnamese

Ritual as it said that the unburied dead wander the Earth in pain and frustration hence operation wandering Soul just imagine hearing this in the pitch black jungle late at night ay tokumasu remember that scene in Superman 2 where a little boy Falls over the rail at Niagara

Falls oh my god well that sort of thing happens more often than you think but Superman sadly isn’t around to save the day on the surface there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special about this photo which sees several people gathering at Niagara River the woman in

The red sweater is Ayano tokumasu an exchange student from Japan if you think standing on that pillar seems kind of dangerous you’d be right not long after the photo was taken she lost her balance and fell over the edge ultimately going down Horseshoe Falls tokumasu was swept

From the river Canadian side to its American side where her lifeless body was discovered people just go too far you know I don’t blame anything on the park I just think people wanted to get that extra Edge get closer get closer and unfortunately things happen photographer there are countless photos

Of bears out there and this one doesn’t look much different from all the rest since the picture was taken from a distance and the bear isn’t charging the photographer seemingly isn’t in any immediate danger after Dar Patel snapped this pick using his phone however the bear started to follow him in his

Friends the group split up as the bear began to close in on them ultimately pursuing Patel his phone was eventually found with animal teeth marks while Patel’s body was discovered at a nearby Ravine a Scenic Sunday afternoon ended in horror when five hikers cross paths with a 300lb black bear that looked

Similar to this one the bear was still hanging around the 22-year-olds fatally maed remains and the authorities took the wild animal out we believe this bear was about 4 years old it was not a tagged bear meaning it had no history with the D there was no research done on

This beer that we know of it had no previous incidents of aggression that would have called it to our attention this photo op came at a steep price for Patel and the bear Dutch girls of Panama scrolling through Instagram chances are you’ll stumble across a number of pleasant photos like these standing

Against a colorful backdrop with Green Hills and blue skies 22-year-old lisana FR appears to have a lovely day ahead of her FR was on vacation with 21-year-old Chris Kramers a fellow Dutch student seen in another photo at the same spot the two set out for a hike in Panama on

April 1st 2014 when these picks were taken this was also the day that FR and Kramers disappeared resulting in a grueling search 10 weeks down the line fr’s backpack was uncovered with her camera inside FR and Kramer’s remains were eventually found scattered across the jungle with the cause of death still

Up for debate the Midlothian Church murder suspect this security footage from Creekside Church in Midlothian Texas shows a person in tactical gear patrolling the halls and opening various doors without knowing the story this 2016 footage comes across as relatively harmless it’s a little weird seeing a lone person in full tactical gear inside

An empty church but the police search and examine buildings all the time this person was not examining however they were hunting inside the church was fitness instructor Missy beavers and she was murdered with the evidence pointing to the person in the video unfortunately nothing else is known about the crime

The suspect and their motivation for killing beavers remain a mystery two tahan women Paul Goan Paul gan’s life was the stuff of romantic fiction sometimes the darker parts of artists by biographies are glossed over in favor of artistic praise Paul Goan produced a large number of paintings during his

Time in Tahiti that featured bright colors stunning Vivid Landscapes alluring locals and what the artist called A Primitive Paradise tahi had long taken roote as an Earthly Paradise in the European imagination however the women depicted in the paintings were not always simply Goan Muses they were also

His Mistresses in his time in Tahiti Goan infected a large female popul with syphilis he named his home the house of pleasure took strolls with an erect penis handled walking stick had a second floor room plastered with lwd photographs and so on this makes us look

At the women in paintings such as two tahan women a little differently radar the world wars in the early 20th century were also an arms race to see who could create the next deadly weapon one idea that fascinated scientists and military leaders alike was the concept of a death

Ray the British government feed an aerial Invasion and wanted a death ray that could knock German planes out of the sky British scientists hop to discover a way to use radio waves to kill foes at a distance however the power requirements were enormous ultimately they hit on the idea of using

The Echoes of radio waves to detect incoming airplanes in the sky which was arguably even better tactically speaking during the Battle of Britain Towers like stenigot sent radio pulses out into the sky and measur The Echoes back to work out the direction that German raids were approaching from while many nations came

