Flight from Singapore Airlines: Ultra Long Haul to Singapore Airshow 2024 – Video

Flight from Singapore Airlines: Ultra Long Haul to Singapore Airshow 2024 – Video

Embark on a journey with Singapore Airlines on their ultra-long haul flight from San Francisco to Singapore, as they take you behind the scenes of operating such a lengthy flight. Experience the comfort and service provided on board one of Singapore Airlines’ many ultra-long haul flights, as the crew ensures passengers are well taken care of during the 17-hour journey.

Upon arrival in Singapore, delve into the excitement of the Singapore Airshow 2024, where you will witness a showcase of some of the latest and most innovative aircraft in the industry. Explore China’s COMAC’s new C919, the first time it has been displayed outside of China, and marvel at its state-of-the-art cockpit. Step inside the cockpit of the C919 and see firsthand the advanced technology that makes this aircraft stand out.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there, as you also have the opportunity to discover the Airbus A400M, a military transporter with unique capabilities for soft landings on various surfaces. Get a glimpse of COMAC’s ARJ21, with Indonesia’s Transnusa as the first foreign operator, and learn about their experience flying this new aircraft.

To top it all off, board Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines A330neo and explore the latest features and amenities on offer. From luxurious interiors to cutting-edge technology, you’ll see why Starlux Airlines is setting a new standard in the aviation industry.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive look at the Singapore Airshow 2024 and the incredible aircraft on display. Join us as we take you on a journey through the skies and beyond, with Singapore Airlines leading the way in ultra-long haul flights and aviation innovation.

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Video Transcript

17 hours nonstop flight to Singapore today how are you very well thank you this way please hi welcome to front lines today flight time 16 hours and 10 minutes having two service and B going shorter than expected thank you shorter than scheduled flight times boo I was fully

Prepared for 17 and 1/2 hour that’s the schedule flight time um I guess the wind isn’t as strong as predicted 16 hours and 10 minutes that will do oh what is this thank you enjoy thank you very now we’re just Lin up on the longest runway one Z left

We do have the chicken caesar salad seei for you Mr Tre this is one of the best Asian uh breakfast uh dish very simple very cheap but it always hit the spot when you’re flying so I guess this is a first world problem um this sit here it’s really

Wide and uh but however it doesn’t go fully flat in order to go fully flat you have to flip the seats down so right now I’m just sitting but I’m tired um I just get out of my seats to flip the bed to get into a full flat position okay

Here’s my second first world problem when the bat flipped it goes flat but my leg couldn’t go straight you have to go to diagonal like this in order to get more route where are you flying to today I’m flying to Kolkata Singapore where are

You guys flying to so we are flying to K uh it’s in the southern part of India I think I know I go to Air Show air show for 2 days yes and you go how long to cruise 14 days Cruise wow I missed the show I missed the economy service I was

Wanting to come down but uh Charlie’s in the aisle and there’s a full flight finally after 4 hours sleep my energy came back I came down to see what kind of food they serve in economy and premium economy so I just took this out from one of our fridge uh we usually

Heat it up the main course is the pork with the roasted potatoes the train for economy also comes with appetizer and dessert this is the snack basket we usually have more but because it’s a daylight so everyone’s just grabbing everything as they go um all the potato

Chips are gone popcorns are gone let me just refill the snack B right yeah it’s running low on Supply earlier this is everybody’s favorite chocolate lots of snacks 16 hour flight we need lots of and you think all of these will be gone by the end of the flight I’m very sure

Yeah in less than an hour should be all gone you’re mixing the Singapore Sling so this is the secret Source original Singapore Sling drink with this lady in green she’s the supervisor so I want to know is on a 16h hour long flight how many hour did a

Crew get rest so it’s a requirement for us to have at least 4 hours rest for a flight like this so we spit uh rest into two period um just now about 7 crew went up for rest I just came back from my rest and then the second part about 6

Crew will be um taking their rest and they will have 4 hours as well thank you very much for waiting so here we have the Marin pic dressing would you like a glass of wine to go home Tri license okay thank you it’s 10 p.m. San

