Heaven Peralejo in Mikhail Red’s Philippines Horror ‘Lilim’

Heaven Peralejo in Mikhail Red’s Philippines Horror ‘Lilim’

Filipino filmmaker Mikhail Red is taking another stab at the horror genre with his latest feature, “Lilim,” set for release in 2024. A teaser has been unveiled.

The film, which marks Red’s return to horror following his success with “Deleter,” which is one of the highest grossing Filipino horror films, and the upcoming “Nokturno,” has a narrative set against the turbulent backdrop of 1970s and 1980s Philippines. It follows the harrowing journey of a sister and brother who seek sanctuary in a secluded orphanage during a period of social unrest and enigmatic disappearances. What begins as a refuge quickly descends into a nightmare as the siblings uncover dark cult practices and confront an ancient evil lurking beneath the surface.

The project represents a significant milestone for Red, as it marks his first collaboration with his father, Raymond Red. The elder Red, renowned for his experimental super8 shorts in the 1980s and his Palme d’Or-winning short film “Anino,” takes on the role of cinematographer. His expertise is expected to lend authenticity to the film’s period aesthetic, capturing the gritty atmosphere of the era he knows intimately.

Adding to the family affair, Mikhail’s brother, Nikolas Red, penned the screenplay. This intergenerational collaboration brings together diverse influences and styles, with Mikhail expressing pride in the collective achievement and the learning experience it has afforded.

The cast of “Lilim” boasts a mix of established actors and fresh faces, a trademark of Red’s filmmaking approach. Heaven Peralejo (“Nanahimik Ang Gabi”) takes on the lead role of Issa, marking her first major foray into the horror genre. The film also features Eula Valdez, reuniting with Red after their work on “Neomanila” and the upcoming “Nokturno,” as well as Mon Confiado, known for his roles in “Arisaka” and other notable productions.

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