Up with the idea independently Britain with the help from American factories figured it out first teams from Germany Japan and the US were all working on their own radar systems but the UK’s was the most advanced thus radar was born Judith slaying Hala feres artamia galeski artamia galeski was an Italian

Baroque painter and a highly talented artist influenced primarily by Caravaggio the 17th century art World simply wasn’t ready for her Not only was she a woman but she was one who favored gory biblical scenes over demure portraits and still lives the majority of her Works feature images from myth

And religion Judith slaying Hala fernes depicts the biblical story of Judith who infiltrated the Assyrian army during the war with Palestine in order to take the life of General halif fernes the story is usually interpreted that she seduces the general but he gets drunk and falls

Asleep and then she takes his sword and beheads him and that’s the moment that we’re seeing here the painting is often seen as a sort of self-portrait as emisia was sexually assaulted by family friend and painter austino tasi after which she threatened him with a knife

For taking her honor a closer look at the painting reveals that Judith wears a bracelet featuring the goddess Artemis who guarded her virginity digilant and violently retaliated against anyone who threatened it and it looks to me like she’s rolled up her sleeves in order to do this the naturalism is so powerful

Aable here and of course that is the heart of baroque art ammonia fertilizer fertilizer is essential in crop growing and natural sources can often lack the nitrogen that leads to efficient crop yields enter Fritz hob and Carl Bosch these two German scientists created the harbor Bosch method which creates

Ammonia from nitrogen in the atmosphere without this reaction Farmers would be capable of producing enough food for only 4 billion people our current population is just over 7 billion people so without the Habra process over 3 billion people would be without food most of the world’s annual food

Production comes as a result of fertilizer created with this process and it’s likely that the world couldn’t support as many people as it does today without it however the two of them also worked on weapons development during the first world war most believe he was far more interested in helping Germany make

More explosives because while ammonia can be made to produce fertilizer it can also be easily converted into Nitric acid a very important ingredient for explosives with hobber being considered the father of chemical warfare due to his work on chlorine gas something to think about the next time you’re doing

Yard work hober would create even deadlier gases combining chlorine with fostin which blocks metabolic processes and leads to pulmonary edema death by fluid accumulation in the lungs the Gent alterpiece Hubert and Yan van Ike throughout six centuries the Gent alterpiece has been burned forged and raided in three different Wars it is in

Fact the world’s most stolen artwork the Gent alter piece was commissioned by gent Belgium’s mayor yokus Vite and his wife lisbet in the 1420s and completed by 1432 it is a 12-piece installment depicting religious figures scenes and symbols it’s one of the most influential artworks ever made when Yan van Ike

Completed Ed it in Gent in 1432 it was immediately deemed the best painting in Europe the piece has a volatile history in the 16th century the great iconic clasm or building storm a movement to destroy religious iconography would have seen the destruction of the alterpiece had it not been for Rapid clergymen

Hiding it in 1781 Roman Emperor Joseph II viewed the piece and declared the nudity of Adam and Eve to be offensive causing those panels to be removed it was also his historically dismantled and separated cut in half narrowly survived a fire was bricked into a wall stolen

Nearly blown up it is currently in restoration it’s a miracle that it still exists but otherwise you only see texts on what has happened with it vibrators let’s all try to be mature about this okay one of the first five electric gadgets besides the sewing machine fan

Toaster and tea kettle was a plug-in sexual stimulator vibrators are sex toys yes but they weren’t originally used with sex in mind explicitly anyway the electric vibrator was invented in the 19th century and used to relieve various maladies including pain relief tumors and hysteria the medical establishment has offered hysterical women a veritable

Smallest Board of treatments warm baths ice baths water jets mesmerization horseback riding even but I favor a more direct approach the last of these was most pertinent to vibrator eventual purpose as it was essentially medical professionals misunderstanding women experiencing frustration like a lot of manual tasks that are difficult and possibly onerous

