“Get festive with this delicious and nutritious Vegan Blueberry Pie!” – Video

“Get festive with this delicious and nutritious Vegan Blueberry Pie!” – Video

In this cooking video, Jill from the Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show teaches us how to make a delicious healthy vegan blueberry pie just in time for the holidays. The video starts with Jill preheating her oven to 350° and giving a special shoutout to a viewer and her four-year-old son. The ingredients for the crust are two cups of almond meal, 1/4 cup of arrowroot powder, 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast, 2 tablespoons of flax meal, and mashed sweet potato. Jill encourages the use of white sweet potatoes for a more neutral flavor, but red sweet potatoes can also be used. She then demonstrates how to mix and roll out the crust on parchment paper before transferring it to a pie plate.

Jill also shares information about the Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show, which is crowdfunded, and encourages viewers to join the supporting membership community. In addition, she promotes Complement Essential, a supplement containing essential nutrients lacking in most plant-based diets, offering a special discount code for viewers.

The video continues with Jill preparing the blueberry filling for the pie. With clear and easy-to-follow instructions, viewers can learn how to create the saucy blueberry mixture that will go inside the pie crust. By the end of the video, viewers will be left eager to try out this healthier vegan version of a classic blueberry pie recipe just in time for Thanksgiving.

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Let’s make a plant-based blueberry pie right in time for Thanksgiving welcome back to the whole food plant-based cooking show where we make plant-based cooking easy I’m Jill and today we’re making a blueberry pie just in time for you to try it out before you use it for

Your Thanksgiving meal so we’re going to Jump Right In I’ve got my oven preheated on 350° but before I put these ingredients in the bowl I want to do a special shout out to two special people Elizabeth and her four-year-old little boy Benjamin hi Benjamin I hope you’re watching the show

Today all right so we’re going to get ready to do our crust so you’re going to need a 9 or 9 and 1/2 in pie plate doesn’t have to be a glass one like this it can be whatever kind of pie plate you have I’ve got two cups of almond meal or almond

Flour four of a cup of Arrow root powder and if you don’t have Arrow root powder you you could either use tapioca starch or even corn starch 1 tbspoon of nutritional yeast 2 tbspoon of flax meal and then one other ingredient but we’re going to mix this up first we’re

Just going to stir it all together so that it’s all well incorporated into each other all right so what is going to make this stick together instead instead of using butter or shortening or something like that which would typically be in a pie crust we’re going to use mashed sweet

Potato and this is a white mashed sweet potato you can use the red ones too they’re fine I just like to use the white ones because they’re a little bit more flowy their flavor is a little bit more neutral and it’s got that color that you want uh otherwise your crust is

Going to look a little bit orange like a sweet potato so to mix it I’m going to use my pastry cutter you can just use a spoon or a fork too I just find that the pastry cutter is kind of nice just to get started to get that incorporated and

Then we’ll probably end up just mashing it together with our hands and if you are also using a orange sweet potato or red sweet potato uh the mixture is going to be a little bit more wet feeling which is perfectly okay it’s just going to be a little bit stickier

To get into your pie plate okay now that it looks pretty well incorporated into each other I’m just going to mash it together with my hands because you really need it to be in a ball that’s going to stick together and if your sweet potato is really dry like it very possibly could

Be because the white sweet potato is a bit more dry you could always add just like a teaspoon of water if it’s not sticking together okay just like this all right I’m going to clear these things out and I’m going get my rolling pin and some parchment paper so that I

Can show you how to roll it out okay so I’ve got two pieces of parchment paper here I’m just going to mash it down with my hands a little bit first and then I’m going to put the parchment paper over the top and I’m using parchment paper

Because the mixture is a bit sticky if I just use my rolling pin it would be sticking to the rolling pin and I don’t really want to use any different kinds of flour to keep it off of there because this is a gluten-free crust and sprinkling more almond meal on

There it won’t work because it’s kind of a wet type of flour so when you’re rolling out a pie crust you know you want to work from the middle out and a tip I learned from one of our viewers too if you if you have issues like I do of this parchment paper

Slipping around they said to put just a little bit of water underneath on your counter or on your paper and that’ll help it from rolling around too much there we go now that works better so you’re working from the center out and you want to make it just

A bit bigger than your pie crust because it’s going to sink down into there and onto the sides so you’re going to need that extra dough to come up onto the sides stick that in there and you’re really wanting to be you know pretty consistent thickness probably it’s going to be less

Than a/4 inch thick really let’s see what it looks like there sort of round but that’s easy enough really to just Mash with your hands to get it into a more round shape but that you’re going to shape in the pan also so it doesn’t have to be

Perfect just going to grab some from the edges and put it on the edges that aren’t quite as round okay and the way I like to transfer it is that I like to turn this over like this on top take your parchment and then you just flip it

Over so then it’s less likely to break if you’re going to try to lift it up off of there or fold it like you would do with a regular pie crust it’s just going to crack and break so now we’re just going to gently kind of let it fall down into the pan

