Firefighters rescue child stuck in Tesla car – Video

Firefighters rescue child stuck in Tesla car – Video

In a heart-stopping video titled “Firefighters Save Kid Trapped in Tesla,” we witness the incredible moment when firefighters come to the rescue of a little girl locked inside a Tesla. According to Renee Sanchez, the girl’s grandmother, the car battery had died, leaving her granddaughter trapped inside. In a panic, she called 911, worried about the potential dangers her granddaughter faced.

Fortunately, the firefighters arrived just in time and were able to break open the window, safely extracting the young girl from the vehicle. Car expert Blad Fayer shared a crucial tip with Inside Edition’s Les Trent – a hidden latch that can manually open the door when it’s locked shut in most Tesla models. Fayer emphasized that the placement of these hidden latches may vary in different electric vehicles, stressing the importance of knowing how to access them in case of emergencies.

This heart-pounding video serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of being prepared and knowledgeable when it comes to your vehicle’s safety features. The swift actions of the firefighters saved the day and prevented a potentially disastrous situation. It’s crucial for all drivers to familiarize themselves with their car’s safety mechanisms to ensure they can respond quickly and effectively in unexpected situations.

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Video “Firefighters Save Kid Trapped in Tesla” was uploaded on 06/21/2024 to Youtube Channel Inside Edition