It was mechanized and so was born the vibrator and the fact that the relief of said frustration was considered a medical procedure at the time is just all kinds of disturbing GPS Global position system or GPS is a satellite system that can track signals all over the globe these

Satellites are continuously beaming data down to us on Earth which is in turn received by devices such as your phone or navigational units in your cars allowing you to see where you are on the planet it’s also owned and operated by the United States military while some may find this disturbing what’s arguably

More upsetting is why the US military began allowing the use of it by almost anyone in 1983 Korean Airlines flight 007 was flying from New York to Soul via Alaska a navigation error led to the plane flying into Soviet airspace and the civilian craft was shot down the

United States reacts with revulsion to this attack loss of life appears to be heavy we can see no excuse whatsoever for this appalling act while the tragic loss of life was awful and led to a rise in tensions between the two superpowers President Ronald Reagan decided to make GPS available on a

Global scale to prevent similar avoidable losses of private aircraft among the rest of us there is one protective measure an international radio wavelength on which Pilots can communicate with planes of other nations if they are in trouble or lost the charnal house Pablo Picasso in 1937 Picasso painted gica a depiction of the

Bombing aftermath of a small village during the Spanish Civil War it’s an aggressive vision of chaos and a poignant anti-war statement the style of was a profoundly overwhelming view of violence destruction and casualties multiple perspectives only compound the horror on display around 1944 the artist painted something of a sequel to gica in

Charnal house Picasso was said to be apolitical and that he did not concern himself with political Affairs however the Civil War changed that and his reaction is clear in the two pieces charnal house depicts a republican family who was murdered in their house during World War I turning according to

Picasso their family home into a charnal house meaning a storage Vault for bodies though the piece May initially not look striking proper observation reveals the grotesque nature of the subject matter within the casso’s work remains a searing reminder of the true casualties of violence bicycles what do climate

Change a volcano and dead horses have to do with the creation of the bicycle everything 1816 was the year without a summer it was soall because a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia the previous year coated the world in Ash and clouds for nearly a year in Europe

China India and North America 1816 was a year of endless winter snow fell in July Rivers froze in August and crops failed on a gigantic scale this led people to slaughtering their horses for food when crops could not grow and with horses being the primary mode of Transport the

Inventor Baron von Dr was inspired the following year to invent the the first hobby horse or velocipede known today as a bicycle the machine produced by Baron F had two wheels of the same size handlebars and a brake so much of what we know from a modern bike while cycling

Didn’t catch on immediately his invention proved that a dark year for the world could lead to Good Things by around 1900 the bicycle was a mode of Transport for all what started out as a play thing for the nobility was now mobilizing the masses portrait with

Bandaged ear Vincent van Gogh van go was plagued with mental health issues throughout his life and this self-portrait represents one of his most infamous fits a cataclysmic breakdown culminating in an act of bloody self-mutilation when he was roommates with fellow painter Paul Goan the two got into an argument and Van go

Had a mental seizure and threatened his fellow artist with a razor unfortunately he only injured himself with said razor slicing off a piece of his own own left ear which he then presented as a gift to a local Lady of the night She fainted at the sight of it while Vincent

Disappeared into the night and then returned home he claims to have no recollection of the episode van go painted many self-portraits but the couple featuring The bandaged ear on the right side in paintings due to using a mirror while painting symbolizes the darker psychological side of a troubled man whether intentional or

Not treadmills treadmills have been around for thousands of years in some form or another however while their use as a man or animal power source for Mills is well documented fewer people know about their connection to prisons in the 1800s treadmills were created to punish English prisoners like the

Treadmills connected to Farms or actual Mills penal treadmills did power devices but they were also a form of punishment for prisoners sentenced to hard labor most often seen in England these torturous machines tor tormented prisoners in 6-hour shifts well it turns out prison treadmills had a problem they

Were deadly prisoners were expected to treadmill for at least 6 hours a day that meant prisoners logged over 10,000 ft the equivalent of climbing the Sean Tower over five times every day this caused prisoners bodies to break down naturally they were eventually abolished but they were still used for most of the