Francisco we still have at least 5 hours to go it’s really long flight I’m feeling really tired actually just had dinner it was one of the best barbecue pork charu doodle I ever had on an airplane and it’s actually just as good as those ones from Hong Kong I can

Remember I am back I’m finally alive after another 5H hour slip and the crew literally woke me up just 15 minutes to land now um it’s looking pretty good the weather in Singapore in closing I would like to thank the crew they’ve been working hard on this Ultra Long Haul

Flights and uh each crew only get 4 hours of rest and the other 12 hours they’re working around and it’s a full low today happy Landings I’m looking forward to come to the Singapore Air Show if you have experienced more than 3 hours in Flight delay flight cancellation or denied boarding you

Could get up to € 600 in compensation by EU regulation ec261 with skyop for flight delay more than 3 hours and if this was the airline’s fault such as operational issues or technical issues you could get compensated depends on your flight distance the same compensation also apply if your flight

Is cancelled within 14 days of departure dates or if you got bummed off from an overso flight you can go to skyop to claim for compensation in a simple free step process the good news is there is a promotion right now if you know anyone whose travel is disrupted encourage them

To submit a claim on skyop once approved both yourself and your friend will receive a €50 MasterCard gift card this video is sponsored by Sky call so walking on board one of the star of the show which is the Cox c919 I believe the first time they brought it outside

Of China to show the world so it’s not new for me because I flew it in the first month of operation in June 2023 extremely quiet extremely similar to The Western counterpart the little things people don’t know is the middle seats is also I think 1 in wider

39 and 40 exit row of the c919 massive lick room here so when I flew to c919 last year the cockpit was off limits this time I was lucky to tour the cockpit of the SE c919 at the air show it looks like a combination of some of the world’s best

Cockpits you have four large screen display keyboard mouse and side sticks the c919 has started its European certification but so far all the orders came within China so China’s coat brought five airplane this time to the Singapore Air Show one of their c919 is sitting here performing The Flying display

And other new airplane on display is Comax arj21 Indonesia’s transnusa is the first foreign operator here I’m sitting inside the arj21 carpet of transnusa Airline from Indonesia hello captain my name is Captain N Muhammad I’m from transa I fly for ARG comic aircraft aircraft itself is already 1,500 hours

In Indonesia bring more than 10,000 people already flu we are flu to Jakarta to qual Johor baru then Pasar so how many in the fleet you have in the fleet two two two you’re the first International operator out China what is it like to fly a arj 21 milon China

Airplane like this it’s uh mostly like uh airbud because the uh NG we fly with a little bit muscle because we using the wire now we are losing the electrical so we are just this is by by Yeah by by wi but you have a Yol yes but y but it’s so

Only just small input is already control the aircraft sometime if you the aircraft uh go to Just release they come back in normal it’s very nice aerodynamic I see really yes so you enjoy flying yes enjoy even we like you fed we going to shy go to clo I I

Already flew many time to through the trend it’s no problem with C uh here in in the front is very quiet very very quiet because engine at the back so we we we have a few classes this color and then oh the colors mean different class cor different price yes when you when

You see you can feel the the the coziness of this air how’s the passenger reaction do they know they’re flying um a main China airplane or they don’t know they don’t care they don’t know they don’t know it’s a it’s a transportation it’s just a transportation right for

Them it’s just to get there yeah yeah yeah but house as operator how satisfied you are with arj21 we are very satisfied we very very very good very good a crop you know because Indonesia have an island to Island we connect each island to Island right uh if you use a bigger

Aircraft maybe uh we cannot fill up so many passenger but arj21 is just nice so this one has the exit row it’s funny you only two rows here and you got a laboratory uh Emergency Equipment it’s got tea tail airplane so you got two engine a rear so the front obviously a

Lot quieter than the rear right to my surprise there’s also a freight to version of the arj21 on displ I didn’t even know such type exists so the freighter version of arj21 behind me is something new I’ve never seen this before it reminded me of the dc9 capable of carrying 10 tons of

Cargo Welcome to the a400 M this is airbus’s military transport aircraft this one’s operated by the German air force and can carry up to 37 tons of payload Vehicles passengers helicopters anything that you can fit inside what’s actually interesting is this pointy front what’s this needle this is the