Here make sure it gets into the corners because when it bakes it is going to sh shrink down just slightly not like a regular flower crust it’s not going to shrink down a half inch it’s not going to do that that much shrinking and the next part is is

Completely up to you how you want that edge to look get as fancy or as rustic as you want I’m just going to take a few minutes here to make a pretty little Edge and then I’ll show you what I end up with okay there our crust is done just

Like that the only thing left to do is you want to take a fork and you want to prick just like four little or five little holes in the bottom because as it bakes it’s going to create a little air pocket in there and it needs somewhere

To escape to so my oven is already on 350 we’re going to stick it in there for 10 minutes just to kind of seal the surface while we’re waiting for that I’d like to share some background on our show the whole food plant-based cooking show is crowdfunded which means these

Free weekly recipe videos along with our entire catalog of free printable recipes on our website plant-based cooking show.com and our plant-based cooking Made Easy cookbook series are all made possible in part by the generous patronage of our supporting membership community so if you love our recipes I

Invite you to join us on our mission to make plant-based cooking easy and follow the link in the description to become a supporting member today there’s no denying the plant-based diet is a nutrient Powerhouse but did you know there are a handful of hardto get nutrients even well-crafted diets are

Often lacking the latest research suggests that complimenting your diet with a few specific vitamins minerals and Omega-3s will help boost your energy and keep you thriving for the long term that’s why my daily Health routine includes compliment essential compliment essential contains the eight critical nutrients lacking from most plant-based

Diets and dosages optimized specifically for us plus compliment is completely transparent about ingredient sourcing and thirdparty testing publishing the results directly on their website as a special discount for our viewers just use code plant-based easy at checkout to save 15% off of your order okay so while

Our crust is baking we’re going to get onto this delicious filling with these beautiful blueberries but we’re going to make the Saucy stuff that’s going to go cook into the blueberries first so I have 3/4 of a cup of dates pitted dates 3 tbspoon of aerrow root flour and

The same thing there if you don’t have Arrow root flour you can use cornstarch or tapioca starch um tapa starch not as good if you can use either of the other two that would be much better 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract half teaspoon of cinnamon a tablespoon of lemon

Juice and 3/4 of a cup of water so we’re just going to blend this until those dates are completely Pulverized okay that’s good so we’re just going to add that to our pan here to our sauce pan and our saucepan is going to be on medium high heat or maybe medium heat high heat you may end up burning it so you don’t want to burn your blueberries

And this is five cups of frozen blueberries uh you can use the fulls siiz ones or the wild blueberries which are much smaller I just like for pies to use the larger blueberries just because they’re so beautiful going to add that to our pan here and we’re going to cook these together for

About between 5 and 10 minutes until the blueberries release a little bit of that juice and then the juice thickens with that sauce so now that our crust is done our blueberries are done we’re going to make our crumble topping that’s going going

To go on the top of all of that so I have a half a cup of walnuts here you could also use almonds I just really like the flavor and the crumbly texture of the walnuts I have three mle dates if you’re using dlet I would go with maybe four or five dlet

Dates and then just a teaspoon of lemon juice just to give it a little brightness and to help it get a little bit more stuck together okay so we’re just going to pulse this until it starts crumbling and kind of sticking together if you’ve ever made like a apple crisp or something

Like that that’s the texture we’re going for let’s see what it looks like all right that is beautiful see how that crumbly texture is like that but it kind of stick stick together all right but we got to put our blueberries in here first so pour all of that into the

Mixture into your pip plate crust oh and this hasn’t even baked yet it just smells so delicious those blueberries are just perfect all right spread them around there we go and you’re just going to do the topping you can either sprinkle it on or you can kind of crumble it on with your

Hands and that is going to give it the most delicious rich flavor on the top and the crumble is actually completely optional if you don’t like crumble top crumble toppings like this you could just leave it plain as plain blueberry but I think this just gives it another level of

Deliciousness okay so our oven is still on 350° so we’re going to pop it back in there um we’re going to start at 35 minutes we’re going to check it then and make sure that it’s all nice and brown and golden if it’s not really you know

Nice and brown the Walnut uh mixture I would leave it in for another 5 minutes all right guys it is out of the oven come on in and take a look beautiful golden brown smells amazing but it’s super piping hot so I’m going to let it cool on the countertop for 15

To 20 minutes then I’m going to put it in the fridge for a few hours just to let that get really nice and set up so that when you take that first slice of pie out it doesn’t just collapse on you that’s the best thing so after that’s

Cooled off I’ll meet you at the table for a taste okay it is time to taste test this pie see let’s get it out of here it’s always so nerve-wracking getting out that first piece right but it has cooled look at that beautiful and you need to check out our

New design for aprons too this is a will be available on our website but let’s get a taste here oh yum m M M M M you’re going to love it and you have just enough time to try it before you make it for your Thanksgiving

Meal come on back next week for another great recipe

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