Greece issues extreme heat and weather warnings

Greece issues extreme heat and weather warnings

Greece and neighbouring countries are currently bracing themselves for extreme weather conditions as a severe heatwave sweeps across the region. With record temperatures expected, residents and tourists have been advised to take precautions and stay safe during this intense period of weather.

Unfortunately, the heatwave has already resulted in several deaths, including the recent discovery of an American tourist’s body on the Greek island of Mathraki. Tragically, this adds to the growing list of foreigners who have either gone missing or lost their lives during this unprecedented heatwave.

Among those who have tragically passed away are a Dutchman found dead on Samos, as well as British TV presenter Dr Michael Mosley who died on the island of Symi. Additionally, two hikers were found deceased on Crete, with at least three others, including American Albert Calibet, reported missing.

With extreme heat warnings in place, it is crucial that individuals take necessary precautions to protect themselves from the dangerous effects of the heatwave. Stay informed, stay safe, and stay hydrated during this challenging time.

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