19th century really puts your workout into perspective doesn’t it when the jogging craze hit the US in the 197 the treadmill was thrust back into the Limelight as an easy and convenient way to improve aerobic fitness black tryptic Francis Bacon Francis Bacon was like some aforementioned artists careful not to

Adhere meaning or stories to any of his works with the record of the image comes the mood cuz you can’t make an image without it creating a mood a person or a thing either a portrait or a figure he did however admit to narrative in his black tryptic particularly tryptic

August 1972 and tryptic may to June 1973 bacon had a romantic relationship with George Dyer a man of unfortunate upbringing they became Inseparable Dyer was not sophisticated but went to every single exhibition that that bacon had would travel regularly to Paris Dyer became his artistic model and lover in

The 1960s though the relationship was ill- faded mostly due to Dyer’s alcoholism Dyer took his own life in an adjacent connected hotel room in 1971 while bacon was at the opening of his art retrospective the black triptic depict the way in which Dyer was found one from the perspective of Dyer’s room

One from Bacon’s side the paintings are admittedly a catharsis for Bacon’s emotional grief the Trinity test the first time a nuclear bomb was ever detonated was on July 16th 1945 in New Mexico dub the Trinity test the event was carried out by the us as part of the Manhattan Project which sought to

Develop the first nuclear weapons the videotaped recording of This Test showcased the terrifying power of the nuclear bomb once detonated the explosion produced a blinding flash followed by a massive mushroom cloud that reached over 7 m in height the project was initiated due to fears that the Nazis might develop nuclear weapons

First and this test became a precursor to the bombings of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki which left an estimated 129,000 to 226,000 dead I realized that tragic significance of the atomic bomb having found the atomic bomb we have used it Raj Sharif Black’s haunting Facebook live on December 11th 2021

44-year-old Raj shareif black went on Facebook to confess to a horrendous crime I would be doing this but um I got to make it quick the session starts off pretty normal with black talking about the strained relationship with his ex-wife and the bitter custody battle they had been engaged in online records

In Howard County Circuit Court show a hearing in the custody case case slated for next month and nearly four years of accusations lodged across dozens and dozens of filings he then reveals that he had just taken the life of his ex-girlfriend and was about to do the

Same to his former wife Wendy and then himself according to reports black had mental health issues and was alleged to have been violent towards Wendy during their marriage the divorced couple were found dead by law enforcement shortly after police also found their kids alive and well inside Black’s car parked

Outside the house Police Commissioner Michael Harrison and mayor Brandon Scott were at the Federal Hill scene today they both condemned what happened and said disputes like these should never end in violence the murder of Elizabeth barza early in the morning of January 25th 2019 Elizabeth barza was standing

In the driveway outside her Tom Ball Texas home when she was murdered in Cold Blood but investigators have found no reason why someone would want to kill the popular young woman I don’t think that the person that shot her is the one that wanted her dad barza was setting up

For an impromptu garage sale in order to fund an anniversary trip for her and her husband moments after her husband had driven out to work a neighbor’s doorbell camera showed an unknown individual walk up to barza and shoot her surveillance video captures a Nissan Frontier four-door truck pull up a person wearing

Go-o boots a moomo dress and a wig walks up to barazza after she says good morning the person fires four shots the killer then ran back to their car and sped off police believe that the same car returned to the scene later seemingly to ensure their mission was

Accomplished even with a sizable reward put out by the barza family her killer Still Remains on the loose there is a $50,000 reward at Crim Stoppers and that’s money this family has helped raise they told us tonight they want to see this reward paid out Long Island

Missing person Shrine a regular hike in the woods took an extremely disturbing turn for one New York man while walking through the Berkeley Jackson County Park James ran Franken stumbled upon what could easily pass for a horror movie scene what the is going on in here in

What appeared to be a rudimentary Camp someone had hung up several missing person posters of real life cases the hiker made a video of This Strange site which went viral on Facebook these are all different people and they’re all just Ranken also forwarded his findings to the police who investigated

