Gazans living alongside rotting rubbish and rodents

Gazans living alongside rotting rubbish and rodents

In the Gaza Strip, residents are facing a dire situation as mountains of rubbish continue to pile up, posing serious health and environmental risks. The UN and humanitarian agencies estimate that over 330,400 tonnes of solid waste have accumulated in the region during the past eight months of war.

Following Israel’s military offensive in the city of Rafah, more than one million people were forced to flee their homes and are now living in open areas that have become makeshift rubbish dumps. With limited access to the border area where Gaza’s landfill sites are located, the situation has only worsened.

The ongoing conflict has made it difficult for proper waste management and sanitation efforts to be carried out, leaving residents to live alongside rotting rubbish and rodents. The impact on public health and the environment is becoming increasingly concerning.

Despite the challenges faced by Gazans, they continue to persevere and find ways to cope with their difficult living conditions. The situation serves as a stark reminder of the toll that war and conflict take on communities, not just in terms of physical destruction, but also in the everyday struggles of daily life.

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