First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Ring – Video

First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Ring – Video

Samsung Galaxy Ring First Look!

Samsung Galaxy Ring is the latest health tracker introduced by Samsung, first teased at Unpacked in January and showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Available in dark steel, silver, and gold, the Galaxy Ring comes in nine different sizes with larger sizes containing a slightly larger battery for extended usage.

Although details about specifications and battery life are not fully disclosed by Samsung, the Galaxy Ring is equipped with sensors that track heart rate, sleep movement, and other health metrics to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their health. The device will sync with Samsung’s Galaxy Health app, allowing users to monitor their data and receive a “my Vitality score” to evaluate their sleep patterns and receive tips for improvement.

Additionally, the Galaxy Ring will include features for measuring heart rate, respiratory rate, night movement, menstrual cycle, and fertility tracking. While specific details are limited, Samsung promises a comprehensive health tracking experience for users. Stay tuned for more updates on the Galaxy Ring as Samsung reveals further information about this innovative health tracker.

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Video Transcript

Samsung teased its Galaxy Ring health tracker at unpacked in January and here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we are seeing some more of it unfortunately it is behind protective glass but at least we can use our eyes and our cameras to show you a little bit more so

As you can see we have got three colors of the Galaxy Ring we’ve got a dark steel color we’ve got a silver and we’ve got it in gold now the ring is going to come in nine different sizes and the larger sizes will actually include a slightly larger battery in order to keep

It going for longer that said Samsung hasn’t really said anything about its key specs and it definitely hasn’t said what sort of battery life we can expect from The Ring inside the ring is where you’ll find the sensors and they’ll do things like track your heart rate track

Your sleep movement and various other things in order to give you an overview of your health and again Samsung hasn’t really talked about exactly what features it’s going to have and what health tracking it’s going to be capable of but we do know that sleep tracking is

Going to be a big part of it the Galaxy Ring will pair with Samsung’s Galaxy Health app and that will allow you to sync your data as well as get what Samsung calls the my Vitality score the idea with that is that it gives you an overview of how well you’re sleeping and

Maybe even give you some advice on how to improve your sleep now for me that’s probably just no coffee after 9:00 p.m. but I didn’t really need a ring to tell me that my wife does but it’ll also measure things like heart rate respiratory rate night movement as well

As menstrual cycle and fertility tracking this is one of only a couple of times we have actually been able to get up close with the ring so we still have a lot of questions unfortunately Samsung isn’t being especially forthcoming with answers so we’re just going to have to

Wait and see what else Samsung has in store with his ring but for now all I can do is have a look through the glass and just hope that I get to actually slide one onto my hand at some point soon but some of those at Cena have

Already been Hands-On so make sure to check out our coverage of the Galaxy ring at our mwc page at mwc

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