The case and reportedly concluded that they were just decorations for a holiday party but with the decorations having been up long before Halloween Rank and as well as any online Spectators believe there could be a more Sinister agenda at play you know what’s this one Tim uh Hamilton Police um

2013 Mr Fritz the doll dolls can either be fun toys for kids to play with or really Creepy Creations that can give you nightmares this one definitely falls into the latter category known as Mr Fritz the doll this figure was filmed in the home of its owner after they had noticed some strange

Occurrences in the clip the doll can reportedly be seen blinking and moving its mouth also the cabinet in which it sits opens and closes seemingly without any aid while the video is creepy on its own the dolls unsettling history makes it even worse apparently Mr Fritz was made

By an American prisoner in a Nazi camp during World War II who knows what despicable things its eyes have seen chelino Sanchez’s Death Note after years of selling his music out of his trunk chelino Sanchez Rose to become the voice of Narco Koo Music Sanchez had a particularly violent life which culminated in his tragic murder on May 16th 1992 the night before Sanchez performed to a packed audience at the salon buas in kakan Mexico during his set which was recorded on tape someone handed the singer a mysterious note widely believed to have contained a

Death death Threat in the video Sanchez reads the note and is immediately uneasy he however crumples it and proceeds with his Show hours later Sanchez was abducted by a group of armed men claiming to be police officers his body was found by an irrigation canal the next morning a Sinister marriage announcement when when

Charlie Carver’s Facebook page announced his marriage to Kayla Brown his girlfriend family and friends were more worried than excited the day before both Carver and brown had mysteriously disappeared and the fact that brown had left her dog alone and unattended was suspicious as days past several more Facebook posts appeared some disturbing

Such as news stories about the missing couple and violent messages police were able to track the location of Carver’s and Brown’s cell phones which had ended up near the property of real estate broker Todd Kap there they found Brown tied up in a crate and Carver’s body I

Think he knew immediately that he he messed up coap had abducted them both murdered Carver and posted the Facebook messages in Carver’s name this is horrible I mean this was a son a brother a friend appearing innocent isn’t enough When Alan Ruby posted a picture of himself relaxing in a hotel with college

Roommates probably no one who saw it guessed that his parents and sister were dead at home the housekeeper found them the next morning they had all been shot that I was with him just alone in his room less than 24 hours after he shot his family and that I could I could tell

Nothing was wrong that he was completely normal in spite of the post on social media which might have been an attempt to create an alibi suspicion fell on Ruby pretty quickly the young college student was a compulsive and extravagant spender so desperate for money that he had previously stolen his grandmother’s

Credit card as it turned out Ruby had murdered his three family members in Cold Blood believing he would then inherit their money posting while flying Amrit Paul Singh was an amateur pilot who liked to post pictures from the air to social media while admiring his lovely photos friends and family members

Probably never stopped to think about the possible danger to sing himself but sadly it eventually caught up with him youit be advised the parties at Front Range Airport are on their way over to the plane now they can see it it is uh down in a field at this time in May of

2014 sing’s plane crashed not far from the Front Range Airport in Colorado he and his passenger a friend were killed in the crash the NTSB report stated those in the plane were also using the camera’s flash function in the night evidence showed that both of them had been taking pictures and selfies with

Their phones authorities believe that the flashes temporarily blinded sing making him lose control of the plane all we know is they were flying around just in the area and uh deputies report that there was Heavy fog in this area this morning those old selfies feel different

In retrospect at the Red Lake in 2017 when travel vlogger Sarah Funk visited the mitsero Red Lake in Cypress she and her partner probably thought the place was creepy enough a mining company excavated there long ago then abandoned the site leaving an acidic crater that fills with red water every winter fun

Posted a video on YouTube of herself at the lake with what appeared to be an old suitcase floating in the water nearby 2 years later a cypriate army Captain confessed to murdering several people putting their bodies in suitcases and throwing them into the Red Lake a travel

Case was pulled from the lake containing the body of a woman and a block of cement so chances are without realizing it funk was near one that Day in 2017 off the road based on her social media posts Gabby Tito’s travels across the United States with her boyfriend

