“Have You Faced This Job Interview Question Before?” #shorts – Video

“Have You Faced This Job Interview Question Before?” #shorts – Video

Have you been asked this type of job interview question? #shorts

In the YouTube video titled “Have you been asked this type of job interview question? #shorts,” economist Tyler Cowen discusses the concept of forcing questions in job interviews. These types of questions are designed to elicit a very specific, often personal response from the candidate. For example, one of these questions could be “What is your most irrational belief?” or “What is the belief you hold that is most likely to be wrong?”

According to Cowen, when he asks candidates forceful questions, he is looking for authenticity and thoughtfulness, rather than a quick, articulate response. The goal is not to elicit an answer that he necessarily agrees with, but rather to assess the candidate’s capacity for self-reflection and their ability to think through a challenging question. He emphasizes that it is okay for candidates to be thrown off by these questions, as the key is to see how they approach the exercise of self-reflection with seriousness.

Overall, Cowen suggests that job interviewers are testing candidates for their ability to reflect on challenging questions and provide a thoughtful, genuine response. This type of assessment goes beyond evaluating technical skills and qualifications, aiming to gain insight into the candidate’s character and capacity for self-reflection.

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Video Transcript

One kind of interview question is the forcing question will you ask for something very specific and it’s hard for the person not to answer it so sometimes I’ve heard people in interviews ask what is your most irrational belief or what is the belief you hold that is most likely to be wrong

When I ask candidates forceful questions I’m looking for authenticity and I’m looking for thoughtfulness I am not looking for an immediate articulate answer many people most people they’ll be thrown by these questions that’s okay the worst thing to look for is some kind of answer that you agree with that’s

Just feeding your own prejudices but if you’re looking for a person who is truly reflective and thinks through the question as if it were a real exercise because it is a real exercise and takes it seriously and gives you something of themselves and shows capacity for self-reflection that to me then is a


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Here’s what job interviewers are (or should be) testing you for, according to economist Tyler Cowen.

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