Airto a refueling probe so the a400m can be refueled in Flight uh typically it would fly for 9 hours without being refueled but you can refuel it and and really the limit is the human being inside the aircraft so massive turbo props and what engine these are yeah

These are Euro International uh turbo prop engines and these are really what give the a400m it’s amazing performance would you look at all the gears right heavy gears so they can land on gravels I guess yes the a400m designed to land on very soft surfaces gravel Sand

Grass wow this is very cool yes welcome to the flight deck so this has to be one of the biggest carpet I’ve ever been it’s bigger than or the commercial airplane bigger than the 380 and massive carpet 400m it’s fantastic yes and typically you would have the two two

Pilots but you can see you have this extra seat here for a third crew member maybe a mission manager or something like that and they can access all of the flight information through this console here and then behind the camera there there’s there’s a bunk for sleeping uh

And in the corner there’s a galley with an oven and very important the coffee machine right so we can have about five or six people in the carpet at once yes exactly yeah it has the uh Airbus exactly joystick just like any commercial aircraft just like an A3 well

We we have an A330 right in front of us here uh fly by wire controls and that gives a400m amazing maneuverability so even a such a big aircraft like this when you fly it and you use the fly by wire controls you can really maneuver the aircraft very rapidly

Which is really important for a military aircraft if you have some kind of threat some kind of missile being fired at you or or or you just want to maneuver rapidly give us a bit bit a little bit about the performance and the capability yeah sure uh a400m can fly up to 40,000

Ft the speed is measured in Mac the top speed is Mac decimal 72 the takeoff weight the maximum is 141 tons for passengers the airplane is designed so that the passengers jump out halfway round for parachuting it’s designed to let passengers jump out yeah yeah that’s

Right yeah in fact here are the buttons here the the iconic uh uh red and green that’s jumping out the doors exactly wow exactly and tell me about the engines there four engine right exactly four turbo prop engines and they’re the most powerful turbo propop engines in the

Western World over 11,000 horsepower I guess this is where the power Trooper seat very unconventional no windows that’s right so today we have a palletized uh seats which could go all the way down the aircraft uh on the floor of the aircraft you can put seven pallets so that could be seats like

Today or cargo or or whatever I see you have interesting structure here tell me more about this so a400m one of the roles it can perform is a medivac rooll and you can have up to 66 stretcher patients on board uh you can see two of them here that they can stretch along

The side of the aircraft and also down the center we don’t have it today but you can set up the the uh the metal arrangement for the seats or extra stretches up to 66 ah so you release the seats trying out the seats on like a bench on the

Side a very different kind of experience this is not usually for the passengers you welcome on board the new starlux 330 minu I flown the a350 but this one has a slightly different cabin cuz I remember the 350 was very black and has a lots of

Stars and this one has more silver a little bit gold bronze kind of tune right again fully flat uh seats the first row has the biggest leg room in the foot well these are the newer generation of uh stagger seats compared to the older one because this one has a

Little bit more privacy and um it does raise a question how do couple seats cuz they actually like two modulus seats combined together right so one of the new features of A330 newo cabin is the new bin if you open it um you can put in sight your luggage that means five

Instead of three Bs so 60% more bin space actually also integrated here is lighting feature in the handrail um you can use that color of light 16.7 million colors and we can the overall cabin lighting create scenarios for boarding for dining just checking out the recline on

The standard 330 Neo seats a little bit more leg room than I thought um and these came from Rico the car manufacturer seat maker Rico 3710 that’s the model of the seats I hope they can last 20 some Years cuz this airplane should be good for flying over 20 years

And guess where I am I came all the way down to the rear Galley tell us if you have any new invention on this 33 Neo Galley actually it’s a brand new um Innovation it is a called ice gy that’s a space efficient gy so we made

Additional space for 4 and a half more trolleys if you look inside here it looks like one chy compartment but in reality it is deeper it’s one and a half cholies um behind each other so one full cholley and one half cholley and that was my quick coverage

At the Singapore Air Show hope you enjoy it next I’m heading to Australia for another exciting Aviation Adventure

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