Brian laundry seemed idilic an aspiring influencer she documented them hiking camping and having fun on the beach however all was not as it seemed Witnesses told police that they saw an altercation between the couple police found petito distraught about a month later laundry returned to Florida in

Their van alone the laundry family acted with indecency they acted not as humans this girl was part of their family not long after potito’s body was discovered in a national park in Wyoming laundry the prime suspect was found dead in a swamp sometime later he had taken his

Own life and in his notebook he had admitted to killing Patito dating turn deadly when Sydney LOF didn’t come to work one day in November of 2017 incern friends and family contacted the police investigators saw that her last post to social media had been a selfie with the

Caption ready for my date she had been in contact with a woman on Tinder named Audrey they also found that her phone had pinged at an apartment near Lincoln Nebraska however the apartment’s residents Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail had disappeared the couple posted videos on social media claiming they

Didn’t know what happened to LOF but had fled because the police were after them after loof’s remains were discovered not long afterward both were convicted of first-degree murder Trail City panicked and they disposed of loof’s body in the rural Clay County field when it was lighted out a scam an escape and a

Murder our top pick is one of the most disturbing stories in social media history so did you kill your mom no no sir did you help no sir DD Blanchard had a joint Facebook account with her daughter Gypsy Rose where she would post asking for donations Rose was apparently suffering from leukemia muscular

Distrophy and other ailments I’m going to Children’s Mercy hospital to see my as it turned out however DD had been lying to doctors and friends for years Rose had no serious medical conditions and had been confined to the house and forbidden to speak to anyone when Rose

Was 20 she met a sympathetic young man online and they hatched a plan to murder her mother once it was done Rose announced the fact on their Facebook page although Rose is now in prison she says she feels Freer than before the Boston Marathon bomber buys milk security footage inside a Boston area

Whole Foods shows a man dressed in black entering buying a carton of milk and leaving without incident nothing at all out of the ordinary here he was even buying the milk for his 2-year-old niece except this man was an extremist and his previous actions of placing pressure

Cooker bombs close to the finish line of the Boston Marathon had just killed three people and horrifically injured another 264 in fact the time between detonation and milk buying was less than half an hour perpetrator zokar zarev became the target of a massive Manhunt during which his fellow perpetrator and brother

Tamaron died jokar was found 4 days after the bombing he is currently incarcerated at supermax prison adx Florence Travis Alexander Travis Alexander was 30 when this photo was taken of him in the shower the person behind the camera was jod Aras with whom Alexander had a shaky romantic

Relationship this was the last photo ever taken of Alexander alive as his friends found his body in the shower a few days later it was only a matter of time until the authorities connected the dots and arrested his ex-girlfriend Aras constantly changed her story originally pleading innocence later claiming that

Two Intruders broke in and ultimately testifying that she killed Alexander in self-defense why um the simple answer is that he attacked me and he defended myself in the end Aras was deemed guilty of first-degree murder receiving a life sentence we the jury duly impanel and sworn and the above entitled action Upon

Our Oaths do find the defendant as to count one first deegree murder guilty Alexander appears off guard in this photo he clearly had no idea what was coming the last transmission of Vladimir karov venturing to space requires an incredible amount of bravery and it’s exactly because of disasters like this

Soviet Cosmonaut Vladimir karov became the first person to die in space when his soyu one capsule failed to deploy its parachute during re-entry audio footage of his final transmission has been released and it depicts an agitated kov yelling over a d of loud background noise with the full awareness of his impending

Death a lot has been debated regarding this audio including the translation and even the authenticity of the audio itself self but if it is real then this is truly one of the most disturbing things found on the internet Chris Watts by now everyone knows Chris Watts as the

Subject of Netflix’s American murder the family next door I have no idea who gave you the right to take their lives but those watching Denver 7 news on August 14th 2018 would have had no idea he was a killer Denver 7 interviewed Watts about The Disappearance of his pregnant wife and

