Freeland asserts Trudeau enjoys unwavering backing of Liberal cabinet

Freeland asserts Trudeau enjoys unwavering backing of Liberal cabinet

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has expressed her unwavering support for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, stating that he has the full support of the Liberal cabinet despite the recent disappointing performance of the party in the Toronto-St. Paul’s byelection. Despite the Conservatives securing a victory in the former Liberal stronghold, Freeland emphasized that Trudeau still has the backing of the cabinet.

Acknowledging the message sent by voters in Toronto-St. Paul’s, Freeland recognized the importance of addressing the concerns raised by Canadians. When questioned about her own position as deputy prime minister and finance minister in light of rising cost of living issues in Canada, Freeland deferred to Trudeau, stating that it is ultimately his decision to make.

The results of the byelection have not gone unnoticed by the Liberal government, with Freeland acknowledging the need to take action in response to the concerns expressed by Canadians. It remains to be seen how the government will address these issues moving forward.

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