Get Paid ,000 to Move and Buy a House in This Italian Region

Get Paid $32,000 to Move and Buy a House in This Italian Region

Internationally recognized for its green and sunny landscapes, incredible history and art legacy, Tuscany is offering up to $32,000 to those willing to buy a house and move to a town with less than 5,000 residents.  

The initiative is known as “Mountain Residency 2024” (Residenzialità in Montagna 2024) and looks to help participants with €10,000 to €30,000 to buy a house and start renovations. 

The main objective is to help revitalize rural villages suffering from a dwindling population.  

Tuscany looks to “encourage the repopulation and socio-economic revitalization of mountain areas, acting in contrast to the marginalization of these areas,” says the official site

The region is willing to give away up to €2,800,000 to attract buyers. 

Tuscan Towns Participating

This central region of Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world due to its natural beauty and easy access to the rest of the country.

If you’re interested in living in magical Tuscany, you’ll have the opportunity to choose among 76 selected towns.

Some towns include Careggine, ideal for skiing enthusiasts due to its privileged geographical location; San Casciano dei Bagni, famous for its relaxing thermal baths; and Michelangelo’s birthplace, Caprese Michelangelo, perfect for art lovers.

How to Participate

Applicants can be Italian, EU or non-EU citizens. The latter must acquire a long-term residence permit. 

Once granted, buyers must register as residents in their new Tuscany town to be eligible for the grant. The amount granted cannot be higher than half of the home’s price.

If interested, you must act swiftly. The application window closes on July 27 at 1 p.m. (local Tuscan time).

For further information, visit the Tuscany region’s official website and complete the forms online.

Is there a Catch?

Considering the spirit of the initiative, the only catch we find is that you’ll need to live in the town as your habitual residence. The program is not meant to purchase vacation homes.

Another Interesting Offer: Italian Houses For $3 in Sicily

Sambuca di Sicilia is auctioning 10 houses starting at as little as 3 dollars.

In this case, winners will need to undergo repair work starting at €30,000

To be part of the auction, potential buyers need to make a $5,399 deposit. Houses are regularly sold between €5,000 and €10,000.

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