Two young children but she back to rep people which was very concerning and Nicole called me when she was at the door and that’s when I came home aside from Watts’s curious lack of emotion this seems like a typical News segment about a missing person the very next day

Watts was arrested after failing a polygraph and admitting to killing his wife Shannon and you have not shed one tear don’t look into that like I don’t love my kids explain to me Watts initially claimed that Shannon had ended the lives of their children and that he

Killed her in retaliation but but he later admitted to committing their murders as well I want everybody just come home like wherever they’re at come home the following November Watts received five life sentences the happy creepy Killer without any background information the wide-eyed kid in this picture probably wouldn’t strike you as

Very threatening when you know the whole story however that innocent smile of his will quickly turn into a ghastly grin this curly-haired 17-year-old is Jeffrey Franklin who killed his parents and attacked his three siblings following a car chase the authorities cornered Franklin at a dead end the photo shows

Franklin in the back of a police vehicle not appearing especially distraught over the atrocities he’s committed or his impending future Behind Bars claiming he felt like a quote evil being had taken over him Franklin pled guilty and received three consecutive life sentences I I don’t blame anybody for

The reactions to me because I feel that I Justified most of them Tyler Hadley and the Red Solo Cup mere hours before raising his Red Solo Cup in this pick 17-year-old Tyler Hadley hid his parents cell phone and took three ecstasy pills Hadley proceeded to end his mother’s

Life with a hammer and then did the same to his father after cleaning up the mess Hadley shared on Facebook he was throwing a party that very night at said party Hadley told his best friend Michael Mandel all about his heinous actions after he told me I didn’t

Believe him because he’s been my best friend forever I would never suspect anything like this and I was looking around he told me if I look it enough I could see signs I looked on the floor I could see signs of blood and that’s when I went around back and looked in his

Parents bedroom using his phone Mandel subsequently took this picture with Hadley knowing it would be the last time they ever saw each other leaving the party Mandel hid the pills Hadley planned to commit suicide with and called Crim Stoppers this led to Hadley’s arrest and life sentence

Without parole nearly 3 years of pain and worry now starting to slowly subside with the stroke of a gavel The Exorcism of Analise Michelle in the late 1960s a German teenager named Analise Michelle began experiencing seizures and depression Michelle grew worse as time wore on and she began hearing voices by

The mid 70s Michelle’s condition had not improved and her parents turned to the Catholic church for Relief Michelle was deemed possessed and subjected to nearly 70 Exorcisms audio of these exorcisms was recorded and eventually played in court depicting a grally voiced Michelle making horrible noises and screaming with a ghastly howl unfortunately Michelle passed away at 23 from malnutrition as she had not been eating throughout the ordeal both Michelle’s parents and the priests faced

Trial and were found guilty of manslaughter for their roles in her Death the Steven Mark McDaniel interview in this video viewers can pinpoint the exact moment that murderer Steven McDaniel realized he was going to be caught it is incredible and incredibly creepy Lauren was my neighbor uh um we’re just trying to find out where she is at this point McDaniel lived next

Door to fellow law school student Lauren Giddings Giddings had gone missing and a few days after her disappearance her dismembered torso was found covered in plastic in a trash bin outside the building where they both lived McDaniel was not aware of this while interviewing McDaniel about getting’s disappearance the reporter mentions the recent

Discovery of her body the criminal completely shuts down I know they’ve been doing a lot of I think that’s where they had recovered the body or whatever they recovered from there his eyes glaze over he loses his words and it looks like he’s about to

Faint are you okay sir I think I need to sit down okay he eventually goes to sit down and while unknowing viewers may think he’s in shock the truth is far more malicious goodbye John Lennon we’re all familiar with the music of John Lennon as well as his tragic fate

Photographer Paul gorish couldn’t have predicted it at the time but this would reportedly be the last p anyone took of Lennon the image seems innocent enough as the former Beetle signs his autograph for an apparent admirer Lennon’s impending demise was creeping up in the photo’s Corner however the man standing

Next to him is none other than Mark David Chapman the one responsible for Lennon’s untimely demise hard to get to write at first then he wrote his name John Lennon and then underneath that 1980 and he looked at me as I mentioned earlier he said is that all do you want anything

Else 6 hours or so after this photo was taken Lennon and Yoko Ono encountered Chapman again outside of their apartment building the Dakota with Lennon’s back turned Chapman drew his firearm and the music world would never be the same again so I called The Daily News he said

To me um you you think you have what and he said Paul are you sure that this is the man that that you believe killed him and I said well that’s the man named Mark from Hawaii who was waiting out there all day with the album who got the

Photog BTK at graduation Dennis Raider was his Church’s president a cub scout leader and an allaround pillar of the community as you can tell from this photo Raider was also a family man who seemed quite proud of his daughter carrier to college graduation this would all be overshadowed though when Raider

Was exposed as the BTK Strangler the letters standing for bind torture kill as his preferred Mo when BTK came forward everybody’s life changed he would see a woman walking and he would say she’s next over the course of multiple decades this seemingly ordinary guy took 10 lives in 2005 the

Authorities used carry Raiders DNA to link her father to a crime scene culminating in his arrest Carrie had graduated from K State and while there had test set Health Services both a papsmear and a biopsy investigators traveled to Manhattan with a subpoena in hand for those smears her DNA a direct

Match to DNA left at BTK crime scenes Raider pled guilty and was subsequently sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences about 14 years after her father was captured Carrie released a book entitled a Serial Killer’s daughter my story of Faith love and overcoming it’s been like a cathartic process of

Having to go do really hard work and find those memories again of my father that I had lost and to try to separate my dad back out as my dad and remove the BTK from it the Eternal shadow at face value this dark outline of a person could be chocked up to some

Harmless graffiti while we wish that were the case this shadowy figure resulted from the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945 the US dropped two nuclear weapons little boy and fat man that resulted in anywhere between 129 and 226,000 deaths at 8:14 it was a sunny day at

8:15 it was a hell Escape whoever this person was it appears they were using a walking stick during their final moments when the blast hit as a result of the bombing an imprint of this unknown Soul was left on the steps this wasn’t an isolated incident as numerous Shadows

Can still be found around the bombing sites forever immortalizing those horrifying days the Jonestown death tape father father loves all of us perhaps the most disturbing bit of audio found on the internet is the Jonestown death tape already to go if you tell us we have to give our lives now we’re ready

I’m pretty sure all the rest s and brothers are with me back in 1978 Jonestown Guyana was home to a cult known as The People’s Temple these lovely people are all happy none of them want to return they’re delighted with this lovely Life The Cult was led by Jim

Jones and on November 18th 1978 99 people died at Jonestown from cyanide poisoning no other way I would rather go and give my life for socialism communism I thank that very very much the event is now attributed entirely to Jones and his victims are deemed just that running

Nearly 45 minutes in length the tape depicts the terrifying event in full it’s just too late it’s too late the congressman’s Dead the Congress is dead many of our traitors are dead they’re all laying out they dead listening to this is certainly not for the faint of heart as it’s a disturbing historical

Document that depicts one of the greatest tragedies in modern American history before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure

You go into your settings and switch on notifications Jeffrey dmer home video when it comes to American cereal Killers it doesn’t get much worse or more notorious than Jeffrey dmer his very name is synonymous with serial killers having killed 17 people from 1978 to 1991 in this home video from the early

’90s dmer who had already murdered multiple people by this point can be seen speaking to his father and nonchalantly flipping through a magazine working and working and working and working working next week starting uh Monday I go back to work Sunday night they talk about dmer weight and eating

Out at McDonald’s and dmer explains that he needs to start eating at home more often surviving mostly on McDonald’s food it’s just so much easier just to pop into the restaurant but yeah like I’ve said before it gets too expensive he just looks like a typical Midwestern male not the most notorious serial

Killer in American history I have to start eating at home more the eating at home comment is also made creepier by the fact that dmer cannibalized many of his later victims which of these Back stories still haunts you to this day let us know in the comments number one would

You say hello to Cheryl please we’re going to have a great time together Cheryl

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